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This is just a little story about the chickens when they first got to the island...

Part ONE!!!

* * * * * * * *

The plane rose over Ginger's favorite hill.

Ginger looked down in amazement at the beautiful green islands. Rocky smiled, he loved to see her happy. Suddenly, she heard Fowler's voice call down to her.

"Where do you want me to land?!", he yelled.

"Oh, um..I'm not sure yet!", Ginger searched the land frantically, trying to pick the best spot to start her flock's new life, "Right down there, Fowler!", she hoped that he heard.

It was just perfect. The single island, with so many trees. She had remembered seeing treetops just over that hill, back on the farm; She figured that was the island she had always dreamed about.

The plane roughly landed on a patch of grass. Ginger became very exited all of a sudden.

"Ok, ladies!", she sang out, "We are finally here!!", she could barely get the words out without crying, she was so happy.

They all started rushing out of the plane (which was ruined), and Ginger stepped out as well. They were all so exited and wanted to explore right away.

Rocky pulled her into a tight hug, "So how does it feel?", he said gesturing to her feet which were, for the first time, in grass.

"You'd be surprised, what its like for me", Ginger said softly, and smiled with satisfaction.

Rocky and Ginger both walked together to catch up with the others. It was early morning. The sun was just rising. But, nobody was tired, though they had all lost a night's worth of sleep. About an hour later, it was clear that they had to start planning out their "living arrangements" on the island. Ginger had sent Fowler, Babs and a few other willing hens to go and get a good look around.

"Mac?", Ginger asked, "Will you make up some plans for our houses? It doesn't really have to be all that fancy just yet, but we need to start somewhere."

*(I wont try on Mac's accent, use your imagination)*, Mac nodded, "Aye, Hen. I even have it all figured out already. That clearing there, near the stream looks like a good spot to start. I will round up some of the hens, and get started right away!", she said cheerfully.

"Bunty, will you look out for and foxes and things like that?", Ginger asked as she suddenly thought of that problem.

"Already on the job!", Bunty was already looking for foxholes.

Ginger got a few more things in order, and finally decided to make herself useful, too. Using this advantage to take a walk with Rocky.

As they walked, they both were kind of nervous. Realizing that they had kissed on the plane, and they were now all alone. Rocky tried to make it a little more comfortable by actually talking.

"So how is it so far?", He asked with a smile, "I mean, you're finally here, so, what do you think of it?"

Ginger thought for a minute, trying to find the right words, "Well, I've spent my whole life on a farm. Not the same farm.but this is a hell of a lot better!", she said playfully.

Rocky laughed and put his arm around her. He was way too nervous. He didn't understand at all. Of course he loved her, but he had never been nervous around a chick before, ever. As they got to the water edge, Rocky had been able to catch sight of the lake.

"Damn! This place aint half bad." He said with a satisfied tone.

They kept walking, and came across the 'Bird Sanctuary' sign, where Nick and Fetcher had already crossed the word 'bird' out with a red crayon. It was clear that they never learned how to spell chicken.


Ginger and Rocky had walked back in what seemed like the middle-late part of the day. Seeing almost finished coops, and a nice little set up in the their 'home-area'.

"Wow, that was fast!", Rocky commented.

Ginger noticed that one of the coops was a little smaller than the others, "How come that coop is different?", she asked Mac softly.

Mac replied without much interest, "Oh, well, we thought that you and Rocky should have your own coop together."

Ginger and Rocky both looked at each other and then looked away nervously.

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