The End

The End; The End

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I refuse.

I won't let it end like this. This world will not be destroyed. No other world will be destroyed.

A strange sound filled the air, and the Lady Glitch turned back to hole of existence into which she had banished the last hero in her way. The edges of the pit solidified and began to fill themselves back in. The void was rejected. Naruto reassembled himself, wearing his signature black and burnt orange suit.

"I'm not done yet. I'm still have to knock some sense into you!"

One of the woman's eyebrows raised slightly. "interesting, perhaps you are not such a failure as I had thought." The space between the two of them disappeared and she sent a fist into his gut.

The energy gathered on her fist exploded out, but was quickly pushed back as Naruto flew backwards with only a bruise. "hegh." He let out a bloody cough, but got back onto his feet. "It will take much more than that to stop me. I'm going to be Hokage, and what sort of leader would I be if I couldn't stop you?"

The woman threw her back and laughed. "Good. Good. I thought that I wouldn't be able to salvage anything from this world, but it looks like I may still be able to extract everything I need." For the first time she took an actual battle stance, sliding one foot out and holding an arm in a defensive posture. "Come and face me!"

The future hokage charged straight ahead with one arm pulled back for a single heavy punch. The goddess rotated herself around him and aimed to strike a blow at the back of his neck. A puff of smoke rewarded her efforts, and a pair of shuriken flew through the smoke. She caught the two, only for them to transform into clones that lashed out with kicks. She blocked, but the force of the two clones pushed her back, leaving her teetering on the edge of the platform. The hero charged her, and she tried to strike him with a punch, but lost her balance, leaving her to fall into the storm.

The self styled Goddess of chaos tried to do anything to control her fall, but found herself unable. Then she looked down and saw something that should not have been able to exist in her realm. A solid ground of hard rocks greeted her in its embrace, and soon welcomed the Uzumaki as he chased after his pray.

The lady glitch dragged herself up from the crater and beheld the young god who had done this to her. She saw someone with the will and ability to enslave or destroy her. She felt fear for the first time in the long millennia since she had been created. In desperation she tried to create barriers, destroy him with projectiles, block him with minions, but he charged through all of them with equal impunity before delivering a solid punch across her face.

"I fight for my precious people! And everyone in that world! I CAN'T LOSE"

And finally she began to truly know.

She fell to the ground, and looked up at him. His eyes were as blue as the ocean, both as strong and as gentle. She felt tears well up and begin to fall that had nothing to do with her bruised face or shattered worldview.

"I was created by the gods long ago to help bring happiness to mortals. The gods were limited in their activities, and could only interact with the world of humans in their specific gift to them; Kami by bringing them life, Yami by giving them will, and Shinigami by removing them from suffering. However, I was given the power to act in every facet of their lives, by controlling the outcomes of random chance. But I failed. I was supposed to bring happiness, but there was so little I could do with random chance alone, and even when I was able to help, another disaster would come upon them soon after. So I looked for a way to become more powerful. I wanted to be able to do everything. Eventually, I found my answer.

In this endless void, I can bring for and send away whatever I want. But nothing from here could be brought to the humans. In my rage I tore open a hole between the void and a real of mortals to try to give food to a starving man, but that man was pulled in and disintegrated. I was frightened, so I ran away, but the tear grew larger and swallowed that whole city. I cried and this storm began to form. Desperate to put things right, I tried to bring out the man, but he came back wrong, and I had to pull him apart again. I tried again and again, until I was finally able to bring him out and give him a meal. But he was just a puppet, and as soon as I looked away it all fell apart into dust.

But I refused to believe that I did anything wrong, so I did the same thing again, this time to a man who needed medicine. The result was the same. The Gods came into the void and tried to destroy me to stop me from destroying any more worlds, but I could always reform myself while I was here. So they held me down and chained me to the rock. For a century I shouted at them to set me free, but they left and created more and more worlds where the suffering grew worse and worse.

Then I found a flaw in their bindings. Sometimes, people would willingly create holes into my realm, and I could use those to help the worlds. But my help was always limited to the holes made for me, so I found a way to drag whole universes into here through the holes, so long as that universe's guardian would not oppose me.

All of them tried to stop me, but they could not enter the void without destroying a world. So they tried every strategy to counter me on every world that I sought to 'save'. My victory always came eventually. In despair Kami tried to give the guardians everything so they would not be tempted, and Yami tried to break the guardians so that they would not think to even speak to me. Neither worked, and in the end that only made them more desperate in their methods and more fanatical.

I destroyed countless lives out of a delusion that I was helping them better than the gods. I even decided that I could destroy the gods, and all I needed was the force of the gods themselves, found in the guardians. All I needed was one more when they raised you to destroy me. If you hadn't stopped me I would have turned everything into puppets of dust." Tears soaked the ground and flowers began to bloom on the ground as the storm abated.

"And now you've won. Fix what I never could. Fight for them. They need someone to fight for them." Her tears flowed harder and she lay still on the ground.

Up through her body grew a giant tree that scattered its leaves to the heavens. Each leaf bore the seed of a destroyed world, and they all floated off into the endless expanse. Left on the tree was a single leaf of gold that hung in front of the victorious god.

Naruto grasped the leaf and it shattered at his touch, leaving him with everything that Lady Luck had left to give.

-Challenge Conquered-

Sastuki watched Naruto leave to do battle, and stayed back as she was asked. He soon passed from her sight, but she trusted in him. Her hear felt as if it were torn in half when the sound of a giant roar rushed over her, but a presence calmed her heart soon after.

Not too long after, Naruto appeared in front of her with a smile on his face. He gave her a hug, then pushed her through a door with no further explanation.

-Table of the Gods—

Naruto looked at the door in front of him in deep thought. I was the door to the world that the gods had made to give him time to find a way to defeat the lady of the void, and it wasn't his world. He had returned the altered Sasuke, and was ready to destroy the gateway and return to his own universe. Something held him back though. He gave a sigh at his new responsibility and collapsed the gate into a smaller form before turning around to face the three gods sitting at the table watching him.

"I did it, Dattebayo! And you didn't think I could!"

The three gods stood from their chairs and gave him a deep bow. There was a moment of looking back and forth at each other before the Shinigami spoke. "Hail Kamikage. You not only surpassed our expectations and saved everyone, you have earned our respect. What is your will."

Naruto looked at them and let a feeling of joy well up in his heart. In a joking mood he created a hat for himself and set it on his head. "Okay then, for my first act as Kamikage, let's be friends."


Story Complete

When I looked back on this meandering mess of a story and wondered how I could bring it to a satisfactory conclusion, only one thing satisfied me. I must admit that this is nothing but a shadow story. It bagan as an attempt to give a better ending than cannon, and even if it did, this will still be nothing but a pale shadow to Kishimoto's canon.

I hope you all enjoyed the ride, and thank you for putting up with me. I hope you find benefit for your life in some way from this story.

Since the ending was rushed, I had ideas for scenes that would have come later in the story, but those won't happen in this story. They'll either be incorporated into other stories, or made into short continuation adventures if people really want to read them as a continuation of this plot.

And now the sun sets on this story. Goodnight and sweet dreams.