The Domino's fall

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A/N Welcome to chapter 4 the harem is as follows; Padme, Female Gaara, Hinata, Female Neji, Female Itachi, Female Kakuzu, Female Kisame, Tsunade, Female Pein, Konan, and Female Madara. Now I humbly present chapter 4. The ballroom scene was inspired by NBC's Dracula and Naruto's attire in the second part of the chapter is a combination of the Grammaton cleric form Equilibrium and the mask from Lost in Space.

Chapter four the Spider and the Fly

Two months after the birth of Luke and Leia

The carriage rocked and jumped with every pothole and bump on the road, its three occupants conversed about the party that they were invited to. Gaara spoke "I hate going to these things." Her sister Temari tried to soothe her sibling "At least you'll be out of the office." Gaara nodded and looked out of the window, it was seven years ago today that her secret crush had seemingly vanished off the face of the earth. When news of Naruto Uzumaki's banishment became known to the public there was an international backlash, the bridge builder Tazuna had broken most ties with Konoha save trade the man decided to up the taxes when exporting goods. In the land of spring princess Koyuki had banned leaf shinobi from entering her country and had stopped all trade with leaf, and upon finding out that Gaara was a good friend to her countries savior she decided to lower the cost of exports to Suna.

Meanwhile Suna Shinobi were sent out to find Naruto and bring him to Suna, however nothing turned up. It was as if her crush had simply been whisked away. She had hope that he would be found, and always kept news reports on possible sightings. Then one week ago spring had appointed a Hakushaku to the northern region of spring country, she had received a sighting report along with an invitation to a ball in the Count's honor. She wanted to decline but at the urging of her sister she got a dress and packed a Suna shinobi outfit, if the teams couldn't find him maybe she could. She was brought out of her musings when the carriage stopped, she got tense for a moment at the unexpected stop but relaxed when Kankuro said "We're here, kami what a long trip." He exited followed by Temari and lastly Gaara herself. The sand siblings shivered from the cold as they made their way inside.

Naruto watched as his guest's arrived, a cruel smile played on his lips as he saw various konoha council members make their way to his door. He turned from his window and set his sights on two cribs. One for his son and another for his daughter, Padme entered the room. He kissed her and put on his jacket for his suit. The parents exited the room, Naruto left behind a shadow clone and R2-D2 as a precaution against intruders. His secret keeper and "bodyguard" Kimiko Kaguya greeted them with a bow "Naruto-sama the guests have arrived and have been photographed upon entry." He smiled at her "Thank you for seeing to the details, you will be well rewarded." She bowed and left to make sure the party went off without a hitch.

He stood in front of a mirror within his hallway the door closed so that his guests couldn't see him. Padme had applied makeup to cover his whisker birthmarks, she had even joked about putting a dress on him. He had declined of course but chuckled anyway. Padme stood behind him and looked appreciatively at his form, he looked at her and did the same appraising her saffron blue dress. He offered her his arm, which she took and he whispered "Let's have some fun." She kissed him and answered "Let the games begin." With that they exited the hall and waited to be introduced.

Gaara and company entered the warm castle, she gasped at the finery of the estate. Elegant art on the walls, champagne on the tables and guests in a ballroom, dancing the night away. She took note of just who was there, kage's their bodyguards, wealthy merchants, and even industrialists. She had never seen a party with this kind of magnitude. Then she heard two names being called out to announce an important guests arrival "Sasuke Uchiha and his fiancé Sakura Haruno" Gaara made a bee line for the Champaign table and took a glass. Upon picking it up she found that it was a rather expensive glass and looking at the table she noted that whoever this Hakushaku was he certainly went all out with the decorum.

She turned when a soft voice behind her said "Kazekage-sama it is good to see you again." Gaara looked at the one who addressed her, it was Nejiko Hyuga she was about to greet one of her most trusted friends when a whiny voice interrupted her "Hey, get out of my way." The two women looked at the pink haired newcomer and walked at a brisk pace away from their hated enemy. "Anyway, it's good to see you Nejiko-chan." She greeted warmly said woman smiled and said "Kazekage-sama do you know which one is Dooku?" the red heads face contorted at the strange name but answered "I don't know who this Dooku is, but I'm sure he will announce himself to a great fanfare. They always do at these things." The two Konoichi conversed for a few more minutes until Nejiko was called to guard Hanabi. Said Hyuga went back to the main family gathered into a corner.

