I wanted to do a Naruto and Game of Thrones Crossover Story after reading a lot of good ones. This is my take on the story. After Naruto defeats Madara and the 10-tailed beast, he dies but Kami knows that the child of destiny has a greater future and he allows Naruto to live but in a different world, Westeros. He is found by Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark after the war with the Targaryens. They treat him and Ned offers to raise him in Winterfell. How will the story change now that an all-powerful Shinobi walks the lands. Watch out, the Stags, Wolves and Lions must now deal with the Fox.

The Orange Flash in Westeros

The 4th Shinobi War raged on as Madara's army fought against the Allied Shinobi Forces. Madara and Kabuto raised an army using dead ninja and forced the Allied Forces to face against people they once called friends and family. The war continued Madara was close to his goal of "Curing" the world until Naruto Uzumaki stopped him. In a final battle to be forever remembered, Naruto and the re-animated Hokages of the past fought against Madara and Obito and eventually the 10-tailed beast.

Eventually the fight came down to Naruto against Madara and neither one was going to give up.

"Just give up child, can't you see it, I will save this world." Madara told Naruto as he was holding his side in some pain from the last Rasengan.

"As so will I, but this world doesn't need your kind of help!" Naruto said as Madara prepared to launch one final attack and Naruto did too. Naruto's father, Minato was able to separate his half of Kurama's from himself and give it to Naruto.

Naruto in his fully powered nine-tails state readied the strongest Rasenshuriken-Bijuu Bomb to clash with Madara's Susanno. When the attacks clashed it caused an energy shockwave so strong that everyone in the elemental nations and beyond could feel it. Madara's Susanno couldn't stand against the power and he was killed by the sheer force of the blast and disintegrated. Naruto smiled as his handiwork but then felt something odd. He then felt his heart beat erratically and he started to cough up blood. He fell to his knees in pain as blood dripped from his mouth and his vision blurred.

Naruto knew he was going to die, but he was ok with that, as long as the world was safe, he was ok to die. He fell forward and closed his eyes as his heart finally stopped.

Kami took pity on the boy, seeing him die to save a world and people that originally hated him. Kami saw the strength in the boy and decided he should get at another life. So Kami opens a portal and Naruto's body is pulled through.

Naruto weakly opened his eyes only to see shining light. He heard a voice, a soft voice. "The Child of Destiny…. Your job with your world is done."

"I won? Everyone is safe?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, your selfless sacrifice saved your world. But your body and soul cannot survive there. You have been granted another chance to live." Kami said.

"Another chance? To start all over… that would be nice." Naruto smiled.

"Yes, you will bring upon great change in Westeros." Kami said as Naruto was transported to his new home.

Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark were riding back after the war against the Targaryens. They were both tired and wanted to go home. Then a bright flash of light startled them and their horses as they went crazy. They calmed their horses down to see what they didn't think was possible. A portal formed from the light and a body fell out and hit the ground. The portal instantly closed but not before it sent a bright flash of light into the sky and the second it did that, a sword fell from the sky and landed next to the boy.

Ned and Robert got off their horses and ran to the boy to find him unconscious and bloody. He was tall, around 6ft 2 inches, he had blond hair, 6 whisker marks on his cheeks and his orange outfit was shredded, showing some of the cuts and wounds.

"It's a young man, he's unconscious." Ned said.

"What happened to him?" Robert asked.

"I don't know, but he needs help." Ned said as and Robert picked up the boy and put him one of the spare horses. Ned then grabbed the sword that fell and they left for Kings Landing.

Winter is coming

Line Break xxxxx

Years have passed since Naruto Uzumaki arrived in Westeros. When Naruto woke up he was lightly bandaged and saw a very elaborate and decorated room. Then two men known as Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon came in and talked to him. Naruto then figured out he appeared to them from a portal and they took him to Kings Landing to recover which they noted as extremely fast. Ned and Robert were shocked at the boys healing rate, he was special. Ned and Robert asked what happened to him to arrive by the way he did. Naruto knew they wouldn't believe the whole truth so withheld some details. He did tell them he was a shinobi or in their tongue, a warrior and that he was special, boy did they wet their pants when Naruto showed them his shadow clone jutsu.

Robert thought he practiced magic, since it was the only way to explain how he could do the things he could do, but magic was believed to be extinct. Naruto went along with that as a cover, and the two bought it. Ned and Robert tended to the boy and they grew fond of him and vice versa. Naruto even went on a hunt with them and he even saved Roberts life from bandits.

Luckily enough, Naruto had still had Kurama with him, and the fox was happy that they got a new beginning. Kurama could tell that this world was ripe with battles and adventures. During his time in King Landing, Kurama encouraged Naruto to soak in everything he could about their new home, and Naruto, begrudgingly did. He learned the Westeros history, customs and soon became a master of their warfare. With the help of his shadow clones, Naruto became a master of combat, besting Ned in sword fighting and was a master archer.

Ned then gave Naruto the sword that appeared when he came into their world. The sword was similar to Ned's Valyrian steel great sword but was a little smaller. It's cross guard was smaller and curved and the blade was not as wide as Ned's but just as long. The grip was dark orange and crimson, the blade was jet black and the end of the grip had Kurama's face on it. Naruto figured it was a gift from Kami. Naruto tested it and it was much sharper and stronger then Valyrian steel. Naruto called it Kyubi in honor of Kurama, and his face was on the hilt.

Robert's rule as king went with relative peace but he was getting too comfortable… and putting on a lot of weight. Robert asked Ned to look out in the North and stand watch in Winterfell. Naruto volunteered to go with him to help Ned watch over the north as repayment for taking care of him.

Line Break xxxxx Start of the TV show canon

In one of the training courtyards in Winterfell, Bran was practicing his archery skills with the help of Jon and Robb while Ned and Cat watched. Bran's first attempt, he missed and hits a barrel on the side. Bran was frustrated at this and everyone could see it.

Jon then pat him on the shoulder, "Go on. Father's watching, and your mother." John said as Bran looked to see Ned and Cat smiling at him. Bran then pulled another arrow back but his bow arm was unsteady and when he released the arrow, it flew over the target and hit the trees.

Jon and Robb laughed as Bran was getting more frustrated. "And which one of you was a marksman at ten?" Ned asked, as the others stopped laughing but still smiled. "Keep practicing Bran. Go on."

"Don't think too much, Bran." Jon said as Bran pulled back an arrow.

"Relax your bow arm." Robb said as Bran tried. Before Bran could fire, another arrow zoomed past them and hit the dead center of the target. They turned to see Arya with a bow. She smiled and gave a curtsey but before Bran could act, a knife flew through the air and sliced her arrow in half.

"Not bad, Arya. Not bad." Naruto said, hanging upside down with his legs hooked on the ceiling. He then flipped and landed next to her and pat her on the head as she smiled. "For the record, Ned. I was a marksman at ten." Naruto said as he walked out to join Bran and the others as Ned and Cat smiled.

"Bran, you're thinking to much. Relax your mind, it must come to you like reading or walking. Think of it as an extension of your will." Naruto told Bran. Naruto then grabbed his bow and fired an arrow at the second target, hitting the dead center. He then drew a second arrow and hit the same spot, splitting that arrow in half. "See."

Bran smiled as Naruto helped him and Robb and Jon smiled as well. But the smile on Ned's face was the most notable. Years have passed since he and Robert found Naruto and he has grown. He has become quiet the strapping young man, but hasn't aged as much as the others, Naruto told him his magic makes his age slower. Despite that, Naruto is family to Ned and the others think so as well. All of the Starks are very fond of Naruto, Cat sees him as a son and the others see his as family. He is like a big brother to Arya and Bran, mentoring them, looking out for them and making sure they stay safe.

Naruto had helps raised the Starks and they all admired him, especially Jon, Robb and Sansa. He and Sansa were particularly close, and they suspected that they had feelings for one another. Naruto was a Stark in all but blood and he vowed he would do whatever to protect them. Ser Rodrik then appeared to deliver some sour news.

"Lord Stark, milady. A guardsmen just came in from the hills, they've captured a deserter from the Night's Watch." Rodrik said as Ned became serious.

"Get the lads to saddle their horses." Ned told Greyjoy who nodded and left.

"Do you have to?" Cat asked, not wanting them to go through with it.

"He swore an oath Cat." Ned told her.

"Law is law, milady." Rodrik said as she just shook her head.

"Tell Bran he's coming too." Ned said, as Cat was against the idea.

"Ned, ten is too young to see such things." Cat told him.

"He won't be a boy forever. And winter is coming." Ned said as he went back over to Naruto and the others. "Naruto, lets go." Ned said as Naruto nodded and left to get his things.

Naruto rode with the Starks, now changed into his proper attire. He wore clothes similar to that of Ned and Jon but was black with shades of crimson and orange mixed in. He also had spiked, metal vambraces on his forearms, his headband tied to his belt and his jade necklace around his neck.

