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I've taken a lot of inspiration from other crossovers so we'll see how this one goes. If it doesn't work out, this story will probably get deleted or set up for adoption. I am doing a Miranda/Peter romance. At first I thought of doing Liara/Peter or Tali/Peter, but that all changed when BioshockerN7 gave me the brilliant idea of pairing these two, cause in his own words, Opposites attract. Peter is a bit shy but he is also outgoing, bursting with personality and wit and isn't afraid o admit when he's afraid nor does he fear admitting his faults. Miranda is stone cold and doesn't joke around. She finds heroes like Spiderman annoying but can't help but hold a certain amount of respect for them for being so selfless.

They both have experienced horrible losses in their lives and fight to protect what's dear to them. Aunt May and Oriana. So yeah, give credit to BioshockerN7 cause he's the man who gave the idea.

Also BioshockerN7 was the guy who gave me the title so thanks to him. He is my main partner in developing this story as many of our ideas have been exchanged so I give credit where credit is due

Pre ME1 by like two to four months

The beginning will be a little rushed so we can just get to the beginning and start the Mass Effect story. So there will be moments where you're like "That doesn't make any sense" or "Why is he trusting so willingly". I know. Like I said, let's just get to the main course

Also Male John Sheppard

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Spiderman: Mass Effect Chapter 1

'Ok' Peter Parker A.K.A. Spiderman thought to himself 'Let's rewind'

Spiderman was swinging across a skyline. But it wasn't the Manhattan skyline. No Peter was pretty sure that the Manhattan skyline didn't have any flying cars, a night sky with a sun just beyond the distance.

"I was on my way to the Daily Bugle" Spiderman talked aloud to himself "Then Electro decided to be an ass an cut the power to the city. Then Madame Webb shows up warning me that Electro has some crazy interdimensional artifact and I go stop him, only to end up here when I confronted him. The only question is, where is here?"

Citizens of this new city stared in disbelief and shock through the windows as Spiderman swung past them.

"And it seems as though I'm in an alien city" Spiderman landed on the side of a pole, reminiscent to the Empire State building. His Spider powers allowed the web-head to easily cling to almost any surface and thankfully, it was working like charm.

Peter nearly lost his grip when he finally took in his surroundings.

"Not an alien city" Peter said weakly "Alien ship the size of a planet"

The scene was amazing, automobiles flying around, giant freighter's within the traffic occasionally. Peter leapt down from the pole, falling in a perfect vertical angle. Just as he was a couple dozen yards above the ground level, Spidey thwipped another web line and swung at tremendous speeds due to the momentum of the fall.

Many bystanders jumped back in shock at the red and blue blur that swung by them with insane speed and velocity.

"So let's see what's on my new to do list" Spiderman said to himself "First find out where I am. Why am I here. What is this place. And see if they have any hot dogs"

Spiderman's enhanced senses allowed him to see what looked like a playground. And there were human kids there playing with.

"Ok, Looks like the Navi have finally left Pandora" Spiderman quipped noticing the blue skinned alien kids running around with the human ones. There were two more. One avian in appearance with mandibles and the other looked like a blend between an amphibian and a reptile.

"I know this is going to sound creepy" Spiderman muttered to himself "But when in doubt ask kids"

Spiderman was just about to land in between the kids to ask them where he was when a nearby explosion caught his attention. Spiderman swung round and caught sight of several armored aliens along with some humans, also armored.

'OH COME ON. I'm only here a few minutes and there's a crime already happening' Spiderman thought to himself "Guess crime really is a universal thing"

"But who am I to ignore that" Spiderman said aloud, knowing nobody was around to hear him

Spiderman immediately began web swinging towards the crime scene

At the scene, the bank robbers were cleaning house, setting up a perimeter so that their ride could get them out of here

"Best Haul Ever" A Krogan yelled with savage glee, killing another member of C-sec

"Save the celebration from when we've escaped" The leader of the group, A Turian shouting at the Krogan

"Focus on the C-sec" A human merc yelled

"Extraction should be here in a few moments" Another Turian said over the gun fire

The Turian leader of the group was about to reload his weapon when a sticky substance latched onto the barrel of the gun. The Turian was to surprised to respond when suddenly it was easily yanked out of his hands.

"WHO DID THAT?!" The Turian shouted angrily, causing his partners to look at him

"Where's your weapon?" The Krogan inquired

"Somebody stole it from me" The Turian growled out

"Not Steal" A taunting voice said from above "More like borrowing without asking"

The group of criminals glanced around to locate the source of the voice, when it spoke yet again.

