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SUMMARY: When Kagome was captured by the thunder youkai, she never thought that Inuyasha would give up on her. And she never thought that she would have to tame a wild beast, before it destroyed her first. (HITEN/Kagome)

DISCLAIMER: Hiten, Kagome and the world of Inuyasha are the creations of Takahashi Rumiko and are not owned by me.

This picks up from where Kagome is captured by the Reijuu brothers. From there on, contents are changed to suit my own *ehem* needs. This includes the premature insertion of characters who might appear later on in the actual story. So eh, treat this as a semi-AU if u must. Thankies ^___^

The plot's going to be kind of dark, but I wouldn't exactly call it angsty. More like...intense. Not just the typical lovey-dovey romance story, but one which explores the darker side of a love-hate relationship. It seems more realistic in this way to me. I wouldn't expect a youkai, especially one as cruel as Hiten, to 'fall for' Kagome immediately, so I'll be taking the liberty to develop their characters for the whole relationship to work. But don't worry. Knowing me (I'm a sucker for romance), there will be fair amounts of *clears throat* um...mushy situations, once the time is ripe of course ^____^

A/N: An update :D This is a rather important chapter because it explains quite a few things, as well as some long needed waff at the end :D So Enjoy, and comments are so very loved ^_^

Distant Thunder

Chapter 15: Role of The Seducer

They resumed the journey in silence, a silence which Kagome kept wisely. She'd decided that the term holding your tongue was more than apt on this occasion. That which had transgressed between the demon and the recent turn of events was alarming, to say the least. Kagome had thought the demon to be virtually unshakable, indestructible, and most importantly, heartless. And yet what Hiten had radiated was such a tangible vibe of fear that Kagome wasn't sure she should be feeling this calm, at the moment. But of course, someone had to be level headed, and she wasn't quite sure if this time, the youkai was up to it.

The landscape had been charred badly by the fiery heat of the hell dragons, a burning path that they had created in their wake. It didn't take a youkai's supernatural sense of sight to track the black, winding trail of destruction which lead southwest, disappearing on the horizon. The strange pair had headed straight to the enchanted mountains by air, which Kagome had calmly suggested and the youkai had acceded to without so much as a grunt. Then, once the sky turned a purplish orange hue ('Hell Spawns arrive by the cloak of the night', was all Hiten had let on), Kagome was herded by the brooding youkai into a dank cave which reeked of the noxious sweetness of rot and things Kagome would rather not be aware of. Despite its tiny, door sized entrance, the cave, was large – enormous, in fact, and lit by strange, luminous rocks which glowed an eerie white in the otherwise dark cave. The back of the cave was pitch black, leading far and deep into unknown depths.

When Kagome had returned with an armful of branches and twigs just outside the entrance, she had found the youkai seated slumped against a rocky wall, his typical frown hanging darker than usual on his face.

She arranged herself several meters away from him without a word – far enough to keep a safe distance from the youkai, near enough should any danger approach – and proceeded to build a fire with the material she had collected.

20 minutes into it, the fire was still barely lit, with only a faint orange glow that Kagome had to keep alight with a makeshift paper fan. It was too damp, she realized, aghast. And there wasn't enough oxygen in the cave to sustain a small fire.

"Some supernatural help would be very much appreciated here," she called out, a little too loudly. Shooting a glance at the demon, it was once again decided that silence was gold. The youkai had on his newfound expression – a black, hollow stare that seemed to draw all that he looked upon into unknown depths.

She was certainly no owner of Youkai 101 or Youkai for Dummies, reluctant as she was to admit it. After all, she was prized village miko and all. It grated on her pride, more than she'd like. Despite all the contact she'd had with Inuyasha, Kirara, Shippou and the extraordinarily large group of supernatural beings that she'd made acquaintance with, all she knew of youkai were really just their strong, primitive instincts to survive and if need be, to kill to do so. Sure, Shippou and Inuyasha, even Kouga, would have given eye and teeth for her, and she for them. But when it came down to it, the unspoken distance that separated youkai from human had been skirted around carefully, a taboo topic to avoid in their group. It was her love of them as family, that glued them together, despite their apparent differences. It was her strong, all consuming love for those strange yet comfortingly familiar creatures that had stopped her from questioning.