They arrived and got off their horses as the guards brought the deserter to them. They placed him before Lord Stark and Naruto as the deserter kept repeating something.

"I know I broke my oath. And I know I'm a deserter. I should have gone back to the wall to warn them but… I saw what I saw… I saw white walkers. People need to know. If you can get word to my family, tell them I'm a coward, tell them I'm sorry." The man said as Ned motioned the guards to place his head on the execution log. Ned then grabbed his sword and stabbed into the ground and spoke as Jon told Bran not to look away.

Ned spoke his title and the sentence of death and executed the deserter. Ned then went over to Bran to talk to him as Naruto thought about what the deserter said. Kurama told Naruto that the deserter was not lying, not that it alone is not enough to prove the deserters points but it does raise an issue. If the white walkers were back, why now? They have been gone for thousands of years. Naruto would need to look into this or it would come back to hurt them. He would send a Shadow Clone to the wall to see if he could find evidence.

One lucky gift of Shadow Clones is that they make the perfect spy network. And Naruto followed in the same path as pervy sage and had his own spy network in Westeros and Essos. If knowledge was power, he would be the most powerful man in the land.

They all rode back to Winterfell but along the way they spotted a dead and eviscerated stag corpse. Naruto got off his horse first and inspected it as Ned soon followed.

"What is it?" Jon asked.

"Mountain lion." Theon guessed.

"No mountain lions in these woods." Ned said.

"Must have happened recently, real recently." Naruto said, referring to the stench and how long the body decayed. Naruto then saw a trail, leading from the woods to the river and he followed it. Ned and the others followed, they walked along the path and what they saw, shocked them.

The corpse of a dead Direwolf mother, she was killed by a stag but she gave birth as she had five pups near her body. Naruto got close and checked on the pups and they were healthy. The pups took a liking to him and they moved near him as he gave them some water from his pouch.

Ned was shocked to see this as he got closer, thinking it was a illusion. "It's a freak!" Greyjoy said.

"It's a Direwolf. Soulful Beast." Ned said as he pulled out the Stag antlers pierced into the corpse.

"There are no Direwolves south of the wall." Robb said.

"Now there are five." Naruto said as he picked on up and handed him to Bran. "Want to hold it?"

"Where will they go? There mother's dead." Bran asked as the pup got comfortable in his arms.

"They don't belong down here." Rodrik said.

Ned said to have them killed as Bran protested. Jon then raised the point that the pups could be a sign, the Direwolf was the symbol of their house and there were five pups for each of the Stark Children. Ned thought about this, he looked at Naruto who nodded and Ned agreed but the children would have to look after them.

Robb and Theon grabbed the remaining four pups as they left but Naruto found one more, much smaller then the rest. He decided to give him to Jon, who smiled and thanked him. Naruto smiled as they got back to their horses but wondered if the Direwolf was really a sign that something big was going to happen to Westeros and to the Starks.

Line Break xxxxx

In Kings Landing, bells from the tower could be heard throughout the city as they were mourning the death of Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King who had passed.

Cersei Lannister watched in the chamber as priests were conducting death rights for Jon. Jamie Lannister, her brother, walked up beside her.

"As your brother, I feel that it's my duty to warn you… you worry too much. It's starting to show." Jamie said.

"And you never worry about anything. When we were 7 we jumped off the cliffs at Casterly Rock… hundred-foot drop into the water. You were never afraid." Cersei said.

"There was nothing to be afraid of until you told father. Lannister, Lannister's don't act like fools." Jamie said, mimicking his father.

"What if Jon Arryn told someone?" Cersei asked.

"But who would he tell?" Jamie asked.

"My husband." Cersei said.

"If he told the king, both our heads would be skewered on the city gates by now. Whatever Jon Arryn knew or didn't know died with him. Then Robert will hire a new hand, someone to do his job while he's out fucking boars and hunting whores. Or is it the other way around… and life will go on." Jamie said.

"You should be the hand of the king." Cersei said.

"That's an honor I could do without. The days are too long, their lives are too short." Jamie said as they looked at Jon's body, unaware that a cloaked figure, in the shadows heard them. The figure didn't know what secret Arryn knew but the Lannisters were behind it.

Line Break xxxxx

Back in Winterfell a raven flew overhead and landed in the city with a parchment attached to its leg. Cat was walking through the city to find her husband while Naruto was busy training. He was in the courtyard set up with nine training targets. He was blindfolded as children came over to watch him, they were excited to wonder what Naruto, the Orange Flash of Westeros would do. How he got his name, you'll find out.

Naruto relaxed his body as he moved his hands to grab his remaining kunai off his belt. He then threw one at the target in front of him, then threw two to his right and left threw two more at each pair as they flew through the air. The kunai ricocheted off each other and each hit the dead center of the target, except one which bounced and heading straight for his head. Naruto then disappeared in an orange flash and the kunai sailed through the air and hit the last remaining target. The flash appeared again and Naruto was back in the training ground. He took off his blindfold and smiled as his work, his aim was perfect as ever and his Hirashin was flawless. Naruto whistled to himself as he plucked the kunai out of the targets and then flashed to the tool shed to grab his hirashin kunai he placed their and teleported back.

The children clapped and cheered as Naruto reappeared, amazed at the magic he could do. Naruto chuckled as he prepared his bow for archery training when he heard a voice.

"Naruto, there you are." Naruto turned to see Sansa.

"Sansa, you were looking for me?" Naruto asked as she joined him.

"Yes, I was looking for you. Mother told me a raven from Kings Landing came in. The King is coming." Sansa said.

"Robert? Huh, must be something important." Naruto said as he fired an arrow in the dead center of the target.

"Mother wants everyone to prepare for his arrival." Sansa said.

"Of course, but Robert has some time before he arrives and if needed my clones can make sure everything is ready." Naruto said with a smile as Sansa blushed. "Come, you try." Naruto said, holding out his bow.

"Oh, Naruto I don't know… I never fired one before." Sansa said.

"Then try, I would have you defend yourself should the time come when I'm not by your side." Naruto said as Sansa agreed and held the bow.

"Now hold the bow steady, draw the arrow back and release." Naruto told her as she did. She struggled to pull the arrow back and when she released it flew way off course.

"Well… we have more work to do." Naruto said as he gave her another arrow.

"Now try again, but relax, breathe. Everything you do, breathe." Naruto said as Sansa calmed down and slowed her breathing and pulled the arrow back. When she released it, it hit the target but was still way off from the center.

"Better." Naruto said as Sansa smiled. Cat came into the courtyard and saw Naruto and Sansa together and smiled but they needed to get ready.

"Naruto, Sansa, it's time for dinner." Cat said as they both agreed. Naruto put his bow back and they went to eat.

For the next few weeks, Winterfell was busy with workers and cooks getting ready for King Roberts arrival. Cat had the workers prepare the rooms for the royal family to be perfect. The boys had to be shaven and groomed before they were presented to the King, except for Naruto who would handle his own grooming. Naruto shortened his hair so it was back to the length he had it when he was back in his world. (Think his hair length in Shippuden)

The Castle was very serious today as Robert would arrive. Bran had climbed up the walls that surrounded Winterfell and saw the King and his caravan approach. Bran then ran over the wall and climbed down to where Naruto and Bran's Direwolf were waiting. Naruto smiled as he saw Bran's climbing skill getting better and better. Cat was walking through Winterfell and saw Naruto and Bran's Direwolf staring at something.

"Gods, but they grow fast." Cat said, seeing how big the pup got in such as short time. She then turned to see Bran climbing down. "Brandon!"

"I saw the King! He's got hundreds of people." Bran said excited as he climbed down.

"How many times have I told you, no climbing?!" Cat scolded him.

"I lost count after 20." Naruto said as Cat shook her head.

"But he's coming right now. Down our road." Bran said as he climbed down and Naruto moved to help him.

"I want you to promise me… now more climbing." Cat told him.

"She right, Bran. You shouldn't be climbing at your age." Naruto said as Cat smiled. "Wait until your older, then I'll help you." Naruto said as he and Bran chuckled.

"Naruto, don't say that." Cat said.

"But really, Bran. What have I told you?" Naruto asked.

"Don't climb anything that looks too dangerous unless you're here." Bran said with a smile.

"That's my boy, now go get ready, Robert'll be here soon!" Naruto said as Bran ran off to get changed.

"Of course, now run and find your father, tell him he's close!" Cat yelled as she then looked at Naruto. "You shouldn't encourage him to climb, Naruto."

"Don't worry, Cat. Bran is good, but should something happen I'll be there." Naruto said, holding up a Hirashin marker.

Cat smiled, "Go find, Arya, she must be off to mischief right now." Cat said.

"Got it." Naruto said as he disappeared in a flash.

