Hi everyone! This is my first TMR fan fiction.

This is set before Thomas and Teresa arrive at the Glade, about a year after the first of the Gladers arrived. Since I've read the trilogy, there may be minor spoilers of the character background in the future, but no spoiler for the plot for the most part. (I'll put up a warning at the beginning of the chapter if there's any spoilers).

I know there's a lot of these stories around so I'm going to try my best to make this story original. Please read, enjoy, and review.

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any of James Dashner's characters, settings, and plots for The Maze Runner Trilogy. I am only responsible for the creation of my Original Character, Irene.

Chapter 1: Determination

She knew it was the craziest thing she's ever thought to do; but it'd work, at least the first half of the plan. After all, she's only ever monitored the effect of the memory wipe through a screen and hasn't actually felt what it was like first hand. She didn't dare leave a note of any kind on her persons; the employees would just remove it from her anyways.

She had gone over the plan for this day in her head a hundred times. She'd be switching out with a boy named Nigel, an abnormally tall 13 year old with rocker hair and extremely quiet personality. Right after the full body check and before he arrived at the room for the procedure, she knocked him unconscious behind the head and left him at a vacant room.

Mouth shut, head down she reminded herself as she walked through the long hallway of to the designated room where doctors were waiting. She stopped in front of the door labeled "Group A Swipe Room". There's still chance to turn around and go back, she thought. But she knew she had no choice. She had to go and warn them: about what's happening and what's to come. Even after the memory wipe, she would manage somehow. With a big sigh, she opened the door and walked in.

She knew the doctors in the room were staring at her strangely. Beside the hair and height, she doesn't really look like Nigel, though no one said anything. Ironically, the people within W.I.C.K.E.D operated similar to the Gladers: Trust in the system. They never question the reason behind the upper level's decisions, which worked to her advantage in this case. She approached the center of the room where an operating table was.

"Don't worry," one of them said, "The Swipe won't hurt."

She nodded, not trusting her voice. She obediently laid herself on the table and waited. She was vaguely aware of a machine whirling to life and a mask being put on her face. All too soon, her vision became fuzzy and the doctors standing above her became faceless blurs among blue lights. She felt a sharp pain suddenly hitting her head and watched as her memories speed before her like a video on fast forward: Entering W.I.C.K.E.D; introduced to Calvin, then being isolated with no one to talk to but him; overhearing something about substitute; listening to conversations in her head but not being able to respond; adjusting the voltage of the lighting and the viciousness of the metal ball; watching a boy from the eyes of a beetle blade; walking into this room, determined.

"Remember: Wicked is good" a voice said above her.

My name is Irene, was her last thought before blackness took over, I'm going into the Glade to show them the truth, to warn them.

WICKED Memorandum, Date 229.6.21, Time 22:00

TO: My Associates

FROM: Ava Paige, Chancellor


I trust that all you of have heard of what happened by now. This turn of event is unexpected to say the least. But we will just have to strive through and treat it as another Variable. Group A has shown remarkable endurance for the past year; it'd be good to study their patterns with the involvement of an opposite gender, as well as the stimulation and obstacles this would mean for them. Of course, this means that Subject R2 will have to be sent to Group B. In turn, the four ultimate Candidates must be watched closely, now more than ever, as there are no longer any replacements. This would mean many potential setbacks in the future. I hope you all know that this will be the last time. Another slip like this one will not be forgiven.