But now here was a completely different form of youkai – one that should have been standing on the other side of the line from Kagome and her friends, on the fields of battle, laughing maniacally and scaring the heck out of Kagome and little Shippou. Here was a creature that Inuyasha had fought with much difficulty, and had terrorized Shippou's family. He should have been killing for the lust of power, for the greed of battle, for the love of bloodshed. And so Kagome had held on, steadfast to this belief, a life buoy that consisted of good and evil, right and wrong.

Yet now, her believes were being shaken, growing weaker at every moment spent with this enigmatic creature. A bloodthirsty, crazed and absurdly handsome youkai who seemed to spare her more moments of mercy and – dare she say it – care, than she thought she'd receive.

And here was this youkai now, looking so startlingly vulnerable, so un-youkai-like, that her heart skipped a beat. With what, she didn't know, didn't really want to find out either. All she knew was that it bothered her to see a creature this powerful, and fear-inspiring, to be reduced to a dull mass slouched in a corner of a cave.

Kagome patted her bag pack absently, arranging it in the best possible position to lean against. In all honesty, it wasn't wrong to say that the thunder youkai had always walked with a bit of a slouch, almost as if he would disappear within the shadows if you so much as blinked an eye. Like a stalking panther. He wasn't always a rod-straight person, unlike some youkai like say, Inuyasha's aniki, Sesshoumaru (who had always been more of a horse, than any predatory animal to her. Naraku, now this was one sick puppy. Platypus, most likely. Or maybe starfish).


And it was a huge but – Hiten wasn't simply slouching now, as he usually did. The youkai had always been big, tall, and solid as a rock (she suspected he would be caught dead before appearing frumpy). As if you could get an entire team of rugby player to ram into him, and they would have been the ones being flung away like mere leaves. But now, the animal magnetism and inhuman strength that Kagome had began adjusting herself to, seemed to have been diminished, leaving what seemed almost like a mere mortal man, defenseless, sullen, and in need of a big hug...

Pushing aside her treacherous heart, the girl was rather adamant that one could not afford pity for a youkai as dangerous as Hiten. Reluctant respect wrought out of fear and gratitude was one matter; pity, was another. It meant that she herself would be opening a window in her heart, letting him in. And that was definitely not a wise thing to do.

With unease, Kagome returned to her task on hand. The fire had began to kindle, but it was a small one, barely slithering out from beneath the wood. She fanned harder. Already, her arms were aching and her stomach was growling. It was just one cup of ramen since morning. Visions of roasted chicken, steamed fish and sweet corn flashed across her mind.

It was to her utmost shock when a rough shoe grazed across her hand and shoved the paper fan roughly out of the way.

She looked on mutely as two clothed feet stepped up beside her. Craning her head, she saw that the youkai had come to stand near the huge pile of wood. He was holding out an arm now and already, the air in front of him was rippling with unseen electricity. She thought she saw a spark or two emitting from his cupped palm. Then with a hiss, the fire roared to life, sending a flash of heat across Kagome's face. Kagome stared up at the youkai's expressionless profile, before rousing from her shock to delve into her bag pack and fish out a kettle, a couple of ramen bowls, two pairs of chopsticks, and the boar meat that she had packed neatly into a plastic container.

"This is gonna be great," she declared. The paper lids of the ramen were torn carefully apart as she scattered the powdered packets across the tops of the ramen. "Curry, my favorite flavor. You'll love it, I guarantee. Inuya – my friends do, too. Back home, we'd have these every time mama isn't around. Too much preservatives, she always says. Makes our hair fall off. But..."

There was a sudden swirl of wind, and when Kagome looked up, the youkai had disappeared.

She stared at the empty space beside her, then back at the two bowls and let out a sigh. The spark of hope in her eyes dwindled, and she hunched forward, prodding at the crackling fire. "Well...an extra helping for myself isn't going to hurt anyone. I suppose..." And at least he isn't moping about anymore.


"A choice location, my lord," the bubbling voice remarked ahead of him.

