Three Weeks Later

Splinter walked into the middle of the training room to the Magic Box and saw Xander, Buffy, Raphael, and Leonardo training.

It did his heart proud to see his students training. This way he knew that he was respected.

Leonardo drove his katana forward, but Xander blocked it with his kama. The blue banded turtle turned his head, and saw his sensei approaching. "What do you need, Master Splinter?"

Splinter smiled, "Xander, can you come over here please? I have something for you."

Xander gulped, "Did I do anything wrong, Master Splinter?"

Splinter shook his head and chuckled a little, "No you didn't, Xander. Raphael, would you please get everyone in here. This is something that we would like to witness."

"Yes, Master Splinter." The turtle left the training room and soon came back in with the others.

Splinter began, "Good, you are all here. Please sit down. I have called you all in here today before my sons and I head back to Manhattan to witness Xander's rite of passage."

Xander questioned, "Rite of passage?"

Splinter nodded as he went to Giles. Giles knew what to do. He handed Splinter the package. Then the rat returned to Xander. "Xander, this past visit you have proven to have some extraordinary quality. You have proven yourself to be compassionate, loyal, brave, resourceful, and well trained. It is my privilege to award you this gift." He handed it to Xander.

Xander immediately replied, "Thank you, Master Splinter." He opened the white box and soon found a pair of weapons and a white bandana. He recognized the two weapons from his past, but they were polished and new. "I won't forget this."

"Kneel, Xander." And he did. Splinter walked over to him and took the white bandana and wrapped it around Xander's forehead, "This white bandana represents your rightful place among your turtle brothers. White represents purity which your heart has proven to be." Then he took the weapons and handed them to him, "these kamas are to be your weapons. Use them and cherish them, my son. They will prove to be very useful."

Xander looked at the kamas. The kamas were a pair of weapons. The blade was made of steal. It looked very much like a sickle. The staff of it was made out of wood. The staffs were about one and a half feet long. The blade was about eight inches in length. "Thank you, Master Splinter."

"Your welcome, my son. I am very proud of you." He turned to their families, "I would like Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michaelangelo to meet their new brother, Alexander LaVelle Harris."

Cheering filled the room at that very moment. Xander received hugs from Buffy and Willow while Giles, Splinter, Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Donatello shook his hand.

All of a sudden, a beeping sound was made.

Leonardo pulled out his communicator and fipped it open. Soon a picture of Casey Jones came into display. "Casey, what's up?"

Casey returned, "Leo, you better come back to Manhattan. We have a problem?"

"Problem?" Leonardo repeated. This turned everyone's attention to the communicator.

"Who you talking to?"

Leonardo asked, "Who's there with you, Casey?"

Casey Jones returned, "That's just my girlfriend, Faith."

Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles exchanged glances.

"We're going with you, guys. Faith's trouble." Buffy said.

"On our way, Casey." Leonardo said. Then he flipped his communicator shut.