Before I continue this, I wanted to test the waters so to speak (and cutting it here kind of adds to the tension), so here's the prologue.

Warning: It's AU-ish. May or may not have bl. But most likely not. Nothing major though. Erratic updates since I'm neck-high in school.

Tetsuya had spent his whole life being ignored. Not purposely of course, the boy was too polite and good mannered for being treated like that. No, he simply didn't have enough presence to be noticed by anyone, and his parents weren't an exception. Though of the latter, Tetsuya was happy he could blame their work for that (they travelled the world either for a job or a meeting), since well, it's not nice getting forgotten.

That's how life was for Tetsuya when…he died. On the day of his sixteenth lonely birthday he went to his favorite place in the world. If he walked—without getting run over— to the edge of the city, if he followed the mountain trail that led all the way to the top, there he could see a pristine white gazebo overlooking part of the mountain as well as Tetsuya's city.

That was where Tetsuya currently was, leaning his elbows on the white rail, gazing at the thousands of people that couldn't notice him. He wasn't the only one there of course, but the couple that was there hadn't noticed him either.

The shadow boy sighed heavily. "Happy Birthday to me. Now I'm a year older. A year closer to the end of my existence. I wonder if someone will notice me now that I'm sixteen?" He repeated the words he uttered in each passing birthday, the hope of having friends never vanishing despite everything. He shook his head to get rid of depressing thoughts and, catching a glimpse of dark blue peeking from his side of the gazebo's roof he leaned over. As he craned his neck to catch a glimpse of what that blue was, the railing gave a loud creak-

And Tetsuya fell over, along with a rusty portion of the railing.

But he didn't die yet. No, fate was cruel enough to leave the boy hanging by a hand. Tetsuya cried out in panic, willing someone to hear him for once. He felt a bit relieved at hearing rushed footsteps and he saw the panicked faces of the couple —one brunette girl pushing her redhead girlfriend back slightly in a protective gesture— peeking from their safe vantage point.

Tetsuya couldn't dare to move, his voice was practically nonexistent by now (he barely spoke, and when he did it was in a whisper) so the boy could only convey his presence by staring at them….

"Oh my god! What happened here?" The redhead cried out in alarm, a hand resting on the brunette's shoulders.

"Looks like the railing was rusty," The other —unnecessarily said, brushing a hand against the redhead's. "Thankfully nobody was there when it happened, it's one ugly way of dying-"

"Hey, are you sure no one was here? That no one fell?" Tetsuya's face brightened suddenly. "I thought I heard someone screaming-"

"….Dear lord, I hope you're wrong. Hey! Is there anyone there?!"

"…Maybe whoever fell…just fell. You know what I mean…"

"…I guess all we can do now is call the police to give them the heads up…" The leading girl whispered in anguish. Anguish that reflected —tenfold— on the hanging boy.

Was it too much to ask?

The ground crumbled under Tetsuya's hand.

Was it really too much to ask?

Tetsuya's weight did the job of pulling the piece of dirt he had managed to grab on to apart, sending the numb boy tumbling to his death.

Why couldn't anyone see him? Why was it so hard to notice him?

Teal colored eyes filled with tears. It would have been much better if he hadn't managed to hang on, if he'd just died without that last sign that he didn't exist for anyone.

And just before the trees started clouding his peripheral vision, he caught sight of the top of the gazebo. There was nothing there.

'The icing on the cake' Tetsuya thought as a wry smile curved his lips, as the ground caught his fall unmercifully, as his vision blurred before darkening. At least, luck allowed his death to arrive at making contact.

To be Continued…


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