Hiten remained silent, toying with the round, diaphanous stone he'd acquired, moments before the hot springs had erupted in the morning. The river wench had been careless back then, and a fraction of a second – the time it had taken for that little idiot of a human to assume her role of savior and push the river sprite down to the ground – was all it took for him to retrieve the precious piece of stone that she'd kept within her garments.

"What brings you – and the human lady - to seek me out, my lord."

The water surface rippled gently, then parted. A small shape levitated from the middle of the large lake, slowly revealing the form of a dainty female who seemed to be standing atop the glimmering surface. It took the damned river bitch long enough to find them.

He flicked the stone, allowing it to dance nimbly within his fingers. Its silver light caught in the gentle glow of the limpid emerald waters that spread across the cavern. In and out of his fingers it weaved, before coming to rest between his thumb and index finger. He caressed it absently, and from far, the river nymph seemed to shudder.

"You should know."

Then, the river nymph floated toward him before stepping fully out of the lake with the fluid grace known to her kind, never wet, even though she had just emerged from within the lake. River nymphs were a rare breed – quiet, elegant, capable of traveling through dimensions known only to themselves, by means of rivers and lakes and other bodies of water.

"You want to meet my master."

"Very good. And?"

"...You want to know...about the Hell Spawns."

Hell spawns...hell spawns...hell spawns...

Those two words seemed to mock him with echoes that bounded against the high stalactites of the cavern. Valiantly, Hiten suppressed the urge to grip the wretched spirit by her neck and rip it off her head. He wrenched his mind away from images of the damned monsters that had plagued him for so long. He had conquered those goddamn spawns once – and he sure as hell would do it again if he had to.

He cranked his neck muscles slowly, allowing the tension to seep from his mind, his eyes all the while locked onto the river nymph.

"Not quite. My dear, I do believe I know well enough of them. What I want to know is...why they are here."

"Why here, on earth, you mean." The nymph laughed, standing her ground when Hiten stepped up towards her. She was a good head and a half shorter than him, and she was looking up at him now with intelligent gray eyes. "Do you not know, the portals of Hell, that these beauties guard?"

He flicked a finger over the stone piece, bringing it up to his lips absently. "I do."

"Do you know then, who watches over them, my lord?" The nymph shuddered again but remained still. When he did not reply, she continued. "It is none other than your humble servant, myself. Years ago, an enchantment was placed. By my master. The dragons were forced into service. And when you – and your human companion – ambushed me, the dragons were released from their enchantment."

The red cloth, Hiten realized. Those monsters were sealed in the pieces of red cloth...

"So now you know, my lord..." With an uncharacteristic lunge, the nymph threw her body against Hiten's, pale arms reaching for the tiny object in his grasp.

Hiten held it out of her grasp casually, sighing as he allowed her slender form to mash deliciously against into him. "Ah, ah. Impatience is not a virtue, my dear."

Petulantly, the river nymph slinked back, chastened. She eyed the stone that Hiten held. "I need my soul back."

"You have yet to answer my first question, however."

If anger were possible in such a well-bred race, it was showing visibly, right now. "Neither is betrayal a virtue, my lord. I have sworn loyalty to my master. Leading you to him, is out of the question."

Hiten dragged the piece of stone against his well-formed lips, flicking his tongue against its smooth surface, and watched as the nymph threw her head back, arms clutching against her heaving chest. "No, my lord...please. You must not..."

"Then take me to him."


"A visitor, hmm." Kagome stared at the pair that had emerged from the cave's pitch-black depths. Hiten's liquid swagger was instantly recognizable, but surprise flickered through her brown eyes when she registered the river nymph who had somehow been summoned by the thunder youkai. He was surprisingly, much more resourceful than she had credited him for, brute force aside. And more importantly, he seemed to have recovered from his strange reverie. Her heart fluttered, for probably no reason in particular.

"Greetings, my lady." The river nymph was courteous, much too courteous, although she was well and apparently unmolested by the usually callous youkai. A significant improvement from receiving death threats, and being dragged by force of course, Kagome thought with relief. Guilt coursed through Kagome and she gave in to her apologetic nature. With a cry, she threw herself against the startled girl and clutched her hands. "It wasn't my idea, I swear."

