author - Shirodachi

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series - Slam Dunk

genre - romance/humor

rating - PG

summary - Fukuda gets hitched…to a Chinese princess! [Fukuda x OC]

author's note - Well I need a break from another fic I'm taking care of, which I haven't posted here. I realized I'm trying too hard to be realistic. This other fic won't be an AU, but some things which can't be explained by the laws of Physics might happen here, and I want to stretch my limits. Have fun reading please.

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disclaimer - Slam Dunk and its characters are owned by Inoue Takehiko/I.T. Planning.

CHAPTER ONE - Proposal

"Fukuda Kitcho-san. Fukuda Kitcho-san. Please come to the Head Office immediately."

The sounds in the gym suddenly dropped into silence. Everyone stared at the blaring speaker attached to a corner of the Ryonan gym.

"What's that?" Aida Hikoichi scratched his head, confusion written all over his fresh face. He even stopped pressing his pen.

Uekusa Tomoyuki shrugged and passed the ball without so much a word.

"I think it said something about Fukuda." Koshino Hiroaki interjected and pointed to their teammate. Fukuda Kitcho was having a hard time defending from Sendoh Akira, who was trying to elude him and get the ball into the hoop.

Coach Taoka's resounding footsteps broke the little chat, as the respected coach entered the court, they all made way for him. Except for Fukuda and Sendoh, that was. They were so engrossed in their private battle.

Upon seeing the coach, Sendoh arched his eyebrows and straightened up. Fukuda saw it as an opening and snatched the ball.

"Wow! Fukuda-san got the ball from Sendoh-san!" A freshman piped out. Murmurs flooded the gym.

Taoka tapped Fukuda's shoulder, causing the Number 13 player to give him a brief glance.

"What was that all about?" The coach pointed with his thumb at the speaker. "You were needed at the Office."

Fukuda shook his head.

"Are you in any trouble of some sort?" His eyes narrowed. "You'd better tell me…"

"No, sensei, I'm not." Fukuda answered quietly.

"Then why aren't you going to the office now?"

He shrugged. "I'll go later, if you don't mind." He gripped the ball tighter.

Coach Taoka's fist immediately clenched. Suddenly Sendoh's hand was on the coach's shoulder. "Relax, Sensei. And besides, you yourself don't want our practices disturbed, don't you, sensei?" He flashed his trademark smile. Taoka let out a groan.

"Don't tell me you'll do the same, Sendoh? You won't go when you're called to the office?"

"Well…that depends…" The Ryonan ace made a show out of pretending to think. "If we weren't practicing for the Winter Games, I would leave the gym."

Taoka groaned once more.

"But we are practicing for the Winter Games," Hikoichi whispered to his senior Koshino. "Does that mean he's--"

"That was the point, Hikoichi."

The Ryonan team continued to play their practice game. Fukuda seemed very much unaffected by the little announcement, and the fact that almost everyone's eyes were still plastered onto him.

They were starting to get their concentration back when a strange sound came from outside the gym.

"What's that?" Hikoichi asked for the second time, his mouth chewing nervously at the end of his pen.

Everyone, even those who tried their best to ignore the sound, was forced to listen.

It was the sound of feet. Sort of like how it would sound if the whole Ryonan track team was running towards the gym.

"Stampede!" Uekusa yelled across the noise. It was getting closer.

"Don't be silly!" Koshino snapped back. "How can there be--"

All of a sudden, a very unexpected BAM! reverberated throughout the gym as something crashed onto its doors. Everyone jumped. A few curses escaped from some mouths.

"What in the world…!" uttered the Ryonan coach. Trying his best not to shiver in the absolute apprehensiveness of the situation, he moved closer to check the source of the disturbance.

To the surprise of the whole team the gym doors slid open, shedding light to the matter (and the gym.)

Sound was proven to be faster than light, as it was the voice that reached them first.


The shrill, piercing complaints made everyone cover his ears. Fukuda almost dropped the ball. Sendoh, always composed, moved in to steal it.

A girl in a green silk dress rushed inside the gym, colliding with Taoka, who collapsed to the floor in a dead faint. She was totally out of place with almost everyone wearing the Ryonan basketball uniform. Her dark, ebony hair was arranged in a bun, and a touch of makeup was noticeable from her fair skin. She skidded to a stop and faced outside again. Cupping her hands beside her mouth, she yelled once more: "I SAID YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!! I'LL NEVER AGREE TO YOUR DEMANDS!!! I'LL GET IT ALL MYSELF!!!"

"Who…IS THAT!?" Koshino demanded, incredulous.

"She's beautiful!" Hikoichi turned red and fumbled for his pen. "I must check--!"

He received a bop from Koshino.

