"He said anything?" Michel asked his wife.

"Nope, he is silent since we got back." Esther answered.

"Caroline talked about divorce, she said she doesn't want alimony or anything, all she wants is divorce, she has nothing to do with Niklaus.." Michel continued.

" This girl..." Esther started just to be stopped.

"Please, be into her shoes, she is the most hurt one Esther, it will take time to heal, we cannot deny our monstrous behaviour towards her." Michel said sadly." God has been too kind to us, health, wealth, five wonderful children, an adorable grandchild, Katerina and of course Caroline, we failed Esther, we have been too oblivious about certain things."

Caroline cried for some time, Niklaus's pleading and begging were echoing in her mind. Damn! These hormones were playing havoc on her system. She heard her mother blabbering about Niklaus; Bill and Daniel were discussing something very serious.

Her phone rang, she took the call.

" You are crying?" the voice said.

Caroline stopped breathing for a second, "Niklaus..?"

" Who else? So, you are crying? I am a vile person, I hurt you, now you are away from me, then also you are crying..what is the matter with you love?"

"Please stop it..."Caroline cried more," for god's sake Niklaus, I am pregnant.."

" I know love, I am the one who made you pregnant..and just because I let you go today, do not have the illusion that you can leave me.."

Caroline remained silent.

" You ate? Had your medicine?"


"Take care of the baby, take care of yourself, otherwise.." his tone was dangerous.


" Don't you know me at all, love? Don't you know what I can do? I am capable of many things you may not like." Niklaus said in a cool tone.

" You will hurt me?"

" No, once is enough, I have no wish to repeat my mistake. Anyways, get some sleep."

However, Niklaus kept monitoring his wife, whether she got into her office at right time, whether she ate or took her medicine, he regularly met Sage to know about Caroline. Caroline completed the forth month of her pregnancy.

Caroline was getting heavier day by day, her pace became slower; Niklaus saved the pictures of Caroline which were taken secretly, by Niklaus. While being alone, Niklaus used to see those pictures, Caroline is eating sandwich, Caroline is laughing, adoring a kid, touching her own belly; Niklaus remembered that day when she was adoring the baby boy of the Professor, he remembered what he promised to himself that one day, five or ten years down the lane, Caroline will have Niklaus's child. But his one stunt, one idiotic stunt spoiled everything. After seeing those pictures, cursing himself became the daily routine of Niklaus. But Esther noticed a great deal of change in Niklaus's attitude. He stopped brooding; rather he started to enjoy the surroundings. His impending fatherhood made him do such things which were unexpected from Niklaus. For example, one day he visited an orphanage in San Francisco, he exclusively talked to the children who were differently able. He pledged a million dollar grant on annual basis to the orphanage.

"What are you doing?" Caroline heard a stern voice, it was Niklaus. She was in a mood for shopping with Elena, they stopped by a shoe showroom. Caroline was just looking at the shoes, eventually she decided to try one of them. It had four inches heel. She was just about to put it on, she heard, "What are you doing?"

She turned back, "What the hell are you doing?" Niklaus sounded angry.

"Elena wanted to shop.." she stammered.

" Then why are you here?"

" To give her company.." she stammered more.

" Then why the hell are you holding those high heels..and why are you standing for so long? Why you are not seated? Elena wants to buy shoes..she herself..."

"She wanted my opinion..." Caroline helplessly said. Niklaus smirked. " Yeah right, I can see that..come , sit..let's buy some sports shoes for you."

"I have enough of them.." Caroline made a failed attempt.

" Another pair won't do any harm, have you started to collect nursing outfits? Things for the baby? I have bought many things, cradle, toys, dolls, you should have seen them, come home, tell me, if I have forgotten anything.." Niklaus said.

Meanwhile Elena came there, " Caroline..Niklaus.."

"Hello, Elena..can we use your apartment for sometimes, I need to talk to her, I need some privacy, so..." Niklaus said in a commanding voice. Elena smiled and gave the key of her apartment.

After reaching at Elena's apartment , Niklaus opened his arms for Caroline. She hesitated for some time, then went to the bedroom, she needed to use the washroom. When she came out , she was shocked; Niklaus was seated on the couch, his clothes were thrown on the floor, the door was locked.

"What the hell..!" Caroline was agitated.

