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"You need a witch you can trust to cast a cloaking spell."

"I'll get one."

"No one can ever know. No one can find her."

"I know what to do Nik."

They both glanced at Hope again, bundled up in her brother's arms. Rebekah's breath caught.

"Perhaps we'll get a white fence. I think that would be lovely."

Her brother stared at Hope for a few moments. She had never seen her brother so emotional… The only time he came close was when—

"I need you to do something else for me, Rebekah."

"Of course."

"I need you to make a detour to Mystic Falls."

"Mystic Falls? Why?"

She had a funny feeling that she knew exactly why. She cradled Hope in her arms, marveling at how little she was. Soft and sweet and…absolutely, utterly defenseless.

"I can't have anyone vulnerable that can be used against me. She isn't safe, Rebekah."

They both knew the 'she' her brother was referring to.

"What if she escapes? Tells people?"

"Caroline wouldn't harm an innocent."

"So, you want me to take them both to the safehouse?"


"She won't want to go."

"I know."

"She'll be angry at you."

"I know."

Rebekah stared at him, adjusting Hope in her arms slightly as the baby stirred in her sleep.

"Can you promise me, Sister?"


"Thank you."

She didn't think he'd ever looked so heartbroken in her life.

"You need to leave," he said, turning around.

She heard the end of the sentence, though he didn't say it: "Before I change my mind"

"Goodbye, Nik."

"Good luck, Sister."

He sped off into the night.

She secured Hope into the carseat that she had bought on the way.

"We'll be safe. I'll make sure of it," she said to the baby, though she knew that Hope couldn't understand her promise.

She buckled herself into the driver's seat and started the ignition, pulling out onto the road.

"But before we get there, Auntie Rebekah has to pick up a friend. Perhaps we should buy you some earmuffs on the way, as there will be a lot of screaming."

Day 1

Caroline sat outside of the border to Mystic Falls in the early morning sun reading a grimoire. Or, at least, trying to read. She had gone over the same paragraph over and over for the past ten minutes, but just couldn't get herself to focus.

She was nearing the end of the tome, and a part of her didn't want to acknowledge that it was another dead end.

She had taken to getting up reasonably early—around seven o'clock or so—and walking to the border of Mystic Falls from her apartment to sit in a grassy field just outside the forest. It was only nine, and she already had a feeling the day would be a bust.

Sighing, she got up and stored the grimoire in her purse, turning to go back to her apartment. She hadn't gone more than three steps before her neck was snapped.

Needless to say, when she woke up she was furious.

She opened her eyes to see that she was in a car on a freeway. She was weak—perhaps her kidnapper injected her with vervain—and it was still daytime.

Rebekah Mikaelson sat in the driver's seat, and when Caroline stirred, she looked at her.

"What is going on?" Caroline demanded.

"New Orleans is at war. My brother asked me to take you and Hope to a safehouse and stay with you until the threat subsides," Rebekah said in clipped tones.

"A safehouse?"

"Look, I'm just as happy about this as you are, but I need you to hear me out. My brother is in love with you—although I doubt he'd use those words; he's a bit emotionally stunted—"

Caroline snorted her agreement.

"And you become a danger to yourself and others when he is threatened like this. His enemies know too much about you."

"What do you mean a danger to myself and others? And wait, who's Hope?"

Rebekah gave a long-suffering sigh. "They'll kidnap your stupid little friends to bait you, and then they'll use you to capture my brother. As you don't want your friends to die, and I'm perfectly happy letting my brother live for at least another year or two, we're on the same side here. And if you look behind you, you'll see Hope."

There was a baby in the backseat.

A frigging baby.

"Did you steal a baby?" Caroline asked, her eyes wide.

Rebekah gave her a supremely insulted look. "No. I did not steal a baby. That's my niece."

"Your niece? Vampires can't have children."

"Well, werewolves can."

Klaus got someone pregnant? Wow, last love my ass.

"Why does he need me safe? Clearly he's moved on with someone if he has a frigging baby."

"If he had moved on he wouldn't have asked me to take you," Rebekah replied flatly.

"So, assuming I'm going to go along with this, where are we going?"

"You are going along with this, even if I have to make you, and I suggest you don't let it come to that, because as I'm sure you know I've wanted to kill you for at least a year, now."

"If you truly believe that Klaus still cares about me, I wouldn't do that."

"He'd get over it, I assure you."

Caroline snorted.

"As for where we're going, I can't tell you."

