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Naruto's eyes twitched as he heard the alarm of the clock. He stirred and frowned, trying to hold onto his sleep. He let out a contented sigh as the alarm was silenced. He trapped the duvet between his legs and wrapping his arms around the soft material, he turned back to his sweet sleep.

For a moment it was all silent, then Naruto felt the bed stir and then the body Naruto knew too well pressed against his back. Naruto breathed deeply and snuggled closer to his husband's warmth. Sasuke's hard body against his was always welcomed. Besides, it provided the warmth Naruto needed in the cool room.

For a minute or so, there was no movement, then Naruto felt a hand creeping its way to under the oversized t-shirt Naruto wore. The hand was still for a moment, then Naruto felt light, meaningful caresses over his abdomen. Naruto frowned, wanting to sleep, but then, he felt lips over his nape, leaving lingering kisses. To top it all, Naruto felt a hardness pressing against his buttocks and then, a slow, deep grinding started.

Naruto opened his eyes slowly. He blinked several times to adjust to the light. He sighed softly as he felt sucking against his neck, and finally turned his head to see the enemy of his sleep.

Sasuke gazed at Naruto's sleepy face with a smirk. "Good morning, beautiful."

"No," Naruto groaned and turned his head away again. "I want to sleep longer."

Naruto heard Sasuke's husky chuckle, a sound he really liked, and then felt Sasuke touching his bottom and leaning over him.

"Come on, dobe," Sasuke whispered against Naruto's ear. "Your husband needs you."

Naruto opened an eye to look at Sasuke and then sighed deeply. "Kiss me, you stupid teme."

Sasuke chuckled at the demanding tone, then leaned in for a kiss. It was a lazy kiss, just like Naruto's mood at the moment. Their tongues met in an unhurried manner and Sasuke's hand under Naruto's shirt travelled upwards, touching his rosy nipples.

"You are going to be late for work… again," Naruto said after breaking the kiss.

"That's our company, I can't be late for work," Sasuke said, lips discovering Naruto's neck.

Naruto rolled his eyes. He wasn't sure how many times they had argued over the same topic. With a sigh, Naruto let it go and turned back to cuddling his duvet.

"I'm not doing anything," Naruto said as strict as he could muster, trying to hide his smile. "You are alone with this."

Sasuke smirked. He was used to Naruto's little coy games. Without a difficulty, he pushed the tight briefs Naruto wore down to his thighs. Ahh, those pale, smooth, soft, perfect thighs. Sasuke leaned down.

Naruto moaned embarrassingly and to drown his sounds, he bit the duvet he was holding onto. His skin tingled and his toes curled in pleasure as his husband prepared him with his tongue and fingers.

Sasuke straightened after a while and leaned over Naruto's small, curled up form. He kissed Naruto's cheek and pushing up his leg, he entered his wife. Naruto moaned deeply, the duvet muffling his noises effectively.

Not liking it, Sasuke tugged at the duvet and pushed it away.

"You know that I love hearing voice," Sasuke whispered into Naruto's ear, his hips never stopping the steady movement he had started.

Naruto gasped as Sasuke touched all of his pleasure spots, but he tried to hold his voice back stubbornly. Sasuke knew why. Naruto was afraid that their son would hear them, and well, it wouldn't be good for him to see his parents like this.

"Here," Sasuke whispered and pushed two fingers in Naruto's mouth, mimicking what he was doing with his hips.

Naruto closed his eyes and gave into the pleasure his husband evoke in him. It wasn't long before Naruto felt like reaching his end.

"S-Sasuke," He gasped, trying to hold onto his husband.

Knowing what his wife needed, Sasuke flipped Naruto on his back and Naruto wrapped his arms and legs around Sasuke. Sasuke caressed back Naruto's bangs and kissed his sweaty forehead and then his sweet lips. He knew that Naruto was on the edge, and he knew how to push him over.

"Naruto," Sasuke whispered. "I love you so much."

When Sasuke felt Naruto arching his back and moaning into his mouth, he stilled for a moment and then spilled himself in his wife.

They panted for a while and Sasuke smiled softly as he watched Naruto's dazed look. He stood up on his knees, and picking up Naruto, he walked to joined bathroom of their bedroom. He entered the shower and lowered Naruto on the floor.

"You are late," Naruto commented as Sasuke started washing his hair.

"Pfft, dobe," Sasuke snorted. "What if I am? Is the boss going to fire me or something?"

