Remy, Dante, and Rachel were already in the waiting room at Bay City University Hospital when Sofia

"I know Derek is teaching at the University today," Sofia said, "but where is Carl?"

Rachel answered, "He left me a message that he had to go into Chicago for a few hours,
but he didn't say why. But that doesn't matter," she said. "I trust Carl."

Joe came into the waiting room with a humongous smile on his face. Everybody looked up at
Joe's announcement, although meant for all four of them, was addressed to Dante.

"Dante," Joe said, "you have a little brother."

"Can I see him?" Dante asked.

"Of course," said Joe, "but you have to wear a mask over your nose and mouth."

"We all do. It's the rule," said Sofia.


A few minutes later, everyone was in Paulina's room.

Dante looked down at his new-born baby brother.

"He looks sort of like me," he said.

"He looks," Joe answered, "exactly the way you looked when you were born."

"Have you decided on a name?" Sofia asked.

"Yes." Paulina smiled. "Joe will tell you."

Joe said, "We decided a long time ago that if God blessed us with a second son, his
name would be Ryan Gabriel Carlino."