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Get Fit (It will be Fun, they Said)

Chapter I: The Decision

It all starts because Felicity decides she needs to get fit.

This decision is one she makes every two years or so and is mostly a snap decision made when she'd finished yet another tub of Ben & Jerry's and was slipping into a sugar coma.

It's the moment just before she succumbs to the sugar that she decides she should probably balance out her sugar intake with some exercise.

This time around though, Felicity decides that if she's really going to get into a new exercise regime and not give up after, like, a week, then she should probably spend some money.

So she joins a gym.

Because brilliant ideas like this come to her every once in a while.

Felicity joins the gym around the corner from her apartment.

She doesn't pick it because of the proximity to her house or because they offer her the best deal or because their equipment is any less shiny and intimidating than others.

Of course not.

All those reasons would be logical.

She chooses the gym around the corner solely for the coffee shop next door to it.

It's a fantastic little shop, a little bit kitschy but the coffee is amazing and there's a barista there – who she's pretty sure owns the coffee shop – that makes the best coffee she's ever had.

So, she figures that because her gym is next to this particular coffee shop, she'll reward herself with the great coffee after a hard slog at the gym.

The issue, of course, is that the first day of her get fit plan, she skips the gym part in favor of the coffee reward.

She knows that this defeats the purpose of her snap decision to get fit but, well, her favorite barista was there and she couldn't help herself.

So, she's sitting there, with her large perfectly made latte by her favorite barista, playing on her table and considering stepping into the gym building maybe tomorrow when possibly the hottest man she's ever seen walks into the coffee shop.

He's tall, broad and ridiculously built with a jawline covered in five o'clock shadow. He's also chuckling at whatever it is that her favorite barista has said to him about his order and looks unbelievably attractive while doing that.

Felicity does the natural thing when she sees him.

She, sort of, stares at him.

Sort of meaning she's full on staring at this hot guy ordering his coffee.

In her perusal of this hot man, Felicity notices something.

The name of the gym she'd joined is emblazoned across the back of the loose tank he's wearing.

Maybe she will go to the gym before her coffee tomorrow.


Felicity goes to the gym before her coffee the next day.

Not because she really wants to or because she's reaffirming her decision to get fit but because she figures that there's a good chance that the hot guy she'd seen yesterday would be there.

And if that makes her sound like a stalker, then she's okay with that.

Turns out, after ten minutes on the cross-trainer, she's really not okay with it.

There's swear pouring down her face, her legs feel like jelly and she's suddenly reminded of why she makes the decision to get fit every two years and gives up after a week.

Exercise is hard.

And it's only been ten minutes.

Still, she perseveres. Putting herself through the treadmill, weights and this horrible, horrible thing called 'core strength'.

Felicity really has no idea what that means.

What she does know is that her whole body shook while she was trying to do it and she's actually really concerned about how her stomach muscles will feel tomorrow morning.

It's the last time she'll take advice from anyone who looks fitter than she is.

In any case, by the time she walks out of the gym and into the reception area, she most certainly has earned her coffee.

She has not, however, seen the hot guy from yesterday.

Only slightly disappointed in this, Felicity leaves the gym and heads towards the coffee shop, fully intending on enjoying the coffee she's worked so hard for.

Her phone goes off just as she's stepping into the shop and Felicity frowns a little when she sees she, apparently, needs to get into work, ASAP.

It's because she's trying to figure out why she needs to be at work that Felicity isn't paying attention to what's happening around her.

This happens a lot.

The not paying attention part, not what happens next.

'Cause what happens next is she runs headlong into the hot guy from the day before.

"Oh, my God." Felicity yelps as she stumbles backwards.

The guy's chest is hard.

"Oh, hey, are you okay?" He reaches out to steady her and Felicity sort of blushes as he grasps her bare upper arm.

He has really big hands and they're a little rough.

"Yep. Yep. I'm good. Totally good. I uh, didn't even spill my coffee. Sort of a miracle considering you're built like a brick wall."

Oh god, she said that out loud.

His eyebrows rise a little at her words and Felicity tries really hard not wince at the looks on his face. It's not the worst look, in fact, he sort of looks amused and Felicity isn't sure what he's thinking.

