Bel Pov

We spent the five years after the battle to stablish some changes in our world. My sons decided to travel around the world while my little girls wanted to stablish in our island as they loved it. Azriel was a grown man now and he decided to learn how to handle our world while changing some of the laws. In the end my mates let him rule and we moved on.

For two years, we searched for a place to live and Ash found it in the end. It was a nice island lost in the middle of the ocean and was hard to find. Alice helped them to build the house and when everything was ready, she left telling us to have fun.

I loved to walk on the beach, feeling the warm water around my feet and sitting to see the sunset. It always gave me some peace and it was my personal time.

"Isabella? Are you ok?" Aro said and I nodded. "You seemed so lost in your thoughts."

"I was remembering how we met and our history together." I said and he sat next to me.

"I was so confused when we first met you. You were a very intriguing human, so beautiful and very strong head." Aro said kissing my shoulder.

"I remember the first time I saw your eyes, they captivated me as they do today." I said and he sighed.

"I still remember all those month far from you. Marcus was so depressed and Caius was lost. I felt like a part of me have left me." Aro said and I kissed him softly.

"You are my love and my life." I said and he pushed me down on my back while he covered me with his strong body.

"I remember the first time we made love, the day I claimed you." He said kissing my face.

"I still remember how good you felt against me, claiming me and making me feel so wanted." I said and I shivered when I heard him growling and tearing my clothes.

"You were so tasty, I still remember your sweet blood." Aro said while he entered me slowly.

"Oh God, this still feels so good, to have you inside me, moving slowly, making me feel that I'm reaching heaven." I growled and started to move to meet his thrusts.

"OH love, move like that." Aro growled and we fell together in our safe heaven.

"Look, they though that they could start without us." Caius said smirking as Aro rolled from me and Marcus pulled me to his lap, entering me in one hard move.

"No way dear brother." Carlisle said brushing my arse with his dick and pushing inside slowly.

"Oh, please move faster." I yelled and they comply and I could see Caius and Ash stroking their cocks and they wait for they turn.

"You are so soft." Marcus growled and he licked my mark making me explode and they followed me.

"Do you think that you could take us?" Caius asked and I pushed him to his back while straddling him and taking him hard.

"Of course, I'm always ready for you." I said moving but I felt strong hand stopping me and Ash started to enter my rear.

"You are so good." He said and I growled my pleasure as I felt hands on my body urging me to explode.

Aro was kissing me while Carlisle and Marcus were sucking my tits. This was so good and we moved together as I started to climax pulling my lovers with me. Some minutes later, I was cuddling against them and we heard an annoyed voice.

"Would you please remember that the family is in the island before fucking like teenagers?" Azriel said and everybody laughed.

"Brother, we told you not to go to the beach." Romeo said and Azriel shook his head.

"Oh, come everybody is waiting for our big party." Mark said helping me to stand up. "You are beautiful as ever mother."

"Thank you son." I said while he helped me into a robe.

All the covens and the pack were waiting for us in the clearing. I could see that Alice organized everything. She was very happy with Jasper who was talking with Peter and Charlotte. Rosalie was running around some little boys who were the new member of the pack while Emmet smiled at her antics. Esme, Vladimir, Stephan and Chelsea were sitting on the side and talking about some projects for their castle in Romania. Edward was sitting in Dimitri's lap and he was enjoying their kisses. My mates were discussing our next vacation. I closed my eyes for a second to feel how lucky I was.

I should have known better. I should have known that my life would change the day I decided to find out what Edward was hiding from me. That finding out would lead me to a magical and hidden world. That deciding to follow him to Italy would change my life forever as it would do it when I answered the letter Aro sent me so many years ago. That choosing to be by their side would make a me a complete person as I found my mates and my soul mate.

I should have known that finally choosing and no just surviving would made as I happy as I was now and I would always be.

I know this is short but After some time, I realized that I needed to close this story. I will probably edit the first chapters and if I'd find some time, I will make some drabbles of this. Thank you for your patience and for you reviews.