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EPILOGUE: The Wedding

Felicity is freaking out.

In about five minutes, Oliver's going to knock on her door and expect her to be all ready to go to what's been labeled by various news outlets as Starling City's wedding of the year.

Felicity feels like if she'd known this, she absolutely would not have agreed to go to the wedding with Oliver.

This is the ultimate nightmare for someone like her.

All those wealthy, important people crammed into one room.

Celebrating a marriage.

Eager to talk to everyone in attendance.

Including her.

Especially after they all find out that she's there as Oliver Queen's date.

Actually, no, not just his date.

She's going to be there as his girlfriend, too.

The girlfriend of Oliver Queen who's spent a good six months entwining her life with his to such a point Felicity's not entirely sure she can remember her life before him.

Actually, that's not entirely true.

She can imagine her life before him and it involved staring at Oliver at the gym, drinking lots and lots of coffee with him and then freaking out because he turned out to be Oliver Queen and not Oliver-who-manages-the-gym-without-a-last-name.

So, six months after he told her they were going to take it one day at time, she's going to meet all the people who are interested in Oliver Queen's girlfriend.

Which is who she is.

Oh, God.

Felicity feels like she needs to sit down.

She absolutely doesn't understand why Oliver decided that their first public outing since she discovered that her Oliver was actually Oliver Queen has to be the wedding of the year.

After nearly eight months of knowing her, he should know better.


It's a publicized wedding.

Where he's best man.

And his entire family is in attendance.

Oh, God.

His family is going to be there.

There is no way she can do this.

Felicity wonders if Oliver will accept her resignation as his date to this.

She then wonders if Oliver will laugh just laugh at her if she even utters the words 'resigning as your date.'

Because, really, who resigns from going on a date.

Besides her, of course.

Which she is going to do as soon as Oliver knocks on the door, effective immediately.

She might even go to the gym to hide out while it's going on.

John Diggle's not going to the wedding of the year, so maybe she can even go and hang out with him while this wedding goes on.

He gives her free coffee now.

Mostly because Oliver never lets her pay when he's there and John Diggle just decided to give up asking her for money.

Best boyfriend's best friend, ever.

Felicity decides that maybe this is definitely the best plan of action ever.

Working out, coffee and John Diggle.

And, okay, it's actually late afternoon and John Diggle's coffee shop might not be open but still.

That sounds so much better than wedding of the year, Oliver's family and wealthy people drinking alcohol.

Felicity stands, ostensibly to go and find her work out clothes when she hears a knock at the door.

Oliver's here.

Felicity reacts without thinking.

"I'm not here!"

She then squeezes her eyes shut because you know what? One day, she's going to start reacting after thinking.

That way she'd stop doing things like answering a door knock, she shouldn't answer.

So, she squeezes her eyes shut tightly and prays that the person she'd yelled at wasn't her boyfriend and that they would listen to her.

Because if it's her boyfriend well, she's just gotten a head start on amusing him and he'll just walk in.

A habit he's picked up over the course of their courtship.

That she might have to try and break in him.


"Felicity? Where are you?" Oliver's voice sounds far away, like in her entrance away and curious.

She can only imagine that he probably thought she'd answer her door.

"I'm not in my room!"

You know what? If she weren't so afraid of messing up the messy up-do she'd spent a good hour working on, Felicity would fall backwards onto her bed and possibly screamed.

Because there she goes, reacting without thinking again.

Like an idiot.

And idiot who, really, shouldn't be worried about her hair considering she's going to the gym and to hang out with Diggle.

Not stand in the middle of her room with her eyes closed.

Because she's freaking out.

"What are you doing?"

Oliver's clearly ignored pretty much everything she's said and, if she didn't like her boyfriend as much as she does, she might be pretty irritated with him right now.

But she really, really, really likes him, so she just sort of awkwardly shrugs her shoulders.

"I'm going to the gym. You can go to the wedding. That's fine. Just apologize to Tommy and Laurel for me, okay? Because me going to this wedding is a really, really, really bad idea and I don't think I'll be able to cope with how bad an idea this actually is, okay?" Felicity explains, perhaps sounding slightly hysterical by the end of her explanation.

