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DAY1(after giant war)

Hazel and Nico were looking for something on the ground. It was a bracelet that Hazel's mother gave to her before she was possessed by Gaia. Hazel had asked Nico for help knowing than they could cover more ground together. They were using some of their Hades/Pluto powers to dig holes in the ground them find the bracelet.(just go with it). When one of the holes came up in a large size close to the Fields of Mars.

"Why did this one come up this big?" questioned Nico.

"I don't know, but I don't see my bracelet in there, let's move on" answered Hazel.

They left the hole thinking that it would close on its own soon. Both of them kept looking till sunset, only for Hazel to go to their cabin to find it under her pillow. Nico was too exhausted to fight with her so he just slept right away.


The stolls weren't seen all day, they woke up and disappeared which had every one on the edge knowing the troublesome twins were up to a prank. Annabeth Heard Percy complaining earlier about the missing balls. Apparently all the balls(beach, volley, soccer, basket etc.) disappeared the day before. That struck Annabeth as a weird thing as she was planning out how Camp Half-Blood is going to look after reconstruction. As she connected the dots she made an excuse to stay in her cabin for the rest of the day.

Before dinner time, the stolls made their move. They spread all the balls they stole earlier all over camp Jupiter and started a ball war by hitting Jason with one. That started all the chaos that soon spread all over camp. Everyone was throwing or being thrown at except Nico(no one dared throw a ball at him). When Travis was aiming his ball at Jason's head and threw it, Jason dropped to the ground and hit Octavian square on the back while he was looking at the huge hole in the Fields of Mars. It didn't push him but when he turned around, about three dozen balls hit him and he fall backwards in to the hole, that after 100 years war discovered to lead into Tartarus.

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