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As Is

"Can we talk?" Caitlin halted as Barry stood in front of her, wearing his flash outfit without the mask

She pondered on how to answer him.. Why was things so complicated? Talking with a colleague shouldn't be this hard.

"Caitlin" Barry prompted, he had to talk to her before he lost his nerves.

Caitlin opened her mouth but decided against it. She shook her head and walked passed him. Bumping into him in the process.

A few steps later, Barry gained momentum.

"It's okay to care! And to show that you do!" Barry shouted, he was tired and hurt, he said he would give space but look at what that space is doing to their team.

Caitlin continued to walk around the hallway, back to her seat. She pretended to work, and answer Cisco's questions.

While Barry on the other hand, had enough. He zoomed past the main office to the locker rooms. And sat to ponder.

He thinks of the way she used to write, it seemed to him that it's been a long time but truth is that it's not.

Come to think of it, he miss the lectures more than the reminders of food. The way she would cross her arm on her chest, raised her brows at him.

One time, she was so angry at him. She wrote on two sticky notes. He saved those. On the back of his mind, he knew how silly keeping those yellow post it note was but he couldn't stop himself.

He never had friends, the way Caitlin was to him. Iris was different, she would always try to make Barry do knew things, things that she thought he would like. Iris did everything to be a good friend, but Barry's feelings for him served as a barrier. Sure she knew him as a person, someone who she grew up with, but she never knew where his heart lies.

That made Caitlin different, Caitlin was cold and reserved at first, so he had to make an effort to make their workspace comfortable, but as time pass, her laugh is one of the warmest he had heard. She would make snarky remarks but laugh wholeheartedly. She would lecture him, give him advice, remind him of his limits but believed in him when no one would.

Unorthodox or not, his friendship with Caitlin is vital to him being the flash.

As he threw his towel on one of the bleachers, Caitlin emerges from the door.

Caitlin, knew how silly she was acting. Knowing Barry as he woke up, stirred feelings on her she didn't recognised. No, she wasn't in love with him, that would be silly. Right?

Right! So she wasn't in love with him, but that doesn't mean, he was unimportant. He's the flash for Christ sake! They would be dead ten times if it weren't for him.

Awkward Barry Allen crawled his was into her being, whether or not she admits it or not.

She sat beside him. As his hands rested on his thigh.

"Hey" he said lamely, as he couldn't take the awkward aura. She smiled at him.

"Barry, I'm sorry." She closed her eyes, grasping a paper on her hands. "Can we just go back the way we were?"

"Like the way you would ignore me?" He joked. Taking a shot to his heart, if she ever say yes.

"No" she supplied quickly. She bit her lips and stood up.

"Then what?" He looked confused as she motioned him out the door.

"I need you to go to the office, and wait for me there" Caitlin replied.

Having no other choice he went to the office and waited for her. A few minutes later she entered the room and smiled at him.

Okay, now what? The questions in his head are yet to be answered.

"What are you still doing here?" Caitlin crossed her arms. But smiling "You need to Change, Cisco and I need to modify something with your suit"

"Sure mam!" He zoom past her, to the locker room. There he found a yellow post it note.

With the words written.

"Lunch. Friends?"

He shook his head. So there they'll all over again. He grabbed the note as stuck it in his pocket. Grabbed lunch for him and Caitlin.

Later that night, he walked her home. They talked about things, like Cisco's worst night, Barry's crush on his 5th grade teacher and Caitlin's adopted sister.

When Barry got home. He got the note from his pocket and put it in a jar. He grabbed a yellow post it.

And wrote some more.

Thank you very much for reading this , some of you guys where complaining about how this was on the completed stories but not finished. So I tried to make this the ending. If you guys need more chapters, don't be shy and ask for more!

P.s: Caitlin is definitely on denial, while Barry is not aware of his feelings. Yay Me!