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Yes, I admit it. Hera is my favorite character in both the Percy Jackson fandom, and Greek mythology. Why? Well, I've always felt bad for her I guess. Her character has so much potential in the Heroes of Olympus series, but the fandom (and Riordan) always make her out to be some horrible demon when she really isn't. I mean, she was the only Olympian who said, "You know what? Screw Gaea, I'm not going to let her rise and destroy western civilization." Yet, everyone always makes her out to be some horrible enemy to demigods, when it was her that freaking saved them from getting utterly annihilated by Gaea and the giants. Plus, her marriage to Zeus is really tragic. First of all, he raped her, then shamed the poor woman into marrying him. Second of all, he cheats on her all the freaking time, yet gets outrageously jealous if she ever shows interest in anyone. (Look it up if you want.) And third, is that she actually said she wants demigods, but she can't have them because she's the goddess of marriage, (and she's probably afraid of what Zeus would do if he found out.) Finally, the worst one for me is the fact that Zeus probably beats her. He did it all the time in the ancient mythology, but of course no one ever bats an eyelash at it. And I've seen what abuse can do to a woman, my neighbors' aunt who I knew really well was almost beaten to death by her boyfriend over dinner once. I'd hate to see what Zeus does to his wife when they fight.

But, somehow she always beats it. She doesn't let it all ruin her. She stays strong, because she is a queen and she has to stay standing.

So, yeah. That's why Hera's my favorite character (or at least half of it. I have more reasons, but I'll get into that some other time.)



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"So," Chiron rubbed his temples. "You have seven other siblings; including one on the way?"

"Yeah," Zoe nodded her head. "Although, the little one's probably been born by now. So, it's really eight siblings. Ten if you count Luke and I."

Said twin brother grinned, "We have a really big family."

"I'll say," the centaur buried his face in his hands and rubbed his tired eyes. "Perseus Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Two of my most critical of Hera demigods in the camp, and they end up marrying her. I can hardly believe it."

"We're telling the truth," Luke reminded the aging centaur. "We swore on the river styx. It's not something we can just do if we're lying."

"I believe you children," Chiron said as he looked them in the eye. "Something like this always happens when you live in the world of greek mythology. I was just surprised to see it was those particular three who experienced the situation."

"I think everyone was," Zoe chuckled. "Dad told us aunt Hazel nearly had a heart attack when she first saw us."

"Hmph," Chiron nodded and held back a laugh, "Hazel is rather old fashioned from what I could tell."

The three of them were silent for a while after that, until the centaur stood up and stretched in full horse form, "I believe we have spent enough time chatting. It's time for bed you two."

The two tribloods smiled and yawned, "I agree. We've been talking for three hours now. It's almost midnight."

"Chiron," Luke needed to make one more thing clear. "We've been here nearly four months now. The longer this goes on, the larger the chance of us being found out becomes. If we can't get back to our time by the week before we're conceived, we'll need a way to find answers. We'll probably need another quest to be issued."

"I know," the centaur sighed. "If it gets to that point, we will do something. However, now it's best to relax and stay on the down low. Try not to drag anymore attention to yourselves."

"Yes sir," the two tribloods bowed lightly in respect and exited the big house; making their way back to the Hermes cabin.

The others should all be asleep by now, but they've been their long enough to know one of the councilors would be waiting for them to return.

Zoe pulled open the door, and walked in; Luke tagging behind her. Travis was sitting upright in his bunk playing an old fashioned Gameboy, "You two finally returned."

"Sorry," Luke scratched the back of his head. "We got a little caught up talking with Chiron."

Travis shrugged, "It's alright. Let's hit the hay though. I'm tired."

"Same," the two tribloods climbed into their respective bunks and fell asleep quickly. The son of Hermes stared at them for a moment, before laying down and also giving in to his exhaustion.

By the time morning arrived, everyone was itching to get to breakfast.

The twins rubbed their tummies as they waited in line to leave the cabin; they always had a rather large appetite. Their mother, Hera, always knew exactly what they wanted and how much they would eat, so they never had a problem with it before.

But standing in line, and waiting for the cabin to head towards the mess area left hunger pains growing by the minute it seemed.

"I'm hungry," Zoe whined and stomped her foot. "How much longer do we have to wait?"

"It's not that long," Luke smirked. "You should of ate more food yesterday at dinner instead of playing with it."

"Oh shut up," Zoe playfully smacked her brother on the arm as the line finally exited the cabin. The two secret tribloods followed along and took their usual place at the Hermes table once they arrived.

Luke and Zoe got their favorite; chocolate chip pancakes with fruit salad and apple juice, just like their mother used to make for them.

Annabeth and Percy sat at their respective tables this time, Jason waved Piper over to the Zeus table for a quick chat while Nico lounged at the Apollo table with Will.

If only they knew how quickly their peace would be shattered.

"Hazel! Frank!" Percy and Piper jogged up to the two arriving romans as the rest of the fifth cohort settled down in the green; the romans arriving for mutual training with the greeks. "How was your trip!?"

"Good," Hazel grinned and looked around. "Where's Annabeth and Jason?"

"Going over designs for the minor gods temples and extended cabins," Piper swept her hand over the clear meadow. "We're adding another branch of cabins soon."

"Nice," Frank smiled and dragged the two into a hug. "How's everything over here?"

Percy sighed, "It's been cool. The only problem is these two twins here. They haven't been claimed yet; I've been meaning to ask if you guys think they might be roman legacies sent to Camp Half-Blood in mistake. I don't know what to make of them."