The King and his caravan galloped through the gats of Winterfell as everyone was trying to catch a glimpse of the King. Arya who was wearing a steel guardsmen helmet, squeezed through the crowd and climbed up a wagon to get a better look. She saw the first group of horses ride by, carrying the banners of the house Lannister. Naruto then appeared behind her and picked her up.

"Here you are Arya, come your mother is worried." Naruto told her.

"Mother's always worried." Arya complained.

"She just loves you so much. Now, go on. Your family's waiting for you." Naruto told her as he pat her head and she ran off to join her family.

She ran to join her family but Ned stopped her. "Hey, what are you going with that on?" Ned asked as he took of her helmet and handed it to Ser Rodrik. He then pushed her towards the end and she stood next to Bran and Sansa.

"Where is Naruto?" Ned asked Cat.

"I sent him after Arya, but he should be here." Cat whispered as they then saw Naruto near the back who nodded. They nodded back as Naruto joined them and he stood next to Cat.

The Royal caravan the entered the courtyard with Jamie Lannister in the front and Prince Joffrey behind him. Joffrey had this smug look on his face as he smiled at Sansa who was hesitant to return it. Then the next person to walk in was a large man on a horse with growling dog helmet on his head. He opened it to reveal he was Sandor Glegane, the Hound. Then the Royal carriage entered and behind that was King Robert.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, he was a lot fatter then when he last saw him. Everyone then kneeled as Robert rode up to them. A squire brought over a stool to help Robert off his horse. Robert then walked over to a kneeling Ned and motioned him to stand up. Everyone did as Robert stared at Ned and vice versa. Everyone felt the tension between the two, thinking something bad was going to happen.

"Your grace." Ned said, as he bowed his head.

"You got fat." Robert said as the others were shocked while Naruto had to control himself from laughing out loud. Ned then looked at Robert's belly with a raised eyebrow and then the two broke out laughing and hugged each other.

"Cat!" Robert said as they hugged.

"Nine years, why have I not seen you? Where the hell have you been?" Robert asked.

"Guarding the north for you, your grace. Winterfell is yours." Ned said as Queen Cersei stepped down from her carriage. King Robert then talked with the other Stark Children before he went up to Naruto.

"Naruto, you have been doing well I hope?" Naruto said with a smile.

"Better then you could have imagined, your grace." Naruto said as the two hugged.

"My lady." Naruto said to the Queen.

"Show some respect for the Queen, you cur." Jamie threatened as he grabbed his sword.

"I would advice caution with your words, Kingslayer." Naruto warned him. "Besides, that is respectful in my book."

"Even to your Queen?" Jamie threatened.

"Pretty much." Naruto said as Ned just shook his head. The other guards prepared to draw swords, Naruto saw this but looked at the helmet Jamie had on. He then disappeared in a orange flash and everyone except the Starks and Robert was shocked.

"Hmmm, not bad." A voice said as Jamie turned to see Naruto sitting on the royal carriage and holding Jamie's helmet. Jamie blinked at the loss of his helmet and saw Naruto flick it with his finger. "Not bad at all. Not as good as Kyubi but a close second." Naruto said.

"Give me back my helmet!" Jamie ordered.

"Ok." Naruto said as he flipped over the carriage and landed next to Robert. Naruto then threw the helmet over his shoulder and it landed backwards on his head and he bent forward and the sudden weight drop. His arms flailed as he tried to balance himself. Ned, Robert and the Starks chuckled at this.

"Why you—" Jamie was interrupted as his sword disappeared from his hands. He looked around, trying to find where his sword went.

"Looking for this." Naruto said, showing that he had Jamie's sword in his hands.

"That's enough, Naruto. Ned, take me to your crypts, I want to pay my respects. You too, boy." Robert said as Naruto and Ned nodded.

"We've been riding for a month, my love. Surely the dead can wait." Cersei told him but he ignored her.

"Ned!" Robert ordered as Ned apologized to the Queen and Ned followed and so did Naruto.

"Oh, here you go, Kingslayer." Naruto said as he threw the sword into the ground near Jamie's feet.

Line Break xxxxx

Robert, Ned and Naruto were walking through the crypts as Ned asked what happened to Jon Arryn.

"Tell me about Jon Arryn?" Ned asked.

"One minute he was fine, and then burned right through him, whatever it was. I loved that man." Robert said.

"We all did." Ned said.

Robert then mentioned how much of an influence Jon had on him as Ned and Naruto chuckled at the tale. He then stopped and got serious. "I need you Ned. Down in Kings Landing, not up here where you're of no damn use to anybody. Lord Eddard Stark, I would name you the hand of the King." Robert said as Ned then kneeled.

"I'm not worthy of the honor." Ned said as Robert chuckled.

"I'm not trying to honor you, I'm trying to get you to run my kingdom while I eat, drink and whore my way to an early grave." Robert said as he and Naruto chuckled. "Damn it Ned, stand up."

"You helped me win the Iron throne, now help me keep the damn thing. We were meant to rule together. If you're sister had lived, we'd have been bound by blood. Well, it's not too late. I have a son, you have a daughter. We'll join our houses." Robert said as he kept walking while Ned and Naruto were taken back by the news.

"Robert, perhaps it would be best to hold off on any marriage for now." Naruto told Robert.

"Why?" Robert asked. Robert knew Naruto well enough that when the blond advised caution, it was to be heard.

"It seems rushed. Jon Arryn is dead and I don't think it was by fate." Naruto said as Robert and Ned understood what he was implying.

"Why would you say that?" Ned asked.

"I learned that Jon had discovered something he wasn't suppose to. About the throne and someone killed him to keep it quiet. Whoever did this is after the Iron Throne and if we make any hasty decisions we may play our hands right into it." Naruto said as Robert and Ned thought about this for a second.

"What do you propose?" Robert asked.

"Hold off on the union between your two houses. I do not know who killed Jon or what secret he learned but someone will do anything to make sure it doesn't come into the light of day. For now we should be smart. With Ned as the Hand of the King, we can find out what Jon did and stop whoever was behind this." Naruto said, not mentioning the Lannisters because he couldn't risk Robert accidently spilling the news or Cersei overhearing their plans. He wanted the Lannisters in the dark until he could do more research.

"All right, but you will come with us to Kings Landing to aid Ned and find out who is behind this." Robert said.

"Of course." Naruto replied.

They continued to walk through the crypts until they reached the grave of Lyanna Stark. Robert's mood turned somber as he missed his love. "Did you have to bury her in a place like this?" Robert asked. "She should be on a hill somewhere with the sun and the clouds above her."

"She was my sister. This is where she belongs." Ned replied.

"She belonged with me. In my dreams, I kill him every night." Robert said.

"It's done, your grace. The Targaryens are gone." Ned said.

"Not all of them." Robert said in anger.

Naruto knew what he was talking about. The two remaining Targaryens were in Essos trying to amass an army to take back the throne. Naruto had a spy over their monitoring the situation and to report back what happens.

Line Break xxxxx

Cat was with Sansa, getting her ready for the party. "Do you think Father will make me marry Joffrey?" Sansa asked.

"I don't know. I thought you wouldn't mind that." Cat said as she fixed her hair.

"I wouldn't mind marrying a prince, but Joffrey… something about him, disgusts me." Sansa said.

"I know… what brought upon this new look and behavior?" Cat asked, happy to see her daughter more mature.

"Naruto, he's been a great friend. He's made me change, now I want a man who will look out for me and love me for me." Sansa said as she blushed a little.

"Yes, Naruto has affected us all." Cat said with a smile. "Come let's go the party."

The festivities were at an all time high. Wine and ale was drank as food came out of the kitchen. The people were talking and drinking their troubles away as Robert getting drunk and kissing the whores. Cersei looked at him with disgust as the pig of a man she married kissed other women.

Jon and Naruto were in the courtyard, doing some more training. Naruto was ducking and dodging as Jon tried to swipe at him with his sword. Jon missed every time but came close on more then one occasion. Jon then thrusts his sword but Naruto caught the blade between his hands. He then flicked and poked Jon's hands, causing him to let go of the sword and Naruto held it at his neck.

"Not bad, Jon." Naruto said with a smile as he handed Jon his sword back.

"I stilt haven't cut you." Jon said.

"I doubt anyone in this land could cut me, but keep training and maybe one day you might." Naruto said as he pat Jon on the shoulder.

"You're Ned Stark's bastard, aren't you." A voice said as they turned to see a small man leaning against a wall and walk up to them.

"Who wants to know?" Jon asked.

"Tyrion Lannister." The small man said, introducing himself.

"Tywin Lannister's son." Naruto said.

"Not how people usually know me, but yes." Tyrion said.

"An honor to me you. The one Lannister I believe I can not hate." Naruto joked as he shook Tyrion's hand.

"Ah, you must be that Naruto fellow, my brother complained about. He wouldn't shut up at how a boy took his helmet and sword without him looking." Tyrion joked.