Naruto laughed softly. "When I take over the company, I'll always go to work right on time."

Sasuke smirked. "Good. You've got five years, dobe. And then I'll retire and me and my son going to explore the world together."

"Eh?" Naruto glared at Sasuke playfully. "I wanna come, too!"

Sasuke laughed softly. "Jealous, huh? Okay, we will take you with us, so don't cry."

"You, teme," Naruto giggled. Raising on his tiptoes, he kissed Sasuke's cheek. "Let's go."

Sasuke nodded and they left the shower. Naruto walked across their room and went to his little desk. He picked up the case he had prepared and started going through it once again.

"Naruto, it's perfect," Sasuke called as he put on a suit. "You worked on it carefully and we already reviewed it together, right?"

"Yes, but I still worry, you know," Naruto smiled at Sasuke as he put down his project.

It had been a year since Koichi's recovery. Sasuke and Naruto lived in their own apartment now. Fugaku had given their home to them as a gift. Naruto had chosen the apartment and styled it to his heart's liking. They had four rooms; a bedroom for Sasuke and Naruto, a room for Koichi, a living room and a study. Cream and blue colors dominated the apartment, giving off a friendly and relaxing air.

"I know that you are going to finish this semester at the top of your class," Sasuke said proudly.

Naruto smiled happily.

Last year, with Sasuke's encouragement and support, Naruto had started a university. After long conversations and thinking, Naruto had decided that he liked working at the company, so they had agreed that the best department for Naruto was Business Management.

Naruto was enjoying his every single day. At first, he was doubtful, not wanting to leave Koichi alone. But, Sasuke was dead set on making Naruto experience the things he missed in the past. So, Sasuke had found a nanny for Koichi. It wasn't the easiest of the things to do, but Sasuke had deemed a young girl worthy in the end. She wasn't working fulltime. Mostly, when Naruto couldn't adjust his courses, she came over to look after Koichi. So, everything was smooth in the small family of the Uchiha couple.

"It's getting hotter and hotter each day," Sasuke sighed as he adjusted the air-con in their room, dropping down the temperature again.

"It's the start of the summer," Naruto smiled as he chose his clothes to wear.

"Don't forget your pills," Sasuke reminded as he tied his tie.

Naruto nodded quickly and took one of the pills that would prevent him from getting pregnant. They had talked about this. They both wanted to have one more baby but it wasn't the right time. Sasuke wanted Naruto to grow up a little more and finish his university. Naruto also wasn't sure if he could take care of both Koichi and a new baby at the same time. So, they had agreed on waiting till they felt ready.

Sasuke was about to ask something when he heard soft footsteps outside of their room. He smiled knowingly and walked out of the room softly. The door across from theirs was ajar and down the corridor, the small form of Koichi could be seen. He was wearing white shorts, and a navy t-shirt. His raven hair was caressing his shoulders and he was giggling as he painted the white walls of the corridor.

Smiling, Sasuke walked to his three year old son and kneeled beside him. "Good morning."

"Daddy!" Koichi cried at the sight of his father and threw himself in his arms. "Good mowning!"

Warmness filled Sasuke's heart and spread through his body. He caressed his son's hair adorningly. Koichi worshipped his uncle. Itachi had a huge impact in Koichi's small life, so he wanted to be like his uncle and the most significant thing he could see on Itachi was his long hair which Koichi copied eagerly.

"What are you doing?" Sasuke whispered as he gazed at the newest drawings on the walls.

Koichi really liked drawing and a few months ago, he had realized that the walls were the perfect sheet he needed. Naruto had tried to talk him out of it, but he hadn't been successful. Sasuke had said it was fine, when he grew out of it, they would get the walls painted again.

"Kocci dwaw daddy!" Koichi said proudly as he pointed his latest doodle.

"Wow," Sasuke gazed at the messy drawing in awe. "That's perfect. My son's going to be an artist someday."

Koichi giggled in delight and let Sasuke pick him up.

"Let's get you changed," Sasuke said as he walked back to Koichi's room.

He helped his son to wear a new pair of shorts and a t-shirt of his choosing. He tied Koichi's hair, the small pony tail making him look way cuter than Sasuke would have liked. Sasuke was a possessive man by nature and he simply didn't like it when strangers tried to caress or kiss his son. He despised it when people told him how cute Koichi was. Sasuke already knew it, he didn't need others approval. Or maybe, Koichi's illness had made Sasuke like this. Maybe he was being overprotective. To hell with it. Who cared? Koichi belonged to Sasuke and others had no claim over his son.

