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Full Summary: A serial killer's on the loose. The victims are all 5' to 5'7, brown eyes, long brown hair. To make matters worse four friends are being stalked. With letters, photos, phones calls and threats, will the stalker get too close? Is the stalker and the killer one in the same? What happens when tragedy strikes and the girls pay the ultimate price? Annual Halloween story, all human.

Chapter 1

Stalker POV

I will have her, no matter the cost. I watch her as she is doing her meaningless job, and it makes me smile. I've made sure she didn't receive the letters of other job offers; I need her to be in this meaningless profession. I enjoy watching her be a server, and I want her to soon be my server. I don't know what it is about her, but she will be mine and mine only. For now I will bide my time, but when the time is right she will relinquish all control to me. I continue to watch her do her meaningless job for a while as I think over how things will be soon. I look around – still feeling like someone is watching me, but I know I'm too smart for that. I figure I should go and eat now, so I make my way into The Coffee Shoppe.


I think about my job as I clean the counter. I am twenty-one and have just completed my degree in elementary education, specializing in special education, just three months ago. Sadly, this job as a waitress at The Coffee Shoppe has been the only job I could find so far. Thanks to my good friend and roommate, Angela, I got this job.

Angela just graduated as well, and her degree is in teaching: specializing in science. Angela has worked here since she started college, thankfully she got me hired here. The buzzer on the door alerts me to someone entering. I look up as a man the others call the creepy guy walks in.

"Damn, he's sitting at one of my tables," Angela says with a sigh.

"Do you want me to serve him, and you can take your break?"

She sighs nodding. "Thanks, Bella," she says as she glances at the guy once more before running out.

I pick up my notepad and pen and walk to the table, the whole time he's watching my every movement.

I give a smile as I approach the table, where the creepy guy is sitting. "Hi, what can I get for you?" I ask him with my normal friendly waitress attitude.

"Isn't this Angela's table?"

"It is, but she's on her break, so I'm covering her tables for her, until she returns. So, what can I get for you, Sir?"

"I'll have my usual, Bella."

I nod at him, but feel a little uneasy over the fact he knew my nickname. The owners here use your given first name on your nametag; they say it helps keep the riff raff away. Somehow he knows I prefer to be called Bella. I know this is one of the reasons the others find him creepy, because without being told my nickname, he knew it.

I walk away but still feel his eyes on my back. I make quick work at filling his order. I'm just about done when again the door buzzer sounds alerting me of another customer. I glance up seeing Sam walk in and I give him a smile.

"Hi, baby," he says leaning over the counter to kiss me. "How are things going?"

"Good, I just need to give this to a customer," I say walking back to the creepy guy's table with his food. This time I notice, he's not looking at me, but glaring at Sam.

"Is there anything else, Sir?" I ask setting down his plate and cup.

"Call me Edward," he says without looking my way.

"Thanks, Edward, I'll be right over there. If you need anything, let me know." I shake my head as I walk back to Sam. I sit down and sigh, I've been on my feet all day and it's a killer.

"Have you had lunch yet?" I shake my head at him and he frowns a little.

"What's wrong?" he asks in a caring manner.

"I've still not heard anything from that school I interviewed for – Sunflower." I pout a little lost in thought because the interview seemed to have gone extraordinarily well. "Anyway, what would you like to eat?"

He tells me and I quickly make it and my own lunch. I check on creepy guy and see that he seems to just be watching people as they walk past the window. I still can't shake the feeling that he's still watching me. I shake it off and sit down at the table Sam got for us.

"You know, baby, you could stop working here and move in with me. I could be your sugar daddy," he says wiggling his eyebrows at me. I chuckle and smile at him – this is one of the reasons I'm still with him after six months.

I do care for Sam and he makes me smile, laugh, and by God he's good to me. And, let's not forget the bedroom stuff, that's been great, too. Sadly, I can't say that I love him, as in the kind a girl should have for a long-term, steady guy. I care about him, but no matter how much I wish I was, I'm not in love with him.

I met Sam three years ago when I first came here to go to college. He has his own IT business and does cheap computer and laptop repairs for the students at the nearby colleges. I was a frequent visitor to his business, because technology and I just do not get along well.