Then a woman in a light purple kimono ascended the stairs and stood near the bottom she placed herself a foot taller than the guests and spoke in a voice that commanded respect "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my supreme pleasure to introduce, the master and mistress of Inuyama castle; Hakushaku Dooku and his wife Padme Amidala." The crowd applauded and Naruto reached for a glass of wine that was handed to him which he passed to his wife and then he took a glass of bourbon for himself. He locked eyes with Gaara for a few moments but gathered himself "Welcome to my house, may you come and go in peace, and please leave some of the happiness you bring." He raised his glass in a toast. The audience applauded as the duo stepped down the stairs, Naruto politely acknowledged his guests on the outside but he was merely sizing up his targets.

Then he stopped in front of a group of Konoha councilmen, one stuck out his hand to shake Naruto shook the offered hand and noted that the man was councilman Haruno a wealthy and corrupt banker. "Hakushaku it is an honor to meet you, I am Saigo Haruno." He was about to continue introductions when Naruto interrupted him "Yes, I know who you all are. What can I do for you?" the man smiled pleasantly making Naruto want to strangle him. Haruno spoke again "This is kind of embarrassing but I would like to ask you if you would perhaps talk to the princess about allowing Konoha to resume trade with spring country? It would be most beneficial to you." Naruto was boiling on the inside and was about to rebuff the pink haired man but Padme beat him to the punch "Perhaps the two of you can discuss it tomorrow, my husband doesn't like to mix business and pleasure." The man looked at Padme with a stern expression "Forgive me but I believe I was speaking to your husband." Before Naruto could say anything the group of men walked away briskly.

Naruto turned to Kimiko who had been waiting for her lord "Excuse me, Hakushaku-sama it is time." Naruto nodded and headed over to a podium in order to make an important announcement. On the way there Padme whispered to him "I'm going to turn in, still tired from the twins." The blonde nodded and kissed her good bye. Kimiko stood at the bottom of the stairs again, the lights dimmed and a spotlight shown on her. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please gather in the center of the ballroom. Hakushaku Dooku would like to present his latest marvel." The guests did as asked, Gaara got to the front she had heard rumors of developing technology in spring country.

She wanted to see it for herself. The spotlight moved on Naruto whom addressed the crowd. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm not much for speeches but my company and I have been working tirelessly to help improve human lives. We have created what was thought to be impossible, the very first wireless geomagnetic light bulb." Naruto's servants carried down boxes of his wireless light bulbs, Naruto began moving along the front row of his audience handing out bulbs to some of his guests (Gaara included) personally. Then he took his position on the podium and turned to Kimiko "Tell the men to turn on the machine." The woman nodded and spoke the order into a telephone.

Gaara stared at the bulb in her hand, her mind was swarmed with questions. She wondered if it worked would Suna be able to afford such things as advanced as this, if it worked. After a moment nothing happened, Gaara looked up and realized that Dooku was looking at her, she felt mesmerized by his hypnotic blue eyes. She looked down again and a large smile lit her face as soon as she realized that the light in her hand was glowing. The count laughed and soon the entire ball room glowed with light. But after a few minutes they went out.

The party went on into the night until twelve o'clock, Naruto situated himself at the door shaking hands and bowing to his guests. He was starting to enjoy himself especially when Tsunade, Gaara, and Hinata along with her cousin Nejiko in that order thanked him for a wonderful evening, that was until Saigo and his spawn along with her fiancé had met him. "That was quite the trick but if you think you have fooled anyone with that stunt you are surely mistaken." Naruto smiled and narrowed his eyes "Really now?" he said barely restraining himself. The man continued "I promise you than none of your contraptions will ever meet the shelves within fire country, you sir are a fraud." The other two passed him and when Sasuke did the raven haired man sent a little killing intent making Naruto want to laugh.

The doors closed, Kimiko stood beside her lord the woman sensed that he was enraged "My lord would you like him 'taken care of'" Naruto nodded in the affirmative but stopped his subordinate. "Not you personally, I think that Kira deserves a treat for going along with the move and the cold." Kimiko nodded slightly disappointed that her lord didn't utilize her, he spoke again "Do not misunderstand, you are more than capable. I just don't want those beautiful hands of yours to get bloody." Her face reddened, ever since he killed Orochimaru and set her free he loved her hands, she would always have them tucked behind her sleeves when she wore kemono's and would only let them be visible to him or his wife. Padme had made a point to get her gloves so as not to ruin her hands. She bowed low to him and said "It shall be done as per your instruction."

