Title: Sleep

Description: When Lucina found Robin fast asleep at his desk, she also found herself coming to face to face with certain feeling she held towards him...

Notes: Inspired by a piece of fanart I am sure most have seen. Takes place prior to Robin and Lucina's A and S support conversations.

Words: 991

Lucina quickly made her way through camp, searching between each tent she passed.

Where was he? Father said he needed to ask him something… She frowned, pausing to look around. It was already late into the afternoon, the golden rays of the setting sun beginning its descent over the Shepherds' encampment. Already their comrades-in-arms were hard at preparing for evening, those on kitchen duty already busy at work to prepare the night's supper, others setting up guard posts for the night's watch.

Yet try as she might, Lucina had failed to find any sign of Robin wherever she'd looked. Thus far she'd checked both the meeting tent as well as the mess hall, both places where he often went to work. Nor was he with any of the other Shepherds, meaning the only place left to look was his tent. She'd left it for last simply because she knew from experience that it was rare for him to spend much time there during the day. Only when particularly absorbed in his work would Robin retreat there as a way to avoid undue distractions.

Hopefully he is not too busy... I'd hate to bother him... She frowned deeply. Still... it seemed like what father wished to ask was of important matter.

Starting forward once more, Lucina soon reached Robin's tent. At once she noticed tell-tale flickering glow of a candle from within, signaling that he was indeed inside. She paused, once again gripped with faint worry that she would upset him by barging in without warning and interrupted his work. But after another thought she quickly brushed it aside. Robin always seemed happy to talk, no matter how busy he was.

Taking a deep breath, Lucina pushed back the flap and stepped inside.

"Robin, I apologies for bothering you, but my father wishes-" Lucina came to a sudden stop, quickly shutting her mouth tight as her eyes fell on him, a hand snapping up to cover her lips in fear of making any more sound.

Robin lay slumped over his desk, his chin resting on a open tome that lay. His shoulders rose and fell slowly, each breath leaving a faint circle of quickly fading mist upon the blank parchment. A faint smudge of ink showed on one side of his face where he had rubbed up against the still wet ink. Along with the pen that lay just beyond the one arm he had draped over the surface of the desk, it was plain Lucina what must have happened.

He must have fallen asleep while working, Lucina thought. Robin was always overworking himself, pushing himself long after his body was ready to give out. Just in the past week alone she had caught him twice working late in the dead of night, dark rings under his eyes, so exhausted that he nearly appeared drunk in his movements, yet continuing on despite it.

Yet when she'd asked him about it, he'd told her that he couldn't afford to rest. That he had to do everything he could to keep everyone safe.

Even if it meant sacrificing his own health to do so.

It would be a shame to wake him, Lucina thought, noticing the weary lines around the tactician's eyes. He needs rest, that much is evident, and I am sure father will understand…

Slowly Lucina let her hand fall from her lips, her gaze remaining fixed on the tactician's face. His expression seemed so different than when he was awake. Before he had always looked so serious and tense, even when laughing or smiling, as if a great burden lay upon his thoughts that he could never truly escape. So small was the distinction that most would scarcely notice it: but now, seeing him here, Lucina was certain of it. For now, fast asleep, he seemed completely at peace: free from the worries and fears that plagued his waking thoughts.

It struck Lucina then just how young he looked. Ever since coming to the past, she had often forgotten how close he, her father, and all of their friends were so close in age to herself. In her memories Robin had always been so distant: the mysterious tactician never far from her father's side. But here…

I wish… I wish it was more often that I could see him like this…. He worries for and cares so deeply about everyone else… I only wish that I could help bear the burden for him in any way I was able. To...

Lucina blushed slightly, scolding herself for allowing herself to even entertain the thought. It was foolish, just a childish crush. Feelings that he would surely never reciprocate.

Yet she continued to stare, unable to bring her eyes from his face. A sudden, unbidden desire welled in her. It was a silly thought, and a downright foolish one at that. Surely she shouldn't. Not when-

She took a step closer, her body moving without thinking about it, coming to a stop before the desk. She looked around nervously, seeing that no one else was around, even as her every thought in her scolded her for what she was about to do.

For the space of a single heartbeat, Lucina stood frozen in place. She didn't breath. She didn't move even an inch.

Then, slowly, she leaned down, kissing the sleeping tactician gently on the forehead.

Then, her face burning red in embarrassment, she spun away. Without even a backward glance she fled from the tent, her cloak flapping behind her.

Even as she began scolding herself, questioned what foolishness had possessed her, Lucina knew she could not hide from the answer. Somehow, she had let her feelings get the better of her. Despite everything telling her not to, despite all the reason why she knew should not have…

It was too late to turn back.

She had fallen hopelessly in love with the Shepherd's tactician.

It from that moment on, she knew that she was doomed.

There was no escaping how she felt.

Author's Note: Hey guys, just dropping in to post another small one-shot I'd originally written for a Robin x Lucina shipping week thing on tumblr way back in April. This idea was actually something I'd always wanted to do a story on, as the fanart this is based on is basically my absolute favorite fanart. In case you aren't sure which one I am refeering, it is a little comic where Lucina finds Robin asleep and his desk and kissed him. If you google Robin x Lucina, it should show up in images

Anyhow, let me know what you guys thought of this one. Also, if you haven't had the chance yet, please check out my other stories as well. I am currently working on a Awakening/Fates crossover called A Future Tied by Fates, which is set in continuity with my other Robcina stories and of course included Robin x Lucina content. Anyhow, that's all for now, hope you guys enjoyed this one. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!