Anyway, we became friends and last year he asked me out. I turned him down, and things were a little awkward for a bit, but they seemed to sort themselves out. You may ask what changed for me to date him after that; well seven months ago, I was coming home and was attacked. I'm not sure what all happened, I just remember getting hit on the back of the head. I woke up in the hospital with Sam holding my hand. It turns out a homeless man named James was behind my attack. Sam was on his way home and saved me from getting badly beaten up in the process. I latched onto Sam after the attack and we fell into a dating relationship soon after.

"I really liked Sunflower and the job is exactly what I have always wanted," I say sadly.

"I am sorry, baby."

I shrug a little.

"What isn't for you will not hold you back, right?"


"Sam, Bella," I hear suddenly and I jump turning to see the creepy guy, Edward, standing there. "Bella, I've left my payment on the table – keep the change."

I nod not knowing what to say, and watch him with an open mouth as he walks out the door.

"Do you know him?" I ask turning to Sam, after I find my voice.

"Yes and no. He lives next door to me. You know the house that looks unlived in?"

I know the house he's talking about – it always freaks me out, and I may know why, now.

"It's a shame, really. That house could be really something nice, but it's rather run down right now. Okay, baby, I need to get back to work." He kisses my cheek as he stands.

I clean the table and then move to creep-ward's table. I see he's left twenty dollars – that's like a thirteen dollar tip. I pick up the napkin seeing something is written on it.

'He watches her with overwhelming evil intent. Who will save her when the devil rages?'

What kind of shit is this? I shake my head and drop the napkin onto the tray. I dump the trash into the garbage and hand the dishes to the dishwasher.

"Sorry, Bella, Jessica called and I couldn't get her to shut up."

I chuckle and nod at Angela. I know all too well what Jessica's like when she starts running off at the mouth.

"She wants us to hit the nightlife tonight."

As I nod at her to say that I'm in, Angela grins bouncing up and down.

I have my little black dress on and my tallest stiletto heels. I'm just checking over my hair and makeup as Angela walks into our shared living room.

"You look great, Bells," she says hugging me from behind. "Have you told Sam about going out tonight with us girls?"

"Yeah, he said to be careful and call him if we have any problems," I sigh and nod. I hate that I feel as if I should tell him, because it's like seeking parental permission all over again.

Angela and I used to hold a dinner party every other Friday, and then on the Saturday, we would go out to the bars. Ever since the attack I've found it hard to go out. It took Angela, Jessica and Lauren four months to talk me into having another dinner party at the apartment. After the dinner party, it was an additional month before I hit the bars with them. I have only had two dinner parties and been out once since the attack, but it's getting easier for me. As I think about it, I bite my lip starting to feel the uneasiness that has held me back.

"Bella, don't worry, nothing will happen; we have rules now!"

I nod knowing that after my experience, no matter how short a walk home it is, if one of us goes we all go together. If we're far from home, we always take a cab and try to get a female driver.

"Come on, Bells, everyone will be waiting on us," Angela says linking her arm with mine as we walk out.

It's a short walk to the first bar and I feel more relaxed by the time we enter.

"Oh, Bella, I'm so glad you're here!" Jessica shrieks as she hugs me tight. "Come on, girls, I have shots waiting for us."

She drags both Angela and me over to the table that she left Lauren guarding. After hugging Lauren, I sit down.

"Here's to the Brownies," Jess says loudly raising her shot glass.

Lauren, Jessica, Angela and I have all known each other since we started kindergarten. We became friends and were referred to as the Brownies by our classmates. We always hung out together and it was like we had our own little pack, not to mention we all have brown hair and eyes. The only big difference between us is I'm shorter than the other three girls by two inches. But when I have my high heels on, you can't really tell.

We are three drinks and two shots in at the third bar and I'm starting to relax.

"Hot guy, ten o'clock, checking you out, Angela," Lauren says on a giggle.

Angela and I both turn to see a man around five-foot-ten, dark hair looking our way.

"He's nice to look at," I say wiggling my brow at my friend before taking a drink of my cocktail.

"Hey now, you have a man," Angela says to me, but she's still watching the man.

"Hi, I'm Ben," he says when he approaches Angela.

I turn a little seeing he's standing close to my friend.

"Hi, Ben, I'm Angela, and these are my friends: Bella, Jessica and Lauren."