"And here is me 'borrowing' again" several lines shot down from above, grabbing their guns and tugged them out of their hands.

The robbers followed their guns into the hands of an oddly dressed human sitting on the building wall above the bank they just robbed. The human was holding all their guns in their hands with white rope holding them all together.

"Looking for these?" Peter asked teasingly

"Look human" The Krogan growled "Return those guns now, and I'll only break your legs and arms"

"Like I haven't heard that one before" Peter said pretending to be bored

"We've wasted too much time" The Salarian gritted, getting his secondary weapon from his back, prompting the others to do so as well

"Huh, That's a new one" Spiderman said, jumping out of the way of the fire.

He landed in between two of the humans of the group, webbing their eyesight. Peter ducked from a bullet a Turian shot from behind him

"The hell" the Turian shouted, before Spiderman tackled him down and webbed him down to the ground

"SHOOT HIM" The Krogan roared

"Can you not and say you did?" Peter, pretending to plead


"Now now" Peter chided childishly "No need to shout"

"You're right, actions speak louder than shouting" the Krogan holstered his gun and Charged at Spiderman.

Thinking quickly, Spiderman weaved together a large spider web and ran at the Krogan.

"Ok, let me correct you on human terminology, it's 'actions speak louder than words' not shouting barney"

"And" Spiderman said, performing a perfect flip over the Krogan, "OLE"

The Krogan got tangled in the webbing, and fought viciously to escape. Yet the more the Krogan struggled, the more he seemed to get caught in the web.

"YOU FOOL" The Salarian raised his pistol, and pulled the trigger, only for it to explode in his hand. The Crook noticed a sticky substance clogging his gun, and was then flung from his feet, onto a wall, and couldn't move. His mouth was webbed shut and he was bound in place.

"Man this is way too easy" Peter boasted confidently "Looks like all those training sessions with the Avengers are paying off"

Spiderman turned round, only to do a Matrix like dodge. Standing up straight he saw the remaining robbers enter a FLYING CAR.

"SO LONG CHUMP" One of the humans gloated

The car doors closed, then it took off. Spiderman made a quick survey to see at least half a dozen men pinned down by his webbing. Nodding at his handiwork, Spiderman jumped into the air to pursue the fleeing car.

Peter left just as C-sec arrived on the scene, ready to fight but instantly confused to see half a dozen criminals wrapped in what looked like webbing. One of the lead officers approached one o f the captured criminals and pried off a card.

Spiderman in the meantime was hot on the heels of the fleeing lawbreakers. Using his spider sense, Peter weaved in between the traffic flawlessly. He then shot two web lines at the back of the car and both stuck.

Spiderman reeled himself onto the car, his perfect balance allowing him to stand perfectly on top of the speeding vehicle. Casually, Peter walked over to the front and peered down the glass.

The driver of the seat jumped back in fright at the sudden appearance of a masked head. The man flipped over to the side and knocked on the window, making a twirling motion with his hand.

The driver was completely befuddled, but nonetheless opened his window.

"Hi there" The red and blue clad man greeted cheerily "I'm your friendly Neighborhood Spiderman and I was wondering if you could you know…pull over"

"UH guys" the man said, not taking his eyes off of Spiderman


"There's a guy here in a red mask who's sticking on the door"

"Huh" A Turian, the leader of the whole robbery spotted an annoyingly familiar sight

"YOU?!" The Turian shouted, confused and outraged

"Me" Spiderman said bashfully, leaning his head back from the gunfire

"Yeesh what kind of a greeting is that"

The worst kind, seeing as the gun shots spooked the driver, causing him to veer off course, the bottom of the car hitting a roof. The hit scraped an engine, making the driver lose control and the car began to lose altitude.

"Uh oh" Spiderman jumped off the car and created a giant spider web.

Down below, Citizens of the Citadel idly went about their day, getting to work, meeting up with friends, taking care of business and so on.

One Asari was sitting at the table of a café with two friends. A human female and another fellow Asari. They were all enjoying their beverages and each other's company.

The trio then noticed people pointing up at the sky followed by a growing shadow. People then started to scatter a bit, which turned into full blown running.

The group of friends saw a car falling right towards them. They scrambled to get out of there, but one of the Asari fell over. Her friends cried out in horror.

The Asari sat up looking at the descending car, her life flashing before her eyes. She closed her eyes, embracing the end. Then, silence. Nothing happened, there was no more screaming, an eeriness fell over the area along with muttering from all sides.

