Note: This is a one-shot piece of fluff I did for writing practice. It's based on recent play through of DW7:Empires I did with my OC, where I managed to marry her to someone else instead of Xu Shu.

"How long has it been?" he asked, his fingers running over her cheek.

She turned away, closing her eyes to hold onto the lingering feel of his touch. "Not long enough. You must go."

"Why?" He had stepped close behind her, his breath fluttering the curls of hair at her neck and the heat of his body seeming to sear against her own through her clothes. "Do you not wish me to stay?"

"You know I wish it more than anything," she whispered, her head bowing. Taking a steadying breath, she turned around to face him, her heart skipping a beat to meet his intense gaze. "My husband is a calm man, but even he would not stand for this if he learned of it."

Xu Shu's brow furrowed, his lips set in a tight line, but his gesture was soft, his hand laying on her cheek and his thumb running over her lower lip. "For this moment, I would take whatever he punishment he decided for me."

They both knew that would be: Death.

The thought of losing him made her jerk away, her chest constricting to the point she could barely breathe. Although she may never be able to be with him in her current position, it was enough to know he was alive and could live a life for them both.

"I won't let you," she protested, straightening herself. "Leave," her voice quavered, "please."

She didn't see his reaction as she dropped her gaze to the wooden floor, her arms wrapped around herself.

It was a few long moments before he spoke, the air suddenly chill.

"If that's what you wish." The words cut across her and she rolled her lips together to stop them from trembling.

His heavy steps echoed past her and then paused. "Can I…" He hesitated and she dared to glance up at him. A mistake as her heart cracked into pieces and her breathing staggered under the weight of it.

"Yes?" she prompted.

His gaze softened. "One last kiss. To remember you by."

It was a request she knew she should have refused, but couldn't. She nodded her head before she had chance to think about her response and his eyes brightened with a sad smile.

He closed the small gap between them, the chill sizzling away and heat erupting on her skin. For a while he just stared at her, his gaze flickering over her face as though committing it memory, an action she was also doing with him. He was so handsome, only made more so by the love that threatened to burst from her chest in that moment.

Then his hand fell upon her waist, the slight touch making her swallow down the fluttering in her stomach and the racing of her pulse. He stared at her, as though asking for permission, her lips parting in response.

His head lowered and their lips met; soft and warm. It was light and sensuous… and broke her heart. When he pulled away, her eyes fluttered open and her lips tingled to feel his upon them again. A thought she couldn't bury.

Her hands caught his face and dragged it down to her own, their lips crashing together in a mix of hot breath and need.

All the worry fled and that last night all they shared was love and want in an explosion of passion neither would forget.