NOTE: Ever since I was little, "Find Her, Keep Her" was one of my favorite episodes of Winnie The Pooh. Rabbit very quickly became one of my favorite characters when I saw that episode. Just all those moments with him and Kessie. In a way, Rabbit reminded me VERY much of my grandmother, personality-wise, so it was no surprise that I became a fan of him.

WARNING: This short little fic may give you a really bad case of the feels.

The sounds of Kessie's broken sobs pierced Rabbit's heart as he listened to them from his bedroom. The powerful winter wind howled outside as Rabbit sat in his rocking chair, cradling the plush rabbit that Kessie always slept with. After about half an hour, the bluebird's sobs died down as she literally cried herself to sleep.

Rabbit closed his eyes and hung his head, a salty tear rolling down his nose and dripping onto the fabric of the stuffed rabbit's chest, staining it with his heartbreak. Rabbit took a deep breath as he sung quietly to himself:

You are my Kessie,
My only Kessie
You make me happy
When skies are gray

Rabbit slowly got up and walked over to his window, still singing:
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you.
Please don't take my Kessie away...

Rabbit laid his hand on the icy surface of the window, fingers slowly trailing down the glass. The blizzard outside was absolutely nothing compared to the one freezing his broken heart.

He breathed a deep sigh before walking back to his bed and sitting down on it. Thoughts of all the times he shared with Kessie raced through his mind and the more memories he had, the more he felt the hot tears sting his eyes.

Tears were now trickling freely down Rabbit's face as he hugged the stuffed rabbit close to his chest. He whimpered softly to himself, "So, I guess this is goodbye, Kessie..."

And with that, Rabbit buried his face into his bed and allowed himself to cry openly, the pillow muffling his sobs and soaking up his bitter tears. Kessie didn't need him anymore. She was all grown up. He felt stupid for wanting her to stay and he knew deep down that he was only fooling himself.

Kessie wasn't the only one who cried herself to sleep that dark winter night. Rabbit cried, too.

The end.