The Asari peaked a bit, resulting her eyes to widen in amazement and disbelief. The car was a few feet above her, being held up by what looked like a white silk net. Everyone began approaching the scene. The Asari's friends rushed to her side and helped her up.

Then came an even greater surprise. A human wearing body tight red and blue spandex landed at the scene, looking around

"Everyone ok?" He called out looking around. Everyone now turned their attention to this newcomer. However things went to hell again when the side of the car flew open. Out jumped the lead Turian of the bank robbers, credits in hand along with several other stolen objects.

He began firing his weapon at the random citizens.

"HEY" Spiderman shouted

The Turian saw Spiderman and roared firing blindly at the hero. The Hero jumped into the air, bending his body to avoid the fire.

He landed in front of the Turian, webbed both the man's arms across his chest on opposite walls, tossed the gun up, then for an added bonus, webbed the Turians pants and pulled them down, leaving him in his boxers.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" The Turian shouted

Spiderman back up a bit, sensing a crowd gathering around him, and the sounds of police sirens headed this way

"Just your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman" He said nonchalantly, slowly beginning to walk away

The Turian growled, fighting to free himself from his bindings while shouting at Peter


The Turians gun finally returned to its owner, leaving him hanging their unconscious.

"And that's my cue"

Spiderman had a running start, then shot a line, swing into the air, leaving shocked, awed, befuddled and completely confused pedestrians.

"Well" Spiderman said to himself, swing from building to building "All in a day's work. Now to find out where I am"

At a C-sec office

Garrus Vakarian was one of the best C-sec detectives you could find. He was good Turian to work with, believed in justice and his responsibility to the Citadel and was a great shot as a sniper.

He was currently enjoying a nice Turian beverage with his legs kicked up on his work desk. It's been a quiet month. Nothing suspicious to note. Save for that Spectre Saren.

Garrus couldn't really explain it, but something about that Turian really rubbed him the wrong way. His suspicion was strengthened with Saren's arrogance, unusual activities when on an assignment and hatred for others especially humans. And lately his past activities has been warranting further investigations but Garrus will get onto it later. Right now he just wanted to relax.

"Hey Garrus" Another fellow Turian walked up to him "There's been a disturbance in the lower regions of the wards. We're being called to check it out"

Garrus sighed in annoyance, but he had a responsibility to the citadel. Downing his drink in one go, Garrus stood up, grabbed a sidearm and exited with his fellow Turian.

The two Turians soon arrived to a bizarre scene to say the least.

There was a car hanging on a white net, it's occupants all tied up in the same thread and another Turian several yards away in very awkward yet humorous position, unconscious.

Garrus was…

"Uh Can someone explain to me what happened here?"

"This way detective" A Salarian C-sec officer called over "We have several witnesses and some footage of what transpired here. There's another scene identical to this one at a Citadel bank not too far from here"

"Alright, let's start with the witnesses" Garrus said. He was guided towards two Asari women, a female human, a Turian and several other humans.

"I'm Detective Garrus Vakarian of C-sec" Garrus announced to the group, getting their attention "I understand you all witnessed what transpired here"

They nodded, some murmuring in agreement.

"Alright" Garrus activated his Omni tool, ready to take notes "I'll ask you one question at a time and do your best answer it"

An hour later

Garrus was rubbing his eyes in exhaustion. Mental exhaustion. He was currently trying to process what he got from these witnesses and the videos.

"Ok" He muttered to himself. Looking over his notes, it had the same repetitive mention of a human dressed in skin tight red and blue spandex who can shoot webs, is strong enough to throw a Turian with ease, and has some insane flexibility.

"Guess the name 'Spider-Man' fits" Garrus said aloud, holding up a card

'Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man' the card read.

Garrus sighed again. He couldn't explain it, but he had what humans called a gut feeling that this won't be the last time this Spider-Man does a stint like this.

As the day went on, news of the event spread fast

"This is Emily Wong of the Citadel news. Today a bank robbery occurred in the lower levels of the Citadel. It was headed by this Turian, Gaius, who's had a track record in accomplishing numerous crimes throughout the Citadel. He was a wanted criminal by the C-sec for three years. However his reign came to an end just a few short hours ago"

Video of Spider-man attacking the Turian and his gang

"This 'Spider-Man', came in from nowhere and easily apprehended a good number of Gaius's men, including a Krogan. Gaius attempted to escape yet the Spider-Man easily caught up to him seeing as how the robbers didn't get very far from the bank they robbed and were stopped at a nearby café. There eyewitness and videos reports show the convicts car being captured in a web similar to that of a spiders"

"Afterwards, Gaius and his men were apprehended and taken into custody by C-sec. But the real question on everyone's mind is, who is this Spider-man? Where did he come from? Why did he intervene? What are his intentions? And is this the first and last time we will ever see him? This is Emily Wong of C-sec, reporting live"

Peter was hanging upside down before a screen as it blinked to another program.

