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It was raining hard that day. A tanned blue haired teen is in front of a teal head, pale teen. The tanned teen's eyes are cold and void of life. It is the day when Kuroko heard the most painful words in his life.

"I don't even remember your trolls anymore"

Let us go back to the beginning when everything seems to be normal for the teal head boy.

In 5th grade, Kuroko saw the magnificence of trolling on TV, got interested in it and started playing a few tricks here and there. His lack of presence is a natural gift in his choice of profession yet he felt he lack something very important. But of course victims.

He looked and looked but was not satisfied in his own household because his parents are always away and his grandmother is too old to be trolled so he befriended a neighborhood boy, Shigehiro Ogiwara, whom became his very first victim.

In the process, Ogiwara learned to respect Kuroko's trolls and the same way Kuroko learned to respect Ogiwara's trolls. They teach each other and learn together. They spend their time mastering the art of trolling. They earn different nickname like 'I-will-get-you-for-this', 'Stupid-Kids', 'No', 'Why', 'I-hate-you' and some more from the neighborhood which they print in a medal and award themselves at the end of each day. The duo have to split-up but they promised that they would meet again in Junior High.

The first day of Junior High, in April the first, the day when trolling is at its peak, Kuroko is walking through the crowd, with few people noticing him as usual. There are many clubs he tried to observed, calculating the chances of continuing their unfinished legacy.

Then he saw the basketball club and an unknown force attract him to the go to the gym. Call it the trolling instinct, Kuroko is quite surprised to see so many people trying out for the said club and he learn that Teikō's basketball team is that famous. He sparkles from the amount of potential victims he could lay his eyes into.

Coach Sanada explains the club's system, composing of the first to third strings. Four first years are immediately called to be included in the first string earning surprise from all of them. Kuroko eyed again the potential target and aims to be be in the first string as well. He needed to play in games and take his trolling to a whole new level. Unfortunately he is grouped into the third string because of his weak overall abilities. No one says Kuroko is weak and got away unscathed so the target of his first trolling is none other than the coach. Needless to say the coach never stays the gym for long time after that. He always immediately leave the gym and ask the captain to take over.

Kuroko kept training hard on the club and even stayed late after practices so he could plan all his trolls well. It taken him only a few days to start a rumor of ghost in the said gym. That's when they first met. Dark blue orbs against light blue ones.

Aomine and Kuroko instantly clicked. The chemistry is unquestionably and irritatingly blended perfectly. The urge to do mischief run in the core of their bloods. However of all his hardwork, Kuroko remains to be unnoticed so he decided to quit the club. He thought he could do his mischief somewhere. When he talk to Aomine about it, he immediately convince him to stay saying that he admire his unwavering will to troll. He always put his heart and soul in every mischief they do something that he would never see on other people.

Akashi on the other hand, felt their team is lacking something so when he saw Kuroko trolling the unsuspecting Aomine his perspective turn 360 degrees. Right then his interest sparked by the potential the teal head have. He knew the team will need someone like him so he direct Kuroko to a new style he was sure he could pull. This in turn, earn Kuroko a chance to be in the first string and play in official matches hence trolling other schools in the way. Akashi also became interested in the art of trolling because it is a whole new level of mental activities.

"He went beyond my expectation" Akashi said to the team pertaining to Kuroko's skill.

Midorima, who is always the victim of trolling said that he will never understand Kuroko while Murasakibara said that he hate people who are not natural in trolling. Their perspective often clash nevertheless all of them respect Kuroko's special ability.

Then Kise came in their second year. At first he did not understand why a weak person was on the team. However he immediately respect the pale teal head when he saw with his own eyes what he could do. Kise will then ask him to be his official and personal instructor for trolling. Haizaki on the other hand had been eliminated from the team because Akashi sees no fun in trolling him, Kise would be a much better victim. Thus, the generation of miracles was formed. Trolling have never been that fun for all those days.

Who knew all those fun days will soon be taken away from them, their talents boom and their creativity leveled up. The shadow who remain unnoticed was left behind.


Next Chapter: Teiko trolling days from the diary of the generation of miracles

"Someday I'm gonna find that special someone whom I will enjoy harassing for the rest of my life" - Kuroko

A/n: No I'm not addicted to trolls. I will sure think of other rules next chapter. This is just a flashback and yes this is purely nonsense.