NS' A/N: Yes, this is insane.. And in Word format half the time. O.O Co- written by my friend Foxeh on AIMS... Do not ask me what the heck spawned this. We are both insane. :D Expect chaos, anarchy, obscure references, and of course, Sigma bashing, among other oddities. :D Flames will be used to create a nice toasty fire in the fireplace. Enjoy!

Insanity in a Box

A screwed up Megaman Crossover fanfic brought to you by Nova Strike and FoxBot Mathias.

The Year was 2002AD, in the realm known only as the United States. It was/is composed of about 50 states, and many territories. That has very little relevance for now, but hey, it's a beginning. Beginning for what? We'll get back to you on that. However, big things were happening. The war on terrorism, of course, weighed heavily on the minds of two teenagers. Both of whom were communicating on AOL Instant Messenger.

"FOOOOXEEEEH!" Came the text of the male youth's screen. "HI SIS!!!" He replied as he sipped from a Cherry Coke. He began typing again. "Ugh, headache." He took one hand off of the keyboard and rubbed his forehead. "Anyway..."

He had been worrying about a few things. Of course, as everyone who talks to him knows, he worries about everything. He's also scared of the dark, but we won't go into that. He stared at his monitor, waiting for a response. "Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww." The reply from his internet sibling was distinct. Ten seconds later, she added, "Drink some water.. That or Tylonol.... Puppeh thinks my jeans are a toy again." She moved her hand, prying the animal off her pants leg. "Jeans are not your friend." She grumbled, shoving a sock rope in her pet's mouth. The puppy trotted away, toy in mouth. The female brushed a strand of hair from her face. Generally a gaming addict in general, people generally found her strange. Or hyper. Or both. Those that complained usually found themselves bitched out. Her fox-like little brother nodded and replied, "Okay, hold on a second." As he walked off into the darkness that is his house, he looked around, and began to think. Hmm, he thought, could this headache be more than a pain? He had always questioned these things, as he tried to be as open-minded as possible, and yet even he blocked some things. He started running some water and ran his hands under the faucet. Maybe I'm losing it. He brought his hands forth and sipped the water.

Since he was but a 'kit', as he refers to it, he had never really trusted his instincts, but knew that something was different about the world. Of course, no one believed him. He had always been an outcast, since he lives in a very narrow-minded town. Since he was different, he didn't belong. That made everything fall in place as years passed, however.

He returned to his computer, his headache subsiding. "Okay, I'm back. Headache's gone." "That's good." The sister replied. She dully cracked her neck and joints. Glancing up breifly, she could've sworn she saw a hint of purple on the ceiling. ".... Huh." She shrugged, turning and running to fetch a drink in one of her "AFK" moments. Something felt funny, but half the time, she considered herself insane anyhow. She leaned forward and breezed through her Winamp play list, settling for "Inside Out" by VonRay. "I'm hallucinating now!" She said, post reeking of sarcastic "joy". "I saw purkle shit!"

The curious younger bro looked to the IM window, not really knowing what to say. "Purple shit? Whaddya mean Sis?" His headache began to return, this time with a vengeance. He looked behind him sharply; not really knowing why, and then uttered something oddly.


He had been listening to some Mega Man X music, Sigma's Fortress to be exact. He had thought that his mind was wandering, that he was maybe losing it yet again. He turned back to his computer and shut WinAmp down.

"Umm, Sis?", he messaged. "I think I'm losing it..."

"Whatcha say that for?" Came the usual calm reply. The older sister cracked her knuckles. "Dark side popping up again? Beat with down like the whore it is." She added, taking a cup of hot cocoa from over her shoulder without glancing and taking a sip. She muttered thanks.

"I coulda swore I felt Zero standing behind me. I've lost it for sure this time Sis...", he replied. The confused boy folded his arms and rested them on his desk, soon before he laid his head down, thinking. He looked back again unsure, and a bit scared. "Maybe it is that.", he typed in and sent as he sighed and loaded WinAmp. Maybe some music will help me, he thought to himself.

"Who knows? I saw purkle shit. I could be losing it too." The older (NOT BY MUCH) female sipped her cocoa. "Butterfinger Cocoa should not taste like this." She glanced at her Vanilla Coke. "I BLAME YOU, SODA."