Sasuke put on Koichi's red cape with his demand. He looked like a superhero. And actually he was. He was stronger than any stupid superhero out there. At his young age, he had battled with cancer, and he had won. Koichi was in perfect health. Time to time, Kakashi run tests to check his condition and everything was fine.

Naruto walked to the room with a smile.

"Mommy!" Koichi cried in delight.

"Yes," Naruto smiled as he kneeled before his baby. "My love's awake. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes!" Koichi nodded wildly.

"Good," Naruto held Koichi's small hand and they walked to the kitchen. It was ergonomic and spacy. "What do you want to eat?"

Koichi had stopped breastfeeding and he didn't like breakfasts, so everyday Naruto would ask him what he would like to eat.

"Waff!" Koichi said happily.

"Okay," Naruto smiled at his baby. "Sasuke, do you want to eat waffles?"

"Yeah," Sasuke nodded as he prepared their table.

Naruto was quick to prepare the mixture and make waffles with the machine. Sasuke prepared the fruits while Koichi talked and sipped his orange juice. Soon, they were all eating their waffles. Sasuke chose to eat his with kiwis while Naruto and Koichi ate theirs with cholate cream, strawberries and bananas.

When Sasuke was getting ready to leave his phone rang.

"Yes?" Sasuke listened to the other person talking silently for a while. "Late in the afternoon, or maybe even in the evening," Sasuke answered and was silent for a moment. "Yes, thank you."

"Work?" Naruto asked as he handed Sasuke his leather bag.

"Yeah, nothing important," Sasuke nodded and then leaned down in front of his son. "Daddy will miss you."

"Kocci miss daddy," Koichi wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck. "Daddy no go…"

Sasuke hugged his son tightly and kissed his chubby cheek lingeringly. "You know that daddy needs to work."

"Daddy wowk," Koichi nodded quickly. "Daddy buy neu toy."

"That's right," Sasuke smiled, kissing Koichi's forehead. "And daddy have prepared a special surprise for you."

Koichi's eyes widened in wonder. "Suppise?"

"Yes," Sasuke pushed back Koichi's bangs with a smile. "Just for you. You'll get it after my work, okay?"

Koichi nodded happily and let go of Sasuke.

Sasuke stood and turned to Naruto. Leaning down, he kissed Naruto's peachy lips. Not getting enough, he dived in for some more, making Naruto smile into the kiss.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Koichi tugged at Sasuke's pants' leg till he got his father's attention. He pointed at his lips with a small finger. "Kissu!"

Naruto laughed as Sasuke leaned down to kiss their son on his lips. Sometimes, Koichi didn't like it when Sasuke and Naruto showed affection to each other. He would throw fits, claiming that daddy was his, or mommy was his. One of the things he did often was to demand anything he saw his parents sharing. Like a kiss.

"I will be going now," Sasuke opened the door and waved at his son who was waving at him wildly from Naruto's arms. "Take care, love you two."

"Now," Naruto smiled at his baby after Sasuke left. "Wanna come to mommy's school?"

"Yes!" Koichi nodded wildly. "Mommy, mommy cweam?"

"Of course I'll buy my baby ice cream," Naruto smiled as he walked to the kitchen. He needed to clean up here and then go to his university to submit his final project. Then he would start his four months long of summer break.

The doorbell rang and Koichi run to the door to open it. But he couldn't. He had a thing for opening doors lately, so Naruto kept it locked all time. With Naruto's help he opened it and gasped happily as he saw their guest,


The brunette girl smiled warmly. "Hello, Koichi, Naruto-san."

"Welcome," Naruto invited Tenten, Koichi's nanny, inside. "How are you?"

"I'm fine," Tenten leaned down to ruffle Koichi's hair. "I just wanted say goodbye before going on my summer vacation."

"Thank you," Naruto smiled at the girl. "Wait me a moment."

Naruto run to the bedroom and got the envelope Sasuke had prepared last night.

"Here," Naruto handed the white envelope to the girl. "Your payment and thank you so much for looking after our baby. Sasuke-san also wanted me to convey his thanks to you."

