The Plan

Part One

A/N: If you're just coming off the anime or not that very far in the manga, this story will have spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Sitting at her desk as the first few rays of sunlight began to pass through her window. Dark brown hair and eyes, a slender girl in her second-year at Bonyari High School. Clad in her pajamas, Onodera Kosaki had her face buried into her arms, looking as if she hadn't slept for weeks.


She turned her head slowly to look at the cellphone blinking next to her hand. Her alarm was going off, vibrating like a buzzing bee against her thumb. The conversation from last night with her best friend, Miyamoto Ruri, flashed through her mind.



She twisted her face back into her wrists, rubbing her sore eyes against them. Since middle school, or perhaps as long as eleven years ago, Onodera Kosaki had been saving up every drop of courage she ever had, just for this moment. Emotion boiled inside her chest and made her face redden just at the thought of it.

In a mansion a distance away from the Onodera confectionery, there was another girl in her second-year at Bonyari High School. Having eaten what others would consider an outrageously big meal before heading to bed, Kirisaki Chitoge had fallen asleep like a rock. Drooling slightly, the blonde girl with stunning blue eyes had snored away and clutched at her pillow and stuffed gorilla doll, rolling back and forth so vigorously that her sheets had fallen to the floor. When she finally awoke, she was completely upside down, head hanging off the edge of her mattress, and the annoying face of her gorilla doll staring back into her eyes.


Chitoge grabbed the gorilla and reluctantly threw it back onto her bed. She sat up and hugged her pillow, her hair splayed out like shooting stars in every direction. Her tired eyes crept over to the clock sitting by her bed, indicating that morning had arrived and it was time to head to school.

Chitoge sighed and collapsed back onto her bed. While most of the time dreams faded away shortly after waking up, Chitoge's dream was being incredibly stubborn. It was pounding into her head, every single scene, every little feeling being embedded into her memories. A dream that had pushed something at her, an idea that wouldn't leave. Like the annoying gorilla that she now fiddled with on top of her pillow, it was something that she wanted to throw away with all her might, but...

Even then, it still sat on her pillow.

"This sucks," mumbled Chitoge, her voice muffled. She grabbed the pillow and pushed her face into it. "Gahhh! What are you thinking, Chitoge!? Don't be stupid!"

She relaxed back down onto the bed and peeked up from her pillow. The gorilla stared smugly at her.

"Am I really going to..." said Chitoge, squeezing her eyes shut. "Today...?"

A few rooms over, a girl who could be mistaken as a beautiful boy if it wasn't for her well-sized chest was also suffering from this dilemma. In an apartment belonging to the Chief of Police, in the room next to Onodera Kosaki, in the bed of a certain yakuza heir, there were girls that had somehow all come to the same conclusion. The very same decision that was currently being reconsidered over and over again by Kirisaki Chitoge, by Onodera Kosaki.

That today was the day when these girls were finally going to confess to a boy named Ichijou Raku.