"My bad, but I'm called the Orange Flash for a reason. And you should tell that brother of yours to pull the stick out of his ass." Naruto said as Tyrion and Jon laughed.

"I will do so but that is harder then you might think." Tyrion said.

"Well if you excuse me, I must eat." Naruto said as he left and waved goodbye.

Naruto entered the dinning hall to see the festivities in full swing. Everyone was having a merry time, including Robert who was getting too frisky with the maids. Naruto just shook his head. He then grabbed a cup of water and an apple and walked passed the Queen and Cat.

"Cat, your grace." Naruto said as he bowed and then threw his apple up and then caught it and took a bit. Cat just chuckled as Cersei looked at her.

"That boy, Naruto… he's an interesting one." Cersei said as they saw Naruto sit next to Sansa who smiled and moved closer to him.

"Yes he is. He's the most caring young man you can ever meet and yet be as strong and ruthless as possible if the ones he cares for are in trouble." Cat said with a smile as she saw Sansa giggle as Naruto talked to her. She leaned next to him, her head on his shoulder as Arya laughed as well.

Arya then flicked some food over at Sansa but Naruto used a plate to block it. He gave her a look as she chuckled. Naruto then nodded at Robb who understood and took Arya to bed.

The festivities had ended as many of the drunks had fallen asleep and Ned and Cat retired to their bed. Cat was complaining that she didn't want him to go to Kings Landing. Then they heard a knock on the door and it was Naruto. Ned told Naruto to come in as Naruto seemed to have a look on his face.

"Forgive me, Ned, Cat but a rider came in the night from your sister, he had this." Naruto said, giving Cat the note. Cat read the note and then threw it in the fire.

"What news?" Ned asked.

"She's fled the capital, she says Jon Arryn was murdered… by the Lannisters. She says the king is in danger." Cat said as Ned didn't know what to think while Naruto figured he was right. Cersei and Jamie are behind this, if not Tywin was.

"Naruto, is this what you spoke of?" Ned asked.

"Yes, I found out the Lannisters were involved in the Arryn's death but I could not risk letting them find out, which is why I kept that part to myself." Naruto said. "If this news is true and the Lannisters conspire against the throne, who but you can protect the king."

"They murdered the last hand, now you want Ned to take the job." Cat said.

"If they Lannisters want the Throne, Ned and I are the only ones who can protect Robert and expose their treachery. If we stand idle and do nothing, I fear for Westeros." Naruto said as Ned was deep in thought.

Line Break xxxxx

The next morning, the King, Ned and everyone else were preparing for a hunt. Naruto was fixing his saddle as he saw Ned still deep in thought. The revelation over what the Lannisters had done struck him hard but he knew he and Naruto were the only ones would could protect the King. Naruto then joined Ned as the two were on their horses and Robert rode over.

"You as good with a spear as you use to be?" Robert asked.

"No… but I'm still better than you." Ned said as they chuckled.

"I know what I'm putting you through. Thank you for saying yes. I only asked because I need you. You're a loyal friend, you hear me? A loyal friend. One of the last I've got." Robert said as he looked at Naruto who smiled back.

"I hope I serve you well." Ned said.

"You will. And I'll make sure you don't look so fucking grim all the time!" Robert said as he chuckled.

"Good luck with that." Naruto joked.

They left on their hunting trip as Bran got back to climbing. He climbed up the old lookout tower with great skill and as he reached the top he heard a woman moaning. He climbed over to the window and was shocked to see what he saw. Jamie Lannister and Cersei Lannister were together with him thrusting into her from behind and she was taking it like a dog in heat. Jamie pulled his sister into his chest as he kissed her neck but Cersei saw Bran in the window as he tried to climb down but Jamie grabbed him.

"Are you completely mad?" Jamie asked.

"He saw us." Cersei said in a panicked state.

"Quiet the little climber aren't you. How old are you?" Jamie asked.

"10." Bran answered, nervous.

"10." Jamie said as he looked at Cersei. "The things I do for love." Jamie said as he pushed Bran out the window causing him to fall. The mark on Bran's neck grew red as it sent out a message back to Naruto that Bran was in trouble. Naruto who was on his horse riding with the others felt the mark go off. He looked back to Winterfell and worried the worst.

"Bran." Naruto said as he flashed back to Winterfell. Bran was falling to the ground, on the way, his head hit the stonewall. But before he hit the ground, an orange flash appeared and Naruto appeared in the air and caught him, then tucked and rolled on the ground, holding Bran close.

"Bran! Bran! Can you hear me?!" Naruto shouted as blood dripped from Bran's head wound and he was unconscious. Naruto shouted for help as servants came to see what happened and saw Naruto holding an unconscious Bran. Naruto then picked up Bran and flashed back to the castle to the medical room. Jamie and Cersei saw this and were worried that Bran and possibly Naruto knew their secret.

Naruto took Bran to the medical room as a doctor came to look over him. Naruto did a energy scan over his body using his charka and didn't find any bad injuries such as broken bones or ruptured organs. He was in a coma because he hit his head hard but he would wake up soon. Cat came in and saw Bran but Naruto assured her he was safe. She thanked him for saving Bran but Naruto told her, he promised to protect the Starks with his life.

After a few hours of checking on Bran, Naruto went for a walk. Cat stayed with Bran, waiting for him to wake up. Naruto walked out to the stables and saw Joffrey with the Hound as his bodyguard talking to Tyrion. He got closer and heard what Joffrey was saying.

"My mother's been looking for you. We ride for Kings Landing today." Joffrey said.

"Before you go, you will call on Lord and Lady Stark and offer your sympathies." Tyrion told Joffrey.

"What good will my sympathies do them?" Joffrey asked, smugly.

"None, but it is expected of you. Your absent has already been noted." Tyrion told him.

"Boy means nothing to me." Joffrey said as he looked at the Hound. "Besides I can't stand the wailing of woman—" Joffrey was cut off as Tyrion slapped him in the face hard.

"One word and I hit you again." Tyrion said.

"I'm telling mother!" Joffrey said but before Tyrion could hit him, Naruto appeared and kicked him in the back, sending him flying into the mud. Joffrey groaned in pain as the kick was extremely strong and bruised his back.

"Now listen here, Joffrey. I don't care if you're the crown prince or god himself, you will offer your sympathies to Lord and Lady Stark or you will not find it enjoyable." Naruto ordered him, as Joffrey was both angry and scared.

"I won't forget this!" Joffrey said as he got up and ran away.

"The Prince will remember that, milord." The Hound told Naruto.

"It's a good lesson for him. If he forgets, be a good dog and remind him." Tyrion mocked him as he and Naruto left.

"Little shit, and to think he will sit on the throne." Naruto told Tyrion.

"So, how does young Bran fair, Naruto?" Tyrion asked.

"He will be fine, luckily enough I arrived just in time before he hit the ground. He did hit his head on the wall but he will be fine. Not sure what he'll remember but he will wake by tomorrow." Naruto told Tyrion.

"I'm glad, would you like to accompany me to breakfast?" Tyrion asked.

"No, I must prepare for the trip to Kings Landing. It was a pleasure to meet you Lord Tyrion." Naruto said as he had his hand out.

"And I you, Naruto." Tyrion shook Naruto's hand.

Tyrion entered the dining hall where the others were eating. He joined them and sat beside his brother. "Little brother." Jamie said.

"Dear siblings." Tyrion said as he snagged a piece of bacon of Tommen's plate.

"Is Bran going to die?" Myrcella asked.

"Oh no, he will be fine." Tyrion said as Myrcella smiled as Cersei had a blank look on her face.

"What do you mean?" Cersei asked.

"I talked to Naruto and Bran should be fine by tomorrow. He was able to rescue Bran before any real damage could be done. Although what he will remember, Naruto has not idea." Tyrion said as Jamie and Cersei shared a gaze.

"Charms of the north seem entirely lost on you." Tyrion told his sister.

"Still can't believe you are going, it's ridiculous even for you." Cersei said.

"Where is your sense of wonder?! The greatest structure ever built. The intrepid men of the Night's Watch. The Wintery abode of the White Walkers!" Tyrion said, frightening Tommen and then tickling him.

"You are considering taking the black, Tyrion?" Jamie asked.

"And go celibate?" Tyrion said, thinking Jamie was crazy. "The whores would go begging from Dorne to Casterly Rock. No, I just want to stand on top of the wall and piss off the edge of the world"

"Children don't need to hear you filth. Come, let's go." Cersei said as Tommen and Myrcella followed her out.

Cat was watching over Bran as he slept in his bed, she was weaving some blessing figures for Bran. Naruto walked in and saw Cat still near Bran's bed. He went over to her and put a hand on her shoulder, "Do not worry, he will wake by tomorrow. I guarantee it." Naruto said as Cat gave Naruto a small smile.