"Well that was fast" He said aloud, letting go of the web, swing into a random direction.

"So let me get this straight" Spiderman said, going over in his head "I'm in another dimension where humanity actually made it to the stars and are now part of a galactic community. This feels a lot like Star Wars"

Landing on a pole of a building, Spiderman overlooked the city, feeling uneasy.

"Why does this always happen to me" Pete moaned "I can't get one normal day"

Spiderman jumped from his position free falling down, saving himself at the last second, easily swinging between the flying cars and buildings.

"Might as well begin to know the place I'm at" Spider-Man said, swinging around the buildings.

He then noticed several humans giving this blue skinned female lecherous looks. She was trying to escape their sight, but the men were persistent.

Dr. Liara T'soni returned to the Citadel to gather supplies for her excavation site on Therum. All went well, she got what she needed and was now on her way back to her ship. That is until these human males began tailing her. It didn't take a mind reader to realize the intentions these men held.

Liara tried to lose them, but they were persistent. Now she found herself in an alleyway with the group of men leering at her, as a predator was about to claim its pray. Liara didn't want it to come to this but she readied her biotics.

"I don't want any trouble" She said calmly, though her voice trembled a bit

"Neither do we lady" A dark haired man said sleazy and all

"Yeah, we just want to take you out for a while" Another man slurred

"I will not tell you again" Liara said a bit louder, though she was starting to get nervous

"Oh she's got some bark" a red head laughed "I like it'

"Yeah well I'm the bite" said a chipper voice from above.

Everyone looked up to see a man in tight red and blue spandex land in between the Asari and gang of men.

"Now why don't you do the lady a favor and back off" Spider-Man said cheerfully, though there was some menace to his tone

The thugs on the other hand were not in the least bit affected.

"Hey kid, I don't know who you think you are, but it's best you leave before you hurt yourself" To accentuate his statement, he pulled out a blade

"Is that a knife?" Spider-Man went on his knees, feigning fear "You found my weakness, its small knives"

Spider-Man shot up with lightning speed, webbing the man's hand to the wall. This made the others jump back in surprise. Liara's eyes widened in awe and shock as Spider-Man sprung into action, easily taking down the group of men. He made one slip and hit his head on the wall, knocking himself out. He somehow managed to tie two together and make them hang from the wall. And the last he simply said 'boo' sending the guy scampering.

"What is this stuff?!" The thug was still struggling against the binds of the web.

"It's a super advanced polymer" Spiderman, shaking his wrists "I made it myself, you probably wouldn't understand"

"Come on man" The man pleaded pathetically "I didn't do anything"

He was slowly reaching for the pistol he had the back of his pants

"Correction" Peter wagged his finger, pretending to be a teacher scolding a student "You were stalking this lovely young lady here. Now what would your mother have to say about that?"

Liara blushed a bit at the blunt 'compliment' this strange hero gave her.

"Easy man I…" the man tried to whip out his gun, only for it to also, get webbed to the wall

"Oh my god it's so easy" Spiderman threw his hands.

He then mocked the guy by shooting out more webs some missing him, some hitting their targets, all the while laughing his head off

"It's not funny"

"It is a little funny" Pete chuckled, when he twitched a bit "Wait a minute, Ah, Ah, AHCHOO"

Spiderman web shot the thug right in the balls.

"Oh" Spider-Man cringed "I felt that"

Peter finally turned to the still gaping Asari.

Liara couldn't even begin to describe what she just saw. A human, wearing one of the most bizarre and unique attires she had ever seen, literally descended down from above just saved her from these brutes with such grace and ease.

"Hey, um lady" Pete said tentatively "Are you alright?"

Liara continued to stare until she finally shook herself out of her embarrassing stupor.

"Yes, I" She began shyly "Thank you. Is there anything I could do for you?"

"Nah you don't need to…." Spiderman paused, pondering his next words "Actually, maybe there is something you can do for me"

Liara was caught off guard a bit, but decided to listen to what he had to say.

"Now, how do I explain this" Spiderman started off, rubbing the back of his head nervously

'Great I ask for help and can't even follow up' Peter berated himself mentally 'Oh well nothing like a leap of faith'

"Well…How do I say this" Peter said warily "Uh…I'm from….where…Geez this is a lot harder than I thought"

"Is something wrong?" Liara asked tentatively

"Ok first off" Peter, gathering some sensibility "Where am I?"

