Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Characters in this story they all belong to TNA except for my OC.

Summary: Will the Dudley's pass the tag team torch to The Wolves you will have to read and find out.

Will they pass the torch?

By Kenn,Faith,Dawn

Chapter 1

Bully Ray was in the 6 sided ring with Devon and they both had microphones in their hands.

"So now we have been inducted to the TNA Hall of Fame we feel the responsibility to do this and the Hardy's agree with us. Could the Wolves please join us in the ring?" asked Bully Ray.

'Force of Nature' plays out as The Wolves make their way to the Ring.

"What can we do for you two tonight?" asked Eddie.

"It's simple Tonight we will face you in the ring and since you beat the two best tag teams of the past 20 years we will pass the torch to you two" said Bully.

"Deal we will see you later" said Davey.

"Oh and Boys you have now graduated to Men in our eyes" said Devon.

Will they pass the torch?

Later that Night Kurt Angle walked into the Wolves Locker Room.

"Hey Kurt what can we do for you?" asked Eddie.

"I wanted to warn you that Team 3D are planning something" said Kurt.

"We expected them to anyway but it doesn't matter we have a contingency plan we talked to a friend and she has are back like she did once before in ROH"

"Ok well Good luck out their tonight"

The Wolves went back to talking strategy as the door to their locker room opened and someone entered and as the cameraman was pushed out and the door closed a cape was seen.

Will they pass the torch?

The Main Event of the Night.

"Are you ready to another Classic 3D Wolves match?" asked Mike Tenay.

"Yeah I sure am, but I do wonder if Team 3D really are planning something" said Taz.

"You have to question it you know them better than most people you should know if they will do something" said Mike.

"Let me put it this way Mike if 3D are planning something well we are in New York I can only think of a hand full of people they might call"

'Force of Nature' plays out as the Wolves come out to the Ring.

'Watch Out, Watch Out' plays out as Team 3D make their way to the ring.

The match starts and Bully starts off against Eddie, Bully locks up and easily gets control of Eddie with a Side Headlock Takedown and follows up his advantage by putting Eddie in a Camel Clutch Davey comes in and hits a Roundhouse Kick to the head of Bully and then he gets knocked down by Devon. The ref tries to get some control but is accidently hit by Bully but he calls for the bell despite Bully's protests, the Protest soon stop and a smirk comes to his face and he hit the ref with the Bully Cutter. Bully Scoop Slams Davey and then does the same to Eddie right on top of Davey and grabs both their legs as Devon climbs the ropes.

"Wassssup?" they both called out before Devon hit the Diving Head-butt the crowd were booing Team 3D but still joined in when they called for the Tables, Devon slid a table in and Bully set it up before waving to the entrance way for someone to come out. Spike came out.

"Oh my look who it is Taz" said Mike Tenay.

"It's Spike and he brought some toys with him" said Taz

Spike was carrying lighter fluid and a lighter and got in the ring and started to pour it onto the Table and lit it. Bully went to pick up one of the Wolves when someone's Music played.

'Wreaking Havok' played out which stunned Team 3D long enough for the wolves to hit Low Blows on Bully and Devon then Havok grabbed Spike and Choke Slammed him through the Table.