Traffic jam

Dukat twiddled his thumbs. Literally. The sun streamed in through the dark, dirty windows of the SUV. He savoured the warm sun as it hit his face. He smiled. At least, he thought, that would take his mind off the increasingly frustrating matter at hand. For some time, anyway.

As a puffy white cloud drifted past on the aquamarine blanket of the sky, the streaming sunlight came to an abrupt stop. He frowned, his eye ridges almost knitting together. Now though, he had nothing to preoccupy himself with.

Sighing heavily, he looked straight ahead. The now darkened sky overshadowed and obscured much of what was set before him, but he could not ignore the steady stream of traffic. The view took up the entirety of his vision. Craning his neck, he glanced out of one of his wing mirrors. "Oh for Prophets' sake!" he murmured, catching sight of the unmoving backlog of traffic that was promptly bunching up behind him.

A muscle in his jaw twitched and he resumed his loathsome gaze out of the front windscreen. Stretching his arms, flexing his fingers, he gripped the steering wheel. Why on Cardassia did I not just go with Damar? he cursed himself silently. He knew why he hadn't done so. Damar's car was filled with the sorrowful, intense aroma synonymous with alcohol. Never before had Dukat actually felt like hating Kanar.

Weyoun's car, now, that would be a problem. Because, well, he didn't actually own a car. What was it the Vorta had said?Oh yes, he preferred to take the bus. Apparently, public transport was more fun. It allowed Weyoun to integrate himself with the common people. In that case, Prophets help the common people, Dukat mused.

Again, he looked out of the windscreen.Hmm, he considered, I'll have to clean that at some point. Maybe after I win back Terok Nor, he thought with a prematurely triumphant smirk.

Realising that the traffic congestion would probably be lasting longer than the Occupation, he took one hand off the steering wheel and flicked through the paperwork he had in the glovebox. Today was the fourth day running he had led his PADD at home. Ziyal was always telling him, 'Father, remember your PADD. You know what happens when the Founder gets mad'. The digging up of that memory made him shudder. He could take it, somewhat, when the Founder was angry with him. Her rubber face, though, was what really creeped him out. Weyoun, though, was someone who he would certainly not like to be interrogated by. And, not just because Dukat was haughty and self-obsessed. No, it was the clone's... Well, everything. Those eerily violet eyes. Those awful patchwork clothes. That cherubic, soft voice. It all made Dukat ill.

Snapping out of that painful reverie, he started to read the paperwork he had previously picked up. Leafing through the pages, he moaned. Car instruction manuals. Menus from Quark's. Car radio leaflets. That have him an idea. He switched on the radio and began to flick through the stations. Heart - no, thank you.Kiss - For the love of the Prophets!Absolute 80's - that's a possibility. Kerrang! - Hmmm. He turned the dial and then settled it on the last station. He turned up the volume. He was undeniably annoyed when he recalled Weyoun's boasting about his 'Good ears'. With the volume up to 11, he nodded along with the introductory beat. That was, until he heard the first few lines being sung. Screamed.

'Darkness. No parents...

Darkness. No parents... '

He grimaced as the chorus kicked in. Ugh, is this really what Damar listened to?Maybe the Kanar had finally gotten to his head.

Quickly snapping off the radio, he took another glance up at the road in front of him. Not that he could see much of the actual road. Nope. Just as he had thought. Not a single vehicle had budged.

Directing his blue gaze down at the small CD rack, he looked through his collection. Finally, he came across something that was worth smiling at. He put the disc into the machine and relaxed in the leather chair. He leaned back as the beginning beat started.

'Love comes quickly, whatever you do

You can't stop falling (Ooh ooh)

Love comes quickly, whatever you do

You can't stop falling (Ooh ooh)'

Dukat clicked his fingers to the beat and nodded approvingly. What a good song,he though appreciatively. The song finished after three or four minutes or so and he settled back into driving position. He took his hand off the handbrake and resumed his drive, smiling.