Entertainment Daily Exclusive: Seattle's sleeping beauty finally makes an appearance and the photos will shock you.

For weeks the rumor mill has been working overtime – where on earth is Anastasia Grey?

It was months ago that Hollywood's sweetheart tied the knot with Seattle billionaire Christian Grey, but since the nuptials the Academy award winning actress hasn't been seen or heard from leading to speculation that the famous couple had parted ways. Multiple sightings of self-made billionaire, Grey, flying solo only fuelled these rumors leaving devastated fans convinced that the couple's Hollywood romance had in fact ended in a box office flop.

We here at Entertainment Daily can finally put these rumours to rest. Remember you read it here first!

Spotted leaving a local clothing boutique late this evening, hand-in-hand with her husband, actress Anastasia Grey was sporting a shocking new accessory – a very, very noticeable baby bump.

Looks like our favourite couple weren't a flop after all, they were in fact busy creating their very own sequel.

See below for all the exclusive photos and stay tuned for more . . .