Link dreams he's hosting Saturday Night Live! [Kinda short though]

By: Shannon

It's Saturday Night Live, with your host, LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Link suddenly walks up on stage at the beginning of the show to say his monologue.

"Well, hello everyone," said Link. "You may know me as the hero of Hyrule in the video game series, Legend of Zelda. I'd like to thank Lorne Michaels for letting me host this show. Ever since I saw it as a kid, I've always wanted to host it and now I got my chance."

Chris Farley (ok, ok, I want to bring him back alive for this specific fanfic) jumps out onstage and starts making obscene comments about Link (and this is all part of the monologue, folks).

"What the heck is this?!" yelled Chris. "They've got some weird-looking fairy kid hosting the show? Why I oughta..."

"Look Chris," said Link. "Lorne asked me specifically to come out here and host the show. Let's be nice and..."

"Why don't you just shut your BIG YAPPER?! With that comment, he storms off the stage.

"Hmmm, I wonder if people don't really like the idea of some fairy kid hosting a big-time variety show."

Adam Sandler comes on the stage. "Hey, kid. What's with the green dress and the white nylons? Are you some kind of weirdo or something?"

"No, I'm Link. I'm the host of the show. I'm in a popular video game series called 'Legend of Zelda.'"

"Oh yeah, you're that fairy boy. Well, listen up! Even though you're host, you'll never amount to anything, ya understand, kid?"

"Yes Adam."

"Good." He walks off stage.

"Well everyone, we have a great show for you tonight. The singing group Savage Garden is here! You all have a nice night and enjoy the show."



"Wake up, Link," said Zelda. I could hear you talking loudly in your sleep.

"Oh Zelda honey, it was awesome. I dreamt that I was hosting Saturday Night Live."

"Oh brother. So don't tell me, you got to do the motivational speaker who 'lives in a van down by the river,' right?"

"Well, not really. I just finished my monologue when I woke up. I wanted to be in that skit where Chris Farley and Adam Sandler are working at The Gap. I also wanted to be one of those head-bopping guys that Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell were playing." The music starts and Link starts to bop his head from side to side and he starts singing. "Baby don't hurt me....don't hurt more....."

"Ok, ok," said Zelda. "I've had enough of your little dream. Can I go back to sleep now? It's 3 in the morning."

"Oh, um, sure. Maybe when I fall asleep this time, I'll get to do the Linda Richman skit." He does his best imitation of Mike Myers' character, Linda Richman. "It's like butter. I can't believe I saw Barbara Streisand in..."

"Link, GO TO SLEEP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" yelled Zelda as she slammed her head into her pillow.

"All right already. Sheesh." He goes back to sleep.