"I am sure it was not, young one." The nymph cast a glance at the youkai who had settled himself against a gravelly wall. "Do not worry."

She was looking around now, at the little site that Kagome had set up. Kagome's trusty sleeping bag was laid out, and an additional blanket rolled neatly in another corner. The bone-gnawing chill of the cave's air had started to settle, and Hiten, demon as he might be, might still have needed something soft to lay on, at the very least. Now though, it was only right that Kagome surrendered ol' greenie to the maiden – who was so slim that she looked the perfect victim of the 'freeze-your-butt-off' cold. First though, she had to be fed.

"Food. I hope you eat human..." Kagome rummaged through the enormous bagpack, but was stopped by an icy palm against her forearm.

"No. I have no desire for favors, young one. I am only here to fulfill my duty, and then I shall be gone." The woman's cultured but cold gaze flickered over Kagome, settling again on the youkai that stood in the shadows, before looking back at Kagome. With a soft sigh, she settled herself upon the sleeping bag that Kagome had pulled up hastily before her with a light murmur of thanks.

"Oh." Well gee, this was going to be fun, Kagome thought slowly as her eyes fell upon their failed kidnap victim, and the simmering black shadow in a corner that was Hiten.

Now they could all gather 'round and play poker by the fire.


Kagome awoke with a jolt.

It was a strangely familiar, yet bizarre sound, the sound of soft moaning and the rustle of clothing. In the pitch black cavern, Kagome suddenly felt cold, prickly ribbons run down her spine, as the fuzz of sleep cleared rapidly from her mind.

I should just get back to sleep, shouldn't I, she resolved to herself, folding the blanket firmly, further up around her head. The uneven stone floor scrapped against her skin and she adjusted herself gingerly. And there she was, moments ago, wondering why Hiten was behaving far from his usual self. It seemed like all it took was some strategically placed stimulation, and a little romp in the sack, after all.

I shouldn't thinking about...about what Hiten and the river lady might be up to. Thinking about how he'd be holding her against him, and how he'd kiss her and caress her body...and HOLY SHIT, what am I thinking about!!

Well, not anything much, just how Hiten must have been slowly enjoying the beautiful nymph who would be laying right beside him, and touching his muscular chest and hard arms?!

Frustrated, Kagome flung the blanket away, sitting up in the dark. She knew that the youkai could probably hear her, but she suddenly couldn't care less.

It took her several moments, and groping about in the dark, for her mortal eyes to adjust to the cave's darkness. When she did, she managed to spot the vague forms of two writhing masses. Bodies of course, that belonged to the thunder youkai and the gorgeous nymph that he had managed to secure by his side.

Annoyance that should have been unwarranted – why the hell should she be concerned over who Hiten was enjoying himself with – coursed through her veins.

Betrayal, was her sudden thought. She felt betrayed. She felt like a small child who'd been forced to give up a precious doll to the neighbor's kid, who'd just come to visit. Which was ridiculous, really. Why should she be feeling as such? There was nothing here that was hers to own, there was nothing that should be affecting her in this way. Well..it was like when she had been little, and a Caucasian man – a friend of her mother's – had visited, and planted a wet, slobbery kiss right in the middle of her mother's lips. It just felt wrong.

That's right, of course it's wrong, She thought, exasperated. Why should I be subjected to that disgusting youkai's m-m-make-out sessions? There's no way that he'd expect me to sit back and let them do that kind of gross stuff where I'm sleeping just meters away – there's not even a wall between us!

Feeling for all the world like a sourpuss and a major wet-blanket, yet too annoyed to care, Kagome stomped over to where they were located, making sure to tap her sneakers extra loudly against the cold ground.

She stopped several feet away, focusing on the point above their heads. She was most certainly unwilling to take in what was going on between those two youkai, and was about to clear her throat to announce her official arrival, when the gleam of metal – long, and cold and sharp – flashed out.

Alarm bells rang immediately. Years of youkai hunting allowed Kagome to instantly recognize the cold gleam of a knife about to strike in the dark. Without a word, Kagome threw her full body weight at the direction of the knife, not caring when the cold hard blade sliced through her palm, and across her cheek. Warm liquid spilled across her arms and face immediately, and she heard someone curse vehemently, while another whimpered.