She doesn't really want to find out, either.

"I have to go. Um, sorry for running into you."

He clearly tries not to smile and takes infinitesimal step to the side.

"Okay. Nice running into you."

Felicity stares at him because she can't quite tell if he's kidding or not.

Felicity then realizes she has to sidle past him because he's not going to move from the entrance to the coffee shop where he's holding the door open. So, taking a deep breath, Felicity tries to sidle past him without touching him.

She thinks she apologizes again because her hand brushes across his abdomen.

She's not that sorry about it, really but it feels like the thing to say.

Especially seeing as she doubts she'll be close enough to feel it ever again.

Felicity ends up at the gym the next day.

Not because she has any burning desire to put herself through the torture of a workout again but because she read somewhere that exercising helps with sore muscles.

And, boy, are her muscles sore.

She thinks maybe she should have taken it easy the day before. Her thighs are screaming and Felicity can't remember the last time she was in this much self-inflicted pain.

Felicity is pretty sure she's not going to last a whole hour at the gym, this time around.

As it is, the treadmill is hurting her.

As soon as she reaches twenty minutes, Felicity slows down and gets off the treadmill, wiping it down and trying to stand on her wobbly legs.

Turning, Felicity yelps as she, once again, plows straight into a broad, solid chest and squeezes her open water bottle a little bit too hard.

"Hey!" Hot Guy exclaims as water sprays all over his chest.

"Oh, my God. I'm so sorry!" Felicity says, staring incredulously at the water soaking the loose tank he's wearing.

She did that.

How on earth did she do that?

"I can't believe you soaked me."

Hot Guy's name turns out to be Oliver and he's still wearing the water soaked tank as they sit down at the coffee shop after ordering.

Felicity blushes. "I can't believe that you ran into me again!"

Oliver grins a little at that, as if he knows something she doesn't. Folding his arms and leaning them on the table, Oliver leans forward.

He looks at her intently for a second and Felicity wonders what he's going to say when there coffee arrives.

The barista is tall, broad and has incredible arms and he's the one who makes the coffee the best. He's also wearing a look that says he knows exactly what's happening here as he places their coffee down.

Felicity notes, interestingly, that Oliver chooses to not look at him as he does.

Maybe it has something to do with the smirk that's working across the baristas face.

"Thank you." Felicity says, looking up at him curiously.

The barista continues to stand there for a second, eyeing the two of them and smirking smugly as Oliver appears to be determined not to look at him.

Felicity thinks that this is weird.

"You are very welcome." He finally says when it becomes clear that Oliver isn't going to look at him.

He smiles at her one more time and then walks away.

"Oooookay. That was weird."

Oliver shrugs, watching as Felicity lifts her coffee to her mouth to take a sip before leaning forward and saying.

"I ran into you again on purpose."

For the second time that day, Felicity sprays Oliver with liquid.

Oliver spends a lot of time running into her after the second time.

Felicity really doesn't mind that much.

Except when he does things like deliberately scare the hell out of her by jumping onto the treadmill next to hers and starting to talk or lean over the weights table as she puffs her way through her workout.

There's a plus side to this though.

Well, two but the first is that she's definitely becoming much fitter.

Her sugar intake is most definitely being balanced by more than enough exercise.

Also, she gets free coffee.

She also gets to hang out with a really hot guy.

So, maybe it's more like there are three pluses.

Either way, she's feeling better, is always filled to the brim with caffeine and she thinks that maybe, just maybe, for the first time in a really long time, there's a guy that she's interested.

Actually, it's not really a maybe.

She's interested in him.

Oliver's intelligent, confident, with a dry sense of humor and, shockingly, he seems to like her.

Well, Felicity likes to think that he likes her.

He seems to go out of his way to seek her out, he appears to listen when she talks and, even better, he seems to follow what she's saying without any need to interrupt her and ask how they'd gone from one topic to another.

It's a refreshing change from all the other men she's been on dates with in the last year.

Really, the only thing Oliver does that niggles at her sometimes is that he doesn't talk about himself. Not really, anyway.