"Excuse me, Miss…" Koshino advanced towards the newcomer, determined to give her a piece of his mind. How dare she come barging in, disturbing their holy practice, and yelling like an old woman who had just been cheated by fake Boy Scouts?

"Yes?" She answered curtly, turning around to give her the full impact of her almond-shaped and mascara-lidded eyes.

Koshino stepped back, all words forgotten. She's…beautiful…

"Is Fukuda Kitcho here?" She asked the Number 6 player, her voice cold as ice.

"Yes…he's…umm…" stammered Koshino, and he let his shaking finger point the way.

By this time Sendoh (calm and composed) had been able to steal the ball from his teammate. Like the basketball genius he was, he made a quick dash for his hoop, eluding people with the same ease as a politician to his taxes.

The girl's eyes widened as she was able to witness one of Sendoh's amazing dunks.

"That's him!?" Her shrill, fingernails-on-the-blackboard voice asked Koshino. All dignity forgotten, she started jumping up and down.


Fukuda's head swerved, his glare enough to dissolve metal.

There was a chorus of 'Huh?'s and 'What?'s from the team. Everyone looked at each other.

"Go Kit-chan! Go Kit-chan!" The girl was still screaming.

Sendoh wiped the sweat off his forehead, noticing nothing.

Taoka was still on the floor unconscious. Uekusa poked the coach's arm, trying his best to wake him up.

Finally Fukuda couldn't take it anymore. That…whoever that was had the nerve to yell out his childhood nickname - and for no apparent reason at all! Who was she anyway and why had she come here!?

Koshino mustered up enough courage (and stability) to interrupt her again. "Excuse me…"

But Fukuda has reached where they were standing. He raised his open palm…

…and grabbed the girl's waving arm. "Would you stop that?" he asked pointedly.

She stared at him as if she was looking at an alien. "Who are you?"

"Who are you?" He threw the question back.

"Wow, Fukuda-san isn't affected by her in anyway…" another first-year piped in.

"Excuse me?" The girl cocked an eyebrow at him. "You don't know who I am?"

"Apparently not." Fukuda muttered under his breath.


She stamped her foot. Coach Taoka, who had woken up this moment, fainted again as the magic of the shrieks worked on him.

Fukuda's hands were on his ears, as everyone else's.

"What! remove those hands right now and listen to me!"

He did as he was told. "You could have said it in a different way." His voice was a stark contrast to the loud and ear-splitting voice of the so-called Princess. "You don't need to yell."


"O-hime-sama, O-hime-sama!" An old man with greying hair and wearing a butler's uniform suddenly appeared in their midst. He had come from the left-open doors of the gym, his breath ragged from running. He reached Houfa and kowtowed to her, much to everyone's shock.

"Is she really…!?" was what everyone thought. Except for Hikoichi, who said it out loud.

I officially have no idea on what is happening here, reflected Fukuda.

The old man continued kowtowing until Houfa noticed. "Ah, Sonoda-san. You're here." She scowled, almost destroying her beauty. "I thought I said--"

"O-hime-sama, forgive me, but we must go back to the office…"

"What are you saying?" She put her hands to her hips. "I'm not going there, plus, that stupid guy--"

"Principal," Sendoh supplied.

"--yeah, whatever is obviously trying to get some of me! Did you even see those lewd eyes of his?! Of course I'm not going back there!"

"But he--"

"But nothing! Don't you see, Sonoda-san! I've found him already!" Her mood suddenly flipped again, and again she started jumping up and down. "There he is! Fukuda Kitcho!"

She was pointing at Sendoh.

"I'm Fukuda Kitcho." Fukuda snapped, a rare event for the one who was usually dazed and kept his thoughts to himself.

The gym was as silent as a rock then.

Wide eyes turned to Fukuda, and red lips formed into a perfect 'O'. "You're Fukuda?" she whispered, her voice hoarse from all the shouting.

He nodded, suspicious.

The silence was broken by sharp, loud laughter. Houfa was holding her stomach, doubling up.

"She's mad…!" everyone thought wildly. Except for Hikoichi, who thought "She's beautiful…!"

Houfa wiped the tears from her eyes, leaving a streak of mascara on her hand. "Please, don't make me laugh. I thought he," she pointed at Sendoh, "was Kit-chan and I thought 'Wow, I may still have a chance', but when you suddenly said you were Fukuda--"

She stopped laughing. Her face hardened and a low growl was heard.

"I am seriously not getting hitched to the likes of you." Houfa snarled, her voice dripping with venom.


author's additions -- Well, this certainly proved to be a different experience for me! Spur of the moment, and I'm not trying hard to put heavy descriptions! Please review! Oh, and I'm not Chinese, so I absolutely have no idea of the language. Maybe someone would like to help with some words? ^^;

O-hime-sama = Princess