"Whatever," Caroline said, crossing her arms petulantly and staring out the window.

Rebekah let out a long-suffering sigh, and when she spoke again she sounded more tired than irritated. "I know that you think that this is unnecessary, but my brother would rather not take any chances. He seems to believe that you would never give Hope away to die, and I trust his judgment, even if I don't trust you. I've wanted children all my life, but I know next to nothing about babies. I need your help, Caroline. Hope needs your help."

Caroline inwardly cursed the fact that guilt trips were so effective on her.

She glanced back at the baby, who was now awake and observing her surroundings with wide eyes.

"Also, in case you don't remember, I'm a thousand years old, and therefore have a thousand years of knowledge of witchcraft. Perhaps I can help you get your friends back."

That was an olive branch if Caroline had ever heard one.


Rebekah pulled off of the freeway into a shopping center just near Richmond, and turned to Caroline after she parked. "I didn't have a chance to get any of your clothes, as I don't know where you're living. Nik didn't give me any supplies for the road, so I was hoping that you could stop and get an outfit or two for Hope and maybe something for yourself while I stop at the grocery store and get some formula and diapers and such. We won't need much, as we should arrive by tonight."

Hope started to fuss, and Caroline opened the back door to pick her up out of her seat, immediately marveling at the softness of the baby in her arms. Her breath caught, and she felt the pull of some maternal instinct that told her to protect this tiny bundle from anything and everything that could harm it.

"Yes, yes I know that my niece is adorable, but if you're quite finished making doe eyes we're on a schedule," Rebekah snapped from behind her, holding her arms out. "I'll take her."

After handing Hope over to Rebekah, Caroline checked the time on her phone. "When do you want to meet back?"

"Is forty-five minutes long enough for you?"

"More than enough."

"Excellent. Let me give you my number."

After that was done with, Rebekah walked off in the direction of the grocery store, and Caroline headed in the opposite direction to Target. She took care of herself first, and bought a blouse, a sweater, underthings, and a pair of jeans. She headed to the baby section, and was immediately overwhelmed by the sea of pastels, baby animals, and cartoon characters. Checking to see the time—she had about half an hour left—she found the section for newborn babies and picked out a few onesies. She was about to leave the section to go to the registers when she saw a rack of diaper bags. Realizing that she didn't know if Rebekah had already gotten one, she decided that worst came to worst, they'd end up with two diaper bags and some extra bottles and pacifiers.

Mindful of the security cameras, she went to the register and handed over her card, compelling the cashier to think that she had paid, and then walked back to the car.

Rebekah was waiting in the driver's seat with Hope already safely strapped into the back.

"What took you so long?"

"I didn't know if you had a diaper bag or bottles, so I bought some."

Rebekah started the car and pulled out silently, which indicated to Caroline that she hadn't bought any but was unwilling to acknowledge that Caroline had done anything remotely productive.

Rebekah pulled onto the freeway and Caroline returned to looking out the window.

Caroline sat in the airport waiting area, having just finished feeding Hope and holding her close to her chest. They were waiting for Rebekah to come back with their plane tickets. She had never seen a calmer baby in her life—not that she had enough experience with babies for a fair comparison—and Hope was just taking in the bustle around her with wide baby eyes.

Caroline remembered reading somewhere that talking to your baby, or whoever's baby this happened to be—she should really ask about that at some point—helped their development. So she started to explain to Hope what the plan was for the day (as far as she knew).

"—and then Auntie Rebekah and you and me are going to get on a big plane and fly to our new house," Caroline finished, taking her ticket from Rebekah who had just returned.

"Portland?" Caroline asked.

Rebekah shushed her, and said something about there being ears everywhere. Caroline rolled her eyes and followed Rebekah, cradling Hope carefully in her arms.

The plane ride wasn't all that eventful, besides Rebekah going into more detail about what exactly the emergency was in New Orleans and what the plan was for Hope (which was something along the lines of the three of them living in isolation until Klaus lets them know that it's safe to go back, which in Caroline's humble opinion was a complete bullshit plan, thankyouverymuch), and as soon as they landed Rebekah had put out a phone call to someone who Caroline assumed was a witch in the area. They took a bus downtown to a reasonably clean-looking motel, where they checked in for the night.

Rebekah left to meet with the witch after threatening Caroline with the most grisly death she could come up with on short notice if she so much as thought of leaving with the baby.

