AN: Trigger Warning

We decide to watch a movie and continue our night together. Jace said I could pick but I didn't know what he would like. I didn't get to watch many movies when I lived with Valentine and Jonathon. Valentine took a crucial part of my life that I will never get back. I will not get over that.

I scrolled though Netflix, going through the psychological thriller section. Jace noticed a movie that he wanted to see for a while. It was called Gerald's Game. I looked seemly spooky but blanket over the eyes scary.

"I'll go make some popcorn," Jace says getting up from the couch.

"Extra butter please," I ask him.

"You got it,"

I look around the living room to collect pillows and blankets to make a comfy area. This house is filled with such love and warmth, it's noticeable by how many picture frames are on the walls. I set up the couch as Jace walks back into the room.

"Be careful it's super-hot."

He hands me the popcorn knowing I'll devour it.

We snuggle into our positions on the couch. Jace is sitting toward the end of the couch with me in between his legs. My head is against his chest and his arms wrap around my body bringing my closer to him. I can feel him running his fingers through my wavy hair, he slowly brings his hand to my scalp, playing with it all.

The movie starts off good. The main character is going to her summer home with her husband. One thing leads to another and she becomes hand cuffed to the bed.

The scene sent shivers down my spine but I didn't want Jace to be alarmed. He doesn't know anything about my past. I can tell he noticed my shake but he isn't saying anything about it. I want to try to get through this movie not only for Jace but for the strength of myself.

An hour goes by and I'm doing well. I'm keeping myself calm and the movie isn't bringing back memories. It's so slow I almost fall asleep. I start paying close attention when all hell breaks loose. The screen flashing to the woman's childhood. Her father is making her sit on his lap. Tears rush to my eyes as all my memories flash to me. Jace's view is of my hair so I'm hoping he can't see my face. The scene gets worse as he's begging for forgiveness, something Valentine thought he deserved. More horrific acts grace upon the TV and I cannot hold in my feelings any longer.

"Jace can we turn this off," a small voice comes from my mouth.

He flips me over so I'm facing him.

"Of course, but can you tell me why you're so upset?"

"One day, just not right now."

I feel bad not telling Jace about Valentine and my past but not only is it traumatic to me, it's a lot to place on another person. I don't want Jace to stress about how he should act around me or tip toe around the subject. He didn't sign up for that. I'm sure he has some suspicions but I'm not going to confirm them right now.

"Whenever you are ready to talk I'll be here to listen. No matter what it is that you tell me, it won't change how I feel about you."

"Thank you, another time we can dive into it."

He smiles at me and takes my small hand into his, placing a small kiss on my forehead he brings me closer so I'm lying on him. He gets a nearby blanket and puts it on top of us.

"I'm really tired, is it ok if I take a quick nap," I ask Jace.

"Absolutely, I'm tired too. Just take some deep breaths and relax."

I awakened to the sound of Izzy's shrill voice.

"Do you both know what time it is!"

Jace shifts over making me turn with him but decides to completely sit up. I don't want to bother him so I go to stand up but he doesn't have that and places me between his legs.

Yawning, he answers Izzy.

"No but I'm sure you'll let us know."

"I will, it its 11 am, time to get up and start the day."

I chime in.

"Ok Izzy I'm awake, what do you want to do today," It's only fair we do something she wants to do. The whole point of me staying here is so we can hang out and do stuff together. I can't lose Izzy by being with Jace.

"I want to take you shopping, it's time for some new clothes."

"Fine but I'm picking some out for you."

"I will never turn that down. Jace, Clary is mine for the day you can have her tonight. There's a new club opening up downtown and we are all going."

When Izzy has made up her mind there is no changing it.

"Only if Clary wants to Iz, you can't force people into doing what you want."

Jace and Izzy looks over to gauge my reaction. I give them a slight nod and tell them I'll go. This will be my first club experience but I'm glad to go with them.


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