"Excuse me?"

"Like where am I exactly" Peter clarified "What is this…space station?"

"Station?" Liara became even more confused, until it dawned on her

"This is the citadel" Liara stated, like it was common knowledge

"Ok on to a more rude question" Peter said hesitantly "What are you? I didn't know the Na'avi left Pandora"

"What?" Liara didn't know whether to be insulted or not "I am an Asari"

"…Right" Spiderman started feeling a sense of dread "You Asari wouldn't happen to know inter-dimensional travel, would you?"

"Inter-Dimensional travel?" Liara repeated, now starting to believe she was saved by a loony

"Man it'd be easier if I showed you" Spiderman said in frustration

"Show me?" Liara instantly realized she could try to….

"Yeah" Spiderman went on "I want to tell you about my little predicament, but the only way you could understand if I showed you what happened. Hell I bet you'll even have a hard time believing me, considering the fact that"

"Excuse me" Liara interrupted Peter "Can I try something…."

Liara gave the inclination for Peter to…

"Oh" Pete realized "Sorry, I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man"

"Ok" Liara just gave up on try to grasp anything this man was saying by now "Spider-Man, out of gratitude, I want to understand what you're going through, so I…uh need you to really trust me on this"

"Um, ok" Spiderman shrugged "Shoot, miss…?"

"Ah how rude of me" She chided herself "Doctor Liara T'soni"

"Ooo" Spiderman said with some excitement "A doctor, sounds important"

Liara blushed once again from the praise but she shook her head and focused

"Ok" Liara said, slowly approaching Spiderman, making the man shift a bit "I know a way for you to show me"

She placed her hand around Pete's neck, making the hero freeze on the spot.

"Even though this is the first time I ever tried this on someone else" Liara said with some regret

"Wait, What?"

"Embrace Eternity" Liara murmured, her eyes pitch black.

And like that, Peter felt a pull in his mind and his vision went dark.


Peter blinked. He was floating in a black abyss that seemed endless

"Ok, am I in another universe or this was all a bad dream"

"Incredible" A stunned female voice said from behind

Peter whirled around to find Liara staring at what looked like a video. And on the 'video' was a memory of him charging in to take on Loki with the avengers.

Liara looked at Peter, her expression in utter disbelief.

"You're from another reality" Liara stated, knowing that this was all real. Asari can look into memoires with ease if the person they do it on allows them to. She was hit with a barrage of memories, none of which remotely fit into this galaxy.

This was unbelievable. Sure Liara studied Prothean history mostly, but she also took multiple additional classes. One of which revolved the theory of alternate dimensions and universe's

This human right here just proved the theory correct. And what was even more shocking was the fact that this wasn't even the first time he had been to an alternate reality.

"Who are you?" Liara couldn't help but ask

"Uh" Peter scratched the back of his head "I hope I don't sound crazy when is ask this but…Are we inside my head right now?"

"Oh I'm terribly sorry" Liara said frantically "I never meant to intrude on your mind. It's just you were babbling, and you seemed like you wanted t o tell m e something but couldn't form it into words and then-"

"Whoa" Pete interrupted "Slow down, take it easy. Now just take a deep breath"

Liara did as Peter instructed.

"There" Peter said comfortingly "Now tell me Liara how exactly are you doing this"

Liara composed herself

"What I just did is called a mind meld" Liara explained "This is a special ability that my species, the Asari, can perform during mating rituals"

"Oh that's pretty cool….Wait, what?" Spider-man went buggy eyed "Reproduce?!"

"By the goddess" Liara was mortified "I'm sorry I never meant to say that. That's just the main way we repro-no NO, that came out wrong again. I'll simply say that this is the main method my species uses to gain information and see whether someone is speaking the truth or not"

"Oh" Spiderman let out a sigh of relief "Holy mother hubber, you gave me a heart attack there"

"Sorry" Liara said meekly

"So…" Spiderman looked around the empty abyss "How do we do this?"

"Well" Liara was really unsure on 'how to do this' "How about we share each other's memoires and experiences?"

"Equal trade" Peter said "Uh, how do I do that? WAIT, what about m y identity?"

"What do you mean" Liara was bewildered "You're Peter Parker, yes?"

"Yeah but it's just" peter was now stuttering

"Ok" Pete composed himself "Forget it. Leap of faith. How do we share each other's thoughts and memories?"