"It was my pleasure," Tenten smiled and checked the envelope. "Naruto-san, this is more than-"

Naruto silenced her before she could say more. "No, that's what you deserve. We were wondering if you would be available for us again in the winter?"

"Yes, I think so," Tenten nodded with a smile.

"Thank you so much," Naruto smiled back, then kneeled beside his son. "Love, Tenten's going on a vacation."

Koichi looked at Naruto. "Mama, Papa?"

"Yes, just like your mama papa. They had gone to a long vacation and brought lots of presents, right?" Naruto asked with a smile.

"Yes," Koichi nodded happily.

"Now, just like them, Tenten's going on a vacation and you won't be able to see her for some time," Naruto said gently. "But when she's not here, mommy will be with you all the time."

Koichi smiled and held onto Naruto tightly. Even if Koichi liked spending time with Tenten, nobody could replace Naruto's place in his mind and heart.

"Alright," Naruto picked up his baby and they waved after the girl as she left. "Now, it's time for us to leave as well."

After getting his bag and his project, Naruto left their apartment with Koichi. They walked to the elevators and summoned one -Koichi pressed the buttons with Naruto's help. When they reached the first floor, Naruto walked to the reception.

"Hello," He smiled at the middle aged man. "Could you please call me a taxi?"

Naruto had his own car and driver actually. But when he went to his university, he didn't use them. He didn't want any of the students think differently of him.

"Right away, Uchiha-dono," The man bowed and called the residence's taxi stop. "They should be here in a moment."

"Thank you so much," Naruto smiled at the man and walked out of the building as the doors were opened to them by an employee. True to the receptionist's word, a taxi was waiting for Naruto and Koichi outside of the building. Again, the employee held the door open for Naruto and Naruto got inside after a sincere thanks.

It took half an hour to reach Naruto's university and holding Koichi's small hand, Naruto walked into his faculty. Koichi couldn't walk as fast as Naruto, so when Naruto felt like he was getting late, he picked up his son. He balanced him on his right hip and walked to his professor's room quickly.

When he found the door locked, Naruto nearly had a heart-attack, thinking that he missed the due day of the project. Naruto looked round in panic and when he saw the paper stuck on the wall next to the door, he took a sigh of relief. Obviously, the professor had important matters to attend and he wanted the students to push their projects under the door. The final results would be announced later via the department's internet site.

Nodding to himself, Naruto pushed his project case under the door.

"Okay," He turned to his baby. "Now, let's see if we can learn my final marks. And then, mommy will get you a big ice-cream, okay my baby?"

"Okay!" Koichi nodded happily and hugged Naruto. "Kocci love mommy!"

"I love you too," Naruto smiled, kissing his baby's chubby cheeks.

Naruto walked through the crowded corridors of his faculty. He loved it here. He loved learning about the things he liked. He loved improving himself. He loved the friends he made.

He found the said friends in front of their department's billboard, trying to see the sheets that held their final marks.

"Hello," Naruto called out to them.

"Naruto!" Ino smiled widely at him. "Oh! My handsome Koichi's here too!"

Koichi giggled. "Ino!"

With a smile, Naruto put his baby on the floor and watched as Koichi run into Ino's arms.

"How are you, handsome?" Ino asked as he pinched Koichi's cheeks.

"Good," Koichi nodded as he touched Ino's flowing hair in awe.

Ino smiled. "You remember your promise, right? I'm waiting for you to grow up."

"Yes!" Koichi nodded wildly. "Kocci Ino merry!"

"Pfft," Kiba turned to look at them. "Koichi, my man, this girl's going to be old when you grow up. Don't let her fool you, you wouldn't want to get married with a wrinkled granny, right?"

"Hey," Ino jumped to her feet and punched Kiba's arm.

"Doggie is right, ugly," Sai commented as he scribbled in his sketch pad.

"I heard that!" Ino screamed and struggled as Shino held her back.

Naruto smiled at the childish behavior of his group of friends. Picking Koichi up, he neared the board, checking his marks. He gasped as he read them.

"Naruto," Kiba patted Naruto's back. "You are like, super smart."

Naruto had eight courses in this term and he had passed all of them with straight A1s. The worst subject of his, English, was A2. It looked like Sasuke's lessons had paid off.

"You finished the year as the first," Shino commented. "Congratulations."

Naruto thanked his friends with an embarrassed smile. "How about you guys?"

"I barely made it," Ino scratched her head.

"I failed one," Kiba commented.

