SUMMARY: When Kagome was captured by the thunder youkai, she never thought that Inuyasha would give up on her. And she never thought that she woud have to tame a wild beast, before it destroyed her first. (HITEN/KAGOME)

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Distant Thunder
By: cacat-angel

chapter 1: Captive

Woman! Lead us to the one you call Inuyasha! And if you are making this up, I will personally open a window in your pretty little face. Hear me well.

Those were the words that ringed endlessly in Kagome's restless mind. Even now, alone in this cold, dark room, his threat remained. Furtively, she stared at the splintered wooden door across the room, a heavy, solid oak door that had been carelessly torn down by him, as if it were a piece of paper. It was pitch black beyond the door, and yet Kagome watched with bated breath, half expecting the soft thud of cloth shoes followed by his snarling voice, and his murderous intentions.


The thunder youkai who possessed the youthful face and body of a human, but the cruel, destructive soul of a youkai. She had thought him to be merciful, at least more than his brother Manten. But she was horribly mistaken. After all, she had witnessed it all first hand, hadn't she? How he had made a large, gaping hole in his mate's face just now. And it was not a scene she wanted to be thinking of at this moment. Because that could very well be me, with a hole in my face...

Fighting back the shudder that coursed through her body, she rolled over onto her side and curled herself into a tight ball, tucking her clammy fingers beneath her chin. The granite floor she laid upon brought back unpleasant memory, doubtless.

The reijuu-brothers were nothing short of an abomination. But of course. They were youkai. What had she expected? This was a lesson she had yet to learn...never judge a youkai by its skin.

Sighing, she lifted her face towards the window. It was a rectangular opening set in the wall and crudely crafted out, supported by individual wooden poles. But it was more than suffice to provide a view of the night-sky.

And despite her perilous situation, Kagome's breath caught as she gasped in amazement.

The sky was dark as pale misty clouds swirled and floated past softly, and a single star shone through the thin layers of clouds, lighting up its surroundings with a pearly white glow. Funny, how something so beautiful could be seen at this...youkai lair.

Silently, she wondered if Inuyasha was looking at the same star as she was. It was perhaps the single thought which seemed to cheer up her a little. Inuyasha...what are you doing now? Are you thinking of me, like I am, of you?

The almost peaceful silence was shattered abruptly by a piercing, high-pitched yowl.

Frowning, Kagome pushed herself upright, brushing glossy strands of black hair away from her face. She looked around the room, her puzzled gaze finally settling on the gaping hole before her. She could still make out the ghostly outlines of the wooden door, but beyond it, all was pitch black. And still, the yowling carried on, sometimes ascending in pitch and volume, sometimes accompanied by low grunting noises.

What on earth...

Eyebrows meeting together , she pushed herself upright, bewilderment drawn across her delicate features. But that didn't mean she would just leave things as they were. Curiosity was a trait she wished she hadn't possessed, but as it were, her feet and ears just seemed to have a mind of their own.

Rather reluctantly, she scrambled to her feet and groped her way out of the dimly lit room, and into the positively black corridor. Her fears were forgotten for the moment, and she craned her ears, wishing that she had Inuyasha's supernatural sense of hearing.


Then again, maybe not.


Nope. She would definitely not want his hearing. By this time, the calls had loudened to an ear splitting screech. Wincing, she cupped her hands against her ears. Perhaps this would be her ticket to freedom. She could even device a mini-plan to escape, say...

"Ok, stop making excuses. You're just a busybody, Kagome." She muttered under her breath.

Following the noises, she stopped before a large shoji door, dark and partially shrouded by shadows. Yup, it's definitely coming from behind the sliding doors.

While Kagome might have been inquisitive, she certainly wasn't dumb. Well at least, she didn't think so herself. Licking her index finger to wet it, she rubbed her slender digit in a circular motion against a square panel on the sliding door. A hole soon appeared on the thin rice paper.

"Ooo..." Of course, she hadn't thought it would have worked like in the TV shows.


Kagome held her breath, feeling as though somebody had just placed a steam kettle in front of her face. She knew she shouldn't be watching. This was just...wrong. Very wrong. What on earth was she doing? She should have just left, the minute she saw what was inside. Should have tried to escape, even. Anything.

And yet, there was something about the scene before her which trapped her gaze and held her mesmerized. Some strangely disturbing kind of allure.

