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Summary: Clary Fray was Chosen. That meant she was one to be chosen out of the many other girls who were Chosen. She will attend the ceremony where the Saviour young men will choose mates. Jace Herondale has his eye of out favorite red head, but so does Sebatian. Who will win Clary's heart, if anyone will?

"Clarissa Fray" the Announcer said into the mike. Me, I of all people was picked. I didn't want this. I just did it for my mum. Please just let this be a dream.

"Clarissa Adele Fray. Step up now please." I quickly snapped out of my shocked state and went onto the stage and stood next to the podium. "Let's have a round of applause for our 5th Chosen." The crowd applauded politely. "You go return to your seat, Clarissa." I quickly scurried to my seat.

No. NO! Why did they have to choose me? What did they see in me? I wondered how I was to get out of this. Suddenly, the Announcer interrupted my thoughts.

"Now, please welcome your prince and future King, Prince Jonathan!" We all applaud. Jonathan is good-looking. Okay, he's downright sexy. With his golden hair and pools of gold he calls his eyes. He's wearing his signature smirk and waves while blows kisses to the crowd. 'Arrogant ass' I think as I roll my eyes. His Guard, Sebatian Verlac follows closely behind him. He is handsome as well, but the complete opposite of Jonathan. While Jonathan has a bright golden halo like he was born from an angel, Sebatian had silvery-white hair that framed his rounded face. While Jonathan's eyes shone like light, Sebastian's were like endless pits that could swallow you if you looked at hem too long. While Jonathan holds his head high and struts to the center of the stage, winking at girls, Sebastian smiles almost shyly and waves.

"Please, call me Jace." Jonathan says in a smooth voice. God, his voice sounds like silk. 'Snap out of it, Clary.' I think to myself quickly. Jace continues, "I am here to welcome all those who have become Chosen. Congratulations!" he exclaims and begins clapping. Everyone quickly follows his lead. "I'm sure most of you know the rules, but just in case any of you have experienced a major case of amnesia because of staring at my godlike body for too long, I'll repeat them!" he says. Everyone in the room except me chuckles; I didn't find that very funny.

As if sensing my humorlessness, Sebastian turns around and looks right at me. I expect scorn in his eyes, as I see in other boys expressions when they look at me. Instead I see something I don't recognize. It quickly flashes across his face but is gone as soon as it came. He quickly regains his composure and smiles at me. I don't smile back.

Jace is still talking. "The Chosen have a chance to win a Saviour over to welcome them into their lives and have them become their companions. You have every right to try and charm us with your humor and smart-assed brain, but when the week is over, it is up to the Saviours to choose. This year, the Saviours that will be choosing a young woman to join him will be Alec Lightwood, Simon Lewis, Jordan Kyle, Sebastian Verlac right here, and of course, the gorgeous one that you will surely all be after, ME!" At this, everybody cheers.

"You are now free to go. Magnus Bane will be showing you to your room." With that, he turns and exits the stage. Sebastian turns to leave as well, but I swear he snuck a glance at me before he left. Before I can get too deep into my thoughts, Magnus Bane, I assume, begins talking. I don't think I've ever seen a man so blingy. Rings line his fingers. Glitter litters his artfully spiked hair, obviously meant to look like he just got out of bed. "Now! You will all be sharing a room! Hope you don't mind! Actually, I don't really care, just don't attack each other." He says motioning us to follow him.

We quickly reach a large room full of beds with trunks at the foot of each one. Nothing to fancy. Good. "Nice!" a girl with flowing black hair beside me whispers. I turn to look at her. She's gorgeous. I wouldn't be surprised if she was picked by Jonathan-Jace, himself. I smile. "Isabelle Lightwood." she says holding out a hand. "Clary Fray." I state shaking hers. Now it's her turn to smile. "Wanna crash together?" She asks excitedly. "Sure." I shrug, "I could use a friend." "Fantastic!"

Isabelle turns out to be a really great friend. She's big on fashion, and doesn't really care if she gets picked of not. Looks like I found a friend! We grab beds close to each other and she crashes the moment her head hits here pillow. I can't sleep though. I keep thinking of how horrible it would be if I was picked. I begin to feel drowsy and soon realize I'm falling asleep. The last thoughts that run through my head before I drift into darkness is how Sebastian was staring at me. Before I know it, I'm asleep.

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