Uncle Bilbo

Summary :
Frodo thinks about ' queer Uncle Bilbo ' and living with him ... short and sweet ... pls R/R !

Disclaimer : I own none of the characters . Information taken from " The fellowship of the Ring " Chapter 2 - Shadows of the Past

Frodo tossed and turned in bed trying to make himself comfortable . He had been staying at Bag End for a few days already but he still couldn't get used to the fact that it was now his home .

He had gotten enough to eat and wasn't treated half bad at Brandy Hall , but compared to Brandy Hall , Bag End was a dream come true . All the food he could eat combined with the full attention of one very kind and affectionate uncle . What more could he dream for ?

Despite the improved living conditions , something still gnawed at Frodo . Before he had left for Bag End , his friends had told him that this Uncle that had adopted him was queer and that he had better be careful or he too would become queer and scorned by many who lived in Hobbiton .

Uncle Bilbo had proved to be anything but queer from the moment Frodo had first laid eyes on him . He was generous , interesting , polite , affectionate , warm , caring , and altogether a very nice hobbit . He was also very good at story telling .

A few hours ago , he had just finished telling Frodo a story in which he had escaped the halls of a Elven lord with thirteen dwarves , in barrels . Frodo had listened enraptured and had wanted to stay up and listen to another story but Bilbo had said that there would be plenty of time for more stories in the future . Frodo had reluctantly allowed Bilbo to tuck him in and go to bed .

If this was queer , than it seemed to be a virtue to have , Frodo finally decided . If the other hobbits scorned him for becoming like Uncle Bilbo who treated him so well than they must be queer themselves .

His mind finally at peace , Frodo found a comfortable spot in his bed and was soon fast asleep .


I know , I know ! Not that great , just trying out another hobbits story ... pls review , so I can improve on future stories ! Thanx for reading !