Sev woke up in a huge comfortable bed. He slightly whimpered. Where was he this wasn't his cupboard.

"I see that your awake" I'll get your father and strange guy in the corner said and walked out. I don't want my father... Sev thought. He's mean and abusive. He quickly got up and ran to the closet and closed the door. A moment later a strange guy with no nose appeared. He clearly was looking for Sev

"Peter where is he" he yelled at the very ugly man. The man whimpered and started to look.

"Come out Severus. I'm not going to hurt you." The man with no nose said. Sev made no nose and went deeper into the closet.

"Sssssssssss" a snake hissed at Sev as he accidentally stepped on it. Sev cried out and ran out straight into the arm's of the no nose guy. Severus bit and clawed trying to get out of his arm's.

"Stay still child I'm not going to hurt you. My name is voldemort but you can call me papa or dad." He said. Sev was confused this wasn't his father. His father always smelled bad.

"Your not my daddy" he said .

"Ahhh yes come on lets talk" his "papa" said. While voldomort Sat him down and held his hand out for him to take. Sev nervously grabbed his "Papa's" hand. They started to walk.

"Sev how old are you?" Papa asked.

"I'm 4" Sev exclaimed while holding out five figures. Papa laughed and put down one finger.

"That is four young one" papa said. Sev giggled and stuck then stuck his thumb in his mouth. Sev gasped and whipped it out. Quickly remembering what happen when his Daddy found him doing it.

"What's wrong young one?" Papa asked.

"Daddy hit me. No thumb. Naughty Sev" he cried

"Sev your old daddy and mommy are gone" papa said. This made Sev cry harder. His mommy was nice.

"Shhh little one, papa is here" he said and picked up the little boy and slightly started to rock him.

"M-mommy" he whimpered.

"You have a new mommy" papa said.

"Can I see her" he asked.

"Sure. Peter go get Wendy" he said. Peter left. Sev calmed down.

"Tom. Where is he " a red haired girl ran in.

"Here love" he said and held the half asleep child to her. Wendy smiled and gently grabbed the child. The child made a noise and snuggled into her.

"He's really is ares Tom" she whispered and stroked a piece of black hair out of his eyes. Tom smiled at his wife and kissed her cheek.