"Passed them all," Sai said and Shino nodded.

"Whatever," Ino shrugged. "This way or that way, we finished it right? We are second years now!"

"True," Naruto nodded. "What are you doing now? I promised Koichi ice-cream."

"Let's go to our place," Kiba suggested and they all nodded.

Their place was a small, cozy café near the campus. Soon, they were having cold drinks while they chatted away easily. Koichi was licking his soft ice-cream while Naruto held a handkerchief under his chin.

Naruto picked up his phone as it ringed loudly. He smiled as he saw the caller. "Hello, mother."

"Hello, Naruto, how are you?" Mikoto asked.

"I'm fine mother," Naruto answered. "You?"

"I'm super good," Mikoto laughed. "Guess what? We got a huge amount of donation for the hospital!"

Naruto gasped happily. "Really?"

"Yes!" Mikoto answered happily. "Our foundation's getting bigger each day!"

Naruto smiled happily. "It's thanks to you, mother. I just hope we can help and save children from leukemia."

"It's our foundation," Mikoto said. "It's thanks to you that I have found the goal of my life," Mikoto laughed softly. "It's good that I realized it before I died."

Naruto smiled. "You are still young, mother."

"I feel young when I'm with you and my grandson," Mikoto said sincerely. "How is he by the way?"

"He's good," Naruto smiled. "Eating ice-cream now."

"Good," Mikoto said cheerfully. "I'll see you two later."

"See you," Naruto ended the call with a smile.

Last year, Mikoto had decided to start a foundation for children who had leukemia. After apologizing to Naruto, and getting his forgiveness for her wrongdoings, they had started getting along well. Koichi had recognized Mikoto as his mama, filling a strange emptiness in her heart. Seeing how Naruto and Koichi suffered because of this illness, Mikoto decided to establish her own charity event. She had decided to help both the sick children and their families. She had gained the support of every Uchiha, as well as their hearts. Two months ago, they had decided to build a hospital, special for leukemia patients. Uchiha Corporations was supporting the process and Mikoto's charity was the main actor in the whole event. Naruto had convinced Kakashi and Iruka to work at their hospital when it was built. They all joked that they had doctors before a roof.

Before Naruto could put down his phone, he had another call. "Sasuke?"

"Yeah, baby," Naruto could hear a smile in Sasuke's voice. "Did you give your project?"

"Yes," Naruto nodded and then added excitedly. "Sasuke, I passed all of my courses! I'm at the top of my department!"

"I knew it," Sasuke said with his deep voice. "I'm so proud of you."

Naruto blushed deeply. "Thank you."

Sasuke chuckled. "Where are you now?"

"At the café we always come," Naruto responded. "We're having a few drinks."

"Alright." The line went dead abruptly.

Naruto blinked several times as he looked at the screen of the phone.

"Oh my," Ino sighed deeply as she looked at the entrance of the café.

Naruto followed her gaze and was surprised to see Sasuke entering inside with casual clothes. He looked around for a moment and smiled as he spotted Naruto.

"Naruto, my friend, don't take me wrong. But, your husband is the perfect dilf material," Ino said with a dreamy expression.

Naruto coughed softly. "Ino! He's my husband, you know," Naruto waved a hand in front of her eyes. "You can't daydream about him."

Ino sighed. "You are no fun."

"Daddy!" Koichi cried as he saw Sasuke approaching.

"Yeah," Sasuke smiled and picked up his son. He chuckled as Koichi kissed his cheek, smearing the ice cream he had around his lips all over Sasuke's pale skin. "Hello," Balancing Koichi on a hip, Sasuke greeted everyone and shook their hands one by one. Taking a chair, Sasuke sat beside Naruto with Koichi in his lap.

"Sasuke," Naruto smiled at his husband. "What are you doing here? You are supposed to be at work."

"Hn," Sasuke kissed the corner of Naruto's lips. "I came to take you two."

"To where?" Naruto blinked.

"It's a surprise," Sasuke smiled.

"Suppise!" Koichi cried. "Daddy, daddy go!"

"Yes, we are going in a moment," Sasuke kissed Koichi's hair before turning to Naruto. "You ready?"

Naruto nodded slowly, wondering what this surprise was. Turning to his friends, Naruto said his farewells, promising to call and meet in the summer.

They walked to Sasuke's jeep together.

"Give me your bag," Sasuke said and opened the rear deck. Naruto gasped as he saw the luggages inside.

