I'm editing all the chapters so this will be a little better. This was the first stoyry I ever wrote and It has a little of my heart so I will try to end this soon. Thanks for your patience.


I should know that this would happen but I was not a seer to do it.

He left breaking my heart telling me that I was not enough for him. He told me that I was only a pathetic human and that he was tired of having to take care of me. The same day I lost my lover and my adoptive family. I was numb and empty. All I wanted was to die and stop the pain that was killing me slowly.

Some months after, I started a new life with the help of my father and my best friend Jake.

He was funny and he was a shape-shifter so he could help me and take care of me. I loved him very much and he finally understood that I didn't want anything more than friendship so he was like a bother to me. Sometimes we would watch movies or just listen some music on my DVD player. It was nice and it help me forget how much I miss Edward.

That day, I was trying to get fun and in the end nothing went I as though it will be.

I got up in the morning, I prepared breakfast for Charlie and me. I went to the market and the bookstore and I did laundry before I went to see my friends from La Push. They were happy to see me and we talked a lot. They were telling me how much fun was to Cliff jump. You could feel alive when you were falling and that was all I wanted. I begged them to take me with them and after whining a lot, we left for the cliff.

To jump was great but I never thought about the strength of the currents so I was happy to have Sam near me to help me out. When we arrived to the beach, we made a bonfire and we ate some hotdogs. Some minutes later I was so tired that I asked Jake to bring me home.

I was standing next to my front door when Jacob started to grow restless. He didn't want me to go inside alone because he was afraid that Edward was waiting for me but I told him that was Carlisle's car outside so it would be ok. I promised him to call if I'd need help and if something happened. However, nothing prepared me for what was inside.

"Belle, how are you alive? I saw you jumping on the cliff and after that you disappeared!"

"Alice!" I ran to her and I hugged. She was looking at me as if she was seeing a ghost.

"Please Bella, can you explain me what happened?" She asked confused.

"Sorry, I was having fun with my friend and we decided to jump for fun." I told her smirking.

"Bella.." She could not say anything more cos Jake was in my room glaring at her. "Bella! A werewolf! What is he doing here?"

"Calm down Alice, he is my friend and they were taking care of me after you left and Laurent and Victoria came after me." I tried to explain to her.

"Yes, leech, after you left her, we took care of her" Jake told her shielding me with his body, "She is my sister and you will not hurt her again"

"Please Jake, let me talk to her, I need to know about them."

"Ok, Bells, five minutes." He told me angry.

I turned around and the phone rang. Jake arrived first and answered the phone and all I heard was: "Mr. Swan is in the funeral."

"No Edward noooo," Alice started to yell and I took her between my arms trying to calm her.

"Alice, what's going on?"

"Edward called home and Rosalie told him what I saw. He is traveling to Italy, to the Volturi; he wants them to kill him." She told me quickly, "We need to go there and make him see that you are alive".

"No way, you are not traveling with the bloodsucker! He will hurt you again Bella, please listen to me" Jake said worried.

"I have no choice, I have to go, I could not live with the guilt of knowing that I could save him and I didn't do anything. Please tell Charlie that I will call him as soon as I can, please Jake, you are my best friend." I said and Jake nodded.

"Ok Bells, just let me know that you are ok, and call me if you need me." He asked me and left the house.

We left Forks in a hurry and we traveled until Seattle to take the next flight to Italy. Alice was trying to see his actions and she was not happy because he was changing his decisions, blocking her.

In Florence, Alice stole a car and we made it to Volterra in record time thanks to her crazy driving skills. At this point, I tried to think about what will happen when we will return to Fork. I didn't know what to do about him but I thought it was better to talk to him before deciding and maybe he doesn't want me also.

It was noon and she could not go with me so I will have to do this by myself, also she told me that if she came, he will hear her thoughts and exposes himself faster. I run to the clock tower, pushing the people around me and in the last minute, I pushed him to the darks.