Niklaus smirked, said ," Come on love, it has been so long , let me make love to you, you also need it."

" You wanted to talk..."

" Did you really think that I would need this much privacy just to talk to you? If yes, then I must say that you are losing your sharpness, is it your hormones..?" Niklaus taunted.

Caroline glared at him and said, " Unlock the door Niklaus."

" Don't worry, I will be careful, the child will be fine, now come on, ride on me...or I would drag you.."

" You won't.."

"Won't I? Okay, let's use the bed..." said Niklaus and came towards the bed saying , " Kol seems to be very happy now a days, he indeed is screwing his girl well, this is the bed, why don't we experience this pleasure, why don't we find out, what is so good about this bed?"

Caroline looked at her aroused naked husband, she struggled not to get wet, already her nipples were hard, she just didn't protest when Niklaus took her dress off leaving her with her lingerie. Niklaus was caressing her swollen belly, kissing there, talking to the baby; he made her lay on the bed.

" It's a boy or girl?"

" I haven't asked Sage.."

" I have, it's a boy..." said Niklaus and buried his face into her cleavage. While nuzzling her cleavage, Niklaus skilfully discarded her panty and placed his finger into her.

" You possibly can't want me , I am fat.." Caroline said ," you are just humiliating me.."

" Love, you can seduce me anytime.." Niklaus fingered her generously. She moaned.

" Feeling suffocated I presume.." Niklaus unclasped her bra. "Wow, this is awesome, I know what to do from now on, all I need to do is to keep you pregnant all the time.." Niklaus took them in his mouth.

Caroline gave in, her hand went to hold his head , said , " Don't stop, do whatever comes into your mind..ohh..Nik..you are a sick bastard, damn..!"

" I know...what I am, you won't come to me easily, you left me no choice, I won't let you divorce me, ever, do not even think about that, how many pregnancies are required so that you give in?"

" I do not want to get pregnant again.." Caroline said in a faint voice.

" Then come back, we have one child, we love him with all our heart, fine with me, you don't come back, I will make you pregnant, again.."

" You cannot..for that we need to stay together.."

" Again callous talking, who needs 24hrs cohabiting to plant his seed? I can abduct you for few hours, I have friends who can lend their apartments, I can take you to any hotel, or simply to Michelson House...", Niklaus got a slap from Caroline.

Niklaus lifted his head from her bosom, gazed her intently, " Don't repeat this, ever again.." and then took the left bosom in his mouth and right one in his hand. Sucked and massaged them respectively. Caroline moaned again.

After an hour, Caroline was resting her back on his chest, his hands were again fondling her breasts.

" You are alright? Feeling pain?" Niklaus asked with a concerned voice.

" Hmmm..."

"What?" Niklaus gave her shake.

" The baby kicked, it happens, I wake up in midnight sometimes, it is a stubborn creature, kicks me every now and then.."

" Really, he is kicking..?" Niklaus cheerfully said and placed his ears on her enhanced stomach.

He felt his son, inside Caroline. He felt content.

Niklaus looked at the phone screen, Caroline fell asleep in his arms, her mother was calling. He didn't want to wake her up. She must have been tired because of the encounter. He took the call, "Hello, mom-in-law.."

" You? Where is Caroline?"

" She is sleeping in my arms.. she had a tiring day.."

" Niklaus, I am in no mood of joke..where is Caroline..?"

"She is with me and she is alright.." Niklaus cut the call and switched the phone off.

After an hour, he got a call from Kol.

" Where the hell are you Nik?" Kol was very angry.

"What happened brother?"

" Marshall Forbes has come her with a search warrant, Caroline is missing and according to her , she is with you.."

" Tell me, why are you angry?"

" Damn Nik, I was about to fuck Elena, and then there was a knock , how shitty the feeling is, you have no idea.."

" Elena is in Michelson House..?"

"Yes, she is with me..."

"What did she say ? She must have some idea where Caroline is.."

" Even she has no idea.."

Niklaus smiled, Elena is really helpful, she will be a very good sister-in-law.

" Okay, let the Marshall search the house, she will not get anything, just let her do whatever she wants.."

"Where are you Nik?"

" I am at a friend's place..we are having a good time..you just keep silence..that will be a great help.."

Niklaus cut the call and smiled. If people want him to play dirty, he will. He definitely will.

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