Left alone with Hope, Caroline fed her and changed her, before sitting down in bed with Hope on her lap, watching PBS. When Rebekah finally returned, Hope had just fallen asleep.

They left the motel and Rebekah directed them to a minivan that she had apparently bought while she was out, and they drove about fifteen minutes to a small suburban neighborhood, stopping at the gates of a housing complex.

Caroline carried their luggage behind Rebekah, and there was a short middle-aged man waiting on the front steps.

"Hello, James."

James returned the greeting, and once he had been introduced to Caroline, he informed them that the cloaking spell would be in place as soon as he had blood to anchor it to. Rebekah quickly bit her arm and let the blood fall into the cup James held out. He started chanting, and the wind picked up quickly before stilling again.

"It's done," he said.

"Thank you."

"Of course. Always a pleasure, Miss Rebekah," he said, a shadow of a smile on his face. "And it's lovely to meet you, Caroline."

He took his leave, and Rebekah opened the front door. The place was unfurnished and lonely, and Caroline found herself almost looking forward to decorating it.

"We'll have to decorate," Rebekah said, clearly thinking along the same lines as Caroline.

It was nearing eight o'clock, and Caroline was getting hungry. "I need to stop at the hospital," Caroline said. "Do you want me to pick up anything?"

"Stop somewhere on the way and see if you can pick up baby furniture, or at least a crib. Perhaps some sleeping bags as well for us."


Exceeding expectations as usual, Caroline returned with a crib, a changing table, two air mattresses, three sets of sheets, a portable microwave, a crate of blood bags, and a minifridge, as well as various toiletries, towels, and toilet paper. It took at least five trips to bring everything in, and Caroline took a silly sort-of pleasure at watching Rebekah's face become more impressed with every new delivery.

After everything had been set up and Hope had been settled in her crib, Rebekah flopped back on her newly inflated air mattress, and Caroline followed the Original's example on her own.



"How long do we have to stay here?"

"Until New Orleans is no longer at war."

"How long will that be?"

"I don't know."


They were quiet for a few moments. Hope cooed a little in her sleep.

"Is Klaus going to visit at all?" Caroline asked, inwardly cursing the tremble in her voice.

She could've sworn she heard Rebekah's smirk. "If it's safe, I suppose. I know he'll want to see his daughter."


"I don't know."

Caroline fiddled a little bit with her daylight ring. She knew that Rebekah wouldn't have brought her here unless she—or Klaus—thought it was necessary. She certainly wasn't happy about it, but there would be time to yell at Klaus soon. For now, there was a baby that needed her help.

They sat in silence for a while before Caroline spoke again.

"Look, I know we haven't exactly been the best of friends, and I doubt either of us are really happy about this whole thing, but maybe we should at least try to get along?"

She heard Rebekah chuckle. "It's not like I've got much of a choice."

Caroline decided to take that as Rebekah Language for "I agree."

Day 9

"I like the slate blue. I think the robin's egg might be a bit harsh for the bathroom," Rebekah said, biting her lip and holding up both color blocks side-by-side.

"I do too." Caroline said from the other side of the room, having looked up from a Pottery Barn catalog where she had been trying to find ideas for furniture to give her opinion. Their condo had two bedrooms, with Rebekah and Hope in the larger one, and Caroline taking the smaller. They were currently trying to find a color palette for the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, with the unspoken agreement that they would decorate their own rooms separately.

Caroline being Caroline, she already knew exactly what she wanted.

Luckily, as far as the shared spaces went, they seemed to have similar tastes. They both favored lighter colors and modern furniture, which made the process of decorating less confrontational. They had both liked the idea of white furniture, but it soon became clear that with a baby in the house, anything that stained easily was not the best idea.

It was incredibly lucky that Rebekah recognized the practical issues with the color scheme they wanted, because she didn't seem to know the meaning of 'compromise,' nor did she want to learn, so unless Caroline came up with ideas Rebekah liked, they wouldn't come to fruition.

Luckily, the other girl also got bored fairly easily, and when Caroline had suggested that she take care of her own room and the kitchen—providing it matched well with the décor of the other rooms—Rebekah had quickly agreed.

They had already purchased some basic pieces once they decided on a general style of furniture; double beds for both of them, a couch, and a television. Hope had received a new crib, and Rebekah had designated a large closet in the hallway for all the items that they had no use for, but were unwilling to throw away.

It turned out that despite having a thousand years to collect and discard things, she was a bit of a packrat.