"Sasuke, where exactly are we going?" Naruto asked as Sasuke placed Naruto's bag on the pile.

"Can't tell," Sasuke smirked. "But it's a long way."

"Okay," Naruto nodded slowly. Together, they placed Koichi in his booster seat. Naruto noted that the seat next to Koichi's was full of his favorite toys.

"Here," Sasuke handed the keys to Naruto. "You drive."

Naruto had gotten his driving license last month. Though, he wasn't exactly professional at it.

"No, Sasuke, no," Naruto shook his hands in panic.

"Don't worry, love," Sasuke smiled reassuringly. "I know you can do it."

"It's not about it," Naruto shook his head. "I don't want to drive when Koi's in the car. Not when I'm not really good at it."

"Alright," Sasuke nodded. "Let's go."

Smiling, Naruto got in the car, Sasuke following after him. Sasuke put a child songs CD, and drove out.

It was a long way as Sasuke said. They sang Koichi's songs together, sometimes stopped to eat when they got hungry. They wandered the stopovers and bought useless stuff. When the sun was setting Sasuke stopped the car when they reached their destination. Naruto was sleeping beside him and Koichi was eyeing his surroundings closely.

"Daddy?" Koichi looked at Sasuke. "Suppise?"

"Yes," Sasuke left the car and unbuckling Koichi's belt, he took his son in his arms. He looked around slowly, a feeling of nostalgia tugging at his heart.

"Welcome, Uchiha-san," A middle aged man approached Sasuke.

Sasuke shook the man's offered hand. "Thank you. Everything looks great."

"Yes," The man smiled. "We tried to do everything you ordered."

"Thank you again," Sasuke nodded. "Is the present inside?"

"Yes, in a box," The man nodded.

"Alright," Sasuke shook the man's hand again. "Thanks for your efforts."

The man gave a smile and then left.

Sighing, Sasuke gazed around some more, then flashed a smile at his son. "Let's wake mommy up."

"Yes!" Koichi nodded wildly.

Sasuke walked to the car and opened the door to Naruto's side. He leaned inside and called out gently, "Naruto?"

"Kocci, Kocci!" Koichi demanded.

"Alright, here you go," Sasuke placed Koichi in Naruto's lap.

Koichi caressed Naruto's cheeks and then imitating Sasuke's voice, he called out gently, "Nawdo…"

Sasuke bit his lips to prevent from laughing.

Koichi frowned as Naruto stirred but still kept sleeping. "Dobe…"

Sasuke closed a palm over his mouth, his silent laughter shaking his shoulders. He needed to watch his words around Koichi.

"Mommy!" Koichi shook Naruto's shoulders impatiently.

"Okay," Naruto slurred. "Mommy's awake, okay?"

Koichi held onto Naruto as his mother wrapped his arms around his small body tightly. "Sasuke, where-"

Naruto's eyes widened as he looked around. He left the car slowly and walked ahead. He opened his mouth but no words left his lips. They were back in the village, back in the Namikaze house. Everything looked the same, yet at the same time, completely different. The house was repaired and painted a beautiful shade of ecru. The farms were green with corns and they all looked healthy.

"S-Sasuke…" A quiet sob left Naruto's lips.

Koichi looked at Naruto with a puzzled expression. "Daddy! Daddy mommy teaw. Mommy huwt."

Sasuke walked to their side and took Koichi from Naruto. "Let's leave mommy alone for a while."

"But daddy, mommy huwt," Koichi whined, trying to go back to Naruto.

"Hush, my sweet love," Sasuke soothed his son with his soft voice. "He's not hurting, okay? He's just a bit emotional. Do you know where we are?"

"Whewe?" Koichi asked.

"This is your mommy's old house," Sasuke explained. "Your mommy, your papa Minato, your mama Kushina and your auntie Kurama used to live here. You know them, right? We have their photo back in our home."

"Yes!" Koichi nodded wildly. "We sleep hewe?"

"We'll spend our summer here, then go back to our home," Sasuke said. "We will sleep and wake up. Sleep and wake up, sleep and wake up for many more days and then we will go back."

"Okay," Koichi nodded wildly.

Sasuke smiled, kissing his baby son's temple.

Naruto wiped away his tears quickly. It had been four years since the last time he was here. He could remember himself right here, crying after Sasuke. Naruto tuned to look at the spot and saw Sasuke and Koichi watching him. He smiled softly. His family had lived here, now Naruto was back here with his own family.

