Wow, it's been a wild ride. I started this story because of a lost bet on August 8th, 2014, and it's been a wild three years. I know it says a different publication date here on , and that's because I started this story on another site. Now, almost three years to the day, this story is done. I have to say, I never saw it getting as big as it did. I've said it before, but I didn't think what I was doing was going to be so original. I had figured dozens of stories had already been written where Robin didn't have amnesia. When people started saying how they had never seen this kind of concept before, I was legitimately shocked. I was also surprised how many people noted the different appearance and name I used for Sekai. I honestly just used the appearance and name I used. Funny how Sekai could have easily had spiky pink hair as he did the long black.

I am glad I got the inspiration to write this the way I did though. It's honestly been pretty fun getting to write things the way I do. I think I've noted it before, but character's like how I wrote Sekai are some of my favorite characters in fiction. I have nothing against the optimistic amnesiac Robin, but I prefer it when characters are a bit more dry and realistic. It was also fun because, without really meaning to, I was able to get Sekai some character development.

Pairing Sekai with Lissa was also a decision that I'm glad I made. Of my three favorite potential pairings, she's my 3rd favorite with Say'Ri being 2nd and Cynthia the 1st. But like I said before in another chapter, I wanted to give Sekai a relationship with one of the future children other than Morgan, and while I did think on the other potential candidates ultimately Lissa did win out. Good thing it worked out the way it did since it allowed for a seamless transition into the world of Fates, haha.

The best part of writing this story though as had to be the personal growth I've experienced. It's not something that can by typed out or even put into verbal words, it's just one of those things you have to experience. Of course, that's just what life is isn't it? Growth and experience. I'm not who I was yesterday and I won't be the me of today tomorrow. I think that's why I like fiction and stories, is that we can see the growth the characters go through, and in cases like these we can go through it with them. Sekai isn't the same character he was three years ago and neither am I.

I guess that's a good segway into my main point. In Chapter 73, I ended it off with Sekai accepting a declaration of war, which certainly looked like the beginning of a new arc, though I ended it right quick at the very beginning of the next chapter. I promised I'd explain my reasoning as to why, and the simple reason is this.

I wanted to.

I wanted to do something like that. I threw around ideas in my head like whether or not Sekai would automatically return as Plegia's King, keeping his true identity hidden, or something like that. But I knew I wanted to do something like that. Some would probably criticize that choice, and rightfully so, but I learned something during my writing of this story. I've never written this, or at least shouldn't have written this for the people who read it. I should write this story, and any other story, strictly for me.

And here's the reason why. A simple truth is that Retained Memories, Divergent Fangs, Saga of Arcta and whatever else I write is going to fade. It's a simple fact and I accept this. Yes there will be those who return to this story and those who discover it, but that will probably last only for so long. Ten, fifteen years from now some of us may never even return to this site. We'll be busy living our lives, raising our families. Odds are, sad as they may be to dwell upon, some of us will have moved on from this life to the next.

My point is that this story will one day fade from everyone's memory but mine. I'm not saying you all WILL forget this, but like Sekai I try to think realistically. But unlike the rest of you, this story will be a part of my legacy. Though TatsuiChiyo is the name attached to this, this story is mine. Fire Emblem belongs to Intelligent Studios and Shouzou Kaga, but Retained Memories is mine. And it's something I should make sure I hold no regrets over.

That's why I'm going to go back to the drawing board, figuratively, with Divergent Fangs. I'm not going to restart the series or change anything really, it'll keep up where it's left off, but I'm going to rethink pairings and things I want to do. I simply feel I've allowed to many outside influences to affect some of my future plans, and I want to go back and instead ask "What do I want to do?" And that's what I would want others to do.

A few weeks ago, I received a PM from someone, and before I get into this I want to thank this person for doing exactly what I did two and half years ago when I left for my mission. They are living their faith. I hold no ill will or bad feelings against them, and I don't want ANYTHING bad said about them in any reviews. I heavily believe in the quote from Voltaire.

"I don't agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it"

In simple terms, this individual told me I should stop writing because they were worried such ac action would draw me away from Christ, which would lead my soul to hell. Now, I don't believe in the traditional Christian concept of Hell, nor that God or Christ would send me to hell just for writing, though I again express my gratitude and love to this person for the love they had for me to feel the need to warn me. This small conversation we had got me thinking.

Now, this site is not the place to spread religious views. If any of you have questions, feel free to PM and ask me. But I ask you all allow me this small moment, since my response and this message I want to share is indeed inspired by my own religious views.

Simply put, the God I believe in is the literal Father of our spirits. I believe each and every one of us, and all who have ever lived, are the literal spirit children of Heavenly Parents. We lived with God, were taught by God, and most importantly loved by God before any of us were born here. He loved us so much He gave us this planet to live on, and he's given us trials and tribulations so that we, like the characters we write, can learn and grow. And as His children, we have a talent only really known by humanity. Creation.

Yes there have been animals who have built structures, composed music, and painted beautiful works of art. But only humanity has ever created worlds. Fire Emblem is the perfect example. One hundred years ago, the world of Ylisse didn't exist. There were no Shepherds, no Grima, no Naga. But because one person got an idea and than thought on it, we are all here at the close of Retained Memories. If I hadn't gotten the idea for Retained Memories, we wouldn't be here. I truly believe God inspired Shouzou Kaga, or if not him than whoever originally created Fire Emblem.

He did this because He delights in our works. While yes there are some works not in line with God's teachings, they are still the works of His children and I try and respect them as such. The best way I can think to explain it is this. One of us can give God the Mona Lisa, and another a crayon drawing of just a bunch of colorful scribbles, and they will both be priceless treasures to Him.

My point with all of this is that each of us has that creative spark residing within us. It's within our nature to desire to create, to leave an impact on the world at large, or even the world at small. And I urge all of us to revel in that creativity as the gift that it is.

Each of you has an idea. Maybe it's in Fire Emblem, or Naruto, Law and Order, or maybe even your own original world or universe. Within this scope you see people, situations, events happening and unfolding. You see a story you would love to see. And I think you should write it. This idea may have already been expressed, or this situation explored, but you should still write it because your's will be unique. No one can write like you, or think like you. I've read tons of stories that have the same flow, some even the same kind of events. But each one is different in it's own way.

I can't say I'll fave and read every single one if any of you choose to write. I have my own likes and dislikes, and if I don't feel attracted to a story I don't read it. It's nothing against the writer or their subject matter, I just don't feel an interest. But that's okay, because that story shouldn't be for ME. It should be for THEM. I've read so many wonderful stories that were stopped because people complained about "grammar issues" or things like that. While yes I'd like to be able to understand the story, I'm less interested in HOW it's written than I am in WHAT is written.

That's essentially all I have to say. The times I had the most fun and the most inspiration when writing Retained Memories is when I was writing what I wanted to read. The time I had the least fun and hit the roadblocks was when I was writing what I thought others wanted to read. Write for yourself, and I guarantee that even if NO ONE ELSE likes it, you will.

And if it helps, think about it like this. I didn't think anyone would really like what I wrote down. Look at where we are now.

Thank you again to everyone who has read this, and especially to those who have put reviews. That's always the best part. I love and appreciate all of you, and hope you enjoy other works I do.