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Chapter fourteen

The moment I wake up I run down the stairs.

"Hey mum!"I say bursting into the kitchen excitedly.

"What love?"She says,picking up her freshly made cup of tea.

"I got myself a job yesterday!"

"Really"She smiles and drinks a mouthful of tea"Where?"

"The night guard for Freddy's!"

She spits out her mouthful of tea.

"Darling no please no!"

"Its fine mum they fixed the power now!"I lie knowing that she knew about that issue.

"And how do you defend yourselves from those-those THINGS?!"

Wow why is she worked up?!

"Doors,mum,two heavy-weight doors"

She relaxes slightly.

"Please mum this place is my childhood"I bat my eyelashes at her "My ChildHood"

She sighs,giving in.

"Fine but please,please,PLEASE be careful!"She says putting down her tea and hugging me tightly.

"I promise mum"I say, "I promise."

But I know there's no need to promise

# # # # #

I walk out of the restrooms in my uniform.I look at the smiling faces all around.I walk to the office.I proudly seat myself in the chair where I'd once been held captive.I pick up the tablet and look at my friends who are sat on stage after a tiring days work.I then check Pirates Cove,the curtains are closed.

No ones out yet.

The recorded message comes out with a bunch of nonsense and when it gets to the part about animatronics I mute it. No one can tell me what my friends will do to me because they won't do anything.

When I check the cameras again Bonnie's gone.I hear a creak in front of me.

"Bonnie you're not allowed in here you need to get out."

I flip the tablet down and look at him.

"Now Bonnie!"

"Aww ok fine"

He turns around and heads out.

"Oh and Bonnie?"

His head is at the door in seconds.


"Get Chica to make me a pizza will you?"

He rolls his eyes.

"Sorry couldn't resist!"

When I look at the cameras next he's headed for the kitchen.I laugh.


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