Thomas Eichhorst and Eldritch Palmer stood in Palmer's home office talking about their latest plans when a knock came from the door. "Come in ." The door opened and in walked Palmer's assistant . " I brought you your mail sir." "Ah very good thank you ." Palmer took the mail as the assistant left closing the door behind him."oh!?" Anything good Mr. Palmer?" asked Thomas with his deep accent. " Yes it seems there is something addressed to you. Looks like a card ." He handed Thomas the card. Thomas looked it over carefully. It was in a red envelop with a light sent of perfume . On its front was his name and on the back where it was sealed was a heart drawn with a black marker. Plamer watching Thomas said" seems you have a secret admire." " So it would seem " after checking it over one more time and letting curiosity get the better of him Thomas opened the envelop. And pulled out a red and pink card with glittery hearts on it. Smiling to him self he opened it and read it out loud .

"what?" No sooner had he finished reading it the card exploded leaving a cloud of pure silver dust in the air and right in the German vampire's face.
Mean whale in a base deep underground laughter could be heard as Gus,Quinlan,his men ,and their new-found friend a girl with medium black hair with gold highlights and blue eyes watched the seen from a large screen that was feed by a very small wireless spycam that was put into the card .