Truthseekers by Catheryne

Spoilers: None really, just basic SV and Superman mythology knowledge. AN: Superman mythology tells it like this--Clark Kent is Superman, and he gets together with Lois Lane; Lana marries Pete; and Lex Luthor is a deranged psychotic villain. I'm changing things a bit for the character of Chloe.


Her laughter tinkled in the air as they left the Kent farm, even piercing through the steady white noise of the rain. Chloe's delight spread over Lex like warm honey, and he found himself grinning like a fool. Helping her into her jacket, Lex waved goodbye at Clark. The interrogation was over. Although Jonathan Kent remained disapproving of how innocent and impressionable Chloe Sullivan ended up with the devil incarnate, or rather the son of the devil incarnate, Martha seemed to find something in Lex that assured her that their son's best friend was going to be fine and cared for.

"Maybe you should wait the rain out in the house," Martha suggested, yelling through the noise.

"Oh no," Chloe immediately protested. She ran a hand down Lex's arm. "We have to get going, Mrs. Kent. "We still have a bunch of things to attend to."

"Are you sure?" Lex asked her. "We can call the house and ask them to confirm with the caterers, the flowershop, the church."

Brilliant eyes smiled up excitedly at him. Chloe leaned in close to him, pressing her body against his. "I know that, Lex. But I want to go home with you now. I want to be alone."

He immediately forced his gaze away from his fiance and regarded the Kent family. "Thank you for a lovely dinner. We hope to see you at the wedding." He pulled Chloe to the car and strapped her in. "Bye."

Martha chuckled lightly as the car left their driveway. "They do make a nice-looking couple," she said.

Clark nodded. "I guess he does love her."

Jonathan sighed. Gabe had been concerned about his daughter marrying Lex, and Jonathan had to agree. Lex had capacities beyond anyone's imagination. But seeing them interact together in his dinner table, he had to admit that the relationship appeared harmless enough.

Lightning streaked across the sky, and thunder rumbled through the clouds. Martha looked up worriedly. "I hope Lex doesn't speed out there."

In the car, the couple leaned close together as Lex maneuvered his way through the almost deserted roads leading to the castle. "Aren't you sleepy?"

Chloe shook her head. "I'm too hyped to be sleepy." And then she turned on her seat to face him. The planes of his face were stark against the headlights of the rare car that would drive by. "Maybe if I tell you, then it would subside a bit."

A smile teased the corners of his lips. "You have news. Report, Miss Sullivan."

"Okay." She clasped her hands on her lap. "I wanted you to know before we told anyone. And seeing as I was going to tell my dad tomorrow morning..."

"Suspense is not for the news," he commented. "The inverted pyramid format, remember? Spill the facts, Chloe, before I die."

She stuck her tongue out and leaned back on her seat again. "Fine, Lex. Be like that."

He picked up her hand, managing the steering wheel with one, and brought it to his lips. "Sorry. But are you going to tell me?"

Chloe grinned again. It was so easy to deal with him. This was going to be an awesome marriage. "Are we still going to donate to the public library?"

Lex let out muffled laughter. Chloe was playing him, and he loved it. "You made me promise that yesterday, Chloe. Of course."

"Okay then we're pregnant!" she burst out.

The humor in his face vanished quickly as he glanced at her. And then he looked back at the road. Lex moistened his lips with his tongue. He looked back at Chloe and then cleared his throat. Veering to the side of the road, he parked the car for a moment and then took off his seatbelt. His fingers fumbled as he hurriedly unbuckled hers as well.

Lex cupped her smiling face in his hands, and leaned close to press his lips on hers. "Oh my God," he murmured. "We're going to have a kid."

She answered his lips with a kiss of her own, enjoying the adoration she was basking in now. Lex bent low to kiss her tummy over her blouse, and she ran her hands on the smooth skin of his head. "I think I want a girl," she said thoughtfully. "But a boy would be pretty cool too."

He shook his head and drew her into his arms again. It was with reverence that he dropped butterfly kisses all over her face. "I don't know what I want. I just know I love you."

"I love you too. Now hurry. Drive us home so I can show you how much."

Lex turned on his headlights and started out into the rainy night. A family. This was his long-sought after truth. And he finally found it.