"The hell do you think you're doing, wench!"

And in the blazing red haze of pain, Kagome wasn't sure who the angry cry was directed to, or who was gripping her so tightly that she felt her bones being crushed.

"No fights...at Kagome's...camp..."


The river wench would come to him, he knew. They always did – the foxes, the tigers, the snakes, the tree and flower spirits. All he had to do was wait. It wasn't really part of the plan, of course. He just felt it a shame to waste a willing female body –

– and Kami knew how he'd needed the distraction from the appearance of the blasted dragons. And that damned human's intoxicating scent.

When the river nymph slid a knife out clumsily from her disrobed clothing, Hiten was mildly impressed. So she wasn't completely taken in by his charms. Pity, though it didn't really matter to him.

His hungry lips searched out hers even as his fingers continued their journey up her lithe, smooth back, and after a moment's hesitation, she kissed him back with both urgency and confusion. His fingertips were drawing circles on her back now, his sharp black talons dragging across gentle slopes of pale, ochre-white. It was a back that was reminiscent to that of one he knew – similar yet so different – from ages ago, another almost forgotten memory. The females he'd laid with – those he was fond enough to allow – had remarked that he'd always had a particular obsession with their backs, never paying as much attention to their breasts or even their nether regions as much as they'd liked. He never fully comprehended the reason that held him captivated, either.

But his fingers seemed to remember. And now they searched eagerly, for the right angle, the right curve, the right texture. Still, he never seemed to get it right...No...not this one either.

He was suddenly aware of the noisy patter of the human girl's footsteps, and before he could orientate himself, she'd landed atop them, knocking the river wench away from him. The blade clattered noisily to the floor and the river nymph cried out, but Hiten was blind to all except the burning scent of Kagome's spilled blood that he recognized so easily now.

"The hell do you think you're doing, wench!" He snarled, even as his hands reached out automatically to cushion the girl's fall.

"No fights...at Kagome's...camp..."

Fitting her soft curves tightly against himself, he gripped the hand that she had so foolishly used to clutch at the blade, wasting no time in using his saliva to heal the nasty red gash that ran across her palm down to the middle of her forearm, before turning to her swollen, split cheek.

He didn't even wonder why he bothered, or why his heart suddenly grew cold at the sight of Kagome's gaping wound. For once, he was too weary to make up anymore excuses for himself, too tired to struggle with his instincts.

The arrival of the Hell Spawns screwed my mind, he thought in a haze, even as he rasped his tongue gently against the slashed cheek. When he'd ended his administrations, he gripped the girl firmly and attempted to shake her out of her stupor.

She was in pain, he realized, as he looked on at her, delicate features scrunched tightly together. He could seal the wounds, but he could not lessen the pain.

You're a bloody little idiot, he cursed albeit halfheartedly, eyes never leaving her sweat peppered face. He wiped the drenched black hair from her face, careful not to let the stray strands catch on the crusty bits of flesh that remained. She was conscious, though barely so. And he realized that she was struggling to keep awake. She was struggling to say something.

Carefully, he pulling her warm body up against him and leaned into her as he attempted to make out the words that she was trying to form.

And what came out was this:

"D-damn you...you...Hiten...you h-horny...b-bastard..."

- end chapter 15 -

A/N: There, hope you liked the waff! I enjoyed writing this chapter very much. And there's an important bit of reference to the Hiten's forgotten memories in the previous part (part I) of DT, towards the end of this chapter. I'm not telling where, I can only say that it comes from an encounter with Kagome, in chapter 3. A hint though, is "The females he'd laid with – those he was fond enough to allow – had remarked that he'd always had a particular obsession with their backs." Chocolate chip cookies for those who remember =D

By the by, if I were to be my own critique, one of the biggest peeves I would have with myself is – the lack of scenarios of them actually doing things, other than sleeping, camping, eating, traveling and bathing. Yes, my lack of creativity in this regard gets on my nerves constantly, and I am always trying to think of new things for them to be 'doing'. So dear friends, if any of you have any ideas or tips for me, big or small, I'd be utterly overjoyed xD

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