"You good?" Sasuke called out.

"Yeah," Naruto walked to Sasuke and snuggled into his warmth as Sasuke wrapped his free arm around him. "Just… how?"

"I bought it back from the new owners two months ago," Sasuke dropped a kiss in Naruto's hair. "They were unwilling at first, but couldn't say no to more money. I have been in contact with a repairman in the town. He found the workers needed and they repaired the house to my wishes. Also, a farmer looked after the farms for us."

"Sasuke," Naruto looked up to his husband, his eyes mirroring his feelings. "You made me so happy. I just don't know what to say."

"I know what to say," Sasuke nodded. "Because of me, your latest memories here are bad ones. I want to create many more memories here. Happy ones."

"Mommy teaw agan," Koichi commented.

Naruto laughed softly as he wiped away his tears. "Mommy's so happy, okay my baby?"

Koichi nodded quickly, not really understanding why someone would cry if they were happy.

"Let's get in the house," Sasuke headed towards the house. "There is a surprise waiting my son inside."

Koichi gasped happily, wriggling in Sasuke's arms.

"Okay, okay," Sasuke chuckled as they entered inside.

Naruto noted that, again, everything was the same. But the walls were painted and the old parts were repaired and new furniture had been placed instead of the old ones.

"Here you go," Sasuke put Koichi down on the floor and Koichi walked to a box that was placed in the middle of the living room. The box was white and had small holes all around it.

Koichi walked around the box, examining it for a while. When he deemed the box was worth his attention, he kneeled before it. Holding the folded parts, he opened them with a little struggle and looked inside.

Koichi squealed loudly as a small puppy looked at him with curious eyes.

"Daddy! Mommy!" He shouted, beckoning them with a shake of his small hand.

Naruto approached the box in wonder and gasped in excitement as he saw a baby Akita-inu watching them closely. It was really small and had a creamy chest while its back was covered by a reddish fur.

"Sasuke, did you get him a puppy?" Naruto asked his husband with a smile.

"Yeah," Sasuke kneeled beside them and caressed the pup's head, Koichi copying his actions. "I brought a friend for you, Koi. How you are going to name him?"

Koichi gasped happily. "Fwiend! Fwiend!"

Sasuke chuckled. Koichi had lost his toy Friend a few weeks ago. He was devastated. Sasuke wasn't sure how much tear Koichi shed after the toy. Sasuke had offered to buy him a new toy, but Koichi had refused. Naruto had said he could make Koichi a new one exactly like the old one, but again, Koichi had refused. So now, seeing him naming his dog after his toy was the perfect sign that he was putting that incident behind.

"Alright," Sasuke nodded. "Now, you should know that Friend belongs to you."

Koichi nodded quickly.

"You need to look after him," Sasuke kept on seriously. "You need to feed him. You need to take him to walks. And most important of all, you need to love him. Can you do that?"

"Yes, yes!" Koichi cried as he wrapped his small arms around the pup. Friend licked Koichi's cheek, making him giggle. "Kocci love Fwiend!"

Sasuke chuckled and helped Koichi to take Friend out of the box.

"I feel like we had another child," Naruto commented as he scratched Friend's stomach.

"Maybe," Sasuke nodded with a smile. "But, pets help children to develop their sense of responsibility, right?"

Naruto laughed softly. "Were you reading one of those paternity books again?"

"Maybe," Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist and drew him to his chest. "Won't you congratulate me for being the daddy of the year?"

Naruto laughed. "Oh, yeah? Who said you were?"

"Koi," Sasuke called out and Koichi stopped chasing after Friend to look at Sasuke. "Do you love daddy?"

"Kocci love daddy!" Koichi jumped up and down.

Sasuke smirked. "Do you think your daddy is the best daddy ever?"

"Daddy best daddy evew!" Koichi shouted.

"Thank you," Sasuke winked at his son. "You can go back to your game."

Koichi winked back at Sasuke, though he couldn't do it with an eye, he ended up blinking both of his eyes, and returned to playing with his puppy happily.

"Pfft, bastard," Naruto laughed as he punched Sasuke's chest playfully. "That doesn't count. You took the words out of his mouth!"

"It does count," Sasuke said confidently with a smirk. "Because-" Sasuke leaned down, so that he was just a breath away from Naruto's lips. "You, also, think that I'm the best daddy of the year."