"Hi, girls," he says giving us a little wave. "Angela, would you join me on the dance floor?" he asks shyly.

Angela nods at him with a grin. "I would love to, but can you give me a second to talk to my friends?"

"Yeah, I'll be right over there," he says pointing about five feet from us before walking away shyly.

Angela picks up her Budweiser and downs the last of it before giving us a smirk. "Oh, I'm going to eat this boy alive," she chuckles straightening her dress and pushing up her girls.

We all chuckle as she walks away and grabs Ben's hand. All too soon, all my girls are out on the floor dancing and I am heading to the ladies room alone.

I'm almost there when my foot catches on something and I stumble forward. A shrieking sound escapes my mouth as the floor comes toward my face. Instead of meeting the ground, someone's arms wrap around me. My whole body zings with the rush of a static-like electricity feeling. It's so warm and inviting that I almost lose myself in it.

"Are you okay, Bella?"

I'm in a bit of shock hearing creep-ward's voice and my body stiffens. The odd sensation of electrical current continues to zip and zap its way through my body where he's touching me.

"Yes?" I say questioningly.

His soft breath hits my neck reminding me again that his arms are still around me. I look around seeing we're in the hallway where the restrooms are. Of course this means we're out of view to the people that are drinking and dancing in the main part of the bar.

"Can you let me go?" I say starting to shake slightly as thoughts of my attack come rushing through my mind.

"Sure, I'm sorry," he says moving his hands.

I turn so I can face him. "Why are you here?" I ask.

"Research," he says quickly.

"What research could you possibly be doing in a bar?" I ask. The words are out of my mouth as soon as they were in my head, and even I could hear the harshness in my voice.

"You'd be surprised. Have a good evening, Bella," Edward says dropping his head and walking away.

The guilt hits me right away. I was never raised to be nasty to someone, let alone someone I didn't know. Just because he's a little creepy doesn't mean I should be cruel to him. "Cre—" I thank God I'm able to stop the word before it's out my mouth. "Edward," I say quickly.

He stops and turns and just looks at me.

"I'm sorry, you sort of scared me. I know that it's no excuse for my behavior, but I am sorry."

Edward nods and turns moving off again.

"Do you want to have a drink with me?" Again the words are out of my mouth just as they enter my head.

Edward stops and looks back at me. "You want to have a drink with me?" Edward asks sounding a bit shocked.

"Well, yeah. You know as a way to say I'm sorry and thank you."

Edward nods at me and leans on the wall. I walk toward him and he tilts his head at me.

"Bella, weren't you heading to the ladies room?"

I feel my face heat up as I remember what brought me to this hallway.

"Oh, yeah, I was, be right back."

"Take your time and wash your hands," Edward says.

I take care of my business and wash my hands, finding his comment about it odd. I walk back out to the hallway and find Edward sitting on the floor furiously writing on a notepad.

"Edward," I say softly and his eyes spring to mine. I'm not sure if it's the fact that the light in the hallway is brighter than the bar or his glasses, but his eyes are so clear. He has the most amazing green eyes I've ever seen.

The minutes seem to pass by with us looking in each other's eyes. All of a sudden he jumps up and I watch as he swallows. "Ispirazione," slips almost silently from his lips.

"Huh?" I question in an unladylike fashion.

"Nothing, um, let's go get that drink."

Edward starts to walk toward the bar, and I have to power walk to keep up with him.

"Can I have Budweiser, glass bottle, please and lemonade," Edward says handing the bartender a ten.

The barman gets the bottle of Bud and glass of lemonade handing the change back to Edward.

Edward tilts his head to a nearby empty table. I walk over with him and he sits down, placing the bottle of Bud in front of me.

"You don't drink?"

"No, I'm a teetotaler."

I nod and frown. "Why?"

"I'm doing research – it's part of my work. I need my mind clear so I can do that."

I again nod at him and we fall into a silence. After a few minutes Edward clears his throat

"So what is it that brings you here tonight?"

"Just a normal night out with the girls."

"I'm surprised that Sam didn't want to tag along?"

"No, why would he, this is a girl's night?"

"Hmm," Edward hums out.

"Are you out with friends?" I ask.

"No, I don't do friendships – I'm more comfortable on my own."

He got that right my inner voice says.

"Bella," Angela says sounding a little worried, "are you coming back to the table?"