"Um, keep an open mind?" Liara suggested, unsure of herself

Peter was silent "Screw it, let's go with that"

Ten minutes later(Skipping over shit, I just really want to get to the storyline. I don't care if the characters are not their usual selves at the moment I just want to get on with the mayhem that's going to come soon)

The duo blinked, returning back to the citadel.

"So" Peter said "You know most of my life story after I became Spider-man"

"And I have given you all the knowledge you need on how to operate in this world" Liara said

"That's a bit much" Pete said humbly

"No" Liara said strongly "You helped save me from those ruffians, it's the least I could do"

"Well, no problem then" Spiderman said cheerfully throwing a thumbs up

"Oh as a last parting gift" Liara typed in some commands on her Omni tool and retrieved a spare Omni tool from her bag.

"Here" Liara handed it to Peter

"Isn't this a-"

"Yes, an Omni tool" Liara said "It's one of my older models but it still works and I believe it will suffice your needs here. Let me help you place it on"

One minute later

Peter's Omni-tool blinked on.

"Wow" Peter exclaimed, fidgeting with the new device "This is incredible, I've never seen anything like this before. Oh man the things I could do with this"

"I also left you some credits so you could get by for some time" Liara said

"No I can't take that Liara" Peter's too freaking nice side coming out "All I did was stop a few thugs, I don't want to take your money for it"

"Where else are you going to get the money then?" Liara said kindly "Just another gesture of gratitude"

"Seriously Liara, this is a bit much"

"Well I've seen a few human customs where they show signs of appreciation" Liara said meekly

"I think saying thank you is enough" Peter said, blushing a bit from all this praise. Seriously this was way too weird for him

"I have to leave Peter" Liara said earnestly "My dig site is waiting for me. It is being funded by the council after all"

"Then don't let me stop you" Peter said "From one scientist to another"

Liara nods with a smile and a blush before turning leave.

"Huh" Spiderman scratched the top of his head "Only here for a few hours and I get a friend? Maybe the Parker luck isn't always such a bad thing after all"

'But First' Peter thought 'Let's get to know the place'

Jumping into the air Spiderman began swinging across the skyline.

Unbeknownst to our favorite web-head, his web swinging caught the eye of a very attractive brunette in a skin tight white cat suit that hugged her body, showing off everything she had to offer.

Her cold, keen, analytical eyes took in every move this 'man' was performing. His agility was astonishing to say the least. But she still wanted to see more. she couldn't explain why but this man had caught her attention and she wanted to know everything about him.

"Better tell the Illusive Man" Miranda said to herself

Spiderman felt a shiver run down his spine.

"Ok" Spiderman landing on top of a moving car "Not my Spider sense. But I know it's worse"

Shaking it off, Spidey jumped back down, webbing a line to a building a swinging from tower to tower, expertly avoiding the flying cars and ships.

One week later

Spiderman was sitting on a wall high above the streets below, fidgeting with his Omni-tool.

"So if I do this and reroute it hear" Peter murmured, typing frantically on it "I should, there, Money transferred into my new account. Or credits, whichever one it is"

Feeling some form of accomplishment, Spiderman took to doing his favorite pastime.

For the past week Peter has been learning about this universe. He was shocked to say the least.

"Then again I come from the world where many would say it's impossible here" Spiderman said, flipping over a traffic lane of hovering vehicles, attaching himself to a window. The tenants jumped back from the sudden man on their window.

Peter waved merrily before back flipping off, diving down.

Spiderman saved himself a second before going splat on the pavement.


Garrus Vakarian

The Turian C-sec detective was watching the news again outside a café, alone. This had been an odd week for him. Never before had he watched the news so intently.

Why you may ask? Well the answer is coming up in just a second.

"And the excavation site is digging up more ancient knowledge on the Protheans as we speak" The Asari news reporter says "Back to you Yaebal"

The screen flickered to a Salarian news reporter

"Thank you Esos" The Salarian reporter says "In other news the vigilante known as Spider-man has made yet another appearance, making it the fifteenth appearance today alone. Over the past week this 'man' has caught the attention of half the citadel, since all he seems to do is help people"

Garrus leaned in with captured interest, not taking his eyes off the screen.

The videos displayed Spider-mans incredible feats against the criminals he single handedly took on. He expertly dodged all their attacks and shots, captured them with that strange sticky substance and the real shocker was he did it with no guns, no kinetic barriers, nothing but his fists, legs and wit.

The videos ended returning the stream to yaebal.