It had been a little more than a week since the first night in the safehouse, and they were already nearly to the last stage of decorating—buying everything. Caroline had no idea what they'd do after they were done. Both of the girls had serious Type A personalities, and neither would want to stay still for long. A tiny part of Caroline (that had been suppressed about a second after it had reared its, in her opinion, ugly and unwanted head) had wanted to slow down a bit just because she knew she wouldn't have anything to do with herself.

She had just gone back to inspecting dining room furniture when she heard Hope start to fuss. Both girls put down what they were doing immediately and attended to the baby, who was lying on her stomach near the television on the floor next to a large pile of baby toys (purchased on Day Two). Rebekah had read somewhere that "tummy time" was important, and as a result, Hope had an hour or two of it every day.

Rebekah picked up Hope and cradled her in her arms. "She's hungry."

"I'll take her," Caroline offered. Rebekah obligingly passed Hope off and returned to her contemplation of the color palette for the living room.

Caroline made a bottle for Hope, and sat on the couch with the baby, setting the bottle down when Hope had finished and started talking to her softly. Hope observed her with wide eyes—Hayley's eyes—as Caroline softly started singing.

Caroline had figured out the identity of the mother on Day Three (without any help from Rebekah, except for the nod that confirmed her theory). For a few days she had been angry at Klaus, and as a result Rebekah wouldn't let her near hope as the "anger was upsetting her development." Caroline soon realized, however, that she didn't have any claim to him. In fact, she had rejected him quite harshly almost the entire time she had known him.

She still wasn't sure that she liked him. Sure, they had great sex—okay, amazing sex—but did she like him as a person?

Um. No.

Or at least, that's what she told herself.

Still though, Hope was a baby who had no control over parentage, and Caroline already somehow felt responsible for her welfare (even though it really wasn't any of her business). In fact, a tiny immature part of her sadistically reveled in the idea of raising Hayley's baby when the werewolf wasn't able to.

Every time she felt that part of her start to come out, she ruthlessly suppressed it.

Hope started to fuss, and so Caroline set her in the crib, returning to the living room.

"Do you know what you want? The sooner we find everything, the better."

"Yes, I think I do. Here, I'll circle everything."

Rebekah picked up the catalog she had been perusing and started circling items, careful to also select colors to go with them. The plan had been for them to order everything from the supplier, but they soon realized that setting up a shipping address might cause too much attention. Instead, Caroline and Rebekah planned to rent a truck and take turns going to the various furniture stores in the area to hunt for similar items.

This would also buy them at least another week of busy activity.

Caroline took the catalog once Rebekah had finished and looked everything over. "Do you want me to go try to pick up the smaller stuff now? I can probably fit it in the car."

"If you're willing to, yes."

Caroline returned from her shopping expedition hours later with a coffee table, an end table, a rug, and a few paintings to hang on the wall. She had also bought another week's worth of clothes for her and Hope and a few pairs of shoes, which she could live with until she had a chance to truly shop.

After they had set up the new pieces of furniture, they both sat on the couch with blood bags (Caroline taking small amounts of pleasure from the disgusted look on Rebekah's face when she took the first sip) and squabbled over which program to watch—Caroline made a mental note to see if they could get a DVR—and they eventually sat down to True Blood (apparently Rebekah's favorite show, though for the life of her Caroline could figure out why).

Hope started fussing about halfway through the episode, and Rebekah went to calm her down, eventually bringing her back to sit with them in the living room.

"So, I've been thinking," Caroline started.

"Don't hurt yourself."

"When was that comeback invented, the third century?"

Rebekah shrugged. "It's not old, it's classic. Continue."

"Well, I've been thinking that we won't have much to do after we finish decorating, and I was wondering whether we had to stay in the safehouse all the time."

"You've been leaving to go to the store. I don't know why you wouldn't be able to leave."

"But would it be safe to get a job? Or go to school?"

Rebekah pressed her lips together, and Caroline had a feeling that she was contemplating how to break a piece of bad news. "Well, you really shouldn't be outside all that often. In fact, I'm sure that if Nik knew it was you doing the shopping and not me he'd be furious. But after almost nine hundred years of living before this century I understand what it's like to be bored at home, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone."

Caroline grimaced at the reminder that in Rebekah's experience, the feminist movement was very new. When she had been daggered women barely had the right to vote in the United States.

"If you can find something to do that's inside, I don't think that there would be a problem."