There is absolute silence following her announcement.

For a second there, she's pretty sure Oliver might have left the room.

He does that sometimes. Just, sort of, walks out when he thinks she's being irrational and he doesn't want to argue with her.

He doesn't do it a lot.

Just when he thinks she's not making sense or able to carry a rational conversation.

Like that one time when she pulled all her furniture into a line so it would divide her living room.

Oliver had walked out then.

Felicity's just beginning to think that Oliver really has walked out when she hears him let out a breathy chuckle.

She then jumps, like a mile, because he slides his hand over her hip to the small of her back.

"Felicity, open your eyes." Oliver says it coaxingly and Felicity's got an inkling he'd figured she was going to freak out.

So, she opens her eyes.

She then wishes she'd had them open when Oliver had walked into her room because she never wants to miss a second of Oliver Queen in a tuxedo.

Because Oliver Queen in a tux is hot.

Feeling a little bit dumbfounded, Felicity offers a breathy, "hi."

Oliver smiles at her. "Hi. You look amazing."

Felicity blushes at the subtle reverence in Oliver's voice because when a man this hot is complimenting you, what else are you supposed to do?

Besides, he'd better compliment her on this dress.

It cost her an arm and a leg but it had looked so pretty when she'd tried it on, the deep pink floor-length gown with the plunging v in the back and the slit up the side.

She'd felt confident and sexy and capable in it and she'd figured she'd need all of that going to this wedding.

Which is not the point, anymore, because she's not going to the wedding.

But still, Oliver had better appreciate this dress.

"Thank you. You look pretty good yourself." She tells him and Oliver's smile widens. "I'm still not going."

Felicity wonders what his strategy is going to be when Oliver's smile drops a little at her words.

Before she can wonder too much, though, Oliver leans down and kisses her.

Felicity's discovered that Oliver has this weird physical hold over her. He can successfully distract her from pretty much anything just by kissing her.

And don't get her started on what happens when he takes off his shirt.

Oliver pulls away ever so slightly and Felicity can't help but smile at him a little dreamily when she opens her eyes.

"Felicity, you're going."

And that is how Oliver gets her out the door.

The wedding itself is gorgeous.

The ceremony is being held in the ballroom of Starling Hotel, a hotel built in the twenties that had been renovated recently and was now the favored place for high society functions and the wedding of the year is no exception.

Felicity knew that the color scheme was going to be black and white, according to Tommy, anyway.

What she hadn't expected was the silver and the dashes of red around the room, too.

Clearly, Laurel had more to do with the wedding than she'd been led to believe.

Led to believe by Tommy and Felicity really has to start rethinking trusting Tommy Merlyn. She feels like one day, it's just going to get her into trouble.

Laurel she can trust – even if she does scare the crap out of her – because Laurel hasn't once steered her wrong.

A feat considered Felicity's dating her ex-boyfriend who abandoned her to go to Russia.

Then again, Laurel's marrying her ex-boyfriends best friend.

So, maybe they're even.

And maybe, they all should really think about bringing some new friends into their friendship group.

Because it's a little television-show-incestuous.

"Felicity, hey!"

Felicity jumps like a mile at the sound of someone saying her name.

Mostly because all the people she knows at this wedding are in the wedding party and after Oliver had escorted her into the ballroom, he'd had five seconds to kiss her forehead and promise to see her after the wedding before going to join the groomsmen in Tommy's last fifteen minutes as a single man.

Sort of as a single man.

So, to say she's surprised to hear somebody call out her name is an understatement.

Especially when that person is Sara Lance.

Who looks both gorgeous and foreign in her red maid of honor dress with her blond hair artfully curled to fall around her face softly.

Felicity's pretty sure she prefers Sara in her slightly scarier all black gym ensemble.

Still, she smiles. "Hi Sara."

Sara comes to a stop in front of her and looks her up and down with a grin.

"No wonder Oliver was grinning when I saw him. You look great." Sara tells her with a smirk.