There was universal silence at the odd, odd comment the female said. "Anyhow, Foxeh, turn around an' see if that clears things up."

The younger nods. "I'll see what I can do." He was always one to try his best at everything he did, even the little things. They always mattered. He turned around, and felt something incredibly strange. He rose from his chair and walked to the southern end of his room, watching and listening for anything that might happen.

"Not this again...", he muttered to himself as he walked to the window and began staring into the night sky. There were no stars, as usual, nor did he see a moon anywhere in the sky. Having no clue as to what was going on, he returned to his PC to report back.

"I'm not seeing anything, but that feeling's come back." He loads up a familiar song, and said feeling becomes worse. "This song...", he typed. "I'm getting something..."

The female began her response when something large, purple, and ambiguously violent dropped-literally-in her lap. "AH MOTHER F*** SHIT ON A STICK! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! ZERO VIRUS! SHIT!"

The Zero Virus in question soon found himself meeting the wall, then the jowls of a teething dog.

"VIRUS. COMPUTER ROOM. PURPLE ZERO. F***." She soon typed. Then she began to hide under the desk, chair acting as a shield.

Curiously, the boy asks, "What the hell?!! What's going on?!"

He received no response, so he got up and turned to see something he wish he hadn't. "Oh dear God...", the boy muttered as he stood in shock. "It can't be..." The shadowy, transparent figure then moved closer, reaching for the young one's face. He stepped back, trying to stay away. He rushed to the computer and tried typing, and hurriedly told everything he had seen.

"He's here! It's him!"

"HIM!? WHO HIM!? WHAT HIM!? I'VE GOT MY HANDS FULL HERE!!" Came the panicky reply. Indeed the female did have her hands full. Well, she did until she belted the Zero Virus clean in the face with the empty Vanilla Coke can. This merely passed through the virus, which looked more amused then irritated. Then again, the virus was violent, and because it was violent, it was decidedly best not to piss it off. No one said the female was bright however. The worried Fox looked to the screen, which was covered by an ominous shadow of the man he dreaded seeing. "Stay away from me... I don't care who you are, I'll fight you." He looked to the ghostly figures face, a red dot on his forehead. "Why do you bother me?!" The figure flashed a devious grin, as it revealed a large scythe; the blade made of green photon energy. Fox tried getting to the keyboard, and hurriedly typed, "SIGMA IS IN MY HOUSE!" before he was tossed back against a wall.

"........................." The female hid again. "Well shit, we're screwed."

Meanwhile, as Sigma silently closed in, a Beam Sabre swipe caught the Maverick Leader off guard, the crimson warrior wielding the weapon scowling at the Mr. Clean Wanna-be. The young one begins to look up from his defensive state to see the man in crimson armor. Looking at the detail of the fight, he instantly recognizes who it is, but remains speechless, and a bit confused. He gets up to type something, but it's garbled in his state of shock.

"This is too weird!!"

The crimson warrior soon threw Sigma out a window. Luckily, this soon resulted in a couple other people grabbing the enraged Reploid tyrant, before the crimson one grabbed the boy and took off, just as Sigma broke loose. "We're outta here!" The crimson warrior said.

Meanwhile, the female was doing all she could to ward off the Zero Virus-Short of throwing the valuables. "GO AWAY. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. YOU AREN'T REAL. SO GO AWAY." The female growled. The virus merely sweat dropped, beginning to ponder at the sanity present. Before the crimson warrior could leave, the boy typed up one final message, and looked up. The message read, "Zero's fighting Sigma!"

As they left, the young one looked up to the warrior, wondering where he had come from, and why he was even involving himself with a lowly boy such as he. He had nothing to offer to a fight. He really didn't like to fight. "Zero? Why are you here?"

The warrior in red simply smiled back down. "That will explain itself."

Meanwhile, the female finally risked dodging the virus, and was out the door, hightailing it at top speed. About two minutes after she zipped off, Zero and the boy materialized in some brush next to an accomplice. "Well?" Zero asked, setting the boy down. The boy watches, and looks around. Speechless, he tries to speak, but only quiet squeaks are heard. The man in crimson sighs and bows his head. "I swore I'd never use the word newbie, but..." He looks to the boy. "Can you at least tell me that I'm in the right area?" The boy nods nervously. Zero grunted approval before staring at his accomplice. "Cut with the damn quiet act. Any luck, or not? Cause I got to tell X and..." The accomplice, a tall purple haired robot wearing large white armor, looked back and nodded. "It is as planned." he replied simply, always smiling. It seems he never stopped smiling.