"Well," Hazel and Frank exchanged glances. "I don't know about any missing legacies, but we can always check. Although, Lupa would usually tell us about demigods and descendants in the mortal world. Maybe they passed unnoticed?"

"Maybe," Percy shrugged and rubbed his shoulders'. "I don't know man, there's something odd about them. Chiron talked to them yesterday, but he wouldn't tell any of us if he managed to pry some info out of them."

The son of Poseidon frowned, "He rarely keeps anything from us."

"It's probably nothing," Hazel patted the green-eyed boy on the back. "You're stressing yourself out with all this. You need to relax Percy."

"I know, I know," the taller boy grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head.

"We should get you two to the big house," Piper looked at her watch. "You're suppose to meet with Chiron soon."

"That would be wise," Frank smiled and followed after the two chatting demigods; Hazel gripped his hand as the traveled over the green grass crunching underneath their feet.

After that, everything sailed smoothly if you will. The legion set up their temporary barracks and settled in for the day, while their praetor and centurion planned out with greek classes they would do and when with the greek hero trainer.

However, Luke and Zoe grew increasingly panicked as the day passed.

Their conception was officially less than a month away.

"This is taking too long," Annabeth huffed as she paced; her legs carving a small moat around the rocking chair Hera sat in.

Percy glared from where he was seated on the couch, "We know, wise girl. But you need to calm down, you might disturb Max."

The blonde stopped and looked guiltily at the baby in Hera's arms. He was nearly four months now, and growing fast.

Annabeth leaned over the back of the rocking chair and ran a hand through the babies' dark black hair as the little newborn nursed from his godly mother, "Sorry little guy, mama's just a little upset."

Hera turned her head and kissed the woman's cheek, "We're all a little upset. You don't have to apologize."

Percy sighed and stood up; stubble coated his chin and upper lip, giving him a older, more mature look, "We'll find them soon. Hecate said the spell's almost done; then hopefully we can imitate whatever took Luke and Zoe in the first place, and bring them back home."

Annabeth hung her head, "It's been months Percy. How do we know they're safe? What if monsters got them? Or giants and titans? For all we know, they could of been sent into Tartarus simply because they're our children! If anything happens to them, I... I can't.."

"You didn't let Lamia kill them when they were born," Hera stood up and adjusted her hold on Max. "You didn't let the drakon and Cyclopes kill them when they were three. Not once have you ever allowed a hair on their heads to be hurt, this time will be no different."

The two former half-bloods smiled at the goddess and surrounded her in their arms; Percy smiled down at his son while Annabeth buried her head in the crook of the brunette's exposed neck.

Hera grinned lightly as she looked at the two of them, "Besides, this time it'll be their own skills that will help them through this. Skills you have been teaching them since they were five. They'll be okay."

"How can you be so calm?" Percy muttered as he kissed the shell of her ear gently. "You used to throw a fit if you thought their bath water was too hot."

"There comes a time when you have to trust in your children's strength," Hera answered sadly. "When we were not allowed to interfere, I knew some demigods I was close to in the past. I had to learn to trust in their judgment in difficult situations. Sometimes interfering could cause more problems."

"Didn't stop you in the giant war," Annabeth grinned innocently at the other woman.

Hera gave her wife an irritated look, "I don't want to go into that again."

"I don't either," Percy mumbled; taking his young son from the goddess and holding him close as he began to whine, "Hey little guy, it's okay. Daddy's here."

"Daddy? Mommy?"

The three adults nearly jumped out of their skin as Anna's small voice reached their ears. Hera slipped into Juno as she looked to see her daughter standing near the hallway, watching her three parents talking with Zoe's old baby blanket held tight in her grip, "Mama?"

"Oh honey," Juno lifted her three year old into her arms easily. "What are you doing up? I thought I put you to sleep already."

Annabeth walked up behind them and frowned, "She was asleep. Why are you up baby girl?"

"Don't feel good," Anna's eyes filled with tears. "Bad dream hurt my head."

"Dream?" Percy groaned from across the room, "She's too young to have dreams. I thought they didn't get them until they were at least five. She's still a few years away."

"Bad dream," the little toddler buried her head in her birth mothers' neck. "Saw Luke, but he didn't see me."

Juno stiffened; she didn't move Anna in fear of upsetting her ill sensitive daughter, but her surprise was clear on her face, "Luke!? You saw your brother!?"

Anna nodded against the goddess's neck, her hair tickling the underside of her mother's jaw, "Saw Luke."

"Where?" Annabeth was careful and kept her words as steady as possible, but her heart was beating hard against her chest, "Honey, where was your brother?"

The little female started to doze off due to her mother's comforting aura, the natural hum of Juno's power lulled the tired almost goddess to sleep, but she managed one last thought of input, "Camp."

With that, the toddler melted against her mother; her little arms wrapping around the marriage deities' neck.

Percy let out a unbelieving sigh, "But we already checked the camps! There was no sign of them!"

"No," Juno bit her lip and adjusted her hold on the sleeping little one. "I think she's right. We're just... I don't think they're here anymore, but they probably are at either camp."

"You," Annabeth's eyes widened at the realization; the immortal demigoddess stepping back as it hit her, "You don't think...?"

"What?" Percy demanded, looking between the two of them, "What's going on?!"

Juno exhaled through her nose in irritation as she flickered back to Hera, "I think Zoe and Luke were sent to one of the camps, just not in this time period..."

"I..." Percy inhaled sharply, "I don't..."

"They're at one of the camps," Annabeth said with conviction; her eyes glinting as the knowledge hit her. "We know that. But now there's something else to take into consideration; they've been sent back in time."

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