Felicity isn't sure what to do with that information.

Before she can come up with an answer, Sara slips an arm around somebody's waist and Felicity finds herself face to face with an Amazon.

A scary amazon.

The woman standing in front of her is wearing a deep red dress with her long dark curls falling in disarray around her shoulders and an air of cool confidence highlighting the fact that she's, like, a foot taller than Felicity.

She's making Felicity feel, well, inadequate isn't the word.

But she's definitely aware she's not an amazon.

Before Felicity can greet Sara and this woman, Sara speaks again.

"Felicity, this is my girlfriend, Nyssa. I was hoping – "

Before Sara can even finish her sentence, Felicity reacts without thinking.


It's an epidemic.

One she wished she'd started any other day but this one.

"Oh my god, you're the girl that made Sara tell Laurel about Oliver!"

Sara freezes and Nyssa's eyes narrow.

And Felicity?

Well, Felicity simultaneously realizes what she's said and that she probably shouldn't have said it.

And she was worried about alcohol making it worse.

Who is she kidding?

She doesn't need alcohol to make it worse.

She just needs to open her mouth.

This couldn't have gotten off to a better start.


So, Nyssa turns out to be all right.

Mostly because Felicity is pretty sure Nyssa has never met anyone like her before and finds Felicity amusing more than insulting.

Given their introduction, Felicity feels like this could be a good thing.

Besides, they're both in the odd position of having partners but not having them with them.

If that even makes sense.

Felicity thinks it sort of does.

Either way, it works out okay for the two of them.

They claim seats behind Laurel's family and Felicity manages to gain the aisle seat.

Which turns out to be a great seat.

Because she stares at Oliver for pretty much the entire ceremony.

She can't help it.

The second she sees him standing up there with Tommy, Felicity sort of loses her breath.

Because he looks so gorgeous standing up there, in his tux the serious expression on his face giving way to a slight smile the second he catches her eye.

It's not hard to imagine him standing in Tommy's place in a couple of years.

Waiting for her.

Oh, God.

Felicity doesn't even blink at that thought.

Which is surprising because she should be absolutely freaking out.

Technically, because really, which thought was scarier? Meeting his family or marrying Oliver?

Apparently, meeting his family is cause for a freak out.

Not marrying the guy.

Instead of a freak out, a bone deep comfort seeps through her at the idea of marrying Oliver.

Because, somehow, Felicity's pretty sure she's going to marry one Oliver Queen – regardless of how they began their relationship – and the realization is absolutely not frightening.

Even given the circumstances of the beginning of their relationship.

Which was partly her fault.

But, whatever.

The point is, Oliver looks so handsome and right standing up there that Felicity can't stop watching him.

There are times she does watch him out of the corner of her eye, though.

Like when Laurel walks down the aisle, clutching her father's arm and beyond beautiful in a sleek lace gown, the patterns of the lace swirling down her arms to her wrists and her veil nothing more than netting edged with the same lace pattern draped over her loose hair.

Though she's watching Oliver, Felicity catches Tommy's expression the second he sees his bride.

Heartfelt, stunned, joyful.

There are so many adjectives to describe Tommy's expression when he sees her; Felicity actually tears up a little.

Because Tommy looks so happy right now and Laurel's grin when she's standing up there with him is blinding, as well.

But it's the look Oliver's giving her when she turns her eyes back to him that makes Felicity lose her breath.

Because, oh yes, she's definitely going to marry Oliver Queen.

Which is good news for her.

Considering she not only really, really, really likes him.

But she's definitely in love with him, too.

Floating a little bit from watching Oliver at the ceremony, Felicity is so not prepared for somebody to grab her arm after the ceremony.

Nor is she prepared to trip over her own feet because of it.

Or lose Nyssa in the crowd.

But she does lose Nyssa and she does trip and the only thing that keeps her from landing on the floor is the hand gripping her arm.

"I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

The snappily dressed brunette – who's still holding her arm – is eyeing her in both concern and calculation and Felicity can't help but stare back at her.

To be fair, the brunette is busily staring at her too.

So, she's not being rude.

