Title Series: Slayer in a Half Shell
Rating: R
Chapter Title: To The Hellmouth
Author: White Werewolf
Category: B/X
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Spoilers: up to Season 4 after Oz leaves but before Tara
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Summary: The Ninja Turtles chase Shredder to the Hellmouth before he can go through to Dimension X. Now, they head for Sunnydale with a friend already there. Xander actually visited them during his road trip.
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Shredder was in his quarters debating the best way to stop his current turtle infestation. Every time he had a plan created and put into progress, they always managed to stop it. The Shredder hated them with all his heart. Unfortunately, he couldn't think of any way to put a stop to them.

He started to pace back and forth to allow his mind to function properly. However, nothing came to mind. The Shredder went to his bed and lay down.


The Shredder jumped to his feet at the sound of his name. The tone of the voice sent a shiver down his spine. He knew exactly who it was. The Shredder left his quarters and headed toward the control center

He walked inside the control center and found the source of his name being yelled. The Shredder walked over to a gigantic robot that had a brain in the waist of its body. "What is it Krang? I was trying to find a way to destroy those damn turtles."

Krang turned around to face Shredder. "I actually found a way to enter Dimension X."

"Really?" Shredder asked with a hint of surprise.

At that moment, two mutants entered the main control center. One was a rhinoceros and the other was a warthog. Both of them appeared to be in human form. The rhinoceros known as Rocksteady walked over to Krang and Shredder. "What's going on, Boss?"

"It appears Krang has a way to get to Dimension X." Shredder replied.

"Ok," said the warthog known as Bebop.

"What do we do?" Rocksteady asked.

"I want Shredder and you two to go to Sunnydale, California."

"What's in Sunnydale?" Bebop asked.

"Duh. Disneyland. I want to go on the teacups." Rocksteady said with pride.

"That's in Virginia, Dork." Bebop told him.

"Your both wrong, Bebop and Rocksteady. The Hellmouth is in Sunnydale. If we open the Hellmouth, we can take the Technodrome home to Dimention X."

"So what do you want us to do, Krang?" The Shredder asked the brain. "I mean the turtles will probably find a way to stop us as usual."

Krang walked over to the counted and picked up a canister and handed it to Shredder. "Take this mutagen, use it to create a better mutant than these two nimrods." Krang told him while pointing to Bebop and Rocksteady.

"We're not, nimrods!" Rocksteady yelled.

"What's a nimrod?" Bebop questioned.

Shredder shook his head in disgust. Good help is so hard to find He simply ignored them. "How do we open this Hellmouth?"

Krang looked at Shredder and simply replied. "To open the Hellmouth, all you have to do is find three things."

"And what are those three things, Krang?" The Shredder questioned.

"The Jewel of Zanubis, Sword of Jiptko, and Ring of Squinix."

"How do we find those things, Boss?" Bebop asked while running his hands down his mohawk.

A member of the foot clan walked over to the four and handed Shredder a device.

The Shredder inspected every inch of the device. He noticed that there was a clear screen with a red button marked for power. The device was silver itself and in the form of a mini tape recorder. He quickly placed it in his pocket and looked back at Krang. "What's this thing for?"

"That will let you find the three things. It's designed to locate what you need. When you get close to one of them, a beeping sound will be made. The louder the beep is, the closer you are." Krang instructed calmly.

Rocksteady scratched the back of his head and asked, "When do we leave, Krang?"

"Good question." Bebop snorted.

"I think you should leave now." Krang replied. "Take the Mutant Module to the surface."

With that being said, Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady headed for Sunnydale.

***The Turtle Sewer Layer***

Raphael and Leonardo were circling each other in the training room.

Leonardo launched forward taking out one of his katana swords from his back and struck Raphael.


Raphael blocked with one of his sais and added in a swift kick into Leo's yellow chest. "Take that, Leo!"

Leonardo landed on the ground with pain. He looked up and saw his brother had straddled him. "I mean come on, Leonardo. I always knew you were a pushover."

Leonardo took his hands and pushed Raphael off of him flying him back to the wall. Leo jumped back to his feet and pointed his sword toward his brother. "I think you're the pushover."

Raphael's head throbbed a little but it ended rather rapidly. He stood back up and charged forward with his sais coming at Leo weapons first.

Leonardo leaned into Raph's charge and through his body over his shoulder.

Raphael landed on the sewer floor but somersaulted onto his feet. He spun around and punched his turtle brother in the jaw.