Cersei then walked into the room as Cat got up and bowed and Naruto gave a small head bow and excused himself. He walked back into the courtyard and joined Jon who was by the forger, inspecting a sword. Jon and Naruto loved the blade he forged and the blacksmith was just finishing the final touches. Jamie Lannister saw them and walked to them.

"A sword for the wall?" Jamie asked.

"Already have one." Jon replied.

"Good man. Have you swung it yet?" Jamie asked.

"Of course I have." Jon said.

"At someone I mean." Jamie said.

"Oh he has, but has not landed a hit. But what can you do against the Orange Flash." Naruto said as he chuckled and Jon lightly punched him in the arm.

"I trust you'll find training is much different then fighting." Jamie said.

"We have protected the country for 800 years." Jon said.

"I'm sorry, we? Have you taken your vows yet?" Jamie asked.

"Soon enough." Jon replied.

"Give my regards to the tower watch, and if you fail… it's only for life." Jamie said with a smirk and left.

"Arrogant prick." Naruto said as he grabbed the finished sword and he and Jon went to find Arya.

Arya was in her room repacking her clothes with the help of her Direwolf, Nymeria. She folded put the clothes in her trunk as Naruto and Jon entered the room. "I had it set for day but now I have to fold them again. My things weren't properly folded she says. Who cares how their folded, they're going to get all messed up anyway." Arya said in frustration.

"It's good you got help." Jon said looking at Nymeria who was sitting next to the bed.

"Watch… Nymeria, gloves." Arya said as Nymeria didn't move.

"Impressive." Jon said.

"Shut up. Nymeria, gloves." Arya said again as Nymeria just turned her head.

"We have something for you." Naruto said as he closed the door. "And it has to be packed very carefully."

"A present?" Arya said.

"Yup." Naruto said as he took off the cloth and showed her a small size sword. "This is no toy." Naruto said as he unsheathed it to reveal a needle like blade. "Be careful you don't cut yourself."

"It's so skinny." She said.

"So are you. We had the blacksmith make it for you special. Won't hack a man's head off but it will poke him full of holes if your quick enough." Jon said.

"I can be quick." Arya said.

"You'll have to train everyday. But I know you will one day be a master." Naruto said as he hugged her and she then hugged Jon.

Naruto returned to the stables and got his horse ready. He got on and saw Robb and Jon talk and then hug goodbye like real brothers would. The ride back to Kings Landing was a long one and on they way, the caravan split up. The King and his company to the capital while the others were heading to the wall. Naruto hugged Jon goodbye wishing him luck and told him he'd be watching over him. Ned then rode over to Jon to talk to him.

"It was a great honor to serve on the nights watch. Starks have manned the walls for thousands of years… and you are a Stark. You may not have my name but you have my blood." Ned said.

"Is my mother alive. Does she know about me, where I am, where I'm going? Does she care?" Jon asked.

"The next time we see each other, we'll talk about your mother. I promise." Ned told him.

Jon nodded and then Ned rode to catch up with the Kings caravan while Jon rode with the others to the wall. The Royal caravan kept moving until they stopped for rest in a nice, peaceful and scenic flatland. Robert and Ned were sitting together and eating as Naruto was with Sansa and Arya. "God, this is country. I have half a mind to leave them all behind."

"I have half a mind to go with you." Ned said.

"What do you say, just you and me on the Kings road, swords at our sides, couple of tavern wenches to warm our beds tonight." Robert said.

"If you'd have asked me 20 years ago." Ned chuckled.

"There were wars to fight, women to marry. Never had the chance to be young." Robert said.

"I recall a few chances." Ned said as they laughed.

"I swear if I wasn't your king you would have hit me already." Robert said, chuckling.

"The worst thing about your coronation, I'll never get to hit you again." Ned said as they laughed.

"Trust me, that's not the worst thing." Robert said as he handed Ned a note. "There was a rider in the night."

Ned read the note, "Daenerys Targaryen has wed some Dothraki horse lord, what of it? Should we send her a wedding gift?" Ned asked.

"A knife perhaps, a good sharp one, and a bold man to wield it." Robert said.

"She's little more then a child." Ned said.

"Soon enough that child will start spreading her legs and start breeding." Robert said.

"Please tell me we're not speaking of this." Ned said.

"Oh, it's unspeakable to you. What her father did to your family… that was unspeakable. What Rheagar Targaryen did to your sister, the woman I loved. I'll kill every Targaryen I get my hands on!" Robert said in anger.

"You can't get your hands on this one, can you?" Ned asked.

"This Khal Drogo… it's said he has a 100,000 men in his hoard." Robert said.

"Even a million Dothraki are no threat to the realm. As long as they remain on the other side of the narrow sea… they have no ships Robert!" Ned told Robert.

"There are still those in the 7 kingdoms who call me usurper. The Targaryen boy crosses with a Dothraki hoard at his back, the scum will join him." Robert said.

"He will not cross. And if by chance he does, we'll throw him back into the sea." Ned said as Robert's anger didn't disappear.

"There's a war coming, Ned. I don't know when, I don't know who will be fighting, but it's coming." Robert told him.

Line Break xxxxx

Night had settled over Westeros as Cat was tending to Bran. She hadn't moved from her spot as she wove more good luck charms for him. Robb even stopped by to get her to rest but she wouldn't move from her spot. Naruto told her he would wake up soon and she would be by his side when he did. Robb opened the window and they hear the Direwolves moaning and howling in the night. Robb then realized there was a fire and ran to check on it.

Then a man snuck into the room where Bran was and Cat saw that he was here to kill Bran. He grabbed a knife and moved to kill Bran but Cat tried to stop him. She struggled as he choked her and tried to slit her throat but then she disappeared. The man looked around and then saw a fist coming right for his head. The fist connected and he heard his nose crunch and he flew into the wall. The man saw the new threat, it was Naruto with Cat behind him. The man then charged with his knife but Naruto just kicked him into the wall again and then grabbed his arm and threw him over his shoulder and onto the ground. Then Bran's Direwolf ran into the room and pounced on the man. The Direwolf chewed and gnawed and ripped the mans throat out. The Direwolf then jumped onto Bran's bed and protected him.

"Good boy, good boy." Naruto said as he pet the Direwolf. He then checked on Cat. "Are you hurt?" Naruto asked.

"I'm fine, I thought you left?" Cat asked.

"I did, but I had a clone stay behind to look after you guys." Naruto said with a smile as he then moved over to the assassin. Naruto checked the body for any note or identifiable mark but there was nothing except for the knife. Naruto inspected it and it was very high end and it belonged to the person who wanted Bran dead.

After the attempted assassination, Cat decided to do some detective work. She went to the tower and the spot that Naruto told her Bran fell from. She looked around the area and noticed that there was a clean spot on the floor but only in a small area. The rest of the floor was covered in leaves and dead twigs but this spot was a complete circle. She then saw that there was a lock of long blond hair on the ground and came to a startling discovery.

She then gathered Robb, Theon, Rodrik and Naruto at the lake to tell them. "What I am about to tell you must remain between us. I don't think Bran fell from that tower… I think he was thrown."

"The boy was always short footed before." Rodrik said.

"Someone tried to kill him twice. Why, why murder an innocent child unless he saw something he wasn't meant to see." Cat said.

"Saw what milady?" Theon asked.

"I don't know, but I would stake my life the Lannisters are involved. They already have reason to suspect our loyalty to the crown." Cat said.

"The Blade was too well made for a lowly assassin. The Blade is Valyrian steel and the hilt is dragon bone. Someone gave it to him." Naruto said, unsheathing the dagger.

"They come into our home and try to murder my brother. If its war they want—" "If it comes to that you'll know I stand beside you." Theon said as Robb nodded.

"Easy Robb, we will not be declaring war in the gods wood." Naruto said as Robb calmed down. "Now we have no proof of any of this and if we go making baseless claims then it will do us no good. But Ned should be told." Naruto said.

"I do not trust a rave to carry these words." Cat said.

"I will go to Kings Landing." Robb said.

"No, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell." Cat said.

"She's right. Right now we must act as if nothing has changed or we will tip the Lannisters off. I will send a message back to myself with Ned but it would be best to come from you Cat. I will create another clone to accompany you." Naruto said as Cat smiled.

"Thank you, Naruto." Cat said, grateful.

"What about Bran?" Robb asked.

"I will continue to watch over him, but Theon take number of any guard or traveler coming and going from Winterfell. If they tried twice there more then likely to try again." Naruto said as Theon nodded.

"Robb, keep the Direwolves around the castle, they will let us know if an intruder comes." Naruto said as Robb nodded. "For now, we do nothing else until Bran wakes or Ned tells us. Bran will wake up by tonight and we shall see if what he knows is worth killing for."

"Something tells me Kit, this whole situation is going to get very complicated very fast." Kurama said.

"I know, Kurama. Are you ready to fight if this comes to war?" Naruto asked.

"Born that way." Kurama said with a smile.