"Yeah," I say standing up, but as my eyes move to Edward, he looks disappointed and upset.

"Do you want to join us?" I ask and Angela pinches my arm making me yelp.

Edward seems to dismiss it and looks behind me to my table and then to me. "No, thank you, but have a good night, Bella, Angela."

I nod and Angela pulls me away. "What would you have done if he said yes?" she asks sounding upset.

"Nothing," I reply.

"Bella, he's scary and creepy – I'm not sure how you could sit with him."

I give Angela a tight smile, thinking he wasn't so bad after all. Where I do find Edward odd, and awkward, he's not so bad, I suppose. I mean, if you think about it, from his point of view, and felt like people were standoffish or talking behind my back, I'm sure I'd come off as awkward as well. He's not nearly as creepy as he is intense. I'll have to make an effort to be a little kinder; he said he doesn't have friends, maybe he just needs one.

I get back to the table and see more people have joined my friends.

"Hey, Bella, this is Mike," Jessica says from Mike's lap, "and that's Tyler." She adds on pointing at the guy that has Lauren on his lap.

"They're friends of Ben's," Angela adds and I smile at each of them before sitting back down on my seat.

The night passes and my eyes seem to drift to where Edward's sitting. He seems to be easily hidden off in the dimness of the club. Even without being able to see his eyes I can feel them; he is looking at me. My body and mind seem to be fighting on whether this should scare me or make me feel excited.

It's just after two in the morning when we leave. We're all walking down the sidewalk together. There are always a lot of available cabs that hang out around the local bus station. We girls always take a cab home, less chance of being followed.

I'm trailing behind a little as Angela walks holding Ben's hand. Jessica's holding Mike's and Lauren is almost walking sideways, wrapped around Tyler. I jump and let out a little squeak, when there's a loud crash of something falling behind me. I turn around, and I can see there is a man on the ground, having tripped over a garbage bag. I chuckle at myself and turn to face forward again.

Moments later, and less than ten feet down the sidewalk, I get an odd feeling. The hair on the back of my neck feels like it's standing at attention. I turn around again and just from the corner of my eye I catch someone jumping into a nearby stairwell. I swallow and take deep breath. I feel myself knock into someone and I turn see a woman around my age who's clearly higher than a kite. I can smell the drugs on her clothing and her eyes are very bloodshot.

"Hey, watch where you're going lady," she slurs, staggering a little as she's digging through her handbag.

I watch her for a couple of minutes and see she's trying to draw the attention of a car to her. It's then I notice her clothing and it's really revealing. I shake my head knowing that she must be a working girl. Just as I turn back around I see someone moving in the shadows.

"Wake me up inside," echoes loudly from my purse, making me jump and my heart starts to race.

I take a deep breath as the song keeps playing; I close my eyes answering my cell.

"Hey, baby, I just wanted to see if you're in a cab yet?"

"I'm on the way, but we're not there yet. We're almost to the bus station now," I say with a smile knowing Sam cares deeply for me and my safety

"Are you okay, you sound out of breath?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, just some guy fell behind me and it gave me a fright," I say, as our group walks into the bus station's side door. "Okay, we're here now. We got to get out front to grab a cab. I'll call you just as soon as I get home," I tell Sam and end the call.

We walk out the front door and up toward the small platform. Lauren goes up and requests two cabs from the dispatcher.

Our cabs arrive together and the boys seem disappointed that they are not going home with us, but they do cheer up when the girls take their numbers and promise to call them.

Our driver drops off Jessica and Lauren first, and then Angela and me. We pay the cabbie, and the grandfatherly man makes sure we get inside before he pulls away. I'm happy to get inside and I kick my shoes off and head for my room. I quickly strip down to my panties and throw on a wife-beater. As soon as I'm in bed, my cell rings.

"I was just going to call," I say picking it up.

"I was worried, baby. I mean you had three guys with you that you didn't know before tonight."

"I'm sorry I worried you."

I hear him sigh. "It's okay, baby. So did you enjoy tonight?"

"Yes, it was a good time."

"I wish you were here with me – then I could watch you sleep."

"Sam, that's just a little disturbing," I chuckle out.

We carry on talking for a half hour before I'm just too tired to talk anymore. We end the call and I am soon lost in an odd kind of dream where I feel eyes on me.

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