The two of them began sparring for about four minutes until someone yelled, "Get in here, guys. I think you should see this!"

Leonardo and Raphael walked into Donatello's lab to find him watching something on the new surveillance monitor.

"What's up, Dudes?" Michaelangelo asked as he stepped through the sewer hole opening carrying a pizza box.

"You got a slice for the rest of us, Mikey. I got hungry beating the crap out of Leo." Raph said with pride.

"You didn't beat me, Raph. You simply blocked my attacks." Leo said playfully.

"I beat you, and you know it!" Raphael said while pointing at his brother.

"No you didn't!"

Donatello just walked over to Michaelangelo and grabbed a slice of pizza out of the box. "Do you think these two will ever stop?"

Mikey looked at his brother and simply said, "Do they ever?"

"Good point." Donatello replied.

"What did you want to show us, Dude?" Michaelangelo asked as he scratched the back of his head.

Donatello walked over to the now sparring Leonardo and Raphael. "I hate to break up the bonding. But I've got some news on Shredder."

Everyone fell silent at the name of their arch nemesis.

Leonardo now looked at Donatello. "What's the Shredder up to now, Don?"

At that moment, Splinter walked into the room.

Everyone brought their attention to their Sensei.

"What news do you have on Shredder, Donatello?"

"According to the surveillance camera we installed, Shredder and his goons are going to Sunnydale to send the Technodrome back to Dimension X." Donetello said with pride.

Raphael walked over to his purple wearing banded brother. "What's in Sunnydale?"

Donatello just retuned his brother's look with a confused look and replied, "The Hellmouth?"

Everyone minus Splinter was stunned. Nobody ever heard of the Hellmouth.

Leonardo took out his sword and rested on his right shoulder. He turned his attention to Splinter. "What's the Hellmouth, Master?"

Splinter walked to the center of the room and spoke to his students. "The Hellmouth is a demonic gateway that leads to other dimensions. If Shredder gets three items, he could very well enter it to Dimension X. He has to find the Jewel of Zanubis, Sword of Jiptko, and Ring of Squinix"

Leonardo looked back at his sensei, "Master, we need to go to Sunnydale and stop him."

Raphael always thought that he should be leader. Within his past few years, Leo has always made the important decisions, and he was sick of it. He always tried to make an effort to challenge his authority. "I think you may be right, fearless leader. We just can't go there, and expect the people to be fine with us. Haven't you looked at us lately? We're turtles, not humans."

Leonardo just sneered back at his younger brother. "I know that Raph. We're just going to live in the sewers as usual, and head out at night."


Everyone turned their attention to Michaelangelo. "What is it, Mikey?"

Even though Michaelangelo was often considered the goofball of the group, he did have some interesting outlook to situations. Then he remembered something that happened this past summer. "Don't we have a friend in Sunnydale? Maybe we could bunk with him."

Leonardo quickly went through his memory trying to remember what that friend's name was. Then he remembered him. "You mean Xander? You think he'll put us up."

Raphael just sighed. "You mean the boy who always tries to out due me in sarcasm?"

Splinter replied, "The one in the same."

Michaelangelo was full of pride. He returned, "Doesn't Xander have some friends too that might help us. He told us about the slayer and her watcher?"

Donatello simply replied, "They would help us for sure." He scanned the room and found his communicator. "We gave Xander one of these. I think we should contact him."

Leonardo walked over to Donatello. "Let me contact him."

Everyone agreed except for Raphael who just sighed.

Leonardo ignored Raph and called Xander. He waited a couple seconds for Xander to answer.

***The Bronze***

10 Minutes Prior

Xander Harris was sitting at his regular table at the Bronze. He needed some time alone. The white knight just sat there alone with his thoughts drinking a cup of Coke letting time slip by.

Truth be told, Xander felt ostracized at times. His best friends were off at college while he remained a townie. His girlfriend, Anya, only really cared about sex, and he liked it and all, but it was getting old. Deep down, Xander still loved Buffy and at times it gnawed at him.

During his first few years with her, Angel was always his competition for her. Buffy made it clear that she only thought of him as a friend, but Xander couldn't help it. You don't get to choose who you fall in love with.

At that moment the young petit blond woman entered the room and quickly noticed Xander. She made her way to his table. "Hey Xander."

He looked at her and his heart melted a little. "Hey Buff. What's a pretty girl like you, doing in a place like this?"

Buffy blushed a little. She quickly returned, "Willow's busy doing research for a project, Giles is off to some kind of conference, and Riley busy with the Initiative."

