Fiona did not fall asleep immediately, she cried and screamed to Alaya chest. Alaya held her close. Finally, after hours of emotionally draining loss both and fell right to sleep.

During the night it became quite warm. Fiona needed to cool her body so she seeks out her cool wife, the bed is empty. She called out softly, "Alaya?"

Fiona reached for her glasses, turned on the lamp, and looked at the time. It is two-fifteen in the morning. She has to go to classes in five hours. Immediately her mind floods with anger believing the Weeping Angels took her Alaya.

She jumped out of bed to the second floor landing whispering, "Alaya?".

That is when she heard a horrible sound coming from Vastra's laboratory. She runs towards the sound. She hear it again, it was her Alaya. She is in pain and quickly opened the door to see Vastra and Alaya both moaning in fetal positions on the floor with Jenny trying to comfort them.

Jenny quickly turns her head, "Close the door. I could use your assistance."

Fiona runs over, sits up again the wall and softly puts Alaya's head in her lap. Fiona instinctively strokes her wife's forehead and finds it slightly sticky, unlike the usual softness.

"What is happening? Should I get a Doctor?"

Jenny looks to her daughter's wife, "No, this is self inflicted. It is for us, little one."


Fiona watches as Mother Jenny fills a syringe with a clear substance and goes to Vastra injects the syringe into her body. Vastra immediately yells something in a foreign language. Vastra slinks back down and moans.

Jenny fills another syringe with the same clear substance and goes to Alaya injecting the substance instantly Alaya curls tighter and screams. Fiona bends down and holds her wife's head close and starts to cry.

Jenny moves quickly to the wall sitting up and places Vastra's body on her lap.

Fiona crying and trying to talk at the same time, "What did you do? What is happening?"

Jenny with watery eyes, "They are doing this to keep us from getting pregnant."

Fiona trying to comprehend what came out of mother Jenny's mouth, "What? I don't understand."

"After my complications with Alaya I was content to have one child. It scared us, little Alaya's crown was too much for my body. I was in pain for months, everything needed time to heal. It was very traumatic, nothing like the stories I have heard from other mothers."

Vastra curls up to Jenny with slight moans.

Fiona has tears flowing down her cheeks. All she can do is console her wife with soft touches and gentle words, "I love you."

Alaya finally calming down uncoiling her tightly wound body.

"Vastra and I talked, and concluded, we should not have any more children. It was a tough decision, but the right one. Looking back I do not believe my body would have sustained another birth, no matter how willing the spirit. I did not want to give up my bed with Vastra, neither did she."

Fiona is hanging on every word coming from Mother Jenny's mouth. Here she is laying on the floor to witness weakness in her half-Silurian. It pains her to see such a strong woman coil in pain, all for her. Fiona must concentrate and listen to Mother Jenny.

"Vastra went into the lab trying to figure out how we got pregnant in the first place. There is nothing in any history book, species or manuscript of two women or men having given birth. Alaya is obvious our child, split down the middle half-Vastra and half-myself. We could not have asked for a better child."

Jenny affectionately pets Alaya's ankle. Alaya lets out a sound acknowledging her mother's touch.

"It was something biological. Vastra started to compare blood samples. That is when she noticed the fertilization is happening because of a bacterium through our body fluids."

"Bacteria?" Fiona is puzzled, "I don't understand. My mother and I assumed you used some sort of insemination process. What do you mean?"

"Vastra can explain it much more detail, not in her current state. It is natural bacteria produced in Silurians. These Silurian bacteria when comes in contact with our blood during our hormonal cycle can fertilize our eggs."

"What was in the syringe?"

"A potion that Vastra created to infect their bodies and kill the bacteria. As you can see it is quite painful. My Vastra has taken monthly injection since Alaya was seven months old."

"You injected Mother Vastra with this over twenty years? All that time watching ... Oh god." Fiona is trying not to get sick. Fiona whispers afraid of the response, "W ... w ... when did Alaya start her injections?"

Alaya moans loudly, protesting her mother answer.

Jenny ignoring Alaya, "The moment you moved into her room."

"I ... I ... have no words. What a sacrifice."

"It was out of caution. She did not want to accidentally get you pregnant."

Fiona smiling at Jenny, "What does she think? Does she believe that like her giggles her body bacteria has powers?"

Alaya moans.

Fiona pats Alaya shoulder.

"To be honest, Alaya didn't want to take a chance of it accidentally happen. She is my brave girl."

Alaya wants to hide.

"How long does the pain last?"

"A few hours. They're able to walk and will be pain-free in the morning. For a day they will be sluggish Silurians."

"I will be here for Alaya for her injections. Inform me of the schedule, please. It doesn't have to be done in the middle of the night."

Mother Vastra sits up and motions to head towards their own bedroom. Mother Jenny looks down at Fiona holding her daughter. "I will, thank you. Sleep well."

"Thank you Mother Vastra."

Fiona petting her wife, "Alaya? Do you want to go to our own bed?"

Alaya moans and nods. Fiona assists Alaya standing up and they slowly walk to their bedroom. Fiona quickly gets Alaya in the bed and covered as she curls up in front. The two depleted bodies fall asleep within seconds. Only once did Fiona hear a moan and pulls Alaya's arms tighter around her warm body. Alaya moaned softer this time.