Which is a bit disconcerting because he pretty much knows everything about her life. From where she'd grown up in Las Vegas, to what her college roommates were like, to her work at Queen's Consolidated. He's also aware of her opinions on things like Game of Thrones, – amazing, beyond amazing. Who knew television could be so good? – why Frozen has to be one of the best Disney films ever – Really, it's Olaf. Who doesn't love Olaf? – and why, exactly she'd joined the gym.

But he still manages to not talk about his life with her.

Felicity's pretty sure he works at the gym though, she thinks he's the manager. He doesn't talk about his family a lot, either. He also had a weird reaction to finding out that she worked in the IT department for Queen Consolidated but shrugged it off when she questioned him.

At any rate, she doesn't know about his family, work or friends. Felicity sometimes thinks that his only friend is the barista, whose name is either Diggle or John.

It's probably both now that she thinks about it.

Either way, Felicity doesn't really know that much about Oliver. Come to think of it, she's not entirely sure what his last name is which should be concerning but it's not.

Which is bizarre.

But she's not that worried.

It's not like Oliver's going to turn out to be anyone but who he says he is.

Whoever that is.

"Need a latte?"

Felicity jumps a little at Oliver's quiet question and then only just manages to suppress a shiver at the fact that she can feel the heat coming from his body as he leans down to whisper in her ear.

"Ah. Well, um," Felicity clears her throat a little. "Sure, as long as you'll have one with me."

"Sounds good. You can tell me what you're doing while we wait."

Felicity smiles a little tiredly at him and Oliver's brow seems to furrow at it. It's not like she can help it, either. Work has suddenly picked up more than usual and Felicity's sitting in her favorite coffee shop after her workout, doing some work she meant to do the night before and dreading heading into the office.

It's not that she doesn't enjoy her work, it's just that there's some new VP who's just returned from Russia with some suggestions for electronic security that the Russian office had put into practice.

Felicity doesn't much like this new VP.

These suggestions are a nightmare to integrate into their system and the IT department is working overtime to find a compromise that will make this new VP happy.

Not that any of them know who this guy is. So far, he's only interacted with their manager and their manager won't tell.

Felicity doesn't get what the big deal is.

It's not like she's going to tell him how much she doesn't like him.

"So, what're you working on?" Oliver asks, sliding into his seat and giving her his full attention.

He looks good today. His t-shirt is black and pulling tight across his shoulders and Felicity can't help but admire them.

Sighing loudly, she shrugs. "There's a new VP at work and he's given us suggestions about revamping our electronic security system. Of course, he's a VP so he doesn't have to do actual work and you know what? I'm sure if he did, he would have just left it alone because this whole thing is a nightmare."

Oliver looks vaguely uncomfortable at her words and Felicity's pretty sure it's because in all their conversations, she's never really expressed any form of irritation.

"Not a fan of the new VP, then?" He asks and Felicity shakes her head.

"Nope. The system was perfectly fine before he returned from Russia and, now, you know what? I have no life because some executive decided this and…ugh. It's annoying. I'm annoyed. Stupid executives. From Russia. Who even goes to Russia? It's cold." Felicity blows out a breath and then leans back in her chair as John Diggle sets her coffee down in front of her.

She's decided that until she figures out what to call aloud, she'll just call him John Diggle in her head.

Sort of like how in Pocahontas, everyone calls John Smith, John Smith.

"There you go, Felicity. Oliver. You're both looking a little stressed." He says, crossing his arms – which are fairly spectacular, she wonders if he goes to the gym next door too – and stares at them. "Anything new?"

Felicity shrugs. "I was just telling Oliver about the new executive at work. Who's decided to make everyone's' life difficult and upgrade the electronic security. Jerk. He could have just stayed in Russia."

Diggle seems to choke a little at her words.

Lifting her latte up, Felicity eyes him because it looks like he's trying to not laugh.

Oliver seems to be purposefully ignoring him again.

"Ah, well, that's terrible. I'm sure if he knew your thoughts, he'd change something." Diggle says with a rather spectacular straight face considering that Felicity was sure he was laughing just before.