Later that night

Saigo Haruno had been fast asleep when he heard patting on the floor of his hotel room. He looked around sleepily but saw nothing, it wasn't Sakura she was in Sasuke's room. He put it out of his mind and went back to sleep until he heard it again, he sat up in his bed. It was then that the moonlight had flooded the bedroom and to Saigo's horror a four eyed, fanged face that was stuck in a grin made its presence known. He made a terrified squeak, the creature growled reared back and pounced on the terrified man. The sounds of screaming and flesh tearing was or would have been heard had a certain sith lord not put a silencing jutsu on the room.

Naruto put Kira back into his pen after his midnight snack, he chuckled to himself as he went to his room. Padme was asleep by the time he entered the room. He took off his suit and washed the makeup away, he joined his lover on bed and wrapped his arms around her. Naruto kissed his beloved on the cheek and whispered "No one will ever talk to you disrespectfully." He went to sleep with a smile as his plan was in motion and Konoha's days were numbered.

The next morning

Naruto held his son in his arms, he was seated in his office signing documents with the force as he played with Luke. His intercom went off "Hakushaku-sama the Kazekage is here to see you." He put on a henge before replying "Very well please send her in." the door to his office opened and Gaara and her siblings walked into his domain. He smiled a true pleasant smile "Ah Kazekage-dono good morning, what can I do for you today?" Gaara bowed in respect "I apologize for not making an appointment Hakushaku Dooku. But I must ask after last night's demonstration how far along are your people in perfecting your light bulbs?" Naruto grinned mentally 'Something's never change, straight to the point as ever eh Gaara-chan' he stood and walked over to the door and motioned for them to follow.

The trio followed him down the hall where he made a stop at a room "Please wait in the hall, I must lay my son down for a nap." He entered the room to do just that and turned the baby monitor on, within seconds he was back in the hallway. He brought them down a flight of stairs and through a secret door. The sand siblings came upon a generator "pretty soon we will be able to power an entire city with just three of these." He tapped the generator as he told them of its future capabilities. Gaara voiced a question "Are they wind and sand resistant?" Naruto smiled and replied "remember signing approval for a mission here? Three weeks back?" Gaara nodded the Count himself had specifically requested that she send three jonin it was considered an A rank mission. "I had them create a contained sand storm, it passed my test with only minimal damage." Gaara was amazed at the foresight that the man before her seemed to possess.

They returned to his office and sat down for tea, then Gaara asked a rather pointed question "So how much would you say it costs for us to have one shipped to Suna?" the answer stunned the siblings "Absolutely nothing." They were wide eyed then Kankuro spoke "Your creating an amazing piece of technology that would probably cost millions of Ryo just to keep running and your just giving it away?" Naruto nodded "it sounds silly but I'm not doing this out of the kindness of my heart, an old friend informed me that Suna was a very upright and good village. He moved me with his words so much that I'm willing to give it to you for free, the generator at least the bulbs themselves are a different story." Temari decided to ask "Just who told that?" Naruto answered and once again left the siblings shocked "Uzumaki Naruto."

Gaara was trembling when she heard the news that her crush was friends with a very powerful and influential figure "W-When did you last see him? Please I need to know." She said with a shaky voice, the blonde man shrugged his shoulders and said "I saw him yesterday morning, he said he was going to Suna." The red head stood bowed to him saying "Thank you Hakushaku." And shunshined herself and her siblings to the train station. Leaving Naruto with a smirk, he needed her to be there for him to 'acquire' new staff to his work force. He then canceled his meetings for the next three days and told his wife that he was going for a few days. He instructed Kimiko to guard his wife and children with her life.

Two days later

Sunagakure outskirts

Deidara and Sasori looked at the lights of the Village of Sand, the wind battered their coats but neither paid it any mind as they would move out shortly. Then beside them a fly trap looking plant emerged from the ground, it opened revealing a black and white man. The man looked at his compatriots and spoke "leader says that the time has come to get the Shukaku." The duo nodded as the plant man sunk back into the sands. Deidara looked to his partner and was about to say something but he heard a snap hiss, the duo turned the opposite direction to the sounds source. "Who the fuck are you?" Deidara asked looking at the new comer, the man wore a black coat that went to his knees, black pants and shoes. He finished the look with a metal slated mask that covered his head. The man simply disappeared, causing the two missing ninja to be on guard.