The boy looked up at him, and a strange expression filled his face. "Y... Y... you're..."

The tall one looked back down and nodded. "I am." "He's on our side, don't worry." Zero said calmly. "Despite popular belief, he has some semblance of sanity. I think." Zero had to duck the incoming fwap.

Meanwhile, the female finally stopped running and was reading a cross street sign. "Neeeeed Starbucks." She grumbled.

The young boy looked to the man in red, then to the tall one, then proceeded to collapse, mumbling, "This isn't real...."

The man in red simply sweatdrops as the tall one looks down, wondering what has happened. "This is illogical. Perhaps I have set a shock within him?" "Based on the study we've been doing? This seems pretty accurate of what he'd do. Yup. Where's the other one?" ".............."

Meanwhile, the female was dodging the Virus. Again. "Bad virus! Naughty virus! WAAAHHH! LEMMIE ALONE!" She wailed. The virus merely kept doing what it enjoyed most... Blowing things up.

"I am uncertain, but my scanners read activity in that sector." He points over to where the female is. "I am certain that said activity is linked to the female."

The boy raised up finally, muttering, "Stay away from my Sist... ugh..." He collapsed again, as both the crimson warrior and the tall bureaucrat sighed and sweat dropped.

"Who will retrieve her?" the bureaucrat asked.

"You do it. You can do that... Laser... stuff and... Stuff." Zero said, sweat dropping. "Plus this fella here needs some waking up." Zero sweat dropped. He poked the boy with a stick. Juno nodded, and disappeared as he teleported to where the activity had been reported.

The boy remained unconscious as Zero kept poking him. Only a light squeak could be heard occasionally. "...Why these two, I'll never know." Zero grunted to himself. He debated sharpening his stick with a pencil sharpener idly.

Juno was treated to a rather strange sight. The female hid behind a lamp pole while the Zero Virus just sweat dropped, debating id it was worth going over and doing what viruses did best. It settled for jumping at Juno with a hiss. "You shall be erased." said Juno as he fired a mightly laser at the virus, sending it to wherever deleted things go. He walks over to the female, and asks her a few questions. "Are you damaged?" "Uhhhhhhhhh................" The female stared with a blank expression before curling up and bursting into tears. Yup. Today was a strange day for everyone.

Having felt the sharp end of a pointy stick, the boy jumps up and looks around, rubbing his side. "What in the hell made you do that!?!" he asked. Zero smirked in amusement. "To wake you up. Hey, it worked, right?" "Well, yeah, but that REALLY HURT!" The boy rubs his side and glares back at Zero. "Why are you here anyway?!" "Now THAT is... A secret." Zero said coyly, wagging his finger. He had to dodge the impending fwap.

Juno sweatdrops, and blinks a few times as he witnesses the female in her state. "Perhaps I am inducing shock in them all..." Juno's reply was just a whimper and something along the lines of "God help me, this is one F***** UP nightmare..." The bureaucrat smiles, as always, to the female and tries to reassure her. "I assure you that my presence is material, and not astral, as that of a nightmare." "THAT DOES NOT HELP." Came a muffled reply. Juno sweat dropped, the ever present smile playing on his face.

Meanwhile, Zero hit his comm. "Juno, how goes your end?" Juno looks to his communicator. "A but difficult, but a success overall. I have located the female, yet I seem to be inducing shock. Perhaps you would have been adequate in this case." "Blah blah, mumbo jumbo... OK, just meet me at HQ." Zero said. He plucked the boy up again. "C'mon, kid. Time to set a few things straight." "........" Juno scowled at his comm for about 2.5 seconds before smiling again, proving he HAD to be on Prozac. Juno neared the female and extended his hand. "We need to rendezvous with Zero. Make haste, and take my hand."

The boy looked to Zero, getting some backbone. "What the... where are we headed now!?" "You'll see." Was the only reply the boy got as Zero teleported.