"Me too. Unfortunately, nobody knows who he is because nobody's seen him yet."

This time, Diggle really does laugh.

"Oh, I think you'll be surprised. Right, Oliver?"

Oliver doesn't reply, instead he picks up his coffee and takes a long sip.

Felicity's just confused but then she shrugs.

She's pretty sure John Diggle is just being weird.

Felicity forgets about John Diggle's weirdness the next day.

Because Oliver jumps up onto the treadmill next to her while she's warming down and stares at her.

"Do I have something in my teeth? Or my hair? Is my hair okay?" Felicity asks, worried by the intensity of his stare.

She also woke up late and had only a change to look longingly at her hair iron before yanking her hair back into a tail that doesn't exactly disguise her bed hair.

Sometimes, her curls are really annoying.

"Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?"

Felicity almost forgets to stop walking.


She has no desire to enact countless numbers of YouTube vides where people have fallen off their treadmills.

Still, just to be safe, she slows the treadmill speed down even more before she answers. She also tries to catch her breath.

She can't, so she sort of gasps out.


Oliver seems to try really hard to not grin as widely as possible at her reply.

It's about then that Felicity realizes that she may be in trouble.

There's something really disarming about him trying to downplay his reaction to her agreement.

Oliver downplaying his reaction to her is not as devastating as the way he looks in a suit.

Given that she's only ever seen seem him in gym clothes, it's not really a surprise that she stares at him when she opens the door for their dinner date.

That she's still sneaking glances at him now, as they amble towards her front door and towards his car, says a lot about how good Oliver looks in a suit.

Dinner itself had been fun. The food had been good, the conversation easy, the wine had been excellent and Felicity can't remember the last time she'd laughed or blushed as much as she had with Oliver.

The walk afterwards had been fun, too. Especially seeing as Felicity's discovered this delightful thing about Oliver where he doesn't really laugh. Not a loud laugh or even a full, outright one, his laugh is more of a low chuckle.

This incredibly sexy low chuckle coupled with the way he looks down when he does it is just…well, Felicity can't remember being this attracted to someone, weeks after they'd first met.

"What's on you mind, now? Work again?" Oliver asks, sounding weirdly apprehensive as Felicity stops at the gate that leads to her building.

Felicity turns to face him and discovers he's so close she has to tilt her head to meet his gaze. Felicity's never had a thing for tall men.

She's reconsidered her lack of a thing.

"Mmm. No." She shakes her head. "I'm thinking I had fun tonight. It was…the easiest first date I've ever been on."

Oliver chuckles again, moving closer to her and Felicity knows her breath hitches and she goes red when he takes her hand, there fingers entwining.

"Of course it was easy. We've drunk a lot of coffee since you ran into me."

Felicity tilts her head backwards on a laugh.

"I suppose there is that." She concedes and Oliver leans down.



"Are you going to kiss me?"

He moves even closer at that.


Felicity almost immediately loses any train of thought at that because it sounds like a promise. Taking a deep breath, she suddenly notices he's got this scar just above his right eyebrow. It's not long and she'd bet that it's nothing more than a childhood injury but…she can see it.

And she wants to touch it.

Raising her hand, Felicity does just that.

She gently strokes a fingertip over the scar and the way his eyes darken makes Felicity thinks about what his mouth on hers will feel like.

He doesn't.

Instead, he presses his lips to her cheek

"Good night, Felicity. I'll see you tomorrow for coffee."

He then walks away.

Leaving her standing outside her apartment building, wondering what just happened.

Felicity is still trying to figure it out the next day when she stops outside the coffee shop after her workout.

She spots Oliver almost immediately because he's walking towards her with this purposeful look on his face.

It's a bit frightening, actually.

"Um, hey – "

She doesn't get much out after that.

Because Oliver takes her face in his hands and kisses her.


So that's what his mouth on hers feels like.


Oliver pulls away slowly, holding himself for a second so their lips are still touching. Felicity sighs in pleasure and slowly opens her eyes.

That was pretty amazing.

Oliver's watching her as she does and when she smiles at him, he kisses her again before asking.

"Want a coffee?"

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