Line Break xxxxx

The Kings Caravan reached the Crossroads inn on the way down to the capital. It was a bustle with activity as the knights and guards set up tents and were discussing matters while workers quickly got to work helping the King and the family settle in. Ned entrusted Naruto to look after Sansa and Arya as he talked with Robert and Naruto agreed. Naruto changed his outfit so he now wore a lighter version of his heavy Winterfell clothing since the heat was becoming an issue. He wore a crimson long sleeve jacket as a orange shirt and a pair of dark blue pants. He had his headband on his buckle, his jade necklace around his neck and Kyubi strapped around his waist.

He found Sansa and the two were walking through the area as Sansa was walking her Direwolf, Lady. They walked through the encampment, watching the guards move back and forth carrying supplies as several of Cersei's maidens spotted Naruto and giggled. Naruto just shook his head as he and Sansa kept walking a old man stepped in front of them.

"Pardon me, ser." Sansa said to the man. The man just creepily stared at her, wide eyed. The Hound then walked up behind Naruto and Sansa.

"Do I frighten you so much girl, or is it him that's making you shake?" Sandor asked. "He frightens me too, look at that face."

"I'm sorry if I offended you, ser." Sansa told the man who just walked away.

"Ehh, creepy." Naruto said.

"Why won't he speak to me?" Sansa asked.

"He hasn't been very talkative these days or for that fact the past 20 years. Since the Mad King had his tongue ripped out with hot pincers." Sandor said as Sansa gagged a little.

"Thank you for the notice, Ser Hound." Naruto said as he nodded and Sandor nodded back. "Come on, Sansa. Lets find Arya." Naruto said as they walked away.

Joffrey then walked up and stared at Naruto with anger and jealousy. That stupid blonde haired, whiskered face freak hit him and now he was getting too close with his future wife. Joffrey seethed in anger as he followed them. Sandor just shook his head and left.

Naruto and Sansa walked along the river with Lady when they see Arya and the son of the butcher of the inn, Mycah, sparring with wooden swords. Naruto sees that Arya is doing pretty well.

"Move your feet, Arya." Naruto said as this catches Arya off guard and Mycah pokes her with the wooden sword and she falls to the ground. Naruto and Sansa chuckle as Mycah helps her up.

"Naruto, you messed me up!" Arya said.

"Well let that be your first lesson, never take your eyes off your opponent." Naruto said as he pat her on the head and held her practice sword. "You're Mycah, correct?"

"Yes, ser." Mycah responded.

"I'm not knight, there's no need for ser. You fought very well." Naruto said as Mycah smiled at the praise. "But shouldn't you be helping your father for tonight's feast." Naruto said as Mycah went wide-eyed.

"Right, I best be off." Mycah said as he gave his wooden sword to Arya. "Goodbye ser Naruto." Mycah said as he ran off.

"I told you, I'm not a knight!" Naruto yelled as he ran and Arya and Sansa giggled.

"I can tell." They heard a voice and turned to see Joffrey walk to them, with a smug smile on his face. "How can you tell her how to fight if you're not a knight?"

"Leave him alone." Arya said, but Naruto put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's ok, Arya. True prince Joffrey, I am not knight but I have never been bested by anyone." Naruto said as Joffrey got a smile on his face.

"Well, then shall we put that to the test?" Joffrey said as he unsheathed his sword.

"Very well. I could do with some practice." Naruto said as he unbuckled his sword and gave it to Sansa.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" Sansa asked, concerned

"I won't need it." Naruto said as he used Arya's wooden sword.

Joffrey then charged at Naruto and stabbed at him but Naruto just spun around Joffrey and knocked the sword forward, causing Joffrey to almost lose his balance. Joffrey seethed in anger as he turned to face Naruto, he gripped his sword tighter and swung at Naruto. Joffrey swung back and forth, trying to hit Naruto but Naruto either dodged or used the wooden sword to block it.

Naruto then blocked a sword strike and tripped Joffrey as he fell on his face. Naruto saw this and put the wooden sword down to help the boy up. "You alright, Joffrey?" Naruto said as his hand out to help Joffrey up. Joffrey then swung his sword at Naruto's head as Naruto moved back at the last second and only a piece of his hair was cut off. Arya and Sansa saw this and were shocked.

"Leave his alone!" Arya and Sansa yelled as Joffrey got back up and swung at Naruto who ducked and dodged from Joffrey's sword strikes.

"I'll gut you, you cunt!" Joffrey yelled in anger as continued to swing but Naruto then ducked and threw Joffrey over his shoulder. Joffrey rolled on the ground and groaned in pain as he got back up.

"That's enough, Joffrey. The fight is over." Naruto told him as he got his sword back from Sansa and strapped it back on his belt. The three then left but Joffrey got so angry, he grabbed his sword and charged at Naruto. Just as he was about to stab him in the back, Naruto quickly spun around, unsheathed his sword and swiped back, slicing the back of Joffrey's right hand and hit hard enough to knock Joffrey's sword out of his hands and into the river. Naruto then kicked him in the chest and Joffrey fell on his back, groaning in pain.

"I said.. the fight was over." Naruto said as he pointed his sword at Joffrey while Lady and Nymeria growled at the Prince. Naruto then sheathed his sword and they walked away. "A true prince wouldn't belittle himself by seeking pointless vengeance!" Naruto shouted to Joffrey as he growled in anger. He then thought up of an idea to get the blonde in trouble.

Night had settled over the inn as Naruto was with Ned, Sansa and Arya and they were enjoying themselves. Talking and eating but then a Kings guard came into the room and told them that the Lannisters had ordered them to stand before the King. Naruto and Ned shared a glance and the two then decided to see what they were needed for. Naruto grabbed his sword while Ned didn't and the guard escorted them to the room where King Robert, Queen Cersei and Prince Joffrey were waiting for them.

"What is the meaning of this? Why were we brought here?" Ned asked Robert as the Kings and Lannister guards circled around them.

"You dare speak to your King in that manner." Cersei said.

"Quiet woman." Robert told her as she shut up. "Sorry Ned. I don't mean to insult or harm any of you but this matter must be dealt with."

"Your boy and your beasts attacked my son." Queen Cersei said. "That animal of yours nearly tore his arm off."

"That's not true!" Arya yelled as Naruto stopped her.

"Easy Arya, let me handle this." Naruto told her as she reluctantly nodded yes. "I did not attack him, Joffrey asked for a spar and I gave him just that."

"That's not what Joffrey told me. He said you attacked him with your sword and then you had that beast attack him and it nearly tore his arm off." Cersei said, smugly.

"If that were true, his arm would be bleeding a lot more then that." Naruto said, referring to the bandage with a very little amount of blood on it. "If Nymeria or Lady did attack him, then there would be more blood on that bandage."

"I managed to fix it before it got worse." Joffrey said.

"Wow, I'm amazed, healing skills like that are rare. Would you show us, Prince Joffrey and let us marvel at your skill." Naruto said as Joffrey got nervous. His mother accepted the lie he told her without question and she didn't see it.

"Why should I show you?" Joffrey asked, smugly.

"Well if what you told your mother is true and a Direwolf did attack you there would be teeth marks. If you show me and there are, then I will accept full punishment for my actions." Naruto said as Cersei seemed to agree with the idea.

"Go ahead, Joffrey." Cersei told him as Joffrey was hesitant.

"Go on, boy." Robert said as Joffrey didn't move. Cersei then took his hand and unwrapped the bandages and to reveal just a small cut wound on his arm. Cersei, Robert and everyone in the room knew that Joffrey lied.

"Now unless Joffrey used magic to heal his wounds, there should be bite marks on his hand." Naruto said as Arya and Sansa smiled as Ned cracked a small smile.

"So my boy lied about the animal but you did attack him." Cersei said, trying her best not to make her son look weak.

"Again, wrong. Joffrey asked me to spar and we did. He used his sword while I used a wooden one. After I won, your son tried to take off my head, but he wouldn't listen. When he tried to stab me, I knocked his sword away with my own, which is how he got that little scratch." Naruto said as Robert looked at Joffrey.

"You got beat by a twig and got a scratch on your hand and you called us here for that?" Robert asked Joffrey as Joffrey looked like a fool.

"I'm sorry Naruto, Ned. You can go now." Robert said as Naruto and Ned nodded back and they and the girls were leaving.

"What about the boy, should he not be punished for hurting the Prince?" Cersei asked.

"First off, it was training and he tried to kill me. He's lucky he got off with only that scratch. I've killed men for less then that. And if you tried training him rather then pampering like a baby, this probably wouldn't have happened." Naruto said as Cersei and Joffrey seethed in anger while Robert just thought to himself. Was Joffrey too pampered if he was to rule, he lost to a stick in a sparing match.

Some of the Lannister Loyalists moved in front of Naruto as he left and grabbed their swords. "I would advise against that." Naruto said as he grabbed his.

"Let them go." Robert ordered the men. "They've done nothing wrong."

