Of Knives and Lovers

The ONLY chapter (I'm currently working on the second {Yes, SECOND} chapter to Always. My supposed-to-be-deathfic-but-people-did't-want-a-dead-Shuichi- fic. n.n)

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Shuichi sighed, slender digits raking through pink filaments, glossy tiers curled up into a delicate smile. Violet hues shimmering with fresh tears, he took the hands of his lover into his own small ones and those lips of his parted just enough to let a short, raspy intake of air take place.

"Yuki," he whispered, eyes deliberately large in hopes his expression would win the older man over... however, he was disappointed by the lack of readable facial expressions the man had shown directly after he called his name. Thin brows furrowed and Shuichi frowned, once again calling his lovers name, "...Yuki..."

The blonde merely blinked, growing aggrivated with the pink-haired boy. He then pouted and leaned in, blonde strands mixing with pink ones as their noses met. His hands cautiously pried themselves from their place in the boys and he lowered his head to Shuichi's neck, breathing hotly against the soft flesh.

And then in one swift movement, Yuki took the boys hands - those hands that had just 'climbed' up his chest to rest just below his collarbone - and took them down to brush against his hips, the boys fingers mingled briefly with the cream-coloured material of his pants.

Palm against palm now, he led the hands of the smaller boy through the surrounding air before he slipped behind him. Both his right hand and that of the boys were raised and slender digits entangled as Yuki smiled, reveling in the soft purrs and shivers Shuichi gave out as he placed little kisses on the boys neck between muffled words, "..Shuichi.. I want you..."

He led the right hand of the boy down to rest on the handle of a knife, manuevering the slender fingers so they clasped the piece of plastic. He then smirked, "...to finish. I don't care how much your eyes water." and slipped away and out of the room.

Shuichi, left alone by the counter, sighed and shot a glar to the countertop and the cuttingboard upon it. Groaning, he let a single tear stream down his cheek and to his chin where it lingered before drying up into nothingness.

"Stupid onions."