But still, there's something about the way the brunette is looking at her that's making Felicity feel a little bit itchy.

She's also got a strange feeling that she's seen this girl before.


The cultured tones of a stylishly dressed blond woman cause the brunette to reluctantly let go of her arm.

Not before Felicity recognizes just who the brunette is.

She's pretty sure the color drains from her face.

Felicity then reacts again.

Because this is what she does.

"You're Oliver's sister."

The brunette's eyes flash at her words and she grins widely at Felicity half-reverent, half-terrified tone.

"I am. And you must be my brother's new mysterious girlfriend, who he's been seeing for at least four months. At least, four months that I know of." Thea says, her eyes alight with curiosity before turning to the blond woman whose hand is resting on the elbow of tall man with a distinguished air. "Mom, Walter, this is Oliver's new girlfriend."

Oliver's mother and stepfather both appraise her and Felicity forgets how to breathe.

Oh, dear Lord.

Oliver's mother.

Oliver's sister.

Oliver's stepfather.

All looking at her curiously, like she's a foreign species they've never seen before. All interested in her because of Oliver. All wondering about their relationship.

All standing in front of her and she has no shield.


Because Oliver's in the wedding party.

So, he's not here to protect her.

At all.

Felicity looks between the three curious faces and isn't entirely sure what to do.

For once, she has nothing to say.

Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Cue major freak out.

So, Moira Queen is one scary woman.

The three of them had steered her away from the crowd she'd been trying to follow and into the reception hall, where guests were milling around, drinking champagne and waiting for the bridal party to enter.

Felicity absolutely refuses the champagne.

Because, seriously, her reacting without thinking epidemic would just get worse if she drank.

Even if she might need some liquid courage to deal with Oliver's mother.

Who really is scary.

Felicity feels like it says something about Oliver that all the women in his life scare her.

Although, that's not quite true.

Thea's pretty nice.

She's bitingly sarcastic and intelligent and Felicity can see her chafing against both the restraints of her birth even while she embraces them.

Which is a bit disconcerting, to be honest.

Maybe Thea should go to Russia.

It helped Oliver.

When she suggests this, Thea bursts out laughing as if Felicity's said something hilariously funny.

"Oh, no, I couldn't go to Russia. High society girls can't be groomed to be wives of high society men if they're on another continent." Thea says, her tone casual and her mother frowns.

Felicity doesn't get it. "Um, okay?"

Before Thea can continue down this part of the conversation, Moira Queen interjects.

Obviously, she's not a fan of Thea's thoughts on Russia.

"Felicity, may I ask where you met my son?" Moira inquires, her smile encouraging, her tone faintly censorious.

Felicity doesn't really know what to do with the tone.

So, she decides to just answer the question.

"At the gym." Felicity answers as confidently as possible.

She's is so not getting into the story of how her and Oliver both met and then, sort of, met again.

Because, really, Moira Queen does not need to know the rest of this story.

Or how easy she is when it comes to her son.

A week of no talking 'cause he kept taking his shirt off.



Felicity has no doubt it's an inquiry into the rest of the story.

So, she clamps her lips shut.

She's not getting into this.

"Yes. I decided to get fit and, well, Oliver goes to the gym I joined. Technically, though, I saw him first at John Diggle's coffee shop. 'Cause that was my reward when I went to the gym. Getting coffee and I ran into him once." Felicity frowns as she recalls that she ran into him twice. "Actually, it might have been twice. I think it was twice. The second time I sprayed him with my water bottle. The first I told him he was a brick wall. Not that I was hitting on him then, I just, you know, making an observation. About his chest. That's hard as a, well, a brick wall."

Oh, god, somebody stop her.

What happened to not getting into the story?

Moira Queen's inquiry, apparently.

Because Felicity really doesn't want to offend the mother of her boyfriend.

And she's doing a really bang up job of that given how high Moira Queen's eyebrows have gone.

Thea's choking on her champagne, too.

Moira's husband looks like he doesn't know whether to be amused or not.


This is why she should have gone to the gym and John Diggle's coffee shop.

