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Through some pretty intensive trial and error, they found that while only Buffy could activate the book, once opened it could be used by anyone with her permission. And while being able to read texts that they didn't have was sometimes needed, it was better to use the original so as to leave the Index available for further use.

It was 5:00 on Saturday afternoon when Buffy returned home to eat dinner with her Mom and spend some time before going on patrol.

Her mother, instead of bustling around making dinner or some activity, she was sitting blankly at the kitchen table with a pile of papers in front of her.

Buffy was suddenly worried. "Mom? What's wrong?"

Joyce's eyes, formerly unfocused, looked over. "Buffy! When did you get home?"

"Just right now. What's going on?"

Joyce looked down at the papers in front of her and back at her daughter. "Do you know why I just got visited by people from Wells Fargo Bank?"

Confused, Buffy shrugged and said, "No." After a pause she asked, "And why on a Saturday?" Joyce noted that Buffy was truly unknowing.

"Come sit down."

Buffy did as asked and Joyce said, "Something is really strange. I had two men from Well's Fargo arrive telling me that they had vital information regarding a financial matter regarding you. I asked why you and they would only say that a very certain set of requirements – of which they were contractually bound not to explain – that you qualified for a Trust which was set up for girls with these requirements. Apparently you qualified back when we lived in Hemrey. We've been assigned a monthly stipend for your care, and you're to receive 20 percent of the stipend directly."

Buffy could only say, "What?"

"Because you should have been receiving Trust payments, I've been recompensed all medical costs since the time you qualified. You – and my extension me as your custodial guardian – now have the best medical insurance available paid for by the Trust. The mortgage for this house, because you live here, is now paid in full. We now have an accountant who will take care of our tax filings every year."

Buffy was floored. "Wow. How much do I get a month?"

"The monthly trust is $2000 – you get $400 of that. When you become an adult, you will get the amount directly and pay for your living expenses. I just don't know why you qualified for this …" she looked through the papers, "Sineya's Trust."

Buffy shrugged, lying. She didn't want to lie to her Mum, but she didn't want to explain the whole slayer thing either. She really needed to talk to Giles.

It took Xander a little longer, but he got his own surprise. After a night of patrolling where he had recovered a decent amount of cash from a couple of vampires that had been dusted, he went to add a portion to his Road Trip fund.

He was completely pissed off to find that the stack of money – a good $1400 the last time he looked – seemed ot have disappeared. He was about to go on a tirade about his deadbeat parents but suddenly notice the paper.

Picking it up, he read it. If anyone had been watching, they would have seen his eyes widening.

After school a couple of days later, he contacted the people that the note mentioned and found out that his little Road Trip fund was being actively invested – heavily – to increase the principle.

The people at the bank would also ensure that the accounting was done and taxes paid. His $1400 had already been brought up to $2000 – and was rapidly growing.

When he explained he really didn't want his parents finding out, they were fine with that.

After, Xander felt like he had options.

When Kendra arrived, and later Faith, the Scoobies ensured that they were informed about the Trust for slayers. For Kendra, who had a watcher and who pretty much did nothing else, it was nice but ultimately little-needed.

For Faith, who had nothing and whose watcher was dead, the regular money meant everything, especially when the bankers ensure she had a place to stay fully paid for.

Now the money she got from vampires she dusted was just a bonus but not vital just to eat regularly.

Another occurrence really cemented how much effort the God who had possessed Xander had expended on their behalf.

During their research on the Judge, Xander heard the phrase, "No weapons forged by man" and had a sudden package drop into his head. He stood up. "I have an idea – but I have to go investigate. Try to see if we can find something else – cause this is a longshot."

Xander quickly retreated, leaving the others wondering what the hell is going on.

Xander, however, made his way to the Sunnydale Arms Depot and, arriving at the gate, he asked to speak to the Base Commander. Two guards tried to run him off. Xander looked at the higher ranked one and gave a military code and then repeated his request.

Very soon, Xander was faced with a Major who was running the Depot – it wasn't a major installation.

"Major Gramm? My name is Xander and I work with the Slayer." Xander wrote a code down and then a phone number. "I need you to call this number and give this code, and tell the person that the Slayer needs to borrow a rocket launcher and a soldier to train her quickly and to supervise its use. The soldier can't use it because of Posse Comitatus. The person who will be using it is the Slayer."

Looking dubious, the Major did as asked. The code that Xander had given at the gate at least bought him that. The Major was soon standing at attention as he realized he was speaking directly to the Secretary of the Army.

After hearing the explanation, the Secretary explained that the matter was Top Secret and that he was ordered to assist in any possible manner as requested by the Slayer. The Secretary of the Army confirmed that doing so might just save the world.

After the current operation was over, the Base Commander was to report the results with a Code Word. Only those with clearance would review what occurred.

Very soon, Buffy Summers was confronted by the Specialist and the Rocket Launcher he would train her to use. It was explained to Buffy that the Specialist would carry it until Buffy specifically asked for it.

Buffy asked why the Military couldn't get involved and Posse Comitatus was explained. It wasn't that the Military was unaware of the demon problem – it was that they could legally do nothing about it.

Buffy was given the Authorization codes to use as needed to call for equipment or "advisors" to assist any time there was an apocalypse level series of events or close to it.

When the Initiative came to her attention, she immediately knew something was off. She didn't question them directly but used her authorizations to contact the Secretary of Defense directly.

And so she was unsurprised when US National Guard troops were used to arrest and detain everyone involved with the operation. She was then requested as a consultant to help clear up the remains.

She found Spike had been given a chip to prevent him from harming humans. Amused, she ordered him released. Every other vamp was killed, as were several evil demons that had been captured.

A few peaceful demons were given treatment, a certain amount of hush money, and then let go.

Buffy learned a true disdain for "Black Ops" operations.

And when the First Evil needed to be contained, Buffy used her authorizations to ensure the town was evacuated fully. The US Army also assisted in transportation as needed for the potentials and newly-created Slayers. And when the town collapsed, the US Army had a field hospital all set up for the survivors who had helped save the world.

The re-organized Watchers Council had good relationships with various US government offices which made everything a bit smoother than it would otherwise have been.

And the Sineya Trust assisted in organizing and financing the reclamation and proper training of every Slayer that came through.

Buffy finally learned that the trust had somehow been set up 150 years before she was called, set to activate with her calling. Considering they were dealing with a God – it wasn't that hard to imagine.

But the Scoobies were ever grateful for the help.