I made a post on tumblr saying that the Apollo cabin would probably sing "Kiss the Girl" when Will and Nico walk by.

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Chapter One: He's Gotta Kiss the Boy

If you asked Kayla about the Apollo cabin's first attempt, she would blame their failure on Frank Zhang. (Not to his face, of course, since he generally terrified everyone. But she would out of his earshot.)

Like all great plans, it had started with a cause. And that cause was Will Solace and Nico di Angelo.

Everyone shipped it. Everyone. The helpers in the infirmary giggled over Will dragging Nico in whenever he got hurt. The Aphrodite cabin watched (stalked, really) the two whenever they could. Hermes kids had been seen loitering about closets with keys in their hands, whistling innocently. Kayla had even heard rumors of a secret fan club being formed by Annabeth Chase and Jason Grace, which wasn't a surprise. Nobody could ship Solangelo like those two could. Hell, you'd probably even find Solangelo shippers all the way at Camp Jupiter, most likely led by Hazel Levasque and Reyna Ramirez-Arellano. Maybe even a few godly shippers on Olympus, Aphrodite most likely being one.

In short, if you asked anyone what their OTP was, they'd say it was Will Solace and Nico di Angelo.

There was only one problem: Like most shippers, their OTP wasn't together.

Yet, anyways.

Whih is why the Apolo cabin took it upon themselves to get their head counselor in bed.

"I can't believe we're doing this."


"Would the Aphrodite cabin even approve of our meddling?"

"Piper is dating Jason, and he started the club, so they'd probably thank us."

"Everyone will."


"Let's just get Will laid, okay? If he doesn't thank us for that, I don't know who will."

"Probably Nico, since he'd get laid as well."

"Austin, what does laid mean?"


"Shh! They're coming!"

Everyone shut up at that announcement.

The entire Apollo cabin-minus Will, of course-was in their cabin, curtains closed and doors shut. They were all seated hunched on the floor, so no spying eyes could see them. Their plan was just about ready to be executed, and it would be once the OTP passes in front of their cabin.

The plan was simple enough: Once Will and Nico had passed in front of their cabin, they would slam open every door, every window, and belt out one of the cheesieset songs in human history. With luck, the lyrics would work on the two boys, and they would kiss, clearing away any sexual tension that there was between them.

What could possibly go wrong?

Kayla was snapped out of her thoughts as two familiar voices grew closer.

"...it's wasn't that bad!"

"It was a cut!"

"A paper cut."

"Hey, cuts can get infected!"

"You wrapped my entire arm in bandages."

"Gods, you can practically smell the sexual tension," Austin muttered. "Hould've gotten them laid sooner."

"Shush!" Kayla waved her arm in his face, adding a few words in Japanese that shouldn't be translated for good measure.

"Ready?" Alex called, rubbing zher hands together as Will and Nico paused in front of the Apollo cabin. As everyone nodded, zhe grinned, and yelled, "NOW!"

All at once, every door and every window flew open, and any Apollo camper that could squeezed their heads through the opening if there was room. Kayla and Austin even ran out onto the porch, along with a few others. Nico and Will turned to face them, looks of bewilderment pained on their faces. Just as Will opened his mouth to speak, the entire cabin burst out into song.





Will facepalmed, while Nico just stared at them. Huh. That wasn't the reaction Kayla had expected. She was expeting to weepingly confess their feelings of deep attraction for each other and make out on the porch and sail away on a rainbow made out of diamonds while the 0entire Apollo cabin turned into a choir of heavenly angels and soared into the sunset on downy white wings

Okay, maybe not.

She needed to stay away from the Aphrodite kids, no matter how attractive some of them may be.

Meanwhile, the cabin kept on seranading Will and Nico.





Will finally lifted his head from where it had been resting in his hand. "First off, you guys are hilarious. Really. Second off...that song? You couldn't have come up with anything more cliché?"

"Of course you'd comment on the song," Nico grumbled. Kayla was certain that a blush painted the boys' cheeks, however. Both boys, in fact.

"Keep singing!" She yelled. A few campers nearby had stopped to stare at the cabin. Most of them gave thumbs up when they realized what the musical demigods were attempting to do.





"How long did it take you to come up with this?" Will asked, crossing his arms.

"Too long!" someone yelled.





"The more you ask me to do it, the more time you'll waste trying to convince me to do it."

Nico was actually smiling, chuckling to himself at the Apollo cabin's antics. Kayla filed that away in the section of her mind now devoted to getting Will together with Nico.





Will groaned, cheeks turning redder. Nico was definitely laughing now, having to hold his stomach to support himself.

The singing faltered as everyone took in the sight of the son of Hades, actually laughing. A few people stopped singing altogether. But Kayla took this as a good sign. Maybe this could actually get them together! She hoped it did, otherwise she would owe Mitchell five bucks.

That was when the plan failed.



An extremely off-tune voice joined the chorus just at that moment.

"OH WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY?!" it squawked.

The singing stopped for real that time. Everyone cringed, a few people actually covering their ears, and Alex squawked, "WHAT THE HE-" before realizing there was children nearby.

"YOU WANNA-Wait, why did you stop singing?"

Kayla turned to see a very burly son of Mars standing next to the cabin. Oh. She has forgotten. Some Romans were visiting this week.

"GODAMMIT, FRANK!" someone else yelled, forgetting that there was children. "YOU RUINED IT!"

Frank blinked. "I was trying to help! I love that song!"

"YEAH, WELL, YOU DIDN'T!" Kayla yelled back.

Frank huffed. "Who were you even singing at?"

"Are you BLIND?! We were serenading Will and Ni-"

Kayla turned around to gesture at her OTP and found an empty porch instead. The two boys had taken advantage of the confusion caused by Frank's arrival to leave.

Kayla sighed. Godammit, Frank. Godammit indeed.


"I'm gonna kill them. I'm gonna kill every last one of them. I swear to all the gods."


"I'm so sorry that they did that! I don't even know why!"

"Well, that confirms my suspicions."


"Haven't you noticed the people staring at us and the weird acronym they use...what is it...OTP?"

"Doesn't that mean Oh The Pain?"

"Piper says it means One True Pairing."



"What's the difference?"

"I have no idea. Anyways, I've had a weird suspicion..."


"We've become everyone's OTP."

"That's weird."

"They're weird."

"Everyone's weird."

"We're demigods. We're supposed to be weird."


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