Caroline had already thought of a few options, but she was nervous to ask. Rebekah had been relatively nice for the last week, and Caroline didn't particularly want to risk breaking the trend. However, the worst she could do was say no, and Caroline had an argument prepared for it just in case.

"How many languages do you speak?"

Rebekah looked slightly surprised by the question. "Many. Although, quite a few are dead languages, and I'm sure that I'm horrendously out of date with the conversational aspects of many of them. I'm fairly confident that if I went to Italy at this point I would sound incredibly pretentious because my language would be so formal."

"Are there any you feel comfortable teaching?"

"Are you asking me to teach you a foreign language?"

Caroline shrugged. "I'm a vampire, and I'm going to be alive for a long time. I want options if I want to travel."

Rebekah looked unconvinced, so Caroline decided to pull out her trump card. "And I've read that children who know more than one language tend to be more creative thinkers and develop more skills than other children, so if Hope was around more than one language, she might have an advantage."

Rebekah seemed to consider this a moment. "What language would you want to learn?"

"What do you think would be useful?"

"It depends what you want to do with it, I suppose. If you're not learning with a specific purpose in mind, I think Hope would most likely benefit most from a latin-based language, like Spanish or French."

"I took some French in high school, which might make it easier."

"That's true. You can't study a language sixteen hours a day though, so I'd assume that you might have more in mind than just learning French."

Caroline shrugged. She had thought about it, but she hadn't come up with anything all that practical, besides cooking, which she wouldn't be able to use until Hope got older and began eating solid foods, assuming they were still stuck here of course.

Best not to tempt fate on that, so no on the cooking.

"Do you have any suggestions?"

Rebekah shrugged. "I've had time to get interested in quite a few things over the years, but I don't know what you'd like or would want to learn. And even then, no offense, but I don't think I could handle teaching you something all the time."

Caroline laughed. "Don't worry, I don't think I'd appreciate it all that much either."

Rebekah gave her a genuine smile.

"I suppose not. Well, there are a few things that you can mostly teach yourself, where I could help if you had a problem."


"I play three different musical instruments, and I can sew—that was required of any real lady for hundreds of years—and there was a period of time where I was very much into sword fighting, although something tells me that's not something you would be interested in."

Caroline laughed. "Yeah, no thanks."

"In terms of things that you could do completely on your own, you could always write or paint. I went through a period of time where I liked painting, but doing anything in that realm of interest with Nik around is a huge pain in the arse."

"I'd imagine."

"There's also pottery, weaving… Any number things to try in the fine arts."

"I'll think about it."

Rebekah smiled slightly, and shifted a sleeping Hope in her arms. "All right. I'm going to go put Hope back in her crib."


Day 12

Caroline was exhausted.

She had spent 12 days so far with a newborn baby and she was already contemplating snapping her own neck just to guarantee that she'd get some sleep. Unfortunately, not only would leaving Hope to fend for herself for half a day be incredibly dangerous, but if Rebekah came back to find Caroline with her neck snapped… Well, let's just say that Caroline was almost positive that Rebekah secretly held a "How to Throw an Effective and Terrifying Tantrum" workshop for all the contestants of America's Next Top Model every season before they started filming.

Can you compel babies? Probably not, at least not when Hope didn't speak or understand English yet. In addition, Hope was a witch with a werewolf gene—she didn't quite understand how babies could be vampires, but whatever, she'd disregard that for the moment—so she probably couldn't be compelled anyway.

Plus it seemed rather unethical.

When Rebekah came back from her errands perhaps Caroline would be able to get some sleep. She hoped so, anyway. She sank down on the couch and picked up the remote, and just as though Hope knew that she was about to relax, she started screaming. Groaning, Caroline put down the remote to go attend to the baby.

She picked up Hope out of the crib and carried her to the kitchen to feed her. She had just taken the bottle out of the microwave and was testing the temperature of it with the thermometer—it was difficult for vampires to accurately determine the temperature of things, particularly food—when she heard a faint jingle from the living room. After confirming that the formula was a safe temperature, she carried Hope into the living room to investigate the noise. Rebekah had left her laptop open on the coffee table, and someone was calling her on Skype.


After a moment of indecision, hoping that Rebekah wouldn't be angry with her for touching the computer, she sat down and answered the call, setting Hope in the crook of her arm and starting to feed her. The video immediately turned on, and she saw Klaus's expectant face.

"Sister. How are you settling in?"