After a few minutes of nothing they relaxed, then they were wrenched by a choking sensation. Both fell to their knees, then a dark voice spoke "Rule number one never let your guard down. You fail my test." The crushing intensified and soon both men's necks snapped. Both bodies fell to the sandy ground below them. Naruto was extremely disappointed in the S ranked criminals "perhaps Suna will pass my expectations. Gaara-chan for your sake and your villages, you better have gotten stronger." He said to himself. The sith lord set his saber to the minimum power level, it would bruise and sting but it wouldn't destroy their weapons.

The young sith lord ignited his lightsaber and broke into a run churning up dust in his wake. The Suna guards saw this and sounded the alarm, and within minutes every civilian was indoors. Naruto ran straight for the main Suna gate, only to stop a yard from it. The dust settled, giving the Suna Shinobi a full view of their attacker three jumped in front of the masked man. "What is your business here?" Naruto slowly raised his hand making the guards tense, and extending his fingers the blonde shattered the front gate sending the shinobi flying. Naruto opened his arms, in a way that said 'come get me' sand wrapped around his and Naruto caught sight of his assailant, standing on top of a building was Gaara in all her glory.

'Naruto' then popped signaling that what Gaara had ensnared was a clone. Her eyes widened as a voice spoke far behind her "your reaction time is right on the dot Sabaku no Gaara. I expect nothing less." She turned and regarded the intruder with rage in her eyes, she had been close to crying when she found out that the one she was looking for had not arrived in Suna. Now there was an intruder in the village. Naruto spoke again "you passed my initial test but let's see about my second." He ignited his saber again, and lunged at Gaara. She reacted faster than when they fought last, but Naruto had the force with him. Gaara grabbed his ankle and tossed him towards the cliff.

Naruto corrected himself in midair and landed on his feet on the cliff face, Gaara lifted herself off of the ground and stood on his level with her sand. "What do you want, why are you here?" she asked anger present in her voice Naruto simply said "I'm testing you, and I've wanted to fight you for a long time. By the way about a mile north are the bodies of two Akatsuki members, I would want to identify them if I were you." She growled and launched her sand at him. Naruto ran up the cliff and onto the top of the plateau, Gaara followed intent on making the masked man talk.

Naruto was waiting for Gaara at the top, when the red head landed she noticed that he didn't have the red device in hand instead it was clipped to his belt. She looked at her opponent her expression blank, she moved her sand "Sand Tsumami!" she shouted and being only twelve feet away Naruto decided to use the force. He lifted his hands and stopped the attack. Gaara's eyes widened the masked man stopped not dodged stopped her attack, without physically touching it. Then what happened next she wasn't prepared for when he sent it back at her, she stopped it only to notice a Crimson light above her head. Naruto utilized the falling leaf, and aimed a strike at her head. Thankfully the blow was blocked by her own tenant, she made a grab at him with her sand and she finally caught him.

With enough force to kill Gaara slammed Naruto into the ground. She tried to use desert funeral on him but Naruto had breached the surface of the sand and grabbed her neck with the force. She struggled to breathe as she felt invisible hands wrap around her throat, she increased the pressure on her attacker. And with a pop the masked man vanished but the grip did not. Then as suddenly as the invisible hands came they left. Gaara gasped for breathe and air filled her lungs. She looked around when she heard clapping, her masked assailant applauded as he spoke "My, My call me impressed. I didn't expect anything less form a kage. I bet you dying to know just who the hell is under this helmet." She narrowed her eyes and wondered why he wasn't attacking, he decided to answer her unasked question "I'm not attacking because you passed my test and your reward is…" Naruto Kamuied behind her and faster than Shukaku could block he knocked her unconscious.

Ten minutes later

Gaara woke up in a bed, at first she was scared that Shukaku had gotten loose but her thoughts of alarm were silenced when a familiar voice caught her ear. "Good your awake." she spun to her kidnaper and tried to engulf him in sand that was until she found that she couldn't move her arm. In fact she couldn't move her body, her hands were at her sides and she saw her captor. "Are you going to take the Shukaku?" Naruto stopped for a moment and said "I only want to talk, remain calm, do not attack me and I will release you." She nodded and the pressure on her limbs was gone she sat down on a couch. She grew impatient when he sat opposite of her, Naruto took off his mask. Gaara's eyes widened upon seeing her crush. "N-Naruto-kun?" he nodded and she embraced him in a tight hug. "Why did you attack Suna?" she asked tearfully.

