When they returned to the garage, Walter picked up his latest project again: searching for Bela Talbot's accomplice. It was obvious she had one, since the money was still disappearing and she was locked in prison.

He eventually got frustrated and slammed his palm on his desk, standing up to go get something to eat. Maybe he'd think of something new once he ate something. He was surprised to see Happy in the kitchen, making grilled cheese sandwiches.

She nodded at him as he entered. "Hey, Walt. Want a sandwich?"

He nodded and took one. "I didn't think you cooked."

"I don't, but Paige usually does the cooking and I don't want to make her cook with a bullet wound."

Walter took a plate and one more sandwich. "I'll give this to Paige on my way back to my desk." He headed over to Paige's desk, where she was doing paperwork, and gave her the sandwich.

She smiled up at him. "Thanks, Walter."

"Uh, no problem." An idea popped into his head and he headed back to his desk. "She's been arrested before, for theft, and theft with an accomplice. Maybe she's working with the same accomplice...Ah-ha!"

His sudden exclamation made everyone jump. "Did Walter just say 'Ah-ha'?" Toby questioned.

"Guys, I found Bela Talbot's old accomplice. Her name is Ruby Kleiman. Maybe they still kept in touch?"

Toby nodded, skimming over Ruby's information. "Yes, they did. Look at this. It says that Ruby's family died, and she was orphaned. When she turned eighteen, moved out of her foster parents' home...and probably met Miss Talbot. Check Bela's file for me, would you?"

Walter pulled up the other file. "Oh, yep. I was right, love it when that happens. Her parents died in a car crash when she was fifteen, she lived with her sister for two years, until the sister died of cancer. She goes off the record for a year...probably ducking the legal system. Then, she turns up in Springfield, where Ruby just happened to have started to rent a two-bedroom apartment. A string of robberies in the area...Yes, Ruby's our gal."

Happy, who had wandered over to the computer, asked, "Where's she now?"

Walter tapped a few keys, pulling up her last known address. "No help to us. Salt Lake City, Utah. Maybe she's using a hotel?...No Ruby Kleimans in the area."

Toby leaned over the computer. "Wait, run facial rec instead. If she was going to steal stuff, she wouldn't use her real name."

Sure enough, a result popped up. "Ah. Megan Jilkens. Staying at Hotel Empezario, two blocks from where Bela was staying."

Walter grabbed his phone, calling Cabe. "Cabe? We just found someone who's more than likely Bela's accomplice. Uh, Ruby Kleiman, she's staying at Hotel Empezario. Can you gather a team and check it out? Okay. Thanks."

As he hung up, Happy took a bite out of her sandwich. "So. If this case is solved, what do you think our next one will be?"

Toby smirked. "Makes us sound like detectives."

Paige nodded. "I suppose it does. Well, since you're not busy, you all can help me with this paperwork."

Toby groaned. "Ugh, can I get beat up by Happy instead?"

Happy smirked. "That can be arranged, Doc."

"I changed my mind. I'll take the paperwork."