"Many are still questioning what this Spiderman is, why he is here and more importantly where did he come from and why is he doing all of these acts of vigilantism? Many have begun to speculate that perhaps he is a product of humanity as an effort to appease and work their way into the council. Others have stated he is a rogue experiment. But what we can confirm is that he has only been here for a short while, and already he's causing waves across the citadel with every crime and disaster that occurs. This is Yaebel of the Citadels Afternoon news signing off"

The news ended, showing commercials.

Garrus leaned back, taking in this new piece of information. He wasn't just observing from the screen, Garrus had been out on t he field, constantly running into the aftermath of the Spiderman's work. He couldn't deny, this guy was something else.

"Man, it always adds ten pounds, wouldn't you agree?" A carefree voice from behind, causing Garrus to choke and cough out his drink

"Um…Oops' The Same voice said lamely

Garrus pounded his chest and whirled round, his eyes widening in shock.

There, hanging upside down before him, was the man who had been causing heads to turn.

"Hey uh sorry about that" Spiderman said sincerely "Didn't mean to scare you like that"

"Uh" Garrus was trying his best to recover "I wasn't scared, that was a uh…defensive reflex I uh…developed"

Spiderman blinked, then laughed loudly

"Wow, that was to funny" Spiderman laughed "Oh man, best comeback line I've heard in a long time"

Garrus just stared dumbly at the upside down hero. Was this really happening right now?

Peter now grew concerned

"Hey man…Turian" Peter said slowly "You ok? Didn't mean to scare you there"

Garrus finally gathered his wits together, not taking his eyes off of Spiderman.

"So" Garrus said slowly

"So" Peter repeated

Garrus actually chortled there

"You've got quite a mouth" Garrus said, showing the Turian equivalent of a smirk

"I tend to give that impression" Peter said jovially

"So you're the guy they call Spiderman" Garrus said, knowing there wasn't any false play

"Guilty as charged" Spiderman said proudly, jumping down and posing

"Well I could see that the news about you being a vigilante are extremely exaggerated"

Spiderman comically deflated "Wow, my first face to face critic"

Garrus laughed. He didn't know why but he was liking this guy already.

"What can I do for ya Spiderman" Garrus asked "I know this ain't some random first encounter"

"Wow, one surprise after another" Spiderman said truthfully "I can't believe my luck sometimes"

"Well, let's just say I'm not such a b ad guy to be around" Garrus said haughtily

"Yeah I could tell" Peter remarked

"What can I really do for you?" Garrus said in all seriousness "You wouldn't just come to a lone Turian in the middle of the day for no reason"

"yeah" Peter rubbed the back of his head "How do I get a job around here"

Now it was Garrus's turn to blink.

"I didn't mishear that right" Garrus questioned

"Yeah, I'm running out of credits and I have no idea what to do" Spiderman admitted. Thankfully he still had a substantial amount of webbing left, enough for another several weeks, but he knew that eventually he would need the chemicals to produce more. And for that he needed money, err credits.

"Um…why are you asking me for help?'

"Honestly? I have no idea why"








"I'm starting to think that this was a bad idea" Peter admitted

"Yeah, Yeah" Garrus agreed "Can't really do anything when I don't even know who you really are"

"Good point" Spiderman said.

For some unexplainable reason, some voice in the back of his head nudged him to do something really stupid.

"What if I showed you who I was" Spiderman said tentatively

Garrus was once again caught off guard.

"Wait What?"

"Yeah, not really sure where I'm going with this" Spiderman said "I just…I guess I could use some help"

"Why would you just trust a random bystander?"

"Well from that C-sec badge, I could tell you're no random bystander"

"True enough" Garrus said smugly

"But I have a request" Spiderman said in all seriousness. He could not believe he was about to do this, TWICE in one week.

"I will reveal my identity to you" Peter said sternly 'But you do not tell anyone"

"And what am I supposed to gain out o f that?" Garrus questioned

"I don't know" Spiderman shrugged his shoulder "An ally?"

Garrus just stared at him


"Great!...Wait, seriously?"

"Yeah, C-sec could use an a guy like you" Garrus said, no deceit in his voice

"Really?" Peter said thoughtfully "Huh, that's a first"

"Ok" Peter bring up his Omni-tool "Let's meet up here"

"Deal" Garrus received the location "I'll meet up with you once I end my shift"

"Alright then" Spiderman departed, via web swing







"Ok that happened"

Several hours later

Garrus Vakarian was standing on a rather secluded rooftop. No one could see what's happening on that roof.