Instead of coming to this wedding and being left to fend for herself against Oliver's family and their inquiries.

Before she can open her mouth and, you know, make it worse, she feels someone slide an arm around her waist.

Felicity doesn't jump.

She does let out a sigh of relief, though.

'Cause Oliver is clearly there to rescue her.

"Hi," he murmurs in her ear before smiling at his family. "Hi, Mom. I see you've all met Felicity."

Felicity slides a hand over Oliver's, gripping it tightly and he squeezes it in return.

Thea seems to be watching this intently, as if she's searching for something in their interaction.

Felicity doesn't know what.

Because all she's going to see is unparalleled relief from her.

Oliver can deal with his family from now on.

She's done.

"Yep. I think you should keep her, Ollie." Thea answers his question with a surprising seriousness.

Felicity feels a warm glow in her stomach at that.

Because that's a really, really, really nice thing for Thea to say.

And she hasn't even said anything important.

Like, how she feels for Oliver.

Before Oliver can reply or Moira Queen can comment on how badly Felicity's story of how they'd met had gone, someone announces that the bride and groom would be entering in two minutes.

Oliver presses a kiss to the side of her head.

"Save me a dance."

Before Felicity can respond, he squeezes her hand once more and slips away from her.

Leaving her all alone with his family.


What a stand up boyfriend she has.


Oliver's family turns out to not be so bad.

Mostly because as soon as Oliver leaves her, Laurel and Tommy really do enter the room and any form of interrogation she might have been facing has to be put on hold.

Also, Felicity's not sitting at the table with them.

So that helps, a lot.

Felicity thinks that maybe she shouldn't decide that they're not that bad when she doesn't really have anything to do with them after that.

But, then again, if she's going to continue dating Oliver, than she'll probably have to deal with them again at some point.

Especially considering Felicity's pretty sure Oliver's mother probably has more questions for her.

Though Felicity likes to think that she might have put her off.

Just might, though.

In any case, Felicity doesn't have enough time to really think about just how embarrassing telling Oliver's mother he's built like a brick was because as soon as Laurel and Tommy enter the room, the reception starts.

Felicity finds that she's highly entertained by the people sitting at her table.

They're all mostly work friends of Laurel's and they're all very nice and they seem to find it fascinating that she's in IT.

They also all assume she's a friend of Sara's.

Felicity genuinely has no idea why.

So, okay, she didn't make an announcement that her plus one as sitting at the bridal table and their assumption isn't unfounded, because she actually is a friend of Sara's but still.

She and Tommy have Tuesday drinks now (much to Oliver's mixed terror and delight).

So, she's not friends with just Sara.

Somehow, though, Felicity finds it within herself to not comment on her relationships with the people at the bridal table or, why, exactly, she's there.

Clearly, her reacting-without-thinking epidemic is limited solely to the Queen family.


That'll make Christmas interesting.


Still, Felicity finds she's enjoying the company and tries to not get caught watching Oliver.

Who clearly doesn't care if he gets caught watching her because every time she glances over, his eyes meet hers and she blushes.

Felicity's pretty sure she matches her face matches her dress now.

It fades a little as Sara suddenly stands and the speeches begin.

Most of them revolve around how Tommy and Laurel are good for each other and how nobody would have paired them together but somehow, they work.

Sara takes personal credit for their relationship because she was the one that had pointed out to Laurel she was actually in a relationship.

It wouldn't have grown serious, if she hadn't.

Laurel's father, Quentin's, speech is much shorter and to the point. Tommy ducks his head when he implies he knows everything Tommy's done because he has his police records and if he hurts his daughter, he won't be responsible for what he does with them.

Oliver's the last to speak and he entertains the crowd with anecdotes of Tommy and Laurel in high school, how awkward it was to find out just how much Tommy liked her and then how funny it was watching them fumble around figuring it out.

Felicity's not going to lie.

She pays the most attention to Oliver's speech.

She figures at the end of the anecdote where he'd pulled Tommy out of a bar to go and talk to Laurel, he's going to finish when he pauses. "I'll admit, after that night I never thought I'd meet a woman who could drive me to drink the way Laurel can drive Tommy to drink and I mean that in the nicest possible way."

