When they first took me, they put a bag over my head and put me on what felt like a horse. I almost fell asleep but every time I closed my eyes, I was jolted by the horse, who was stumbling on the rocks.

I had no idea where I was going. But if Jack really was the White Ghost, then he would help me. Unless his mind hadn't been brainwashed by the Taliban. After what seemed like forever, someone pushed me off. I fell, scraping myself on a rock. They led me somewhere echoy. Probably a cave of some sorts. They pulled it off.

I was in a little part of the cave. The entrance guarded. A little fire burned and they shoved me down. One yelled something in Pashto and another threw a heavy wrap to me. They left me alone.

I was freezing, even with the fire. I pulled the wrap over my head and body and pulled my knees up to my chest. I felt so tired. I just wanted to die. But I knew they were going to make my death longer if Jack didn't show up.

A Talib threw a bowl at me. My dinner. Scraps.

"My name is Kensi Blye." I told him in the little Pashto I knew.

He didn't care.

"I need to speak to the one you call the White Ghost!" I yelled. "Spin Pariy?" But he left. I grunted. I wondered what the guys were doing now. I pulled out the little photo I had of them. It was all of us, Sam, Callen, Eric, Nell, Hetty... and Deeks.

I knew that in order not to compromise them, I needed to burn it. I kissed it, don't judge. And I threw it into the fire. I tried to lie down and hoped that the new day would be better.

I was awoke a few hours later with someone kicking me. My back complained. I groaned and opened my eyes. More food. I finally just told myself to suck it up, because I might not get anymore. I took a bite and nearly barfed. I threw it aside. I noticed someone talking with someone else. A man I haven't seen in a long time. A man by the name of Jack Simon.

"Jack!" I yelled. "Jack, it's Kensi. I'm here!"

He looked at me with shock, but that didn't last long, since the men started hitting him until he passed out.

"Jack!" I yelled. But I knew there was nothing I could do. I just started to process this. Jack couldn't be the White Ghost. If he was, why did they beat him?

I'm starting to think that this was a bad idea.

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