"Why am I here again?" Garrus asked himself, still trying to wrap his head the idea of masked man revealing his identity to him. Why is that such a big deal anyway?

"Hey, you actually came" A familiar light hearted voice announced

"Well I'm not really one to skip out on these kind of events" The Turian shot back with humor.

"Yeah, Yeah" Spiderman landed next to Garrus "Who wouldn't"


"So" Peter mimicked

"You're the guy they've been calling Spiderman" Garrus said like it was obvious

"Correction" Spiderman said with "I am Spiderman"

"Cocky" Garrus said wryly "Lovely"

There came a moment of awkward silence shared between the two.

"So…Why exactly are you 'revealing' your secret identity to me?"

"Honestly?" Spiderman started "I need to. I need to make friends here cause if I reveal my identity I will never be left alone. I need to keep my two identities separate"

"So you choose the first person you see" Garrus said incredulously

"Well, I kind of did my homework on you"

Garrus blinked "What is that supposed to mean?"

"I…uh…well…um…you see I…." Spiderman was stuttering "I…spied….on…you?"











"WOW" Garrus deadpanned "That's your best explanation"

"What do you want me to say" Spiderman shot back, changing his tone into one of mocking "Oh hey I have a great judge of character, you seem like a good guy. Let's be bext pals and fight crime together"

"That's just you being stupid"

"And that's just you being a jackass"


The two suddenly exploded into laughter, using the edges of the roof or their knees for support. They laughed as if they have been friends for years.

The duo were in a state of laughter for a good fifteen or so minutes. Every time they tried to compose themselves, they glanced at one another and delved into another fit of chuckles.

"Ah man" Garrus was panting, grinning maniacally, wiping a tear away "I needed that"

"Yeah me too" Spiderman agreed

The two locked eyes, feeling an unusual spark.

Peter removed his mask and held up his hand

"Peter Parker, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man"

"Garrus Vakarian, Turian detective extradonaire"

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

"You're an insane sentimentalist"

Peter and Garrus laughed once again, already feeling a strong bond forming.

"So" Garrus said "I guess we have a fake life to form"

"No anybody that can help?"

"I have a few people who owe me a few favors"

A room with a burning star before the windows.

A man held up his cigar, taking in a large breath, and exhaling coolly.

"Ms. Lawson" The man didn't even turn to greet the beautiful woman who entered his 'office'

"Illusive Man" Miranda Lawson greeted, walking past him, gazing at the star

"What do you have for me Ms. Lawson?" The Illusive Man said casually but also steely "It sounded important"

Miranda held up a data pad, typing in commands.

Screens appeared before the Illusive man all of them displaying a certain red and blue colored man doing acrobatic feats that were beyond any ordinary human being. As a matter of fact, beating up a Krogan and a Turian with your fists is anything but human.

Illusive man actually sat up a bit, gazing intently at the screens.

"Who is this?" Illusive Man asked with some interest

A card landed on his desk. Illusive Man picked the card up, reading the text aloud.

"Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?"

"That's what we assume his name is" Miranda said, pacing around the office

"And why exactly does this warrant my attention"

"I think we both know the answer to that"

The illusive man held a cold smirk, leaning back into his chair.

"What can you gather from this man" Illusive Man asked "Do you know who he is?"

"I have absolutely no idea who he is" Miranda admitted with a sting "He showed up a week ago"

She pressed on a file containing news videos.

All of them spoke of Spider-Mans heroic efforts across the Citadel, asking the typical questions of who, what, when, where and why.

"A hero eh?" Illusive Man said in amusement "A vigilante who takes the law into his own hands"

"But that's not the interesting part about him" Miranda, cutting right to it "Look at how he moves, his speed, agility, flexibility and more importantly his senses and strength. There were multiple videos of him being seriously outnumbered and yet he managed to fight off dozens of criminals single handedly. This isn't your run of the mill boy wishing to perform heroism, he can actually accomplish all that and thus far has done so"

"I won't deny he holds potential" Illusive Man stated "But I also won't deny that h e interests you for some reason"

"He could prove a great asset to Cerberus" Miranda said

Illusive ma contemplated on that. Humanity with the ability to do all this? They would surely become the dominant species of the Galaxy as they should be.

"Then Study him" Illusive man instructed "Watch him, observe him. See what he is capable of. See if you can get in close with him and convince him to join Cerberus"

"Yes Illusive Man" Miranda walked out, her mind already working on having a meeting with this 'Hero'.

In the meantime, Harper just smoked, a cold and somewhat evil smirk growing on his face. The playing field has just gotten more interesting.

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