Laughter ripples around the room and Felicity suddenly finds that Oliver's looking at her intently.

"I never really got the way he felt about Laurel then and now. I actually thought he was a little crazy when he showed me the ring because I didn't understand that when a woman can drive you to drink and you still want to go home to her, when she can call you in the middle of the day and you answer straight away or when she picks a fight over something that's maybe not that bigof a deal and you spend days figuring out how to make it up to her," Oliver pauses and a few people chuckle but Felicity's frozen in her seat. Because Oliver's looking at her so intently, she can't move.

The girl sitting next to her, Rachel, Felicity thinks she's called leans in. "Is he talking about you?" She sounds both curious and impressed and Felicity suddenly realizes how obvious it is that Oliver's staring at her.

Felicity would say something but her mouth has stopped working.

"Well, when a woman can make you do all those things than you love her differently and more deeply than you've ever loved anyone and that's when you buy the ring." Oliver continues, a small smile pulling at his lips as Felicity's mouth drops open. "I didn't understand that until I met Felicity and now, Tommy and Laurel, I can only hope that we'll drive each other as crazy as you guys do and still want to talk to each other. Congratulations. I hope you guys continue to drive each other crazy and love each other the way you do and have the best life possible. To Tommy and Laurel."

Everyone raises his or her glasses at Oliver's toast.

Except for Felicity.

She's too busy trying to remember how to breathe.

Because that was possibly the most romantic thing Oliver has ever said to her or about her.

Also, possibly the most she's ever heard him talk, too.

At least, in front of a lot of people.

It's a night of shocks, apparently.

Still, Felicity just continues looking at Oliver even as she realizes most of her table are looking at her.

Clearly, they want an explanation.

Well, they're going to have to wait awhile because Felicity's forgotten how to talk.

For the first time ever.

As soon as the emcee announces it's time for the first dance, Oliver leaves the bridal table.

Felicity sees him coming but, because she's still acting out a stunned mullet, she doesn't really react to him.

Most of the guests that he walks past and her entire table go quiet as he approaches and Felicity stares up at him when he comes to stand in front of her.

For a second, Felicity can't help but just look at him.

He's still Oliver, he's still the man who abandoned her to his family and made her come to this wedding but Felicity can't even be annoyed at him.

Not when he's standing in front of her and she can remember nearly screwing this up and she just, well, she really, really, really loves him.

"You owe me a dance." Oliver says with a gentle smile and he offers her his hand.

Felicity wordlessly takes it and follows him onto the dance floor. He spins her once before drawing her close and Felicity sighs as she settles into his arms.

Tommy and Laurel grin at them before turning back to each other and Felicity realizes that Oliver's going to start thinking something's wrong if she doesn't say something.

She's pretty sure he times it, actually.

If she doesn't talk in over a minute, then he begins to worry. Two minutes leads to badgering and he doesn't stop after three until she's rambling.

Felicity's pretty sure he thinks if she's rambling, then she's all right.

But she can't think of anything to say except, "I really, really love you, Oliver."

Oliver smiles at down at her, "I love you too, Felicity."

"Oh, I know. So does everyone at the reception. Drive you crazy, huh?"

Oliver pauses swaying long enough to lean down and kiss her. Sighing against his mouth, Felicity accepts the pressure and returns it. When he pulls away, she follows him until he kisses her once more before grinning at her.

"Absolutely and don't you forget it."

Felicity narrows her eyes playfully and then remembers something.

"I told your mother you were built like a brick wall."

Oliver bursts out laughing. "Telling her how we met, were you?"

Felicity nods. "I don't think she really believes we met at the gym, though."

"Given what happened after, who would? Besides Digg." Oliver murmurs and Felicity frowns at Oliver.

"But its true!"

"I know. And I'm always going to feel lucky you chose that gym to go to." Oliver says indulgently.

Felicity smiles at him and leans up to kiss him again because she'll always feel lucky that John Diggle's coffee shop is right next door to the gym.


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