He grasped her hands and told her about the last six years how he was nearly killed by Sasuke, how he was trained in the ways of the force. How he had assassinated an emperor and his apprentice, he even revealed that he was Dooku and the name had been his former masters."… So after I fulfilled my end of the bargain I came back here. Two months later and I had a business empire to my name." Gaara was star struck "So what happens now? What will you do to the elemental nations?" Naruto adopted a small smile "the elemental nations? Nothing, Konoha on the other hand has been a thorn in my side since day one." Then he said "I know that you have no love for Konoha save for a few individuals, but Konoha's civilian council had its influence spread to Suna's own council and they are planning to assassinate you." Her eyes narrowed at the accusation that one of her own planned to betray her "I hope that you have proof Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled and reached into his coat pocket, then he handed her a letter which she read. After finishing it she closed her eyes and a single tear rolled down her cheek. Naruto brought her head close and pressed his lips to hers, Gaara kissed him back. After a moment the two parted "Naruto your married…" he smiled and said "I have already explained the clan restoration act to her and Padme is ok with it so long as no favoritism is applied." Then the two crashed lips again, after a while Naruto spoke "I will destroy Konoha, I will raze the city to the ground. The corruption is so rampant that the only way to save its citizens is proverbial amputation. I came to you to fight and test you to make sure that you had gotten strong, and you have passed my expectations. So now I ask you will you join me? Together we will change the world making it better for all those that live within it."

Gaara stood and thought for a moment then she answered "I have seen the elemental nations tear at each other time and time again. Peace must be established in order for us to flourish. So I accept your alliance proposal on the condition" she blushed at what she was about to say "that you and I have a marriage contract." Naruto smiled warmly and kissed her once more "it will be done my lady." He whispered, put on his mask and stood "Come you must return to your village, they will be missing you." She nodded and took his out stretched hand. Naruto Kamuied to the out skirts of Suna, the two said their temporary good byes and gaara gathered sand beneath her and she flew towards her village.

Naruto stood watching her for a few minutes, but turned around and out stretched his hand and with an upward motion Naruto unearthed Zetsu, who had been monitoring them. "Ah so you must be Zetsu," the fly trap opened revealing the man inside who shook in fear at Naruto's red slitted eyes. Naruto gripped the plant man's throat with the force and said "you are going to tell me everything about the Akatsuki. Where they are based out of, who their leader is, and who the members are." The plant man nodded rapidly afraid of what this man might be capable of.

Thirty minutes later

Pein the leader of Akatsuki was holding the annual meeting with its various members. "Itachi and Kisame have you found the Kyuubi yet?" the Rinnengan eyed woman asked the duo that were tracking Naruto Uzumaki. "No there hasn't been a single track of Naruto-kun" answered the Uchiha female whose partner grunted beside her. "Why hasn't Zetsu reported in yet?" asked a tall woman who wore a waterfall headband. "I'm afraid that he is indisposed of." Answered a voice startling all of the Akatsuki, causing them to turn and look at an uninvited guest that had made his presence known by projecting his voice. "Two down, six to go. Listen Akatsuki and listen well, this is a message from Darth Geist join the Sith or Die I will await your answer in three weeks' time on Samurai bridge in the land of Iron. This will be my only offer." The figure disappeared leaving the remainder to their thoughts.

Naruto stepped out of the projector and faced Zetsu who cowered at the entrance. The two walked out of the base, Naruto gripped the man's throat with the force and spoke in an icy tone "You now serve me, you will not ask any questions about the missions that I will send you on. You will complete these missions to the letter if you fail you will die, if you refuse you will die and if you try to run… I will make the rest of your days the most painful and agonizing experience that you will ever endure. Understand?" Zetsu nodded rapidly "Y-You're the boss." He shakily confirmed. Naruto smiled and said "and do not forget it, now I have a certain artifact that I would like found, it is called the Ravager. You will bring it to me in spring country. And don't worry about finding me I will find you." Zetsu gulped and sank into the ground to begin his mission.

Naruto then stared off into the distance, the Desert around him looked as if it was an ocean. He then turned his gaze skywards and smiled. He would soften up the leaf economically then he would destroy it. The pieces were falling into place, and in the end it would be him and his allies that would create a new age of peace. He could hardly wait. Now all he had to do was make a call to someone.