Cleo's POV

The next morning I woke up really tired. Well, seeing as I only got about two hours of sleep do to my little midnight excursion. My eyes felt heavy and I felt sort of sore. I assumed it was from whatever happened during the full moon. Swinging my legs over the side of the bed, I managed to pull myself up and out of bed and sleepily make my way to the bathroom. So far, I hadn't come across anyone yet so I assumed either they were all up or they were all asleep. When I got into the bathroom, I took one look in the mirror and immediately felt weirded out.

I could feel something was different. But strangely enough, I could see the change as well. My normally brown eyes had little flecks of sea green in them and a ring of the same color around the irises. They were actually interesting to look at. My hair which was naturally straight now had a bit of a waviness to it. My skin was completely clear and practically radiant. It was like looking at a new version of myself almost. I brushed it off before brushing my teeth and taking a bath and then retreating downstairs to find some food.

In the living room, Amber and Nina were sitting and chatting on the couch while Jerome was on the opposite couch to them while using his computer. I walked into the kitchen and went to grab something to eat. Unfortunately to my disadvantage I had to unluckiness of Charlotte also being in the kitchen at the same time. She looked at me and her eyes looked as if she was processing something. It was probably my weird change of appearance. Although it may have been my imagination, but I thought I saw a tinge of jealousy hidden away in her eyes.

"Did something different with your hair, Cleo?" she asked while buttering a piece of toast. I didn't respond to her. "Well, it's definitely an improvement. Although I'm not sure if it can get any better." The way insults just slipped off her tongue kind of sickened me. It made me angry that she could just manipulate me. Apparently my anger must have been evident on my face because she looked at me and laughed before standing incredibly close to me.

"Face it Cleo; you're intimidated by me. And don't think I won't use it to my advantage." she said slyly before making her way out of the kitchen. I felt so frustrated. My hands, which were clenched in fists rested on the counter. I was trying to calm myself down, but she was just so infuriating. She was absolutely right; she did intimidate me. If I didn't tread carefully, Charlotte could reveal my secret to everyone. I was so focused on putting my energy into hating Charlotte I hadn't even realized to dish rag next to me had caught fire.

"Jesus, Cleo!" Jerome whisper yelled as he ran into the room, threw the rag onto the floor, and stomped on it til the fire was out. Luckily no one else had been in the kitchen to see the little incident. I stood there shocked; how had it caught fire? I looked at my hands; which were balled into fists. It reminded me of something Rikki used to do when she used her power. This puzzled me, because I only had water powers.

Jerome must have been thinking the same thing. "I thought you said you only had water powers?" he asked me in a whisper. I just shook my head and back away from the counter while looking at my hands. "I only have water powers, Jerome. I don't know how I did that…" I trailed off; still looking at my hands. How had I done that? I'd never been able to do that before. I had been so focused on it that I hadn't realized Jerome dragged me into his room by my elbow. He closed the door and looked at me. "What just happened?"

"I don't know! I've never been able to do that before!" I exclaimed before sitting on one of the beds in exasperation. Jerome ran a hand through his hair before coming over and sitting next to me. "Ok, let's think. Has anything happened that could have provoked this?" he asked. I thought back for a moment before it hit me.

"Of course!" I realized before getting up and facing him. He must not have picked up on it because he seemed confused. "Last night. At the lake?" his eyes went wide before he got it. "Oh…" I nodded before sitting back down on the bed next to him. It explained so much. The new powers, the fact that my appearance seemed to have changed over night; it seemed to come together right then and there. As I sat there, another thought came to my mind.

"I wonder…" I whispered before looking around the room for something. A water bottle sat on the edge of Jerome's desk. My mind raced as I tried to remember how Emma would position her hand. I put my hand out slowly; extending it so it was flat. Concentrating all my energy, I continued to look at the water bottle. At first nothing happened. But soon the water bottle slowly began to freeze over; turning into solid ice. Jerome had noticed what I was doing and went to pick up the water bottle.

"Woah…" he said as he held it up; turning it over to see if it was actually frozen. And it was. I smiled softly at my accomplishment before gently taking the bottle from him and placing it on the desk. Balling my hand into a fist, I concentrated very carefully as to make sure the water bottle didn't catch fire. And just as I had done before, the water began to melt and turn back into it's original state. I did a hand position similar to my own, and brought a ball of water into the air. With my other hand, I did the same position but this time thought in my mind for the water to do something different. The ball of water turned into a jelly like substance; just as Bella used to do. The smile on my face widened before I squeezed to ball of water back into the bottle.

"That, was fricken brilliant." I smiled brightly at Jerome as he came over to me and placed his hands on my shoulders. "So you get into the water under a full moon and become like, a super mermaid? And I always avoided swimming." he said sarcastically; which made me laugh. This was amazing. I'd never thought anything like this who have happened. I'd been thinking so I hadn't realized how close we were; about a few inches apart. I continued to smile up at him for a little before snapping out of it and backing away a bit. He did the same.

"So, breakfast then?" he asked and I nodded quickly. We both exited the door; which was slightly ajar. Most people had gone out to do their daily activities so it was just Jerome and I. We both settled on some cereal considering everyone had eaten everything else. As I sat there eating cheerios, I couldn't help but stare absentmindedly at the burn mark on my rest. It still stung to the touch which was unusual. Normally a burn stopped stinging after a few hours or so. At least any of the burns I'd ever gotten. The skin was still blistered and red; making little red waves that went across my wrist.