Naruto raised an eyebrow as he smiled. "Don't get cocky, daddy. I bet I'm the mommy of the decade."

"Now, now, mommy," Sasuke smirked. "Don't turn this into a competition."

"Bring it on, teme," Naruto smiled.

"Oh, you got it, dobe," Sasuke smiled back and captured Naruto's lips.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Koichi shouted at them angrily. "No kissu! Stop!"

Sasuke snorted as Naruto burst out laughing. Together, they walked to where Koichi was standing with Friend. Koichi wrapped his arms around Naruto's legs tightly.

"Mine!" He said quickly. "Mommy mine!"

"Shh," Naruto kneeled down and took his baby in his arms. "Of course I'm yours, just like I'm daddy's. And you are mine, just like daddy's mine."

Koichi looked at Naruto with a pout, considering his words. "Daddy mine?"

Sasuke sat down on the floor beside their son and smiled at him. "I belong to you, just like you belong to me. But, also, mommy belongs to me too, okay? We three," Sasuke pointed each of them. "We are a family. It means we are each other's most precious person. We all belong to each other, okay?"

Koichi nodded slowly.

"My beautiful son," Sasuke brushed Koichi's bangs back and took him in his arms. "We love you so much. You are our whole life."

Naruto sat down beside his boys and took Friend in his arms when the puppy nuzzled his leg. Koichi embraced Friend and snuggled in Sasuke's arms as Naruto wrapped his arms around both of them.

"This is where you belong," Naruto whispered to their baby. "We love you unconditionally. We are ready to give up everything for you. We are willing to live, just for you."

Koichi's lower lip started trembling and tears filled his sky-blue eyes.

"Why you are crying?" Sasuke asked gently.

"Huwt, Kocci huwt," Koichi sobbed quietly.

"Where do you hurt?" Sasuke asked as he wiped away Koichi's silent tears.

Koichi put a small, chubby hand against his heart, his eyes pleading for understanding.

"Love makes your heart hurt," Naruto explained softly. "Sometimes, my heart hurts too much when I think how I love Koichi and daddy."

"Mine, too," Sasuke nodded.

Koichi nodded but still kept crying.

"Baby," Naruto's eyes started watering. "Don't cry…"

"Shh," Sasuke took the pup from Koichi's arms and put him on the floor. Changing Koichi's position, so that Koichi buried his face in Sasuke's shoulder, Sasuke started caressing his back to soothe him. "Let him cry. It's going to relax him."

Naruto nodded and didn't resist as Sasuke wrapped his free arm around him, his tears racing with his son's.

Sasuke held his two loves tighter. Love hurt, huh? Sasuke smiled softly. His babies still needed time to grow up. And Sasuke would be there to make sure it didn't hurt more than they could bear.


Welcome to Rosswen's ending rants, lol. So, why I decided to write this story? Before I started with A Child's Love, I had two other ideas for other stories, but this story screamed, write me first! So I did.

What kind of characters Sasuke and Naruto were? Naruto reflects my mother's teachings on me. Always try to be independent and stand on your own feet. I know some of you thought Naruto was way too soft here, but again, my mom always told me, You should throw bread at the people who throw stones at you. Naruto gained everyone's heart by his good heart. But of course, he made mistakes as well. Sasuke was older than Naruto by ten years, so we all wanted, and expected him to be more mature than Naruto, but the thing was, he was younger inside than Naruto. Sasuke grew up with Naruto's love. I think he learned who he really was thanks to Naruto. As for Mikoto, I know we really hated her, but for the people at her age, changing is the hardest thing to do. But in the end, she saw Naruto for he who was and they started a good relationship. Fugaku; I really love him, and most of the writers -even me- see him as someone stoic and emotionless, I wanted to change it here and I'm really happy with how he turned out. Sakura: I really don't like her. But again, changing was really hard for her, as was losing. But I think that she will change herself in the future.

I thank to everyone who read the story, who faved it and who took their time to comment. Your support has been great and they helped me greatly. I learned many things with A Child's Love and I realized that some people like to hurt others for no reason. I don't have to write fanfics, nobody's giving me money or medals because I do. It's for fun, but some readers don't realize it, and demand things from me or accuse me with strange things. But, well, this is life, and I can't please everyone.

So, thank you again. I told you a story and you listened and if I could bring a smile to your face, then I'm happy.