Xander looked a little hurt. "So that makes me your last resort. I feel great."

Buffy left her seat and walked around the table. She placed her arm around his muscular shoulders. "It's nothing like that, Xander. I'm glad to spend time with my Xander-shaped-friend."

He looked at her face and replied, "I know Buffy. It just hurt me a little though."

Buffy returned to her seat. "I'm sorry, Xander. How are things with Anya?"

"She's fine. I just needed some time away from her."

Buffy was stunned. She didn't believe Xander was one to leave his girlfriends alone. "What's the problem, Xander?"

"Nothing Buff."

"Come on, Xander. You can tell me."

Xander sighed and started at the table. Then he looked in her green eyes and replied, "It's just that with Anya it's always about the sex. Granted I love it and all, but it gets tiring after awhile."

Buffy just stared at him, and she could see the pain in his eyes. It really wasn't pain but more of being tired. "Just talk to her, Xander. Tell her what you feel."

Just as Xander was about to answer, something in his pants started to beep.



"Your pants are beeping."

Xander put his hand in his pocket and found a familiar shape inside. He never thought the turtles would call him, but he promised them that he would keep it on him. "That's the pager Anya gave me. I'll be right back." Buffy nodded as he walked over to the corner of the Bronze.

Xander took out his turtle communicator and flipped it open, "Hello?"


The picture on the communicator came on display. "Leonardo, how are you? I really can't talk right now."

"It'll only take a moment. I'm okay, but we have a problem. Remember Shredder."

Xander searched his memories and quickly remembered him. "Yes, why?"

"He's coming to Sunnydale to open the Hellmouth. I know this is too much to ask, but can we bunk with you during our stay?"

Xander searched the layout of his basement room in his mind trying to figure out if they could stay. Without much further debate, he decided that they could stay. "How long do you guys plan on staying? Don't get me wrong. I would love to catch up, but I still live with my parents."

"Don't worry, Xander. Master Splinter has taught us the ways of the ninja. We won't be discovered."

Xander knew that Splinter was an expert in martial arts, and that was true. "You can stay, but who's going to watch over New York."

"We haven't thought about that much, but I believe Casey Jones'll be able to take over. Anyway, Shredder's on his way to Sunnydale."

"I'll see you in a couple of days. I'm not going to tell Buffy until you get here."

Leonardo nodded. "I understand, Xander. Four talking turtles and a talking rat might be too much for her."

"It's not that, Leo. We take down demons all the time, but other that the selected few, she doesn't talk to them."

"She'll talk to us if it concerns the Hellmouth though. Also we're mutants, not demons, Xander! You know that."

"Good point. I'll see you in a few days. Tell everyone I give my best. Tell Raph that I'm looking forward to another 'discussion.'"

"Sure, Xander. Thanks for the stay."

"No problem, Leonardo. I'll have to go shopping for more frozen pizzas."

Leonardo said goodbye and flipped his turtle communicator shut.

Xander closed his shut and placed into his pocket. He wasn't sure when they would call again. Xander had to make his room turtle and rat proof.

Xander looked across the room at Buffy. The way she sat there was a thing of pure beauty. Xander didn't want to let her know about the turtles yet. The only way for him to get by her was to lie, but Xander made a vow to himself not to lie again to her.

The only time he ever did lie was at the end of Jr. year of high school, but that was needed. If he didn't lie, she might have stalled in killing Angel giving him the upper hand.

Now, Xander had to tell Buffy something to get out of the Bronze. The last thing he wanted to do again was lie, but he didn't have a choice. Then he decided to not let her know yet, but be honest about it. In other words, Xander had to play with his words.

He walked back over to Buffy. Xander sat back down and took another sip.

"Everything okay, Xander?"

Xander simply nodded and replied, "That wasn't Anya. It was just a friend of mine. He needed a place to stay for awhile, so I told him he could stay with me."

"When's your friend coming over?"

Xander said honestly, "He's coming over in a few days. You'll get to meet him soon enough. I actually have to go home, Buffy. Tell the others I said hi."

Buffy got up from her seat and walked over to where Xander was sitting. She gave his shoulder a squeeze. "I'll let you go, Xander. Remember, talk to Anya. Tell her how you feel."

Xander stood up and gave her a hug. "Thanks Buffy. I needed someone to talk to, and you helped me."

Xander left Buffy's warm embrace and headed for his house.


Next Chapter: The turtles move into Xander's basement and reconnect. Shredder moves into a warehouse. Xander talks to Anya.