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This story takes place in the middle of MK9 after the tenth tournament (though there will be nods to MK: Legacy and the lore in general) and post Season 4 of OUAT. I'm writing this as Season 4 premieres, so apologies in advance for discrepancies in plot and continuity.


Prologue – "Change of venue"


"She won't remember I have powers?" Elsa asked.

"It's for the best," The King replied.

"Elsa, listen to me," Pabbie, The Troll King started, his voice kind, yet concerned. "Your power will only grow." He waved his hands and the sky above them flooded with images of Elsa, now an adult; her powers blossoming. "There will be beauty in it, but also great danger."

The girl let out a small gasp.

"You must learn to control it," Pabbie continued. "Fear will only become an enemy."

"We'll protect her," The King offered. "Keep her safe."

Pabbie bid the royal family farewell as they got on their horses and began their way home.

"'Born with, not cursed'," the shaman said to himself. "Just like the brothers..."


"You failed me!"

"My Lord-" begged Shang Tsung.

"Five-hundred years we have waited!" Shao Kahn barked. "Now we must wait five-hundred more!"

"My Lord, all is not lost…" Shang pleaded.

Shao Kahn sighed in frustration. "Curse the Elder gods and their tournaments. I should have taken Earthrealm by force! Instead I am bound by their rules. Rules I cannot break."

The emperor of Outworld sat down on his throne. Before him were his trusted lieutenants: his adopted daughter Kitana; Goro, Prince of the Shokan; and Baraka. They surrounded the sorcerer Shang Tsung, a name feared throughout all the realms for his cunning and power. But here he was on his knees, humiliated, beaten and bloodied by mortal hands.

Shao Kahn turned to Princess Kitana. "Have him killed."

The edenian princess stepped forward and unsheathed her fan over the sorceror's neck.

"My Lord, wait!" Shang begged. "What if the rules could be… changed?"

Change the rules?
This piqued the emperor's interest.

"Kitana," Shao Kahn raised his hand signaling for her to stand down. "Go on."

"There are realms outside the jurisdiction of the Elder gods," Shang Tsung explained. "For example - The Enchanted forest."

Shao Kahn could see where this was going. "Places abundant in magic and power."

"We open the next tournament to all realms at a location where they already intersect and merge together at once."

Two birds, one stone.
Shao Kahn leaned forward. His lips curling into an ambitious smile under his mask.

"And where, Sorcerer, is such a place?"


* * *

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