"Husband—" "Let them go." Robert told them again, interrupting Cersei.

The guards then moved as they let them go and Naruto and the others left. Robert and everyone else retired to bed as Cersei and Joffrey were outraged.

'I'll get that cunt for what he's done. I'll put his head on a spike!' Joffrey thought as he went to bed.

'That boy is getting to be a huge problem. First saving that Stark boy and now swaying my husband against my judgment. He will need to be taken care of.' Cersei thought as she knew Naruto needed to die.

Line Break xxxxx

Back in Winterfell, Bran had finally woken up. He was fine, he could walk and there were not lasting injuries except he had no memory of how exactly he fell. Naruto tried to help but he couldn't make Bran remember, I guess Naruto would have to find out what Bran knew. Meanwhile, the Royal Caravan had finally arrived in Kings Landing. Ned and Naruto arrive in the main courtyard of the castle but as soon as they step off their horses a messenger approaches them.

"Welcome Lord Stark. Grand Maester Pycelle has called a meeting of the small castle. The honor of your presence is requested." The servant said as Naruto and Ned looked at each other. Naruto created a clone to go with the girls to get them settled in. "If you'd like to change into something more appropriate." The servant said as Ned and Naruto were un-amused by his comment and left.

"I already hate it here." Naruto whispered to Ned.

Ned and Naruto walked through the castle and into the throne room to see Jamie Lannister sitting near the throne.

"Thank the gods you're here Stark. About time we had some stern northern leadership." Jamie said.

"Glad to see your protecting the throne." Ned said.

"Sturdy old thing. How many kings asses have polished it I wonder? And what's the line… the King shits and the hand wipes." Jamie said.

"Very handsome armor. Not a scratch on it." Ned said.

"I know, people have been swing at me for years but they always seem to miss." Jamie said.

"You've chosen your opponents wisely then." Ned said.

Jamie then told Ned of the time he watched Ned's father die and Ned wasn't fond of Jamie either. He even insulted Jamie for his cowardly way of killing the mad king from behind as a real warrior would have done it from the front. Ned and Naruto walked passed him as both were upset.

"Oh I hope we can prove the Lannisters are behind everything. I so look forward to putting an arrow through his heart." Naruto whispered to Ned.

They then walked into the council room where the other four were waiting for them. Varys instantly got up and tried to butter up to Ned.

"Lord Stark." Varys said as he hand his hands out to shake.

"Lord Varys." Ned said as he shook his hands.

"I was grievously sorry to hear of your troubles on the Kings Road. We are all praying for Prince Joffrey's full recovery." Varys said.

"Don't be, it's just a scratch." Naruto said as he walked pass Varys and hugged Renly Baratheon, Robert's younger brother and Master of Law. "Renly! It's good to see you." Naruto said.

"Good to see you as well." Renly said as Ned came over.

"Renly! You look well." Ned said as he hugged Renly.

"And you look tired. I told them this meeting could wait another day—" "But we have a kingdom to look after." Lord Baelish interrupted Renly. "I've hoped to meet you for some time Lord Stark. No doubt lady Catelyn has mentioned me."

"She has Lord Baelish. I understand you knew my brother Brandon as well." Ned said.

"Ha, all too well. I still carry a token of his esteem from naval to collar bone." Baelish said.

"Perhaps you chose the wrong man to duel with." Ned said.

"Well it wasn't the man that I chose my lord, it was Catelyn Tulley, a woman worth fighting for, I'm sure you'll agree." Baelish said.

"I humbly beg your pardon my lord Stark." Pycelle said.

"Grand Maester." Ned said as he and Naruto nodded to him.

"How many years has it been?" Pycelle asked. "You were a young man."

"And you served another King." Ned said.

"Oh, how forgetful of me." Pycelle said as he grabbed an item from his pouch. "This belongs to you now." He said as he handed the hand button to Ned. "Shall we begin?"

"Without the King?" Ned asked.

"Winter may be coming but I'm afraid the same cannot be said for my brother. He has told us that Naruto will be allowed to attend the meetings as his job to aid Lord Stark." Renly said as the others nodded.

"His grace has many cares, he only trusts some small matters to us that we might lighten the load." Varys said.

"We are the Lords of small matters here." Baelish said as Renly handed a parchment to Ned.

"My brother instructs us to stage a tournament in honor of Lord Starks appointment as Hand of the King." Renly said.

"Hmm, how much?" Baelish asked.

"40,000 gold dragons to the champion, 20,000 to the runner up, 20,000 to the winning archer." Ned said.

"Can the treasury bear such expense?" Pycelle asked Baelish.

"I'll have to borrow it, the Lannisters will accommodate I expect. We already owe Lord Tywin 3 million gold, what's another 80,000." Baelish said as Naruto and Ned were shocked.

"Are you telling me the crown in 3 million in debt?" Ned asked.

"I'm telling you the crown is 6 million in debt." Baelish said.

"How could you let this happen?" Ned asked the men.

"The master of coin finds the money, the King hence the Hand spend it." Baelish told him.

"I will not believe Jon Arryn let King Robert to bankrupt the realm." Ned said.

"Lord Arryn gave wise and prudent advice… but I fear his grace doesn't always listen." Pycelle said as Naruto and Renly shook their heads.

"Counting coppers he's calls it." Renly said.

"I'll speak to him tomorrow. This tournament is an extravagance we cannot afford." Ned told them.

"As you will, but we still best make our plans." Baelish told him.

"There will be no plans, until I speak to Robert." Ned said as the others looked at him, referring to the King by his first name. "Forgive me, my Lords. I… I had a long ride."

"You are the Kings Hand, Lord Stark. We serve at your pleasure." Varys said.

"Lord Baelish." Naruto said as he tossed a scroll to him and Baelish looked at it weird. "That should cover the crowns debt, 7 million gold dragons."

"Naruto are you sure?" Ned asked.

"Yes I am. Take that to wipe away the Kings debt. I would not have Ned's first week here in Kings Landing be troubled by an unsettling needed payment." Naruto said as Ned nodded thank you.

"As you wish, Lord Naruto, but how did you come to acquire 7 million gold dragons?" Baelish asked.

"I have my methods." Naruto said as Baelish just nodded yes.

In another part of the Castle, Cersei was with Joffrey tending to the slice on his hand. Even though it was small, Joffrey still was a baby and Cersei pampered him as such.

"Ow." Joffrey said as Cersei applied some cream to his already healed wound.

"Please, it's nearly healed." Cersei told him.

"It's ugly." Joffrey complained.

"A king should have scars. You fought off a trained warrior, you should be proud. You're a warrior like your father." Cersei said.

"I'm nothing like him. I didn't fight off anything, he kept dodging and when he cut me I screamed. And the two Stark girls they saw it, both of them." Joffrey told her.

"That's not true. You held your own against a man who has years of experience. Despite what you say or what is told, one day you will sit on the throne and the truth will be whatever you make it." Cersei told him.

"Do I have to marry her?" Joffrey asked.

"I don't know. Your father originally wanted the two of you to get married but now he's not sure. Probably influenced by that whisker faced idiot." Cersei said in anger. "But if you want to marry her, then you will. If you want to fuck whores then you can. You are my darling boy and the world will be exactly as you want it to be."

"Do something nice for the Stark girl." Cersei told him.

"I don't want to." Joffrey replied.

"But you will. The occasional kindness will spare you lots of trouble down the road and help you win her heart." Cersei said.

"She doesn't want me, she wants that blonde idiot that protects her. We allow the northerners too much power. They consider themselves our equals. And that whisker faced brute, considers himself better then us." Joffrey told her.

"How would you handle them?" Cersei asked.

"I double their taxes, and command them to supply 10,000 men to the royal army." Joffrey told her.

"The royal army?" Cersei asked.

"Why should every Lord command his own men, it's primitive. No better then the hill tribes, we should have… a standing army of men loyal to the crown. Train by experienced soldiers, instead of a mob of peasants who have never held pikes in their lives." Joffrey said.

"And if the Northerners rebel?" She asked.

"I'd crush them. Seize Winterfell and install someone loyal to the crown as warden of the North. Uncle Kevin, maybe." Joffrey told her.

"And these 10,000 northern troops would they fight for you or their lord?" Cersei said.

"For me, I'm there King." Joffrey told her.

"Hmm, you just invaded their home land, ask them to kill their brothers." Cersei said.

"I'm not asking. And that whiskered face peasant will fall where he belongs, with his head on a pike." Joffrey said.

"The North cannot be held. Not by an outsider, it's too big and too wild. And when the winter comes the 7 gods couldn't come together to save you or your army. A good king knows when to save his strength… and when to destroy his enemies." Cersei said.

"So you agree. The Starks are enemies." Joffrey said.

"Everyone who isn't us is an enemy." Cersei said.