There he lay, entwined within the exotic sheets flung carelessly about the room. From her peep hole, she watched his naked back, muscles rippling smoothly as he supported himself on his elbow. His long, thin queue hung down his back and swayed with his motion. The thin sheen of sweat covering his back glimmered softly in the flickering candlelight.

Then, she finally saw, although it was partially blocked, that there was someone below him.

She swallowed as a wave of confusion swept over her. Manten? As far this creepy place was concerned, there were just Manten and Hiten. So was that the younger brother then? Surely not...his body would have been to bulky for me not to see him, wouldn't it? Then...who is that?

"And more importantly, what, for the love of Kami, are they doing?" Craning her ears further, she pressed as close to the shoji door as she could.


Kagome never knew that she had just exceeded her limits. She had no idea. So she never expected Hiten to bolt suddenly, never expected the bright, lightning flash in front of the hole, before the entire shoji door was flung violently aside.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, human wench?"

And Kagome could only gape, as she sat on her rear, with Hiten towering before her. The aura had radiated from him so suddenly, she felt nauseated. It reeked of evil. Pure, demonic evil. Looking up at the tall, strapping man who stood before her, his red pupils dilated and shining with an awful glow, his grin wild and insane and showing his razor sharp canines, she had a very strong urge to burst into tears.


It was a whimper, soft and breathless, but his sensitive ears allowed him to hear it as though the wench was right before him. His mad grin widened even further. "Kowaii? You don't mean..." He paused and kneeled over, bending until his nose almost touched hers. Her breath was warm, sweet. Quivering. And she smelt...rather delectable. "...ME, do you?!" He snarled suddenly, lunging himself forward.

With a squeal, Kagome scrambled backwards on her hands and feet. Frantically, her mind whirled as she tried to find an escape route, an excuse, anything. This youkai was dangerous. It wasn't just about the way he looked. There was just something in his aura...something wild and primal...something bestial.

Gotta be calm...you've faced worse. Like...the man-eating mask. Wasn't that a hundred times grosser compared to him? Ooh for goodness sake, Inuyasha's more of an animal than him!

"Don't be silly, I never said anything about scary." Humph. She wasn't about to let him know her weakness anyway.

With a snort, he settled himself on his haunches, eyeing her warily.

Kagome almost balked. She most certainly hadn't expected to be let off this easily. She shuddered. This was one of the reasons why Hiten scared her so much. He was unpredictable. While Inuyasha, hot-tempered as he were, would fly into a rage if someone even so much as touched his ramen, you never knew what a person like Hiten would do. Chop off the offender's head, maybe. Never separate a man...ehem...youkai, and his food. But well, that was besides the point. Hell, even Manten was afraid of him. And they appeared to be close...

Suddenly, that thought seemed to bring her back to reality. Her eyes darted swiftly behind Hiten as she strained to see whoever, or whatever, lay beneath the covers. But Hiten was faster. Before she could even move a muscle, he had shifted to block her view, his large, blood red eyes never leaving hers.

"Tsk, tsk. Impatient aren't we."

"Well. You seem like an honourable youkai. Surely you've got nothing to hide from a miserable human girl like me." Honourable? Yeah right.

Hiten smirked and sat back down, his arms folded before him. That served to draw Kagome's gaze to his chest, which she had never noticed was bare, until this point. Well. Hmmm. He was certainly extremely well built...maybe even more so than Inuyasha...Gaaa!! Did I just think that?! I think I'm gonna be sick...again...

Carefully, she masked her face and lifted it to meet Hiten's.


"Well what?" Hiten frowned slightly at her.

Kagome blinked. Hadn't he been listening? "I said, well, what do you have to hide from me?"

Hiten growled suddenly, the sound low and resonant, a loud rumble from within his throat. Without warning, he grabbed her by her hair and pulled downwards, earning a slight shriek from the wench. Perfect. The horrified expression on her face. Just, perfect.

His contorted face was replaced by a smirk, which Kagome would have even thought handsome, had they been on friendlier terms. Ignoring the sharp pain and the fear that her crowning glory was in serious risk of being made a wig for Manten, she struggled against his grip, her small hands clasping themselves automatically over his thick forearm. "Let, go of me, you...you big brute!"

"Not so soon, love." It was a new voice. Even as Hiten's death grip on her tresses loosened ever so slightly, Kagome could only gape in amazement at the woman leaning seductively against the shoji door, her large, perky breasts thrust firmly forward, green and white cloth swathed loosely around her curvaceous hips.

Wasn't she...the snake-youkai from just now?

- end chapter 1 -

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