"What's that?" Jerome asked before catching a glimpse of the burn mark. I quickly hid my arm under the table. "What's what?" I asked him; trying to look like I didn't know what he was talking about. He just gave me a look before taking my wrist in his hands and seeing the burn mark. I looked away; feeling embarrassed that I had tried to hide it. His fingered went over it gently; making me wince softly. "Cleo, did this happen during that whole ordeal in the attic?" he asked me. I nodded my head. He looked like he was thinking as he continued to look at it.

"Cleo, you might not want to do this, but I've seen something similar to this before. I think I know a few people who can help." he looked at me seriously. I shook my head. "Jerome, I'm not going to tell anyone about this. I can't let anyone know. It'll blow my secret." I said shaking my head before ripping my wrist out of his grip and leaving the kitchen in a hurry. It was pretty nice outside; although I hadn't noticed as I quickly made my way to the lake. It looked just the same as it had last night. It was still early so the water was a bit chilly. But nonetheless, I dived straight in.

The familiar feeling of little bubbles overcame me as my legs came together and formed my tail. I opened my eyes and looked around. The lake water wasn't as murky, but also not as clear as ocean water. But it was clear enough that I could still see my way around. Swimming normally made me feel better. And after the past few hours I really needed a bit of a break. There weren't as many fish as there were at mako but there still was wild life. It was interesting seeing as it was like a whole new environment. I swam around for what felt like an hour before I came across a bunch of rocks. My brows furrowed as I saw what looked like an entrance, Very similar to Mako.

My head emerged from the water to see me surroundings. The entrance had led me to a beautiful cave. The rock was dark gray and somewhat shiny. Bits of the walls were flat. As I came closer to one that was near the water, I saw the writing on them. Carved into the rock. My fingertips brushed over them as I looked. To me, they looked to resemble hieroglyphics. As my eyes continued to wander I found a small hole in the ceiling; probably to let moonlight in.

After pulling myself out of the water, I used my newfound powers to dry myself off and stand up. The sand was cold and smooth; much different from the sand at mako. Now that I was standing I could maybe explore the cave a little better, I had thought. There was a long tunnel connected to the cave that looked like it went pretty dark. My eyes scanned it before deciding I would come back another time to further inspect it.

Back at the house I realized it was already three o'clock and that I had spent the day exploring the waters. I opened the door and came inside the oddly enough quiet house. As I looked around, I couldn't really find anyone. They must had gone out. Figuring this, I made my way upstairs to my room. I opened the door however to find Nina, Fabian, Patricia, Alfie, Amber and Jerome having what looked like a meeting.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. I'll just be heading downstairs…" I trailed off before beginning to exit the room.

"Wait Cleo," Nina said causing me to stop. She looked around before looking back at me. "Jerome told as what happened." My eyes flickered to Jerome, who looked like he was trying to avoid looking at me as much as possible. I let out an agitated sigh, before crossing my arms over my chest. "How much did he tell?" I asked.

"A lot of it." Nina explained. "The attic, the spirit, the mark." I gulped; praying she wasn't going to say mermaid next. Luckily, she didn't. "We...had something similar along the lines, happen last year." I raised a brow; becoming more interested. That's when Nina began to divulge into the story of the Mask of Anubis. How they went through all the tunnels, Amber going blind, Nina falling through the game board, and so on and so forth. But my main interest was the mark of Anubis they all shared. The spirit managed to control all of them with it. It worried Cleo; what would this spirit do to her if she didn't obey?

"Cleo, what exactly did the spirit say to you?" Fabian asked curiously.

"She said there's a bracelet; the Encrypted Bracelet of Anuket. She said only I could find it. And I have two months time." I explained; leaving out the whole daughter of the sea, thing. They sat there thinking for a moment before I stood up. "I think this is a little overwhelming for me at the moment. I'll talk to you later." Before anyone could protest I quickly left the room and made my way outside to get fresh air. As I stood outside I heard someone else come out and turned to see Jerome standing there.

"So you went behind my back and told them anyway?" I asked him with agitation. He looked like he didn't know what to say so I kept going. "Even when I blatantly told you that I didn't want them to know!"

"Hey! I'm trying to help!" he fought back. "Well I didn't ask for it." we both paused for a moment. "You don't get it. Ever since I became a you know what, I've been to hell and back. Almost being exposed, being lied to, almost losing my powers, almost having to give them up; I can't afford to put my trust into people. But for some ungodly reason I put my trust in you. And I've barely known you for a few days!" I shouted; becoming more and more emotional by the minute. I felt one angry tear cascaded down my face before quickly wiping it away.

"You think I don't know what it's like to have a lot at stake?" he countered back. "I've been in a really bad position with an awful man, I've been kidnapped, I've seen my friends almost die. And maybe Cleo, just maybe, I don't want that to happen to you!" he screamed before going inside and slamming the door. I stood there angrily; more tears coming. I stood out there for sometime contemplating things over; before my phone buzzed. My hands reached for my pocket and I saw a text from Rikki. Not thinking anything of it, I opened the text she sent me to see a picture. A picture that made me gasp.

Lewis. Kissing another girl.