Caroline clicked the button to turn on the video and settled Hope carefully in her arms.

"Rebekah's out right now, actually," she said as the video turned on.

Klaus's face split into a huge grin as he saw her.

"How are my two favorite girls?"

Caroline glowered at him and Hope cooed. Caroline adjusted the laptop so that the camera would point at them if she sat down, and carefully settled Hope more stably in her arms.

"Obviously, Hope and I are fine."

"You seem angry," Klaus said, looking much like a dog that destroyed all the living room furniture and knew he was in trouble.


"May I ask why?"

"You basically put me on house arrest with your sister who hates me and a baby that isn't mine, and didn't give me any explanation. I haven't talked to you in, like, four months, and you still think you can just swoop in and cart me off somewhere and…and try to run my life because you think you know what's best for me," Caroline said in a rush, only just now realizing how truly angry she was.

"I know you care about me, I do, and I know that you know that I care about you, but it's not an excuse for kidnapping me. You have no right to tell me how to live my life or take my choices away, especially when I don't have all the information. Speaking of, how dare you come to Mystic Falls and sleep with me when you had Hayley pregnant back in New Orleans and not tell me a thing, and then expect me to just…to just be fine with it?" there were tears in her eyes now, and she closed her eyes to keep them at bay.

When she opened them, she saw that his face had softened, and he looked genuinely apologetic.

"I needed you to be safe."

"Yes, I got that," Caroline said, trying to sound sarcastic, but the effect was ruined by the hitch in her voice.

"And to be fair, Hayley being pregnant didn't really have much to do with you—" he saw the absolute fury on her face, and seemed to think better of finishing the sentence.

Even though she had been through that reasoning many times in her own head, it was different to hear him say it out loud. She knew she was being irrational, had told herself that every single time the thought had come up, but she was just so…so…completely infuriated by the absolute gall of the man on the other side of the camera. Angry tears were falling down her cheeks now, and she couldn't help the hiccup that escaped her.

And to go a step further and make her take care of the baby…the whole business was one thing for Rebekah, who had been alive almost a thousand years. She'd had time to think about everything she wanted, to consider the pros and cons of motherhood. Caroline liked to think that she would have wanted kids someday, but she truly hadn't had the time to decide, to truly consider the consequences of it. She may be immortal, but she was still nineteen years old.


She'd been thrust into a caretaker position for a baby she was in no position to take care of with absolutely no warning. At least girls her age that had gotten pregnant had nine months to get used to the idea, she thought wryly. She'd had a few days less than two weeks. And yet she still felt responsible for the baby in her arms, she already loved her, already wanted to keep her safe.

And that absolutely enraged her.

"I think that it now has quite a lot to do with me, actually," she said coldly, absently cuddling Hope closer to her chest and making comforting sounds as she started fussing.

Apparently being in the arms of an apoplectic caretaker was a little much for a baby to handle.

Klaus was absolutely silent. He seemed to genuinely not know what to say. He even looked…ashamed?

"Are you…At least settling in well?" he asked hesitantly.

Caroline scoffed. "Well thank you for asking, Klaus. It's been lovely."

He looked uncharacteristically nervous.

"Are you comfortable? With the accommodations, I mean."

"Yes. For a prison it's pretty frigging fantastic."

A fleeting shadow of irritability came to his face. "Look, Sweetheart, for what it's worth, I really am sorry."

"I know. But that doesn't mean I can't be angry."

He pinched the bridge of his nose. "How is Hope adjusting?" he asked, apparently looking for a neutral change of subject.

He was successful, and Caroline allowed herself a small smile. "She's fine. She's starting to move around more now, and we're making sure to do everything we're supposed to. Rebekah and I have been reading tons of websites and books, and we're trying to keep Hope as happy as possible," she said, knowing she was babbling, but somehow not able to stop.

"Good to hear."

"I should hope so."

There was an awkward silence for a moment, before he spoke again. "How long has Rebekah been gone?"

"A little more than an hour. She'll be back soon. She just went to run some errands."

Caroline looked down at Hope, who had fallen asleep.

"I need to put Hope down for a nap. Should I tell Rebekah you called?"


She nodded and grabbed the mouse, trying to not wake the baby in her arms.

"Caroline," Klaus spoke before she hit the 'end call' button.


He gave her a serious look. "Call me if you need anything."

"I will," she said, preparing to hang up again. "Bye."

"Talk to you soon," he half-said-half-corrected.

She hung up.

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