Line Break xxxxx

Sansa and Arya were eating lunch but both weren't in great moods. Arya was still made at Joffrey for calling them liars and especially for saying that Naruto was a liar and that Nymeria was a rapid beast. She was stabbing her knife into the food as Sansa understood her anger but it was getting annoying.

"Enough of that, young Lady. Eat your food." The maid told her.

"I'm practicing." Arya said.

"Practicing for what?" Sansa asked.

"The Prince." Arya said.

"Arya Stark!" The Maid said.

"He's a liar and a coward. And he tried to get us in trouble and more importantly blame Naruto for the whole thing when it was his fault!" Arya said as she stuck her knife in the table.

"Enough." The Maid said as she had Arya get up. Ned and Naruto then entered the room.

"What's happening here?" Ned asked.

"Arya would rather act like a beast then a lady." The maid said.

"Go to your room. We'll speak later." Ned said as Arya looked at Naruto who nodded for her to do what her father said as she left. Ned then handed Sansa a present. "That's for you wolf." Ned said as he sat down and Sansa opened it to reveal a very nice doll. "The same doll maker makes all of Princess Myrcella's toy. Don't you like it?"

"I do, but I haven't played with dolls since I was 8." Sansa said as Ned looked a little disappointed. Naruto then smirked, and took out another present.

"Luckily, your father was smart enough to get you another gift." Naruto said as he go out another gift while Ned looked at him. Naruto opened it to reveal a beautiful jeweled headband. Sansa smile lit up her face as she saw this beautiful piece of jewelry. It was a silver headband stubbed with ruby's and sapphires and a crimson outline.

"Your father knew that moving here would be a big change… so he got you this to ease you in." Naruto said as he put the headband on Sansa's head. Sansa smiled as Naruto put it on her.

"Thank you father." Sansa said as she hugged him and he hugged her back.

"Your welcome. I'm glad you like it." Ned said.

"I love it." Sansa said as she touched it. "If you'll excuse me." Sansa said as she hugged Naruto and left for her room.

"Thank you, Naruto." Ned said.

"Don't thank me, I paid for it with your money." Naruto said with a smirk as he went to check on Arya while Ned just realized that the headband probably set him back a few gold dragons.

Naruto then went to Arya's room to see her wielding the sword he and Jon had forged for her.

"Are you ok, Arya?" Naruto asked as he walked into her room.

"No, Joffrey should be punished. He's a liar and a coward. He tired to get you into trouble and thinks he is better then you!" Arya said in anger.

"Arya, listen to me. I know this is hard for you, but things are different know. Now that your father is the Hand of the King he needs to be careful. He is put under a harsher strain then he has before and any kind of unliked behavior or outburst from any of us would put us in danger." Naruto said as Arya seemed to understand but was still anger at Joffrey.

"How can you be so calm? Joffrey, he's a coward and blamed you for his own actions." Arya said as Naruto chuckled and pat her head.

"I have lived long and have heard much worst. At some point you learn that while their words may hurt, but the person saying them is less because they choose to do so." Naruto said in a sage like wisdom as Arya smiled.

'Not bad, Kit.' Kurama told him as Naruto smiled.

"Now I believe your father will want to speak with you and I have matters to attend to. But if he should allow it, I might know someone who could teach you how to use your new sword." Naruto said as Arya smiled.

Naruto then got up and left as Ned walked in. Naruto told Ned that he needed to attend to some matters in the city and left. He then flashed away to his clone who disappeared and the real Naruto took his place. Cat saw this and smiled that the real Naruto was with her, it made her feel safer. They rode into the city, as people came and went, merchants were selling their items and guards were monitoring everything.

"Are you sure about this Cat?" Naruto asked.

"It's been nine years since I step foot in the capital, and no one knew who I was the last time I came either." Cat told Naruto as they rode through the entrance and two guards rode up to them.

"Cat." Naruto said.

"Welcome to Kings Landing, Lady Stark. Would you mind following us?" The guard asked.

"I would, we've done nothing wrong." Cat told them.

"We've been instructed to escort you into the city." The guard said.

"Instructed? I don't know whose providing your instructions but—" "Follow me, Lady Stark." The guard interrupted her and handed her a parchment.

Cat and Naruto did as the guard led them to one of brothels of Kings Landing. Naruto didn't like this, who ordered for Cat to be brought here and Cat wasn't pleased with this either. The guard led them threw the brothel to the top floor and a private room where Lord Baelish was waiting for them.

"Cat! Go on." Baelish told the prostitutes.

"You little worm!" Cat yelled as she threw the parchment at him. "You take me for some back alley Sally you can drag into a—" She was cut off as two more prostitutes entered but were quickly sent away by Lord Baelish.

"I meant no disrespect, to you of all people." Lord Baelish said.

"How dare you bring me here, have you lost your mind?" Cat asked.

"No one will come looking for you here, isn't that what you wanted. I'm truly sorry about the locale." Baelish said.

"How did you know I was coming to Kings Landing?" Cat asked as Baelish pointed to Lord Varys who just entered.

"A dear friend told me." Baelish said.

"Lady Stark." Varys said.

"Lord Varys?" Cat said as Naruto saw she wasn't pleased to see him here.

"To see you after so many years is a blessing. Your poor hands." Varys said as he moved to touch her but before he could Naruto grabbed his hand and squeezed hard as Lord Varys groaned in pain.

"Mind your touch." Naruto warned him as he let go but Varys rubbed his hands in pain.

"How did you know I was coming?" Cat asked.

"Knowledge is my trade, my lady. Now as why you came here, I have no idea." Varys said as Naruto smiled. Varys may be the Master of Whispers but Naruto's spy network was far better then his.

"That is of a private matter, Lord Varys. One that does not require you to witness." Naruto told him as Varys looked at Naruto but Cat agreed.

"I'm afraid you must leave, Lord Varys." Cat said as Varys looked at Baelish who reluctantly nodded yes.

"Of course, my lady." Varys said as he left.

When he did Cat told Naruto to show Lord Baelish the dagger. Naruto unwrapped it and tossed it to him.

"Do you know whose dagger this is?" Cat asked.

"There is only one dagger like this in all of the 7 kingdoms… it's mine." Baelish said, which shocked Naruto and Cat.

"Yours?" Naruto asked.

"At least it was until the tournament on Prince Joffrey's last name day. I bet on ser Jamie on the jousting as any man would, when the knight of the flowers unseated him… I lost this dagger." Baelish said.

"To whom?" Cat asked.

"Tyrion Lannister, the imp." Baelish told her.

Line Break xxxxx

Later in the day Ned received a message raven from Winterfell telling that Cat was here. He figured that was the business Naruto needed to attend to. As to where she was, Lord Baelish told him he had her at the whore house to keep her safe. After a small fracas the four discusses what to do now that they knew the knife belonged to a Lannister.

"The mere suggestion of the Queen's brother trying to kill your boy is treason." Baelish told them.

"We have proof. We have the blade." Cat said.

"Which Lord Tyrion will say was stolen from him, the only man who could say otherwise has no throat thanks to your boys wolf." Lord Baelish said.

"Petyr has promised to help us find the truth. He's like a little brother to me Ned, he would never betray my trust." Cat told Ned.

"I'll try to keep you alive for her sake. A fools task admittedly but I've never been able to refuse your wife anything." Baelish said.

"I wont forget this. You're a true friend." Cat said.

"Don't tell anyone, I have a reputation to maintain." Baelish said.

Even though Lord Baelish agreed to help, Naruto didn't trust him. He was far to fond of Cat to not hold any kind of resentment to Ned. He was also a very trickster-ish kind of man, seeking power and Naruto needed to keep an eye on him.

Back in the Castle, Jamie entered Cersei's room as the two argued.

"How could you be so stupid?" Cersei asked in frustration.

"Calm down." Jamie told her.

"He's a child, 10 years old. What were you thinking?" Cersei asked.

"I was thinking of us. You're a bit late to start complaining about it now. What has the boy told them?" He asked.

"Nothing, he said nothing he remembers nothing." Cersei said.

"Then what are you raving about?" Jamie asked.

"What if it comes back to him? He tells his father what he saw." Cersei said.

"We'll say he's lying, he was dreaming we'll say whatever we like. I think we can out fox a 10 year old." Jamie said.

"And my husband?" Cersei asked.

"I'll go to war with him if I have to. They can write a ballad about us. The war for Cersei's cunt." Jamie joked as Cersei slapped him hard across the face.

She tried slap him again but he caught her arm and spun her around and hugged her close. "Let me go." She told him.

"The boy won't talk. And if he does, I'll kill him. Him, Ned Stark, the King, that whiskered face idiot, I'll kill the lot of them until you and I are the only people left in this world." Jamie told her.

Unknown to them, one of Naruto's clones heard the whole thing and was even able to record it on a new voice recording seal he made. Naruto smirked, as soon as he was able to show Ned and Robert this, the Lannisters were going down.

End of Chapter 1

The Orange Flash in Westeros

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